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Shut the fuck up, kike. Proper understanding of human psychology and its applications leads to healthy individuals then consequently a healthy society. You can't do shit against the jew when you're drugged out on prescriptions or have the mentality of a special snowflake. Thus, we continue.

Principal numero uno: perspective determines subjective reality. What is perspective? Perspective is how you think. Your beliefs, your feelings, your actions, all culminate in what's referred to as perspective. In other words, it's your point of view and all things, internal and external, are determined by it. We'll get to this later. Subjective reality is just that, the reality which you believe you exist in. I say perspective determines subjective reality as it does not determine objective reality. e.g. no matter how hard I think I'm a duck, I will never be a fucking duck. In short, the goal of perspective is to shape it so that your subjective reality most accurately reflects objective reality. In other words, it ought to be true. As some old fuck, Aristotle, said: "Truth is that which correlates to reality". Moving on.

The error regarding depression and various other psychological ailments is to regard them as biological conditions i.e. you're depressed because there's something wrong with your physiological make up so take this pill to get better. In depression's case, the biological marker is serotonin levels which SSRI's seek to treat to "normal" levels. The error is to regard improper serotonin levels as a causal factor to depressive thoughts and symptoms i.e. you're depressed because you're serotonin levels are fucked up. This is not the case.

Firstly, serotonin levels are a correlative factor to depressive symptoms. I shouldn't have to tell you fucks correlation does not imply causation but lo and behold the APA (American Psychiatric Association) seems to have skipped stats and research one-o-fucking one. Thus, their attempt to shove an SSRI down everyone's throats that mutters "I don't feel good doc". FURTHER, not only do serotonin levels not cause depressive symptoms, the inverse is true. That is, depression causes abnormal serotonin levels. Let me fucking explain.

A known fact is that SSRI's are ineffective against milder forms of depression. Why's that? Because in milder forms, serotonin level's aren't fucked yet. But if serotonin level's cause depression, how can a person then be depressed? Because they fucking don't. Abnormal serotonin levels only appear in major depressive episodes thus SSRI's only maintain a hint of effectiveness when prescribed for the worst cases of depression. And even then, they aren't fucking necessary, often proving more harmful than good with innumerable side effects, long term consequences, never mind the fact that an SSRI patient is no better than a guinea pig, taking medication upon medication until they find one that "works" for them. Abnormal serotonin levels only appear once a person begins expressing depressive symptoms. So now we answer the question that Dr. Shekelstein should of asked in the fucking first place: what is depression?

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Depression is best understood as a perspective. Remember that perspective determines reality bit? Time to apply that shit. What are some defining characteristics of depression? Primarily it's depressed mood and lack of interest or joy in activities, right? But the fuck does that mean? Fucking nothing, that's what. The perspective of depression is that of hopelessness and worthlessness. It's not that you feel you're a piece of shit, user. It's that you are (according to your own fucking beliefs, no less) a fucking piece of shit. And not only do you suck harder than a meth addict whore for drug money, the whole world can go fucking die, too. Psychological ailments are self fulfilled prophecies. If you think you're worthless, you will be worthless, and you'll feel worthless. Why do you think you're worthless? Fucking figure it out, user. I don't have time to write out every possible cultural and individual situation that leads to and enforces a depressive perspective.

The gist is this: Depression is problem with your perspective, how you think about and view all things, including yourself. If you think you're worthless, the world sucks, and there's no point in living, it'd be idiotic to think you wouldn't kill yourself. Thus, to recover from depression, the solution is plain: change how you think. Sounds pretty simple, right? And it fucking is. However, I would never say a shift in perspective is easy. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, are all things that define you. To change your perspective is to change yourself. It will be painful. You will have to admit there's things about yourself you don't like. Most importantly, they only way to change yourself is to acknowledge and accept that you have to change in the first place. But in doing so, you begin down the path of recovery, and you'll be shitting roses before ya know it.

