Alien Troublemakers

… And this is how your far offspring will look like when you believe in MSM and support NWO.

(Grey Alien picture here)

This is just my opinion, anyway, based on the very little that I have read and understood. I don't care if you don't like it.

You have to fulfill their prophecies and nuke the Earth in order to get rid of 90% of mankind and make room for a hybrid race, that, after several more stages of hybridization, will lead to this Grey, slave, radiation/pollution resistant, future race. They call it "Evolution". Whatever they are, they are not human.

If Trump's election is finally ratified by the Electoral College, and that is a VERY BIG "if", then that would represent a step back from the sure way to a nuclear WW3 with Russia that would mean the election of Hillary Clinton.

But this is far beyond that.

Whatever the Mass Media has duped us into believing that is good, it is good for them, because it helps to Mankind's self-destruction and so it reinforces their future time-line. That includes National Security, Google's "don't be evil", and every other good intentions that pave the way to their hell. And whatever they say that it is bad, it is probably something that supports the survival of the true humanity.

Let's take Green House Effect and Global Warming, for example. They are an excuse for Geoengineering that, in its purpose, is the opposite of Terraforming, because it is making the world suitable for them, and unsuitable for us. Think about all those pilots who are spraying the skies with poisons, those infamous Chemtrails, just because they obey their orders and make the "right thing to do".

The same applies to Fracking, the whole oil industry itself, nuclear energy, Big Pharma,GMO, plastics, pesticides, food and water additives, microwaves, etcetera. (See

They promote changes toward their future time-line in every aspect of our lives. (See or

And they have being doing it from the very beginning, since when they created the Humanity. They have been forcing our "evolution" all this time.

Have you ever wondered why our religions, and so our societies, are so much sexophobic? It is because they created those religions too, and they imposed them on our societies, and these Grey beings are sexless. (See
Even more, they are emotionless. So, they are powerless, because emotions are the force that creates, or manifests, our reality, and sexual energy is the ultimate creative force.

Have you ever wondered why our psychopath leaders are so physically/sexually/emotionally abused at childhood? It's because so the are taught to be psychopaths and to hate the humanity. Do you remember when Great Britain's Prince Charles' father said several times that he would wish to be a lethal virus that destroys the mankind?

Have you ever wondered why so many rules, laws and commandments? They created the laws because without them you have nothing to enforce, and you have nothing to watch, so you have no excuse for surveillance. They are the biblical Watchers, and what they watch is us not stepping out of their time-line.

Of course, at the same time, all that prohibitions create the need for secrecy. All those evils can not exist without the coverage of the veil of secrecy.

If you go down enough into the rabbit hole, as David Icke says, if you do your homework when investigating all these evils, if you dig deep enough for their roots, the roots of evil, then you will find these beings.

These Grey beings are the ultimate warrior race, blindly obeying, without free will of their own, and every time that you blindly obey or believe, you get a step closer to them.

They are the only race able to withstand the cosmic radiations and so to perform that kind of brute force, materialistic, technological space travel. But that is not the only way to space travel.

Wherever they travel they will find barren worlds, or else they will make them barren, radioactive, toxic, suitable for them and unsuitable for every other life form.

We are on the verge of a massive shift of consciousness, of a change of paradigm, when we massively opt out from their time-line.

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Ok. So what?

So what?

Ockham's Razor

In a recent article titled "The Four Horsemen of the Weather Apocalypse" ( or, Catherine J. Frompovich interviews Dr. J. Marvin Herndon, who says that since 2013 the activity on Geoengineering (or artificial climate change) has increased dramatically in USA, that he perceived an increase of chemtrails in California, where he lives, and that he discovered that they were being sprayed from planes in the sky with coal fly ash, a toxic substance that heats up the air and absorbs water, so it cause drought.
He cannot answer what could be the "geopolitical" reason for creating a deliberate drought in California, which is the premiere fresh food producing state in the USA.
Well, I think I can. I have a theory, but it’s just my opinion. Nobody is forced to agree with me.

