It's time we had a chat about the driverless car meme, lads

Personally, I don't think it's too much of a threat, right now at least. But we know how these things operate, slowly and calculated. Companies like Uber[1] and Lyft[2] will start switching out its drivers for new fleets of self driving cars. Once that's conditioned a bit, the cab companies will get their new fleets to compete. By now, self driving freight-liners have made striving improvements and companies are starting to implement the tech[3] on interstate highways. Millions and millions of jobs gone. In a year, in five, ten, twenty with constantly improving technology. We can know this is how it will be implemented because we know who's behind it's push.

10 of the hottest self-driving technologies from Israel

1.Mobileye: The Jerusalem-based company that’s made its mark with an annoying beep whenever you get too close to another car or change lanes without signaling was bought earlier this year by Intel for $15 billion. The reason: to turn Intel into a player in the autonomous driving space.
2.Innoviz: Haven’t heard of LiDAR yet? You will soon; it’s a key component enabling autonomous driving. An acronym for “light detection and ranging,” LiDAR uses laser beams to measure distance. It’s what allows self-driving cars to “see.”
"3"Cognada: The Rand Corporation reports that autonomous cars will need some 11 billion miles of testing to prove they’re better at driving than humans. That would take a fleet of 100 cars running non-stop over 500 years. Cognata uses artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer vision to simulate real cities in 3D.
4.Oryx Vision: Like LiDAR, it uses a laser to illuminate the road ahead, but as with traditional radar, it treats the reflected signals as electro-magnetic waves. Oryx claims its system works better in bad weather, can see farther than LiDAR, uses much less energy, and brings costs down even further.
5Autotalks: Two vehicles with an Autotalks unit installed can communicate with each other regardless of visibility. Autotalks can predict what will happen in the next five to 10 seconds, allowing enough time for a course correction, Autotalks CEO Hagai Zyss told ISRAEL21c .
6.Guardian Optical Technologies: Your autonomous taxi or ride-share has no driver to tell you how many passengers can jump in the back seat or to remind you to buckle your seatbelt. Guardian Optical Technologies’ sensor scans the cabin for movement, distinguishing between still objects and people by looking for the presence of a beating heart.
7.Argus Cyber Security and Karamba Security: “The future will be less about traffic accidents and more about hacks,” says Ofer Ben-Noon, CEO of Argus Cyber Security. Both Argus and competing Israeli startup Karamba aim to keep today’s connected cars and tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles safe from the possibility that someone with ill intent could take control.
8.Otonomo: Otonomo is doing for car-created data what Google did for search results. The company has developed an ecosystem for sharing driving information with third parties — insurance companies, fleet managers and car manufacturers. One goal is to use this data to improve future autonomous offerings.
9.Gett: While “Gett is not an autonomous vehicle tech company per se, it is, along with Mobileye and Waze, one of the most important new mobility companies in Israel,” investor Mike Granoff tells ISRAEL21c. (Granoff’s new Maniv Mobility, the first Israeli venture fund dedicated to mobility tech, recently raised its first $40 million.)
10.IVO: You’re hankering for a self-driving vehicle, but you already own a car. It’s IVO to the rescue. IVO (“intelligent vehicle operator”) is a robotic chauffeur that can be placed in the driver’s seat of any car. Its a robot that's sits in the drivers seat and drives the vehicle

So now we understand the why of self driving cars. Then there's the money lads. You wouldn't imagine the money that's pouring into this technology. Kikes are dumping their generic drug companies for self driving software, see the Intel deal. Already, new model vehicles have had this software installed, in bits and pieces. Alerts for lane changing, backing up, the giant computer monitors in the dash with 5g wifi capabilities for when it's inevitably implemented.

Here are a few recent articles on the tech.
This 1060s Technology Is Making A Comeback In Self Driving Cars
Israeli self-driving car startup Innoviz launches advanced LiDAR
Intel’s Mobileye Self-Driving Vehicle Systems To Go Into 2 Million BMW, Nissan, & Volkswagen Cars Over The Near Term
Mobileye CEO on solving the self-driving car problem


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They can't be any worse then the Ford foundation

Driverless cars will never work on roads with driver'd cars. people will prank and hack them, and the cars themselves will make bad decisions, sometimes killing their passengers or pedestrians, and thereby opening their manufacturers, operators and programmers to devastating lawsuits.

Self driving cars will only be able to be used on robot exclusive roadways. This is why Elon musk started that tunnel digging "boring company", you drive to your tunnel entrance, then your car drives itself through a safe environment where there are not very many confounding variables then you come out and have to take control again. Otherwise the legal exposure is simply too great. That is why a lot of these companies shuttered or mothballed their self driving car divisions. I certainly wouldn't want to be a programmer with my name on code commits and get called into court when the algorithm decides to save the life of the passenger by running over a mom pushing a baby carriage instead of slamming into a concrete wall (trolley problem).

