Kazakhstan has come up with G-Global...


Kazakhstan has come up with G-Global, a new “cryptocurrency” designed to transform the global financial architecture. It will serve as a settlement and payment unit, which should reduce speculation, currency wars, and market volatility. Do keep in mind this will not be a regular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but that doesn’t mean it can’t serve a purpose. The country proposes to use a transparent and simple emission mechanism which is subject to the desires of its consumers, which is a rather intriguing way of phrasing things.

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I don't know much of cryptocurrency.

What could be the implementation of this?

Emission would be how often coins are mined, or when the total supply has been or will be released. BTC has 21 million cap , for example.

Whole thing looks like a retarded version of Auroracoin google it

I never realized how otherworldly Kazakhstan's capital looked. Post-soviet science fiction and architecture really is something else.

google.com/search?q=trump kazakhstan&source=lnms&tbm=nws&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiX77iP4trYAhWO14MKHbvoCroQ_AUICigB&biw=1920&bih=930


(((Borat))) designed a global currency. I'm thrilled.

Perfect headquarters for a future King of the North.

I wonder when the antichrist will use this…

Far better than that, to be fair.


first thing i thought of when i saw kazakhstan. i've read that astrakhan was being set up as future world capital somewhere.
weird coincidence

You are wrong. Kazakhstan is not like Borat. It's more like the child of anal love between Borat and Al Gore, regarding "inventing" "new" "things".

*astana, i meant


NWO lets go

I just read through the article which just said these Kazacucks are thinking of making a new global currancy and that it might be blockchain based but we don't know.

My thoughts are if they do utilize blockchain at all it won't be anything like Bitcoin but instead modeled after crypto's like Ripple or Stellar Network. These cryptocurrancies are "pre-mined" with the organization holding most of the crypto in reserves. These organizations then release more coins into circulation as time goes on (think of it as fiat inflation where banks print more money).

If G-Global is a real thing, then it might use the blockchain tech for the fast transaction speed and ledger advantages but they may make the ledger private and pull some fuckery where banks control the circulation. This will be great for banks and institutions but without a public ledger and no control of circulation (which is what mining is) it won't be good for citizens. But we all already knew that.

And last but not least, look at the shills in the article's comment section (pic related).

Fractions of G-Global coins will be called borats as opposed to gwei or satoshis

Everything that comes out of those mountains is just swell

Normalfag NPCs are so fucking stupid when it comes to knowing what they "fight" for. Running crypto-mining servers causes way more pollution than printing physical money, as the power used to run both the computing hardware servers and cooling systems server room HVAC is extremely high, which means more coal is burned/means of producing electricity which usually involves pollution is generated.

Let's all just use dollars :^)

Another kid raised by the TV. Tragic.


According to Borat, Kazakhstan hates Jews so the jew apparently fears the Kazakh