Wisconsin senate district 10 special elections Tuesday

Any anons is western Wisconsin need to be aware of the special election happening Tuesday.

The race for the recently opened sear in the senate is between Rep. Adam Jarchow (R) and Patty Schachtner (D), chief medical examiner for St. Croix County. Sources who will remain unnamed have told me she is a snake and has shirked duties as an employee of the state in order to further her political career, wasting our taxpayer dollars. Not only that the democrats are calling this a canary in the coal mine for the elections in November, and they hope to take control of Wisconsin and can not do it without this seat.

This is a political call to action for conservatives in western Wisconsin. GET OUT AND VOTE TUESDAY so we can help put an end to the democrats reactionary push for the senate.

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I said conservative, not cuckservative. And what, should I just not vote then faggot? Let the dems rally in the senate in my state? Fucking mong

Elections don't matter. Trump has proved that definitively. If you don't yet understand that, then you don't belong here and need to head back to reddit.

This is a local election in which I know the people running. And in state politics the results of elections do have a more direct effect. I am calling on politically active people in the district to vote, not trying to get into a philosophical quandary over the tenants representative government.

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They win either way, idiot. Elections do not matter.

Hey man. You go ahead and shill your position. I’ve explained why these elections are important to me and as far as I’m convergences you and me can go back and forth on the matter till the ballots close on Tuesday. How are elections not a means of flexing power, even if it’s just the voice of the common man.. better than sitting on my fucking thumbs..

It is just some blackpill faggot trying to demoralize anons. They pop up in every thread. They say to wait for Hitler, without mentioning citizens would have to vote for Hitler for him to take power. An election is one of the best times to redpill normalfags. Don't be discouraged.


This. Hitler got elected legally too.

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