Do you honestly think the yid plans to allow you to continue driving yourself if instead he could force you to be driven by an AI that has a cohencidentally high accident rate for bad goys?

>The announcements come at the tail end of a year Ford in which has moved aggressively to strengthen its self-driving program. The automaker invested around a billion dollars in startup Argo AI to lead the charge back in February
Argo Ai is in Mountain View California. This fat fuck is the CEO.

See company number 7. This is the kind of company that would have all the backdoors.

Is this another one of those ShoahSwitches explicitly to get around doing any form of work on the sabbath?

Mark Zuckerberg stopped at Iowa 80 a few months back with a secret service like team of security. He asked one of the head guys there how he feels about "driverless semis". Zuckerburg intends to put every truck driver in the US out of a job.


Just wait 30 years until the law says you have to have a self-driving car (its safer goy.) Then (((they))) can simply turn off your car if you are a bad goyim. They're private companies after all.

The solution is to import millions of brown people to pay their pensions

What a fat fuck. Henry Ford would be disgusted.

user, I have a driverless car already. Works wonderful, no tunnel needed.

No law needed, just do what they did to civil aviation after 9/11 - make (((mandatory insurance))) prohibitively expensive.

800$ from VA to Sanford Fl for a car and 2 adults and 2 kids one way….hmm. Not terrible but more than I expected.

I love how these fart huffing elites have basically invented the expensive version of public transport.

Back to work on real technologies you filthy fucking rats.

Relevant video about the destruction of mass transit in america, it's replacement with buses, then cars, and gets into the first (((advertisements))) for self driving cars at the very end.

Liberals want to remove steering wheels, then ban people from owning them.

In some regions of china, and in North Korea you have to ask permission to travel.

Since liberals are communist, they're now implementing travel restrictions in some areas of Europe.

Look at this! It's the last crow vic, it has signatures of hard working Americans. It's going to the Middle East rather be placed in a museum.

We already have travel restrictions, if you don't have social security you can't get a license and therefore can't drive

Sigh. Got quite a soft spot for bland Fords.

Watch this (((CGP Grey))) video to know where they're going with this. The money quote at the end:
That's the point. To take away the autonomy of man-operated cars under the guise of efficiency and convenience.

"CGP Grey's house was vandalized by black UAW workers today…"

What spooks me most about self driving cars are the algorhthms put in them. The car will, in an extreme scenario, choose for me whether I and my passengers survive a crash or if strangers on the road survive a crash.

and I'll be a cuck if I let some jew company make that decision for me

Great video. Will share this one.
Autonomous cars need rejected publicly. Rail cars need crowd funded and smaller communities need to come of it. It’s they only way out of the the auto Jew.

Yeah, those 4am highways are just as much a mess as 4pm, and that phantom congestion cannot ever go away.

its a sad state of affairs but the operation of a motor vehicle is one of the last vestiges of sovereign control that most people have in their lives.

Most people havent figured out a way to remove the necessity of them working a 9-5 to pay their debts. Most wear what ever clothes they are told are the new thing. Most eat food that was prepared for them and have no control, or idea, of what is in it…

The vast majority of people wake up, eat something that was made for them, put on clothes that were picked for them, go to the, usually pointless, job they are supposed to go to, talk with their coworkers about the topics that were given to be discussed for the week, go home and eat a meal that was prepared for them, and watch shows that were chosen for them to watch, and then go to bed.

Throughout most peoples days the only actual ability to dictate anything when they are driving their car. And even then it only amounts to the speed that they travel and which lane they will travel in.

You think people are fucking brainwashed zombies now.. Wait til driverless cars are the norm.

In principle, self-driving cars aren't a bad thing. (((Commuting))) is fucking awful, freeing up drivers to do something productive or at least relax during that time would be great.
The problem is these fucking kikes who will try to use them to control us. The goal is to ban human drivers and end car ownership (having cars sit in driveways or parking lots isn't (((efficient))) enough, goy, so we're going to rent out "your" car while you're at work. What's that? You want a cut? Fuck you, you don't own nothing.) Eventually, they want a population that doesn't even know how to drive, so they can't go anywhere the autopilot won't take them.

I never understood that sentiment. I find driving to fairly enjoyable most of the time. And I used to drive a stick and have to commute to, and through, nyc.

Pilotfag here. The idea of autonomous cars is hilarious. They may be possible in 100+ years. But I doubt it.

1. Inadequate consideration of "human factors issues" in the design of the automation;

2. The automation encounters situations that were not anticipated by the designer; and

3. Failure of the automation.

4. Security (hacking) risks

5. Training. If every driver had to complete 100 hours of intense training, I would be more open to the idea. But this will never happen.

