2003 unique id's

…..did something happen? WTF is going on?


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Kikes like this.

You mean the same hotwheels that teamed up with Holla Forums to try to shitpost Holla Forums to death?

It's Protestant Kang day in burgerland, and the userbase is off shul.

nothing you say will ever convince me this site was worse with hotwheelz. fuck off but have a nice day.

userbase used to be >3k. now is ~2300 on a good day.

A lot went to the dozens of q larp boards: >>>/qresearch/

Yeah no, we just got tired of the owner-backed subversion of Holla Forums and to a lesser extent 8 as a whole. We moved to greener(read uncompromised) pastures

Low numbers of unique id's really isn't a bad thing.

It was

It is when your big threads are full of TRS eceleb drama (like the one last night).

That's why there's a filter option, user.

Use the fucking filter.

You're missing the point. If the user count is low, and yet the thread quality is poor, then you're looking at a low signal to noise board.

Everyone went to >>>Holla Forums

And yet half Holla Forums is still crap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Either way the number seems to be well below the average over the past few months. My guess is because of something like what I previously mentioned.

Half my post was eaten. How sad or something.

Because Holla Forums just isn't as fun as it used to be. For various reasons. Mods, shills, people causing shitflings in every thread trying to catch shills, also the fact no major happening has been going on for a while.

It can't be helped.

Where, please?


Okay Schlomo.


The count of unique IPs frequency changed. Now it's 72 hours, it was longer before. Basically all the old IPs of the ID hopping shills are gone within 3 days. That it went down from around 2600 to 2000 under such change is simply testimony of the amount of shilling that is going on here.

thats what she said. but where are the proofs??

I took a two month break from this place and it went to shit (for the most part). What the hell happened?

This means there are less shills and faggots

People are getting fed up with politics, I'm loosing interest in it myself. It's time to fix my own life. It was nice to be a part of this, but it's time to move on

Went down when the holidays came but still hasn't gone back up for some reason. The board could potentially be in a downspiral. This happened with the gamergate boards: the minute they reach 2,000 uids it kept going down from there. Hopefully that isn't the case here.