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Why is it certain anons on here & half chan are allowed to post certain identifying posts/ or ask other anons for information re: other ppl, but others try it and get banned?? You all claim to not be hypocrites, but I swear to God On half chan, I’ve gotten banned for the stupidest shit. Like spamming, doxxing etc, when I literally did nothing of the sort… yet this am on half chan they were handing out information on certain liberals on Twitter like it was candy…. can anyone help explain this???

Congratulations you have double cancer

Try and make a post on here exposing Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner or any one of Trump's direct links to Chabad Lubavitch, or any of the rest of the genocidal kikes who own him and see what happens to you.

Try the same with Gert Wilders or any of the other kosher clowns [Football Lads Alliance anygoy?] pinned to the top of this page regularly and see what happens.

Post praise of isreal, the IDF, JDLand all those fashy based jews who co-opted every (((right-wing))) movement and impress upon the importance of having to kill all da muslims before ever daring to try and tackle the jewish problem and you'll be allowed to post ban/censor free to your hearts content.

It's quite tricky to understand what is going on here… it's all so confusing…

Because you obviously don’t belong here and are going to be killed.
And we’re not. Why are you one?
Yes, reported. Commit suicide. You’re not on cuckchan now.

He says as he sits in his office desk at shareblue headquarters.

What the fuck are you guys sliding?

Poor grammar?

Don’t belong? Nigger I’ve been on half & full Chan since 2013. Try again.

Freedom is coming. New computer designs, new apps, this year.


Want things to go your way? Offer a better deal than kikes. Pointing out kikes control everything doesn't help - how would that attract any politician to YOU?! You need to show that you can politically undo the kikes.

And you sure af haven't been able to destroy the mind control grip the kikes have on America.

But maybe there's a way.

Annnd checked.

op is a genuine guy. he's destribing an odd phenomenon - identical threads, some get anchored/deleted… but others fucking don't… it's like the mosd are schizo

Yeah, you don't belong here. Apparently 2 years wasn't enough. I'm prescribing you another 4.

YES THANK YOU. On Christmas there was 50 Merry Christmas threads, none were deleted or pruned. 50 calm before the storm threads, stay. Then one exposing Ed Krassenstein the liberal Jew that hates Trump and they’re handing out his phone number, address etc. it’s extremely frustrating

You out yourself hardcore with this shareblue shit.

What the actual fuck. But staying quite helps? Fuck off kike.

2013, it’s 2018…. do you even math retard?


Kill yourself. You don’t belong.

Kill yourself. You don’t belong.

Kill yourself. You don’t belong.


Analysis only goes so far. Gotta come up with ways to neutralize their influence memetically.

Can’t. Sorry. Banned for 2 weeks.

The CIA is presently attacking with suicide themes, aimed at creating the subconscious idea of suicide in channers. They have to be called out. Sometimes they have it in videos, or in assorted pseudo-memes. They don't understand meme culture (or are simply too busy to customize it to suit) and so their posts will sound almost like they mean something, but not quite (some are AI generated). Examples even here:

Kill yourself ass faggot

I can see that. MK Ultra program?

Indeed, only the jews who seem to have more rights to post here than any non-jew user always post stuff like this routinely.

Because Anglin's CIA Kike-hive has been so heavily promoted in the scene the kikes here seem to think the ADL created cartoon nazi act is the ipso facto default prose of the national socialist, it isn't, only retards and literal kikes think this is how National Socialists should behave.

lol die

Fun fact. If you’re banned from somewhere shittier than here–if even THEY don’t want you–we don’t want you ever, at any time.

(6) posts, and every single one of them could be lifted from any of Wéev's IRC chatlogs

Have you tried not being a nigger?

Check. Fun fact: you’re just as degenerate as the rest of us.
I’ve been here probably longer than you.


Kikes never learn.

It's just the implantation of messages. People tend to make the mistake of thinking words sequences which arise as "thought" are actually self. This confusion leads to many tragedies, and the CIA has honed it to a science. However, the problem with memetics is it's not really possible to attack without sharing your weapons. So, like a ninja star throw at you, if you have the fortune to dodge it, you may take it home with you, carefully wrapped, for analysis, replication (take care, there may be poison).

Such may be returned.

For example, CIA are overwhelmingly homosexual. Homosexuals are overwhelmingly prone to cannibalism. I believe we can cause an outbreak of homosexual cannibalism the likes of which will cause a backlash which will be highly unpleasant to CIA literal faggots, and all done within the law.

Gas yourself moshe.



Why aren’t we then? We elected a POTUS ffs

Because you belong on 4chan.

Again started here. Migrated to 4. Still come back here

tbh you need to be making memes. It can be kind of hard work, and you may never know how far they go. Any Wacom tablet will work well. An iPad that supports the cringe Apple Pencil, is plenty good for the task. The goddamn pencil is $100, and it doesn't work with the less expensive tablets. Other brands suck too much, or are retardedly expensive.

No, you didn’t start here. You’ve already admitted that. Reported.

that's like sitting on a toilet and pulling a lever that shoots turds up your ass

He's just going to keep bumping this slide.

Get a load of this goy.


I've been getting kill yourself posts for a long time. I don't know if it's CIA, though. Once they followed me to the Filipino board to tell me to kill myself, kek. And all I wanted was to see the flips airhole some communist trash.

Kill yourself.