Getting rid of drivers is retarded. You always need a driver to override the system when things go wrong.

tldr; Driverless cars are a soy boy meme for star trek silicon valley faggots that want Elon Musk to buttfuck them with a solar panel, in space.

Like vaccine makers, the companies will be given complete immunity no pun intended.

You're also wrong but Musk and what he's doing. Fuck are you a dummy.

Where are Cities, Counties, and States going to get the BILLIONS in LOST REVENUE from MOVING VIOLATIONS when there are none because of self driving cars?
Look at CA to start ramping up the writing of Moving Violations as high as possible so when it happens CA can demand from Taxpayers.

sounds like a good way to get people (((you))) don't like killed

Why is that a priority to you?

This is the big sticking point and no one's talking about it. Well never get robots as good as us, but what if they only kill three times as many and then yid congressmen legislate that cars are supposed to be driverless now, or that they are immune to normal liabilities?

Going to lay down some truth here, self driving cars means always on cameras, which means facial and car recognition. Which means those of us whom have been targets of gang stalking and organized harassment are less likely to be targeted constantly.
I only see an issue if the storage is not locally controlled p, which any decent setup should be using anyways.

the real issue is that they're going toforce driverless cars on the people and then they're going to make normal driving illegal, because it's safer to have robots to or at least that's what they're going to tell us regardless it's going to be way cheaper corporations and it probably will save a lot of drunken teenagers. Google stooge (((Ray Kurzweil))) has already predicted this happening in the next 20 years

Remote controlled cars filled with propane tanks. Thousands of them.

Fleets of drones dropping flyers over white areas and diseases over non-white areas.

That's how you create the ethnostate.

Heres a huge reason why it wont work: we cant even get traffic lights to function properly all of the time. One hiccup in the system and it would get fucked real bad.

pic related, I could have drawn a better picture but op could have also chosen not to be a faggot, yet here we are. Something as simple as a traffic light going out could cause a situation like im my drawing. Automated driving would most likely elimiinate a large percentage of traffic accidents, since most are the result of a combination of lack of skill and lack of paying attention. But it would also replace those 'human error' accidents with two new types of traffic accident 1) the computer error accident and 2) the absence of intuition accident

Human error is a pain in the ass of an avoidable problem. But some idiot too busy picking his nose is nothing compared to a program getting stuck in a memory loop.

And then theres hard crashes. We cant get fucking a simple spreadsheet program to never crash. Not only are programmers not able to predict every possible circumstance, but they are also not able to poo in loo anymore either.. And a planes autopilot sure is complicated stuff, but the skylanes arent anywhere near as chaotic as mainstreet. How often would car algorithms be returning 404 errors because a mansize dragon fly flew directly infront of the sensors?

And thats not even getting into the reality of there being no way to stop bad actors and shitlords from really causing some fucking havok


maybe in flatland

CGP Grey is an admitted misanthrope who wants most of humanity to die off in his own words. This guy is a power tripping weirdo.

AI poisoning is real, and you can easily fool it to either have it do some subroutine, or make it forget everything else.
The only good news is with google AI that can't recognize black, it'll be easier to run over glowing CIA niggers.

no the people would accept it willingly. People gave up their will to think on their own long ago and have adopted the doctrine of not only allowing but desiring for others to think for them. I have a theory that it is less that they gave this up and possibly more of an evolutionary thing, if everyone was capable, and desired, to think for themselves then we would have the problem of too many chiefs and not enough indians.

And after the traitorous lemmings all got their faggotron 8000's the kikes would likely be able to easily get away with implementing shit like 'driverless car hov lanes' and over the course of a decade every new car sold would be autonomous.

But thats not whats going to happen. To think that is how it is going to go is fucking brainless. We control reality. We dictate what comes to pass. It will not happen because Holla Forums doesn't want it to happen.

fug forgot pic

When will Terry create a schizophrenic AI and attack the CIA with self-driving cars?

Sounds like the Jews are full shabbot. Pieces of shit use stolen tech.

Where is your god now driverless cars?

I wonder how many other self driving cars each self driving car can drive past before the cameras are fried by exposure to fucking laser beams. How long til people start going blind from billions of lasers on the roads?

Ive said it before, and I will say it again, leftism is a death cult masquerading as the messiahs of the earth.

God damn time we nuked Israel.

While I'm at it, it's interesting read.