Lastly, on SSRI's. For severe and major cases of depression, medication is not necessary, but it can be beneficial (primarily given your doctor isn't a fuck, a jew, or both). An SSRI should be viewed no more as a literal crutch along the early path of recovery. When you break your leg, at first you must walk slowly and carefully leaning upon a physical crutch as you rehabilitate your leg. But soon, as your strength returns, you must cast off your crutch. For as long as you lean upon it, you will never gain the strength needed to walk without it.

Anywho, there you have it. Consider it if you want. Or ya know, fucking kill yourself. I'm not your mom.


Absolutely not. If your life situation is intolerable, the solution is to change the circumstances of your life until it's not. Merely changing your mentality is often no better than how you describe taking SSRIs.

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Except, as Psych-user here pointed out, YOU make your situation, because the reality you experience is subjective. That's why rich fucks aren't any less likely to become depressed, and why there are plenty of people who have been shat on their entire life find a way to be relatively cheerful. If your situation is intolerable, it is just as important to change yourself to a man that can tolerate it as it is to change your situation.

What makes you think you have any control over your situation in the first place? For fuck's sake user, you didn't even chose to be born in this world in the first place. It is foolish to think you'll be able to control and change your environment and the situation around you as it is impossible to account for any and all variables that may influence it. When all is said and done, the only thing you have absolute control over is yourself. And by changing yourself, you change that around you. Again, perspective determines reality.

The way SSRI's work is by binding to receptor sites in axon terminals that would normally get binded to by molecules of serotonin. When serotonin is freely floating between axon terminals, that's when you feel the positive effects of it. So basically, SSRIs force the free floating of serotonin of whatever amount you have in your body. The problem with this is that it is using a hammer to solve a problem best solved with a light touch. Why does one have low serotonin? Might it be that bad nutrition/psychology plays a part? Taking SSRIs causes your brain to think that it can maintain healthy brain function with the sub-optimal serotonin output you are experiencing. The obvious inference an user who isn't a potato would make is that maybe the problem isn't the reuptake or the blocking thereof of serotonin that's the problem, but rather the genesis of serotonin.

That's where I would like to introduce my fellow anons to 5HTP. It's a precursor to serotonin that you can get OTC over amazon or most well stocked stores. Think of it as putting gas in the tank for your serotonin levels. If your brain decides itself that there needs to be upregulation of serotonin production, it now has all the 5HTP on reserve that would be required to fulfill this case. In the unmediated example, maybe you were just lacking the 5HTP necessary to produce all the serotonin your brain wished to produce, leading to the deficiency.

5HTP is well regarded and the fact that it's not the primary prescription for depression is yet another on the long list of things we shall rectify when we rope all these disgusting kikes.

Take the case of the cuckolded husband, for example. His situation is intolerable. He certainly can take the passive path and simply adjust his mentality, such that he remains a cuckold but he doesn't mind; essentially the Stoic retreat to the inner citadel, wherein the pain stimulus remains but it goes unacknowledged. To the contrary, the cuckold may also exercise his will in the world, and make changes to his life such that the painful stimulus ceases - that is to say divorce or violence and finding a new wife. Stoicism only goes so far; at some point we all must act. Praxis and will are just as important as mentality.

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This is a pretty good thread, considering the rest of the trash on the catalog.

I'm not depressed, but I do think there's something a bit wrong with me. About half way through college I started to develop ticks. I'll tell you how it started.

When I had bad or anxious thoughts I'd internally demand myself to stop. For example, if I was stuck thinking about some embaresing thing I did 3 years ago I'd internally say something like "Stop! Stop! Stop!" Then the thoughts would stop and I could move on. As time passed it got worse, eventually I started having to say it out loud. When I was alone, driving for example, I'd shout at myself to stop. This progressed to shouting and hitting myself in the leg or the head as well as possibly making a weird face while I did it.

When I was at work sometimes I would quietly tell myself to stop or just hit myself if I was alone. I think a handful of times people saw me make contoured faces while internally yelling at myself, but no one ever said anything.

