The Creation of the Ethnostate

We all recognize this as the ultimate goal of our labour; a white homeland made specifically for our kind to thrive without parasitic leeches or violent shitskins.
We need to keep our minds on track here, how do we create the Ethnostate, when do we do it, where do we do it?
A man by the name of Harold Covington sheds some light, he's apart of a networked group called the North West Front and they're currently working on getting people to come home. He wants racially aware whites from around the world to come to four select states and create a new country. His plan can be read on his website:
That's just one idea.

Other urls found in this thread:,_Northern_Cape

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The plausibility of an ethnostate is shaky. The United States is a behemoth that's kept together by a very strong military industrial complex, a non-stagnant and diverse economy, and a large amount of federal encroachment on the waning rights of the states. That said, I think an ethnostate in itself is not a bad idea, but you'd have to first organize mass political participation among white people all around the United States. That's going to be very difficult to do.

You would do this by several ways: Start chapters everywhere, not just in a theoretical territory. With your first chapter, you'd probably want to get in contact with various nationalist organizations abroad and see if you can obtain publicity and funding. Organize groups within these chapters to assist heroin addled rural white neighborhoods, give out food and drink to struggling white families, and other forms of assistance for white people that have no strings attached. None. Do your best to educate these people on the situations we face as a people. Don't be pushy, and respect boundaries, but do encourage these people to join and help others in their situation. Then you'd advocate mass political involvement, and pressure politicians into listening to the grievances of white Americans.

This is just some ideas I can think of off the top of my head. I haven't really kept up too much with the North West Front for fear of it being a honeypot. I think if you we advocated for specific issues first, and asserted that white Americans are an identity separate from being simply being American, then we could have some solid albeit slow, progress.

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He has a radio show, as far as radio shows its the best one which isnt saying much.
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That is our ethnicity, American of European descent

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The point of succession is to secede from the meat grinder of the United States, right? Every nation in Europe was founded on ethnicity that didn't exist before they founded it.

Ethnicity is different from nationality you dumb faggot.

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I wonder, isn't it possible to achieve this through a cooperative?
1) A bunch of anons band together (hardest part because CIAnigger honeypots)
2) Pool some money (NEETs need to be useful to be accepted)
3) Buy a plot of land next to a city and build the minimum necessary on it
4) Live there, work on the city or live off the land.

Is there anything wrong with this plan? If I ever get rich I'd finance this, but it'll take me some time. Also I have no clue how to approach fellow anons IRL.

most of history the two were intertwined. Germany was founded by ya know, Germans

Not a civ nat just being realistic

Sure it's plausible but a lot of work. I'd suggest you check up on what Harold Covington has been up to. He's definitely been making progress.

Also, if you think the government of any state is just going to let you "Buy a plot of land next to a city and build the minimum necessary on it" whatever that means, you're dreaming. Do you remember Charlottesville? The government literally tried to deny constitutional rights to the Unite the Right people. Do you remember the crackdown? You need to organize politically and recruit masses of white people FIRST.

The thing is, we either have a non-pozzed country, or it's game over - look at South Africa to understand what I'm saying.

I don't know what could be done going forward, I'm just putting forward my ideas. I don't know if there is any literature on this particular secessionist movement to go off of, but if there is, I'd suggest we read it. Has anyone read what Harold Covington has to say?

Well, there is.

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LARP/10 Audiobooked to me. Worst thing I've ever heard. Horrible writing.

We need this but how do we get it?