As soon as self-driving cars are mandatory



shove your computer bs up your ass until teslas don't ram into 18 wheelers full speed in broad daylight decapitating the driver who's dumb enough to watch harry potter in his last minutes, or roll over on dirt road which they can't read for no reason whatsoever

It requires more attention, not less it's more fatigueing to drive this shit than actually driving it by yourself, sort of like being an instructor for retarded woman learning to drive. Always tried in sunny weather, never on ice. Can you spell pathetic?

When you're not on highway tempomat is fraction of this experience - it's harder to use it than simply control gas pedal.

and here i hoped people learned from michael hastings case

I wish I remembered the brand of Russian or Bulgarian engines that produces solid engiens with no (((computer))) trash to this day. fuck.


You're one of the few people who enjoys life, right? Sitting behind a steering wheel and a set of pedals is the fucking best! And if you have a shifter too? Oh man..

Just how easy would it be to build a cheap but powerful broadband electromagnetic jamming device to flood all of their precious sensors with static?

btw, in case you dont know about hastings

Yeah, me, too. Driving's immensely fun.

The problem is not commuting itself, the problem is rush hour. I don't like the fact that you have to start driving 30 minutes earlier because the drive slow as fuck while everyone has to be there exactly 9:00, a minute late and you're fucked.

one soyim very nervous with 2 people watching out whether the car fucks up or not on prechecked and predesigned routes - we don't see anything that happens actually, might as well be steered by the one on the right digitally, we don't see the road, just a t depleted faggot (notice also I have no cash on me tee hee comment).

that's a good one:
"Can't wait to see this garbage carrier on the road!! Why I say Garbage Carrier? Riders leave pop corn, tissue paper, food spill, turkey sauce, burger pieces, coffee drip all over Uber/Lyft even there is a driver in the car. When there is no driver? I can't imagine the sanitary condition inside these vehicles. What if those drunks vomit and no driver is there? The car just keeps driving? When I request a Lyft then this stinky ride arrives I have to cancel but they still charge me for $5 cancellation fee?"

just lol, this comment is the best there:
"Now honestly how far and how long to charge the thing? Lastly where can you charge it? I pull into Grand Island (one of the largest truck stops in the nation (they have 20 pumps, an average truck takes about 25 minutes to fill, so 2.25 per hour time 20 so FORTY FIVE TRUCKS PER HOUR). ONE charging station (30 minutes per truck TWO per hour). "You can charge at your load or unload point (yeah sure!). Tesla currently holds the record for an electric trip across the U.S. (supported by only FOUR petrol powered vehicles for support), so I am still waiting for this! Lastly I want to see 1000 lbs of snow packed into/under those tight clearances. One more thing….does it stay hot/cool while I am stuck in the sleeper, especially NOT at a truck stop? And yet another, shows it pulling stock refer trailer, so I still have to stop for diesel for the refer? And if the refer is running off the electric pack how does that effect mileage?"

i.e. it's a toy, and it ain't going on anything that isn't perfect road in pefect conditions, most of wolrd does not have perfect roads nor conditions (Siberia got -65 centigrade recently and 2 meters of snow) - retards can operate those loads with ancient equipment on those roads in these conditions, self driving truck won't do it in our lifetimes, the amount of investment in infrastructure that would be necessary would most probably consume world gdp few times over
But they sure will push for it, it's not like reality is stopping them in any field.

Self-driving cars will still get gridlocked. They can't teleport through solid matter.

See company number 6. Guardian
But yes. No doubt they'll pick up less desirable or intoxicated passengers that will spoil the interior of the vehicle, especially niggers. This would be a cost waging issue. Plus, with a card on record and cameras, the ride share company could charge for clean up services much the same way hotels do.

Im telling you, driverless semi-trucks are a massive disaster for everyone. The most obvious thing is how is that driverless semi gonna handle mountains in poor weather? Its gonna crash, thats how its gonna handle it.

It pisses me off that they're going after truckers so hard with this shit. The relationships those guys have with their machines is inspiring. What kind of bastard wants to take that off the road?


Hype. It is nothing moar than hype.

Do you think the state will allow the DMV jerbs program to go away? Do you think the state will allow the photo id and tracking of the drivers licenses to go away?

NOPE. Ain't gonna happen.

Then there is the car sharing. That won't happen. If i wanted to share a vehicle, i would ride the bus. we own cars for the nigger free experience of our own vehicle, and we even have ccw permits where allowed to make sure that it stays nigger free.

The million dollar question though, is why are the kikes pushing this? Either they have some sinister plan, or they have some short term means of robbing sheckles from a goyim somewhere.

Commuting is pretty much the most anti-human thing we've ever invented and forced upon ourselves. Not to mention that it's a practice which does grievous harm to the family unit, incurs a great deal of hidden costs, and wreaks havoc on one's personal mental and physical health. Self-driving cars are a nice band-aid, but driving 2+ hours a day, both ways, just to work at a job that pays slightly better doesn't make sense on a lot of levels. By commuting to a shitty job in the city, you are denied any feeling of being part of and contributing to your community, which is one of the largest factors in creating a productive and happy workforce. Without it, you have nothing but a gaggle of broken zombies who subsist entirely on coffee and social media to keep them awake and feeling the least bit socially connected.