When I was more stressed it would be worse and when I was less stressed it would get better. It's been several years since it started. I finally got a girlfriend who likes me for the first time in my life, that helped a lot and also helped with my sleep insomnia. I also graduated college a month ago, just having a job instead of a job plus college is much less stressful, so that is helped to.

I think I did it two or three times today on a long drive, but I've not worried about accidently doing it infront of people in a while. If any armchair phycologists want to offer me advice go ahead.

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Just to expand on that thought, I believe the Stoic retreat the inner citadel to be the appropriate initial response after trauma, similar to how those subject to physical trauma go into shock. However, one must stay in the citadel for a minimum of time, using it only as a place to plan for the next offensive, and to halt whatever is causing the trauma. A permanent vacation to the inner citadel is nothing but cuck morality.

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Good posts ITT. That said, there do exist neurological fuckups and other medical causes of depression, not just perspective and environmental circumstances. However, jewish anti-depressant pills will not treat those cases of depression either, you must treat the underlying disease.

You can brainhack yourself a bit if you're in a deep rut with 5HTP. It's not nearly the same as dosing SSRI and I prolesthetyize them as much as I can because they work and can begin you on a path towards bettering your situation because you don't always feel like your life is crushing defeat.

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Pretty much the definition of repressed emotional trauma. I have a meditation technique from an old samurai-turned-monk text (Hagakure for anyone interested) and figured out how to apply to our modern context. In the text, he instructs that the retainer should meditate on death in all the ways a samurai is likely to die in battle. That isn't very applicable in the modern day. People aren't very afraid of death anymore since we don't face it for most of our lives. What we do face though are traumas related to status and ego. A lot of stuff tied to our parents and lack of extended family/tribes.

Anyways, you need to just count your breaths for like 5 minutes until you relax and aren't thinking about much. Then you need to bait yourself into dredging up something painful you don't want to think about. You need to be brave, not fight and let it consume you. If you don't fight it, you will relax, the painful emotional manifestations will fade away. It feels a wave washing over you. When you feel that release, you sympathetic nervous system is being trained to trigger your fight/flight response to these memories.

How far your push yourself is up to you. This method can be used as a test. You may believe something doesn't bother you, but you don't really know for sure until you test yourself.

*your sympathetic nervous system is being trained to not trigger your fight/flight response

I started being treated for anxiety and developed a major depressive disorder over 15 years ago. A couple of months ago my doctor finally prescribed 60mg Propranolol ER (brand name — Inderal LA). It’s been a godsend. I believe it’s label use is a beta blocker for high blood pressure. Basically, high anxiety caused too much adrenaline. That caused more dry mouth / scattered thoughts. That caused more anxiety. That caused constant fatigue. That caused depression. That caused social isolation. That caused me to lose coping skills… for what I thought was forever.

But it wasn’t because I didn’t give up and am grateful to be on the right path.


To add to the thread, diet also matters a lot when it comes to depression. Vid related is Jordan B Paterson’s daughter talking about how her change of diet allowed her to stop taking anti-depressants.


extra tips
>If you don’t get much exercise taking a 3 to 4 hour walk once a week will do you wonders too.
>If its sunny outside try and get some.

Recommend 5-HTP also. Was taking that stuff years ago - it works well short-term.
Now, to explain how most SSRI's function and what depression actually is:
The brain aims to reach a neurochemical homeostasis. Depression is often a symptom of upset to this homeostasis (hence why they call it a "chemical imbalance"). While this name is technically accurate, think of it as neurochemical depletion - of a particular chemical class. Basically, the psyche is off kilter and thinking too much trying to form a coherent view of self and world. "Thinking" itself consumes a lot of metabolic energy and Serotonin being a blanket chemical in the brain that is used to metabolize into all sorts of other neurochemistry gets depleted from specific segments of the brain (cortex). "Depression" (metabolic exhaustion) then results.
SSRI's are basically a trick to increase serotonin in these specific parts of the brain by depriving other "less important" parts of the brain from Serotonin. When I say "less important", I mean that the symptoms of depriving these other parts are less severe, but still represent an overall deficit and, fundamentally, a problem.
5-HTP is a serotonin precursor and therefore does not do this. What it can do long-term, however, is lower the natural production of serotonin in the brain, so I would recommend not taking it for too long, just as a way to get over the "bumps" for those suffering from depression.
In terms of yoga practices, etc, I cannot recommend Pranayama (breathing exercises) enough - and also Asana (sitting still and focusing on everything that happens within the body/brain). Asana is difficult and the boredom that results is just tension seeking gratification via normal outlets. Instead of letting it release it self in some jewed form of entertainment, focus on it and learn to gratify it naturally through concentration.
I was going to do a proper write-up (and have a model in the works on Subversive Psychology) but have to get back to work. Hoping I can post this sometime next week.