Covington's novels are far superior to the Turner Diaries, and there's sense behind his idea to just carve off a piece of the USA rather than try to re-take the whole thing (at least at first).
The main points being:
-The intelligent members of the military will be hesitant to fight "their own". Diversity hires will need to be recruited. This might include handing out pardons and uniforms to nigger gangbangers, in the end. That's shitty PR whichever way you slice it.
-The Northwest is good country for assymetric warfare
-The Northwest is heavily white, a lot of the liberals have come on a wave of white flight and use coded language like "good schools" to justify it. They might be persuaded to at least stay out of the way.
-Because it's heavily white, we wouldn't even need to kill that many people. Just do a few and the rest will leave for safer parts, especially if you make it clear you aren't taking the whole country (again: YET). You might end up, when all's said and done, with a higher death toll of innocents on the other side, even.
-ZOG is ZOG. If we occupy the US military in the northwest, who is protecting Israel? They might actually be willing to let a part of their own country go than let Israel be swept off the map.
The only thing I don't really like about Covington, though it seems to be common to all racial nationalist writing, is that the characters start out redpilled. Covington's books have a scene where a guy hangs his own mother because she had a Chinese boyfriend 50 years ago (a few of the books are actually set post-revolution). I've been both a race mixer and a faggot back in my bluepilled days, and I doubt I'm alone. Would the purge need to be that drastic? Covington also suggests the future ethnostate having a "three stage" system of citizenship (the higher the stage, the more votes you get). I'd be all for allowing pure whites with a dubious history like my own move to the ethnostate, but restricting them to class 1 citizenship only. Their children would be able to ascend like anybody else, though.

The only catch is the whole area is infested with faggotry, commies, and kikes. Then again maybe they'll go far enough to piss everyone off one day. Who knows.

The novels are actually pretty decent and well thought out.

I'm not so sure on any tier of voting for citizenship, but I do think it should be earned and only allowed to whites. I don't agree with total seclusion that he writes about either since we would sort of have to interact with other nation states to function, and can't just rely on Russia to do talking for us since that kind of puts us at their mercy.

Worse than the Balfour Declaration?

Some things to remember:

I'm critical of the actual writing of the book. It's just a bad book.

consider the following:
how about just going for a country-model like Switzerland.
less goverment intervention, more competition between states, etc.
if you can achieve this you can start on a smaller scale. If you want to force the whole of USA to conform to a ethnostate ideal it will take a long time(yes it is the endgoal).
Lead by example: if one state does this and the rest will see the benefits of an ethnostate and will follow suit

STFU man. The state arched up because whiggers can't resist blowing their load about political intentions. Just like the neo-nazis in Leif marching around with flags.

Nobody's gonna give a fuck if Whites buy a plot of land and do their own thing. Truth is, you don't want to lift a finger to bring anything about so you LARP about a mass conversion where everything magically transforms into some White Imperium.

Explain Waco Texas. The Amish only get away with it because they're a religion.

Waco was an apocalyptic militia hording guns and spreading revolutionary lit. They made themselves a target.

The Amish get away with it because they don't spend all day fantasizing about DOTR and RAHOWA. They live the ethnostate every day and nobody bothers them.

The big cities are, however outside of them the PNW is fairly right wing.

I actually enjoyed it, but you have to take it with a grain of salt, it was his first book after all and he spent more time on details than story, but he was never a "novelist" to begin with. All things said I thought it was a decent enjoyable book, but it wasn't exactly a "do-it-yourself race-war guide" just an extreme version of one starting that had a lot of ifs.

That's exactly what was in The Turner Diaries.

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The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments wouldn't allow any of that, especially due to the 14th's Incorporation Doctrine which is totally against the entire American system. The Constitution was never meant to be applied to the states, only the federal government, hell the USSC even said that in one of it's older cases, Barron v. Baltimore.

That was already done 7 or 8 years on Holla Forums by one person, don't remember all the details but the legal and financial aspect were taken care of. There was a lot, so I just know the gist of it

Most underrated post in not only this thread but also the first page.

The term 'ETHNOSTATE' is civic nationalist proaganda promoted by Duginists
What is the difference between nation and ethnicity? While a nation is a race (i.e. a biological reality), an ethnicity is a cultural group which has no basis in reality and is merely an ontological instrument with which anyone can hypothetically identify. The use of ethnicity and self-identification rather than race as the basis of society is central to Duginist thought and the NazBol platform.

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For some reason, reading your post made me think of pic related. Really gets my almonds activating, don't know why.

If the "ethnostate" arises from a balkanization (quotations because while it will not be explicitly nationalist it will be upwards of more than 90% white) we will need to keep all conservatives from taking power and bringing us back to where we started.