Zuckerberg needs to fucking go, I'll be honest I can't believe in a god as long as people like this fuck are alive.

Problem is, assholes like you either get in or manage to convince lawyers and judges that the car should sacrifice its occupants to save a pedestrian.
If it's my car, I want that mother and baby to be hamburger, not me!

If it's my car I would be driving it myself and I would know that I can avoid that situation.

That's probably how economic cycles happen too.
This video is why I go 1/2*max_speed as my max speed in stop-and-go highway traffic. I tend to smooth out the stop/go wave. Idiots behind me who swerve out just to get in front end up speeding up to a stop in front of me, and most often than not I get within 6 car lengths of them before they start going again and the gap widens.

Also let's get rid of gas engines to eliminate those shitty sound belching straight-pipe Harley Davidsons and exhaust modified bro-trucks too!


I recognize you. You were a humongous faggot in that other thread, too.

Kek, exactly. Some people need that. If you're not screaming and smashing a wrench against the pavement out of frustration, you're not really living.

And replace gas engines with WHAT? Traffic jams will be worse than ever once the roads are clogged with people whose battery died from running a 1500w heater in a gridlock.

If you come anywhere near my truck I will feed you to it. Quit being such a faggot.


Profit hungry kikes do user. Kikes who never worked an honest day in their filthy lives.

Only part of me which will feed your truck engine is the .50 Cal in my pocket.

Also I might add, for truckers, we have to have an Electronic log book on our tucks now. This means we are tracked 24/7 when in the truck by both the company and the DOT. WE have a 14 hr on duty clock that does not stop until you stop for the day. You drive more than 11 hrs, violation. Need to take a 30 min break after 8 hours on duty, or violation. You sit 5 hrs in a dock waiting to be loaded or unloaded, fuck you, the 14 hr clock keeps ticking. Big traffic jam because of an accident? Fuck off, 14 hr clock keeps ticking. Truck breaks down? Fuck off goy, clock keeps ticking away.

My point is theyre doing a fine job of chasing drivers out of the profession with over regulation. When that happens, (((conveniently))) there will be self driving trucks.


I heard about that. A King Nigger-era law that slipped through.


Nigger, I know you. You're a humongous faggot. No amount of smug pepe signalling will ever change that.

Oh stop it!

Yep. Its very bullshit and impractical. On top of that, the makers of the elog I use are incompetent faggots who cant fix THEIR software fuckups. I ended up using paper logs anyhow because of that. King nigger, who never worked a day in his half breed bastard life, decided to implement this shit.

The logging systems are all like that. Bad implementation of an unrealistic idea with very real consequences. It's just sick. Whoever came up with that one deserves to be executed.

Suuuuuuuure kiddo. Pray tell what ".50 cal" fits in ones pocket?

What is bureaucracy ?

A driverless car which would sacrifice its occupants for any reason would be a massive commercial failure. I'm sure the end game is to legislate real cars away and force people to buy driverless, but long before they can do that they will need a base of willing adopters. I don't see the trolly problem being a real question, since the answer will always to save the fag who paid for a shitty driverless car.

On the other hand, that will make the insurance and liability even more of a hurdle.

Pic related. The S&W 500 has short barrel options. Still big and completely impractical as a carry gun (unless you live somewhere where bears etc are a concern), but you could get it into a large pocket if you really wanted to.

The quality of the driver varies widely by location. No one in west coast cities can drive, and in the east coast New York and Montreal IME have the best / most efficient drivers.

They also have another common theme. Pic related.

Looks like a hula hoop.

Pretty neat video. It sounds like the EPA is trying to push out the little guy out of the trucking industry.

lel plebs.

Ah, but if you know they're fake going in, you can plant disinformation and then they discredit themselves. (Also helps if you give them a 'free' laptop with a keylogger.)

Fuck i get that on open roads to and from works aswell. People thinking the ice is something shady and therefore doesn't drive at regular speeds (when in reality they are going to get stuck at the hills because they didn't have enough speed up it to begin with creating massive problems for the traffic coming from behind when they are beginning to slide down again).


He does have cash on him, the retard just put the cash into his phone. A very hackable device considering it's probably connected to both some internet-service and bluetooth.

Driver-less cars might eventually become totally safe from road accidents But they'll never be safe from niggers. Imagine the amount of soap you'll need to clean the car interior.

Recently shipped a car coast to coast for $2000.