In the short term, the sources of food and water of the USA are under attack by its own government. In fact, the same happens all around the world, so the logical result will be a global famine, as it was planned. This artificial climate change also created drought in other food producing states, such as Texas. It is also part of the same plan the killing of the bees, which are essential for the polinization needed to produce one third of the human food, due to pesticides, parasites and radio frequencies such as those of cell phone and wi-fi. The infamous and deliberate BP Oil Spill of British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, that ruined the production of seafood and spread the contamination via the Gulf Stream to the North Atlantic, all the way to the Northern Sea, Iceland, Ireland, England, Scotland, Norway and the Arctic, it is also part of the same.
A shortage of food has been a strategy to provoke a revolution since at least the French Revolution in 1789.
Whatever the North American people allowed to their government do overseas, like state coups, revolutions, terrorism, etcetera, they will suffer in their own land, because the skills developed out there will be used against their own people, they will return to them like a boomerang, they will back fire on their face.

I find this hard to believe because Jews are a homo species separate from homo sapians and not aliens.

Just because this image is funny doesn't mean that it's a joke.

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Russia sent an aircraft with just enough fuel to crash in the US "piloted" by a couple of radiation test subjects.
Look it up.

I'd take bibliotecapleyades with some salt mate, there is something going on alright but i've seen nothing that would make me believe that it's this. Not saying it's impossible but still.


you know that the "greys" are a government psyops, OP
before roswell there were no "greys"

But what do they call themselves?
Any guesses?

They are very real, user. Just like Jews are real. These androgynous ugly grey niggers are too.

I call them pussies now, for, I am better than they in all forms. ;^)


Cute but wrong.

Fuck off back to your shithole, grey weirdos. Why don't those nice Nordics ever come to visit?

Because of the way these brown assholes treat us, user. What you call autists are actually our hybrid progeny; key is the occipital bun. Your government tried to popularize the undercut and bald meme in order to catalogue us. You need to defeat the jude and their brown horde on your own if you want sustained contact.

It's going to happen. People are getting really fed up with the brown hordes. A question, though. Do you guys pilot saucers? Were you doing light shows to amuse children in the late 60s? Was it your guys? Someone close to me described an encounter like that and I have no reason to disbelieve her.

Can't be both.
That's contradictory, ilogic and arbitrary, Master.
Why wrong? Where?

All the top Nazi leaders were Jews, starting by Hitler himself, a Rothschild bastard whose real surname was Schickelgrisubber, and foolowing with Goebbels, Himmler, Goering, Heyndrich, etcetera.
None of them would have met the high standards required to be an Aryan SS soldier, of being tall, blonde and blue eyed. Why? Because they weren't Aryan at all, they were Jews.
All the Nazism was big Jewish joke, so it is also the White Supremacism.
You proudly show the swastika, Bwana, the mirored and twisted, fake an wicked version designed by Hitler, not the ancient original which is a symbol of the Sun and the goog luck.
But you could equally show the six pointed David's Star, because it is the same.
As proved by the recent recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel by the USA, Israel rules over Great Britain, and this over the USA, despite of the efforts to dissimulate that since WW2.
It's all the same game of divide and conquer payed by the Greys, so it is no surprise that their sock puppet trolls deny that they even exist.

A recent DNA research in Denmark found that blue eye genes come from Eastern Ukraine, Northern Caucassus, that is why they call them Caucassians.
Now, that country is under a genocidal war, even using low leverl ABQ mass destruction weapons, after the very Ukrainians own choice, during their color revolution of 2014, when they opted for aligning with the West, USA and Europe.
Same old tale. Anybody can hijack them, by putting any leaders to them, no mather how ludicrous, and make them happily march, singing and beating their war drums, toward their own self-destruction.

Okay, granted, nobody like truths, especially other's truth. But now Donald Trump is toppling the satanist Global Elite because they failed to achieve the nuclear WW3 to force the fulfillment of the Gray's Apocalypse prophecies, despite that they have tried so hard during both Obama administrations, whith the hope that the new leaders will finally do the job.

It was the remnants of the Nazi's. We like them. You can meet us on the dark side of the moon.

This is what I'm talking about, White genocide, in Ukraine in this case, but in the frame of genocide against other races as well, humans in general.
I can be wrong in some points, time will say, but I hold that this is achieved through Withe's (and in general, human's) own choices.
So, this is my final warning: ignore me at your own risk, buy be aware that by doing so you are, knowingly and purposely or not, working against the Withes, and humans in general, as the Deeep State and the Global Elite does.
By hating you are working for them, so hate nobody, not even those Grays who are trying con convert us in them, because they renounced to their free will and they are just slaves of the reptilian Dracos.
Grow the Spirit, and learn this: the Greys are technology, and technology is the Greys. Let the Amish alone.

Extraterrestrials are real
Galactic Federation is real