You mean the country were blacks were treated as second class citizens before (((communism))) decided to guide the people to equality? That south africa?

What did you mean by this?

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Y'all are either useful idiots or shills. Assuming the former, look into the philosophical concept of ontology vs ontic. This is not a civic nationalist board, but a national socialist one.

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Further, accepting someone not of your blood as your brother or sister in race merely because they identify as your ethnicity is the definition of brood parasitism cuckoldry.

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Want to know how I know you're not from here?

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There's the literal denotation of the term 'cuckold,' but it's taken on a life of its own in a more abstract sense of self-betrayal, or betrayal of one's blood/race. I'm going to stop responding now to this dumb bait, but with the proliferation of terms like 'cuckservative,' it's pretty clear that you are wrong, and simply here to sow discord.
DOTR soon, kike


If you want to try and kike around and distract with silly debates like "zomg what exactly is white can anybody know i mean come on guyz" or "ethnicity" or "ethnostate" v. "race" or what white is. We know what it is. Non-kike of actual European descent (no not fake Turkey, nothing like that, we alll know exactly what European is–and no Jews).


The ONLY thing that matters is practically this begins happening–an EXPLICITLY WHITE (WHITE BY LAW IN WRITING) ethnostate is formed initially via a brexit and then almost certainly warfare ensues, and at that point the rule is made clear. Whites, no jews, all shitskins and all jews get lined up and shot. Or they leave. They get a choice. But no sympathy. Leave or die.

There is no excuse for what happened at Waco, so don't subtly imply there might be. Even if that isn't your main point, this bullshit has to be called out.

ANY fucker who repeats this government lying excuse is either government themselves, brainwashed, or incredibly stupid, or some combination of those. Doesn't goddamn motherfucking matter if they "made themselves a target"–anybody who says shit like that is a government nigger piece of shit. It's a subtle excuse for horrific brutality by the federal government that shows how fucking broken our system is. Remember, same federal government that sells nukes and above top secret classified information to literal Al Queda fucks for profit, and the same ones who imported, for over 50 years, a non-stop stream of enemy hordes who want to destroy us. Our own government has been brutalizing whites for decades now and Waco was just a visual manifestation of this.

There is NO excuse for anything that happened at Waco, NONE, so don't even imply there could be like "dey be donez brangin it on deyselves derppprrprprppppp." FUCK YOU. They could have been out carrying signs advocating to bring down government and doing all sorts of doomsday apocalyptic activites, and it DOESN'T MATTER. YOU DO NOT slaughter American civilians in America, there are no fucking excuses–none–and that was a turning point, or should have been, for any non-room temp IQ observer of what's happened with the federal government over many decades. Do NOT even imply ANY excuse. The government CANNOT be burning civilians with incendiary grenades then shooting those fleeing, and saying "welp but zomg they brought it on themselves" is something only federal nigger shit fat fuck turd piece of shit excuses for human trash would say as somehow excusing MURDERING INNOCENT CIVILIANS. Those are the only people, government glow in the dark nigger cockroach subhuman parasites, and all the morons they brainwashed over decades, who make ANY excuse even implicit for what the government did there. What they did at Waco should have woken EVERYBODY up immediately.

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You mean how women see RAPE in the more abstract sense?

Cut this stuff out. The "OMG IMMA OG POL POSTER" is typical shill divide and conquer tactic to discourage unification.

Similar notion to the common tactic on here of discouraging participation/movement growth which is absolutely critical right now via the LURK 10 GORILLIAN YEARS BEFORE POSTING. Nope. Whites need to unify, and people need to learn about pol and this needs to grow.

Oh, and not to mention the "UR A KIKE" endless refrain. That's a constant ridiculous attack shills have been using endlessly to discourage any real debate and discussion on here.


Best to just not respond to shills once you're sure that's what's going on, tbh. Filter and report. That way their handlers are paying money for their kike minions to simply yell into the void.

You are spot on.

However, even by participating in ridiculous time waste/divide and conquer debates, you've let them win.