>make (((mandatory insurance))) prohibitively expensive
Sounds like ObamaCar.
Niggers cause a lot of accidents and need emergency car room services, but can never pay. Require expensive insurance for all, but subsidize the niggers of course.
America doesn't have a Car problem; it has a Nigger problem.

>(((Commuting))) is fucking awful

The biggest barrier to telecommuting is a (((manager))) who needs to be seen as required.

I love driving too. What I don't like is sharing the road with Bullwinkle.

t. telecommutes as often as possible

A very valid concern in today's cars.

I know this is turning into /o/ but I thought I should shill this. Great for keeping an eye on things.

As soon as self-driving cars are mandatory, antifa will be surrounding cars with (real) whites in them, paralyzing the cars so they can kill the whites at their leisure.

driverless cars
eventually yes
while the kikes are in power no
anons and notsoanons will have (((accidents)))

How in fuck did he get his licence with those eyes?

You have a problem.

Oh yea, Houston is garbage to drive in. But if you can make it around town there, you can do it anywhere.

user….. any alternator can do it its so cheap and easy and can be hidden (just don't envelop it in an half assed Faraday cage like an metal chassis. You can make one out of an ceiling fan if you want and shut down an quarter square mile. Just remember : spark gap. The more charge it can produce in the spark as it bridges the gap the more powerful the jamming. But your device has to withstand the charge and avoid inadvertent grounding. There is an reason everything and its brother in electronics has warnings and is double plus checked that an breakdown of the machine cannot into making one of these on accident. Yes, you can make an electromagnetic jamming device on accident if you do not engineer fail safes into components, its that easy. Focused jamming devices are more difficult.

That said be careful when using them, its easy as fuck to triangulate one of these since its going off like an fucking banshee to anyone with any sort of equipment at all. Using three or more of these on mobile platforms which overlap 30+% of their signal makes it impossible to do more than get the general area of operation between them all down using triangulation, but can still be targeted using some hardware that targets the most powerful signal around. (missles hit close enough its usually good enough)

The funny thing about an huge component of the mentality our elites have bred into our people by doing this? It makes it easier to entice them into joining up with an army/force which is going against such an system. Such people are actually primed for induction into an fighting force simply by giving them an out from such a soul sucking existence. This is doubly true if you start providing them the basic necessities of life when they join up that they cannot obtain from the system. When you take land, resources and people under conquest, you have the ability and access needed to disburse loot. Today most people have forgotten this is the prime way and reason most people once upon an time actually wanted to go off to war.

Today you cannot find an good woman in our culture, which means unless you are chad you are primed to go another route. So warlord provides you with two or three women as your own once you are done with an campaign or if you are on rearguard controlling needed areas, or all the free brothel slaves you can want in the supply train following the army, taken as conquest from your enemies and their supporters.

Today you cannot garner any actual wealth in life, meaning you work an subsistence wage hand to mouth and as such cannot obtain stability to attract an good wife or means to pass along anything to your children. Join an warlord an he can pass off various seized property, land, slaves, respect and all sorts of things which can pay an army for their efforts. If loot is passed along to an soldier and warlord can become an billionaire in equivalence of wealth and even an moderate army of twenty thousand soldiers can become millionaires all overnight by seizing just one city and the peoples in it, all while barely touching the actual wealth or infrastructure of the city, leaving most of it intact. How long would it take you to earn an million dollars working for the mean pay of our society? Do you honestly think there are not tens of thousands of men whom would jump at the chance to obtain such for the comparatively short time it would take to wage an campaign to take an city?

Once people see such soldiers returning with such wealth after such endeavors the clamor from new volunteers will become an near endless wave of humanity thirsting for the blood of your enemy and the spoils of war. Double plus good should you actually have more to fight for than just because you happen to lead an army.

Our jewish overlords have given us great boons in this life. The rage that they have built into our brothers has given fertile ground to sprout soldiers. The despair and hopelessness they have forced into our brothers has given them little hope for anything else, easy pickings for an strong leader to reach down and pluck them up and into an tribe of their own and an future worth fighting for. The loss of wealth and enforced slavery has bestowed great opportunity for those whom dare to be bold to lead the way into more than what our overlords have planned for us, and an army just waiting for someone worthy to lead them into an rich and glorious future.

It'll be an easy way for you to get around on Shabbos, OP.

how are niggers going to do drive by shootings in these driverless cars?

This man understands.


More like (((discounts))) for -drivers- owners who purchase driverless cars and (((rate hikes))) for those who still drive normal cars.
Followed by

It will be illegal to drive your own car in many countries within the century.

