Marxist Lucifer King


Press S to Shit On Grave

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S because, fuck all niggers.

You know how Yahweh is spelled YHWH directly transliterated from Hebrew because they don't have vowels?
Guess what Moloch is, transliterated from Hebrew: MLK
In the time of Martin Luther King Jr., every Jew would have known this, as Moloch/MLK is mentioned many times in their holy books

Also he was a degenerate atheist communist faggot.


I call it serial marxist-plagiarist day

Good to know. Thanks, user. Fucking commie nigger needs to be exposed.

Wouldn't it be MLH not K?


Happy Marchin Lootin Kangz Day!

it's MLK from Melek actually


I've often been interested in the story about this. Who did he steal the script from? What all was going on at that time? Asking here since I'm not sure what a good source on the matter is from a quick search.

Interesting that the number was changed- Especially becouse of the comment before it.
Possibly it was 33, an important freemasonic number.

We should get rid of the Kang part and give the day to someone worth celebrating.

I think Michael Hoffman (who's cited in Kevin Alfred Strom's popular "Beast as Saint" anti-MLK video) theorized that King's murder was Masonic in his King Kill 33 essay.

he got killed because he started getting interested in israel and american nigger muslims

That's Marxist Lucifer Kang to you, buddy.

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Apostolic succession or some shit like that
You're not the real church


Martin Luther was one of the great enemies of the jews and these creatures can't help themselves, they have to attack him, because as long as there are people who look up to Martin Luther there are people who learn about the true nature of the jew.

Fun fact: Moloch is spelled MLK in the vowelless demon language that is Hebrew.


Fuck off, papist.

I agree about the Marxist king stuff. However, Anderson is a false teacher. He will teach one true thing like the fact that the Jews are the synagogue of satan and then he takes another scripture out of context and makes it void of meaning. The only thing that is universal to all nations is the ability to accept Christ. In this part of Acts, Paul was telling a group of Jews that they weren't special and that Christ was their salvation as well.