All shills who want to split hairs over bullshit to sow discord/discourage unity and waste time are the same as any enemy and must be treated just like any other enemy when the time comes.

And we need to work toward an ethnostate based on whites only/no kikes or shitskins IN WRITING UNDER LAW (to avoid the mistake the founders made by assuming that but not making it 100% explicit under law). It's time to begin organizing, preparing, and spreading the word. I think it can happen beginning with a Brexit type lawful secession and then use the inevitable war to take harsh measures to expel and kill all shitskins and kikes, or if a war isn't immediate from the secession of a group of states with the brexit, pass the laws and begin enforcing them, and then most likely you will get some resistance externally possibly leading to war, and then we can begin the mass liquidations of all shitskins and all kikes. They can still be given the option to leave at that point when war has broken out (under whatever permutation of events led to the war as discussed) but war scenario is probably the best opportunity to begin the liquidations.

Just because you're an "adult", doesn't mean you can sperg and REEE without people point out how hilarious you seem. Go home retarded newfag, it's cringy.

Every one of your posts is either you saying something to discourage unification or making the worthless, meritless argument that you've been here forever, which, even if true, doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

You have no points and no merit whatsoever to anything you say. You are here solely to sow discord.

Nobody gives a flying fuck, either, about "WHO'S THE REAL POL GUYS"

This movement is too big and important. Whites must unify. All like-minded whites must unite. Pol is an excellent resource for like-minded whites to unite and coordinate.

You are scum and nobody cares even if you were here for a long time. Nobody cares. The site has changed anyway. So, FUCK YOU.

Everybody needs to filter and block 3083e7 for being a government shill, and even if not, for discouraging unification and participation on pol for like minded whites who want an ethnostate. Your "arguments" or claims of your own authority are useless in the idea environment and do not contribute whatsoever. You are here to sow discord and discourage participation. Hang yourself before whites execute you. This is a national socialist white site for whites to unify, participate in discussion and planning, and discuss the future of our race.

Any effort to discourage that or sow discord, which is all you've exhibited, means you are enemy. Enemies simply get shot.

We need to start small. It does not matter how small, even just 100 anons would be enough to have say, a "propaganda HQ". We desperately need something like that; something that has the manpower and reach of a small media company and/or entertainment publisher.

The most important thing is, you need to fall into either of these two groups:
1) you'll support the version of white nationalism that others made
2) you'll GTFO make your own
Anybody getting in the way and not working towards some better alternative (which is perfectly good) is an enemy and not a friend.

Heck, I wouldn't attack non-white natsocs, much less anyone who more or less is on the same page. Nobody should infight, it gets nowhere.

((( )))

Every single of my posts in this thread has been about agreeing with anons on their socio-political analysis OR about making fun of (((YOU))) for sounding like a cuck.

Are you fucking high? What did anything I have to say have anything to do with civic nationalism?

How would you divide the world if you could? Where would, realistically, a bunch of independent Europeanesque states be? Would you cave in to regional independentist movements such as those in Lombardy and Scotland, because of their cultural identity, or would you rather have big areas of homogenous racial groups?

Fighting against independence movements is retarded. Any self-sustaining region should not be fought against, unless they're trying to take over the world like Israel.

The State media was the only media then. We should hope something so blatant happens today while we have as much control on the narrative as we do.

I'd also like to point out, that looking like a criminal and being called one is completely different than looking like a decent person/group, even if you get called one. "Optics" is important, we should not be openly calling for a race war, because if they make the first move, they'll lose (now that the internet is a thing).

There is a small ethnostate in South Africa of all places:,_Northern_Cape

After the black take over of South Africa, some whites believed it was best to give up on the existing cities. And build their own ethnostate in a desert no one wanted. They bribe the black government to leave them alone and run things entirely themselves. They have their own schools, courts, and even a currency.

They have the lowest crime rate in all of Africa. Compared to their surroundings being detroit times 100.