Headlines like "real drivers cause far more crashes than driverless cars"
"Studies show it's unsafe for humans to drive"
"Is it time to rethink letting people drive"

I know a few UBER drivers. They are waiting for the day Uber rolls out its driverless cars and have their pocket knives and baseball bats at the ready.

Heh, you think they haven't taken that into consideration?

They'll have impenetrable cameras monitoring everything inside and out, streaming back to headquarters. Maybe the vandal will even get sprayed with the purple goo.

This is a big point. For example, an airline pilot once had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid a mid-air collision. The bank angle was steep enough to be considered bad data by the flight deck display (glass cockpit). Even though the angle was still within bounds of the aircrafts performance in terms of g-loading. Because the computer assumed faulty input, it rebooted, at the exact time it was needed. Fortunately, the pilot had analog back up instruments.

Crashes related to autopilot and computer technology are two of the five leading causes of crashes. Check out the NTSB's data.

The more automated the airplane has become, the more shit the pilot has to do and watch over.

Driverless cars are gay and we don't want them.

The solution to auto safety, is driver training and re-training. For example If I don't do certain shit within 6 months, I lose my ability to fly instruments (in clouds). Check out all the requirements below. Driving should be like that.

14 CFR 61.57 - Recent flight experience: Pilot in command.


*mass transit; fuck cars for commuting

His solution is to remove the time independence (aka asynchronous) benefit to the individual, increasing the tax on actuals (physical real time) across the group. But one of the whole points of cars was to decrease the group-tax, specifically because of disproportionate / unbalance / too-much-time tax required.

It is a great video for its point. It is also an exceptionally greater video on how blind the civic nationalist and diversity cuck is to being cucked. It even comes complete with feminists, dykes, niggers, sheboons, kikes, chink soy boys, and civic nationalist boomers. All of whom specifically want to decrease the expense on their actual time, and shift it to the group, selectively trying to cut back on consumption required on them to access the accounts of others. The effect and accounting of which, in diversity madness USA, is precisely why cars won. Yes there was corruption; There was, is, and will always be corruption; But that corruption is not, nor is it really ever, why might and truth shift the landscape. The non-dollar accounted costs of unbalanced trade between more commune oriented social-acting groups –who– specifically pursue cannibalistic and parasitic accounting of dollars to themselves –to– get every one else's actuals/physical time and resources –while– passing their losses of accounting and actuals back on to the group: The Story of Why Auto Had To Win. And did win, albeit at a terrible price.

Public transit is only selected in high cohesion, non-too-diverse systems whereby Europeans stay nearly separate from Asians and stay nearly separate form Africans, on both an account (ledger) and actual (source, physical, production) basis. Any form of any assistance to account and actuals violations in the face of otherwise, ie in the face of Asian Cannibals and African Parasites, will not only not be selected, but will be actively selected against.

The core key difference of the Auto systems was that they were more white than the migrants that were, had, and were continuing to already preferentially cannibalize and parasitize the trade hubs in the USA at those times. It was bad enough that winning in those cities was necessary. Which was, of course, then pushed by kikes as well. So damned if you do, and damned if you don't, but more damned on an disparate accounting basis if you don't, thus it moved forward.

Separately, self driving cars won't happen in the fully autonomous sense specifically because the USA ran out of, and drove out, white male victors to innovate and bring about mastery of the space. It simply cannot be done by javascript designateds, chink hives, and spic thumbs.

I'm scared they'll push it through anyways and we'll all be forced to move around in vehicles powered by minecraft quality code.

I am all for it. Most of you stupid fucks can't drive to save your life. 90% of drivers today have no business operating an automobile. Better yet, just decentralize employment so commuting disappears. If you really think they are going to use driverless cars to control you or murder you, you need anti-psychotics. The payday for being injured by a driverless car will be 7 figures and up. It is a plaintiff's attorney's wet dream.

I'm pretty sure you almost had a point somewhere in that schizoid jibberish. good luck next time

It may get pushed. It will get pushed regardless, due to academic, diversity, migrant, central banking compensatories, currency wars, trade wars, stock compensatories, etc (ie all manner of assisting artificial accounting / numbers movement).

However, if auto-autos don't work on the streets of india, china, mexico, south africa, and to the lesser extent of spain, greece, italy, etc, then they are failures. Garbage in is garbage out. If the entire world has to be the high tech infrastructure highway provided by God with a near perfectly behaving population that also always has only the best tech (ie what the USA was in effect, and becomes less of with each iteration of shitskins)? It is not going to work.

It will still be pushed.

don't mix amphetamines and alcohol, kids

tldr: Auto won because gas the kikes race war now.

OP pls. This is wonderful progress. You are aware that niggers are actually allowed to pilot these behemoths currently don't you?

tldr: Auto-cars will be pushed, because they sell ads, for all industries. And banks need to sell ads. However, Auto-cars still won't work in Bangladesh: The California of the Future, so they won't work period.

