Blaxet, and how to use it to our benifit

Honestly it doesn't matter whether this is perpetuated by us or the nogs, but this meme needs to become a reallity. Just think of what would happen if just blacks left the US, whites would be about 73 percent of the county again and the only thing we would have to worry about would be the ongoing Beaner invasion that Trump may or may not put a stop too (or af least slow down).
Because of the anti-white nature of the blacks that actually take this shit srsly we could easily blow this thing up on twitter, just make 3-4 nigger twitter related accounts and keep spamming any of these memes you have until the jews catch on and lock your account for a couple hours.
I know that this meme as of now is only within the chans and a few black movements but think of the impact it could have if pushed correctly and given as bakt to the anti-white nogs on twitter, It is harder and harder to troll on twitter without being shoah'd, but when the narrative you are meming into existance is ant-white you should have no problem.

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Nigs will never actually do this because they subconsciously know that they couldn't live in a country full of other nigs. Lightskin nigs look down on regular nigs because they are fucking ugly and stupid. Even dark nigs look down on actual Africans and don't care of the strife of other nigs. We already tried this with Liberia. Do you know what happened with that? I know a guy whose parents are from there. They fucking moved back to America because Africa is so shitty. It's like letting a mutt dog live in the house for years and then trying to get it to be an outside dog. The fucker is gonna shit on the floor, bite you and bark. The only way to physically remove nigs is with a bullet to their undeveloped skull.

There's also the issue that most of the blacks in the US aren't full blown niggers; Most of them have some amount of white blood in them, which puts them in a very difficult position. As stock they're too black to function in their own society, but white enough to realize that they've got very little going for them. I've talked to a lot of Haitians, and their thought process always follows a flowchart; Something bad happens blame the white man. For the last few decades, the Clintons, specifically.

They're also very proud of the buildings they've created, even though they were only able to build them while enslaved and commanded by French. They eat their Haitian nigger cookies, they oppress one another when they get an amount of power, and the only thing they have to show for their country is from when they were slaves. Despite this, they still feel as though they should have large amounts of national pride. I think we need to target the black nationalists like the Haitians, and focus on their pride.

We need to invoke the pride of Haitians and other apes. Let them blame everything on being near whites, essentially, get them to agree that different ethnic groups together just breeds contempt and violence. Malcom X is a great start. Sidenote: They're also too stupid to tell the difference between Jews and whites, so I'm not sure if the Jews would have any luck separating themselves from us after playing (((my fellow white people))) for so long.

i dont have the archive, but someone here will have it. there used to be a website called i believe, and it details quite thoroughly about how the jews were the ones primarily in control of the transatlantic slave trade.

also there are tons of black preachers who hate israel. post videos of them on your sock puppet accounts. if the hatred for israel can be cultivated, then another good thing would be to highlight the way idi amin was slandered by propaganda the moment he decided to stand up to israel.

here is a good video made by some jamaican guy that is geared towards telling blacks about the truth of idi amin. remember, the only way to get blacks to do something like this is if they feel that they, themselves are the ones initiating it. if the source for the thing you are trying to convince them of is a white guy, you might as well forget about it. if its a black guy on the other hand, they will be more inclined to listen.

use sources that are black in origin, or are geared towards blacks, or you are wasting your time.

also in terms of #blaxit, malcom x is a great person to highlight. he was essentially a national socialist, and desired complete seperation of whites and blacks. he has many good speeches on the internet that would be perfect for this

forgot vid

info starts at 2:22

Yeah, good luck with that.

It would be an interesting experiment to see what happens when circus niggers are released back into the wild and attempt to teach or subjugate their wilder kin.

sup langley

I remember there being an actual site hosting that as well, but a search for "we thought they were white" turns up a handful of places where it's rehosted, including a lumblr where it's in original format.

What if we took our current government expenditures on black welfare, healthcare, education, policing and other gibs, cut it by 50%, and offered it as a 30-year commitment of foreign aid. It'd be saleable as the largest foreign aid package in the country's history if you didn't mention the calculations by which you determined its size.

Yeah, that makes sense. To me. Now you go to Tyrone and tell him that his welfare check will be half as small, starting tomorrow. Or tell La'que'es-ha that she will no longer receive money for shitting out niglets. You will have a country-wide chimpout that would make 80's South Africa look like paradise.

Honestly, the best bet is to create an artificial crisis which crashes the economy and use this to justify an end to all social spending. We could then offer some trifling amount, say $5k to any nigger who agrees to move overseas on the condition it renounces it's citizenship before boarding the plane (we'll handle all paperwork just need them to scibble on the dotted line). Getting them to apefrica is the trick, but you could very easily just dump them all on the eternal anglo, the nigs will follow the gibs, and it's not as though pozz island can turn them down without being racist.

Immediate nigger robbery sprees and looting raids on nearest white communities. Seriously, how new are you? These animals cannot be reasoned with and do not give a shit about crises or economy crashes. If Tyrone and Jamal stop receiving gibs, they will go and take these gibs from someone else.

Well aware of this, and it perfectly justifies retaliatory measures, thus bringing us into a state of outright racewar, as intended. I'm not trying to reason with the niggers, I'm using the crisis to justify the following bloodshed to lemming whites. I'm more than willing to pay as many niggers to leave and seek gibs elsewhere as possible as ==I fully intend to default on our debt==.

fun to imagine but will never happen

Malcom X hated Jews. Also he was killed by them after he stopped being a radical. So this is pretty easy to derail.

I was thinking you were looking for a more or less peaceful solution (which doesn't exist). If you are looking for purposeful instigation of a massive chimpout, be my guest.

huh, >>>/rg/ is still up

have a jpg



We thought they were white has been shoaed from weebly.

If you put we thought they were white in the archive search there is at least 4 archives of the website.

I'd want to put focus on Elijah muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker. While he had some weird nigger racial theories, he would go on to share the stage with Rockwell as the two sought alliance. The disagreements between the two forces mostly were about territory, between a space in the US and a space in Africa.

Malcolm X betrayed muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker and Rockwell at one point later on, I believe. Segregation of the races is best for both, and all of these loathe Jewish influence. It'd be a good potential point for turning golems against their makers.


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