But the population is pretty small, only about a 1,000 people. Growing 10% per year. Cost of living twice as high as the rest of South Africa. Because no cheap black labor. On the other hand, unskilled whites can get much higher wages there. They do ok for themselves economically, but it's the middle of a desert and no existing industry. If they ever get too rich or piss of the black government, they are vastly outnumbered. Looking at the photos, I don't see any kind of significant walls or defensive structures. They are well armed though. They don't want to be officially associated with racists or racism, to avoid antagonizing the blacks. They just want to be left alone. They have significantly more young men than young women because they are more likely to migrate. Foreign press is constantly visiting them gawk at them. And complain about their racism and oppression of blacks. Majority of Afrikaners don't support them either and prefer to live among blacks.

What do you guys think?

This. This shit term has never really sit right with me and it wasn't just because its main proponent was Dick Spencer and the bathhouse goys. Thanks for saying it.

As long they are currently living in their own non-white countries and not in a white one, I agree. Otherwise you are a faggot.

Harold Covington has wrote 5 novels about race war and the white ethnostate. The first is a Hill of Ravens and it's a little hard to get into. His novels are all superior to the Turner Diaries in terms of story and characters. I would say Brigade is his best novel. Reading Convington's novels makes you long for the DOTR

This is false though. Nation and ethnic group are the same thing. Ethnicity means people of the same race.

ethnicity is more like a 'sub-race' . Even within the white race we have diversity. A russian is not the same thing as an anglo . Obviously mixing random white people together isn't gonna work. By the look of things, anglo-saxons are gonna be the first white-ethnicity to get an ethno-state.

you better not corrupt any children m8

True, but he made it sound like the term ethnicity is only cultural, and completely detached from race. For example, German is an ethnicity, and it's a subgroup of the White race. But a Brit doesn't become a German if he moves to Germany and takes on their culture.
His basic point about the "ethnostate" being a subversive meme is still correct though.

Ideally, we should have many ethno-states. Since whites are by nature a self-sufficient civilization, there's no telling what they can achieve if one state frees itself of parasites and focuses on preserving and improving its genetic capital. My hope is that once the first domino falls, the rest will follow. Jews, being a parasitical race, cannot allow this to happen at any cost, which explains their reaction to national-socialist Germany.

His books are on /pdfs/ and are literally a roadmap to an ethnostate.

You got it backwards. Estonian is an ethnicity, and in the "duginist ethnostate" they would be forced into the same country with Indonesians and Thais etc.

Remote controlled cars filled with propane tanks. Thousands of them.

Fleets of drones dropping flyers over white areas and diseases over non-white areas.

That's how you create the ethnostate.

Except muh "ethnostate" is not our goal, but some boogeyman pushed by shills to distract from our real aims.

Northwest front is a known honeypot. Lurk 2 more years before posting again.


Yes. You just had to not do it, it's really not complicated to think twice and say no.

Decent way of understanding: Italians are comprised of several ethnic groups with local traditions, but Italians as a group are another distinct thing, I guess you could call them a nationality but I dont think thats the word Im looking for.. the word isnt coming to my mind. Anyways so theres the local tier with their traditions and distinctions from the nationality, then the middle tier where they are all kinda the same but not really, and lumped together.. and then the third tier which is just whites as a race. None of these leave room for non-whites or foreigners to jump in and claim "Im part of the ethnicity or nationality or race because I engage in local traditions". An ethnostate could be interpreted in some duginist shithead way were "MULTIPLE ethnicities are combined into one state which respects blah blah, not really, its actually communism".. or, it could be interpreted how most people are right now, which is to mean a state based on a single ethnicity. As in Estonia an ethnostate for Estonians. France for the French. Germany for the Germans etc. In reality, it wouldnt even need to be the current countries we have. France has several white ethnicities within it, despite them being thoroughly mixed. Italy too, as I said.. Germany has its Austrians for example.

Please, do tell us what our own goals are. Everyone wants to end white genocide and cultural marxism, that can be achieved by removing non-whites.

The goal is destroying world jewry and it's plot for domination, or else there can be no future for us. To do this, we must destroy "Western Civilization", which was founded by (((them))) and enables the yids, and not just it's "values", but it's very physical existence, at this point.