To understand this past, to predict this future, you need to keep roughly 7 equations in your head simultaneously. Internet basket weaving gas forums are the tools we have to do this.

Alexander the gay was a faggot.

Another way they're going to force it is (((drug testing))).

They already have it for flight.

>you had an accident? Uh, oh, (((per se))) impairment laws mean you lose your licence, goy, that sucks.

They're already using medical pot cards to gun grab.

They cant and wont, and since those countries are a big market for western automakers (basically the only ones), they will never stop cranking out manual drive cars lest they lose out on that market completely.

There's no contemporary source to back that up. It was made up in the 70s by jewish professors

Of course. Shouldnt you be promoting him extra hard then Mordecai?

About a third of car fatalities are alcohol-related. A singular way to significantly reduce accidents is to get serious about DUI and stop treating it as a rite of passage.

the time has passed where men are needed to wage wars

why do you think jews want men turned into trannies and women?

jews slowly turn western countries into quasi communism with ever more restrictive policies

the only ones offering slaves and mini riches are ISIS now but if you aren't a mudshit that stuff is way too brutal for you and your death might be equally grueling

The Jews have a plan for AI that is not good for the white race. I don't need to tell you Lads that soon they will herd whites into camps and begin systematic extermination .

Are you familiar with the advice Croesus gave to ¿¿cambasus?? Upon the revolt of Sardis in Herodotus' histories? If you want the sardanians to stop revolting and resisting Persian domination, Make them wear high boots (something very feminine at that time), disarm them and a few other things that were designed to demasculate them. It is what's happening now. It's happened throughout history.

Would you want the car to protect a pedestrian or the passenger?

What if it was an old man driving?
What if it was a pregnant woman walking?

its globalism on the micro scale

The kikes are not all powerful or all intelligent. They are deceptive, that is it. It's not that they 'dont need us for war anymore' its that they've always wanted to genocide us but can't because they know without us the second they kill us off they will be locked in stagnation and die because we are the creators and they are the imitators. This is the primary reason they want AI so bad, they are trying to create the spark of creation that lives inside blue eyes.

criminally unchecked truth.
Someone already did this type of hack (DEFCON? Black Hat?) by shining a laser out the back of a car in front of the car-bot. They could steer the car off the road if they wanted to IIRC.


Driverless cars will be terrible. Absolutely terrible. Humanity will never recover from this grave evil. Ha. Ha. Ha. You are doomed.

And millions created in their place. Do you think that code writes itself? Do these cars just develop themselves?

Remember the industrial revolution?

Insurance teams contract hackers to cause accidents to keep up insurance premiums.

Yeah, those truckers will just learn coding, I'm sure of it.

Maybe not the truckers themselves, but many others will gain new job opportunities.
Don't be so afraid of change gramps.
The only thing about driverless cars that worries me is the loss of freedom.

Streetshitter programmers will gain job opportunities.
Many of the truckers will become impoverished.
Explain your program to help these truckers find work, now that you've taken away their daily bread.

Why would they need a program? I assume that they can take care of themselves. Hopefully that have a skill other than driving.

>(((toxic masculinity))) as a historic deescalation tactic

Thanks user, more ammo for the arguments.

Smart man.

decent paying jobs are all moving towards high IQ / high credentials

everbody low IQ / low skilled is fighting for $10 an hour jobs

Spotted the kike.

Learn how to use articles, user.



KYS kike.

Just get an old American carbureted v8, nothing to hack, simple to maintain and modify.

I see how (((that))) could be a compelling reason, but I think part of it will be used to enforce (((emissions controls)))

Imagine for a minute that (((carbon taxes))) are enforced and you don't pay, the government will probably be able to kill your ride until you pay reparations cause muh global warming.

Self driven cars will surely lead to software locks, and abuse.

Fucking pleb. Ban all cars. Everyone should travel by rail as was intended.

i applied to argo ai in june and met their ceo. dude;s a total brony got fucking rainbow dash in his office. i would not invest in them.

as an american I greatly appreciate cars, thank you very much.
you can take away my car when you pry it from my cold lifeless hands.
once overnigulation is solved the roads will be much nicer.
we need to bring driving culture back to america. we need to get our balls back.


Self driving electric cars is just the americanized version of public transit, what sort of low IQ cuck can't drive themselves?

well at least he has good taste

Lol they're essentially advocating bring your own train.

>Then (((they))) can simply turn off your car if you are a bad goyim.
And if you are a REALLY bad goyim, they will (((accidently))) you with a " tragic malfunction" that causes a crash or engine explosion

All they gotta do is shut off one of your injectors at the right time and cause a lean out. Which is easy because