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Interesting video. I am already quite diet conscious, partially because of /fit/, and partially because the idea of plastics and other chemicals in my food makes me uncomfortable. I wonder if I should try this "elimination diet".



For sure, he could retreat within himself, trying to find satisfaction in spite of his situation. However, you're misinterpreting the purpose and goal of changing your perspective. As stated earlier, to change your perspective you first must acknowledge the need for change. In the case of the husband, he first acknowledges his situation is, in fact, intolerable. Upon doing so, he may take action as yes, without will, perspective is wasted. You're assuming changing your perspective is a purely passive act. Perspective determines reality. Consequently, it determines how you act within that reality. In other words, you don't change your situation until your change yourself so that you recognize your situation needs changing.

On stoicism, you're operating under a misunderstanding as well. The purpose of stoicism is not apathy or passiveness, but to not let feelings and emotions interfere with reason and rationality.

Whats your best way of handling oxidative stress? (That shitty cloudy feeling after a massive anxiety attack)
I used to get feedback loops of anxiety and then anxiety from the stress. Nowadays I just take a clonazepam to kill it before its out of control.

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Asana. Seriously.
While doing it, visualize triggers as lucidly as possible and try to induce a near panic attack state and then focus on it. Try to watch what the body is doing (muscular tension) and ignore whatever social fear-fantasies float around in your head. The feedback loop is what creates the extreme anxious state - one aspect of the psyche saying "Don't do that!" while the other says "Do this!" and ultimately puts you into a state of mental conflict. This results in hesitation and localized bouts of muscular contraction that "congest" natural emotional flow leading to extreme spasms of expression - think of it as like a pressure build-up.
What you're trying to find is where these pressure build up points (of muscular contraction) are. So:
By overwhelming congition with discomfort and not satiating it with outside forms of entertainment (gratification), you're forcing cognition to deal with these tensions by essentially force wiring the higher brain with the "involuntary" aspects of the lower brain.*chan_boards

Your argument departs from mine on such a minute level that it felt like nitpicking when I tried to draft a reply on how we're mostly already in agreement, despite your tone.

For example, to clarify in regards to your last sentence, I was not assuming that Stoicism is inherently apathetic or passive, but rather I was disputing the flawed quasi-stoic philosophy of the second post to which I was replying ( ). Regarding "to not let feelings and emotions interfere with reason and rationality," if you reread my post, you'll see our definitions of the purpose of stoicism are rather similar. Perhaps the only place where we may depart is that I consider each philosophical framework to have a sort of time and a place, and in the case of the stoic "not letting feelings and emotions interfere with reason and rationality," I consider that to be more useful in times of great emotional strife, but less useful in other times when emotion isn't overwhelming, as emotion do have a utility of their own when they're not overwhelming the conscious mind.

If you're interested at all in this idea of each school having its place in a broader framework, I'd highly recommend the 'Consolation of Philosophy' by Boethius.

Swimming is best because you get to raise your VO2 max which drastically helps ex-smokers.

Within a workout or two.

If you know nothing do the following a few times a week, it should be enough to stimulate some health benefits

500YD Free
5x 100Yd breathing every 3/5/7/5 on 2 minutes
500Yd kick with a board
500Yd breast stroke.