The generalized base definition of an ethnostate is just a term for a country that doesnt have non-whites in it. If only whites exist, thats what people generally mean by ethnostate. Some subversive tranny promoting communist race traitors might use the term maliciously to try and manipulate people into supporting something they dont actually, but in general it doesnt mean Dugins Eurasia. Some cunts are going to use it like Spencer, to describe a single state for all of Europe. Its your job to keep watch for those guys and call them out when they do. Dump the whole wad of Spencer and Dugin material on them, and accuse them of being a race traitor.

All that is compatible with the concept of white only countries, Ill point out that pursuing nation wide general strikes is a totally legal way to turn your country into Ukraine.

Which is a controlled op group that's been shilled by Stormfront for at least a decade but has gone nowhere.

It's not even a LARP, it's a honeypot.

Not everything is a honeypot, but Covington is apparently one of the hardcore guys. Wikipedia says he got kicked out of Rhodesia for being mean to Jews? I don't know if this is a honeypot or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. Usually unless these guys haven't OBVIOUSLY grown from the ground up, like say, Millenial Woes, I'm suspicious.

Or just amass a great fortune and start one? Check the Romanov Empire micronation for example.


Hey NWFers, what is your plan for Portland, OR? That's a huge hurdle IMO.

to make an ethnostate you need to reside on a certain territory as a large group for for thousands of years to the point your genes have specific changes that increase your odds of survival in that climate.
If you want a white nation you gather all fellow-minded whites and go somewhere to Africa to buy land and reside there.
Though you need full independence in terms of arms and ammo manufacture as well as food production because immediately after establishment of your state you'll be evil dictator who keeps oppressing people and you'll get more sanctions than North Korea

not being realistic, but being a D&C kike

White nationalism is civnat retardation because it comes from idea that all whites are exactly the same, unless of course you consider only the ethnicity you're a x-boo for are white, like germans or anglos but then you're behaving like a kike, when only your guys are white so your "white nationalism" is a cover for german or anglo nationalism in some other country beyond their original.
There's no "asian nationalism" for example

Technology/agriculture makes this irrelevant.

Europeans are a genetic cluster with a distinct set of traits. Pic related. America was founded on white nationalism and it worked pretty well. No one gives a shit today if you are german, anglo, or irish. The melting pot works when the races being melted are white.


Indeed, but only if all those ethnicities work for the interest of their new country and aren't hyphenated

WN is perfectly legit and in the American context, it means European derived peoples only. Your lines of attack are stupid.

If you want to debate them, just ask what the next part of the plan is. In which case you'll find, the plan is to make more podcasts and get shekels.

(Checked. Nice Get.)
They did make it explicit under the law. George Washington himself penned the first Immigration and Naturalization Law in 1790 that restricted both to and I quote, "Free White Men of Good Character". That means no sodomites, no communists, no kikes, no niggers, gooks, slopes, nips, spics, red-men, snoz-wangers, or Umpa-lumpas. And the kikes still subverted our shit. Kicking them out isn't enough, and neither is explicit legislation.

What is this ?

Willy Wonka reference.

It's would only be possible if the US was to suffer some external military defeat and an economic depression. The biggest block I have seen isn't the government though it's that a fuck load of losers and outright retarded are driven to ethnonationalism and they drag the whole thing down. Until you purge and Andrew anglins and other beta weirdos nothing will be possible.

You'd have to have steadfast men who can shake off the feelings of being a social outcast, being observed by the media and government, and potentially being a target of violence. You would also have to shake off individualism as a culture and work together with some kind of apparatus to hold things together. I wonder how truly capable the average far-right American is of that..

-No law breaking in the slightest.
-Crystal clean behavior.
-No spergy anti-semitism or mention of Jews
-Willing to give to the poor

Truly, is any of Holla Forums capable of this?


Of course not. Holla Forums is full of virgin larpers.

Not even alt right is capable of it, ecelebs and shekel spergs.

The so called white race killed each other in colonial wars and lost their territories to fucking niggers.

I sincerely hope there is some major conspiracy and at the top of the NWO there are whites and jews. If not, God help us.

It works because its so small no one cares. If you build a big ethnostate with millions of people, prepare for boycotts, complete isolation and sabotage at all costs and maybe (((UN))) interventions because (((human rights))) so people dont recognize how successful an ethnosociety would be and how diversity is a disability

The idea (NW migration) is an excellent one but having the fat clown as figure head puts everyone off it. The other problem is that American Whites currently don't want to build a state from the ground up….that would be hard work. Instead they want big daddy government to kick everyone out and keep all the current structures in place.

That's how you know it's a giant LARP. Nobody's stopping the alt-right/nat-socs/etc from moving to a place and building their city on a hill. But shit man, they might not have internet for a year or two. No deal.

Good news is that as soon as there's a mini-collapse, natural ethno-states will form and the gibbs train will be over for pretty much everyone.


Will huwhites who have partial blood from other races be allowed in the ethnostate?
A majority of Americans are mixed.
I mean, I wouldn't want any half-nigger or mexicans around, but how about hapas?
Would I be allowed in if I'm a quarter Asian?
Also, would marijuana be allowed in the ethnostate?
If this turns into some amish-like hellhole then there is no chance of this ever taking off.
You have to create something that is appealing otherwise the rest of the huwhites will flock to where there is fun.

Reading this thread is a bit depressing.
I'm getting the impression that an ethnostate would be nothing but a boring ultra-conservative shithole full of militant nationalists.
My only other option would be to flock to some brazil-esque cesspool full of kalergi planned subhumans ruled over by jews.
;_; I never asked for this timeline …

Will huwhites who have partial blood from other races be allowed in the ethnostate?
A majority of Americans are mixed.
I mean, I wouldn't want any half-nigger or mexicans around, but how about hapas?
Would I be allowed in if I'm a quarter Asian?
Also, would marijuana be allowed in the ethnostate?
If this turns into some amish-like hellhole then there is no chance of this ever taking off.
You have to create something that is appealing otherwise the rest of the huwhites will flock to where there is fun.

Reading this thread is a bit depressing.
I'm getting the impression that an ethnostate would be nothing but a boring ultra-conservative shithole full of militant nationalists.
My only other option would be to flock to some brazil-esque cesspool full of kalergi planned subhumans ruled over by jews.
;_; I never asked for this timeline …

Get the fuck out.

Most American whites are not mixed. Non whites have the highest rates of miscegenation, like how most niggers are descended from some slave holder or natives breeding with kidnapped whites.

Mixed individuals will be regarded as their non white ancestory.

I don't think so user. The boycotts on South Africa was because they were "oppressing" local blacks. No one is boycotting Poland or other countries that just exclude them. That's how they get away with it now. It's the old coppenhagen interpretation of ethics

I don't think they have much to fear from invasion because pic related. But they do need to build some defenses.



Mixed Europeans maybe, i.e. German-Irish, French-Swede, Anglo-Slav, ect. Unless you live in California, Texas, or anywhere else close to the Mexican border. Then you'll have plenty of half-spics. Although some of them could be considered quarters because of the admixture of Mexicans.

Retarded European 4chan meme. Americans that identify as white are >98% white. It would be more if there weren't a handful really mixed people trying to pass as white.

If it's organized by idiots probably not. But I don't see any problem with some Asian genetics. Asians do fine.

The Amish are really successful and are rapidly outbreeding the nonamish population. But they are a religious cult and have that weird anti-technology thing. We're not that crazy.

The appeal will be the inevitable success of such a colony. Economically and otherwise.

tfw grey tribe…
tfw no grey tribe ethnostate…
But really, America was founded on ultra-conservative militant nationalism. And it turned out pretty well. We're just going back to our roots. Anyway these planned community things tend to attract interesting risk taking people. I doubt it would be just some boring old conservatives, because those people don't like change, moving to new places, or radical new ideologies.

If you are sterilised then it's fine. Don't be depressed that the ethnostate is going to be conservative militant nationalistic. militaristic nations tends to work better than democracy. South American nations used to be authoritarian and it was working well until they become democractic.