(((Tim Wise))) Dox

Name: Timothy Jacob Wise
Age: 49
Address: 4016 Nebraska Ave.
City/State: Nashville, Tennessee
Zip code: 37209
Phone Number: (615)-516-9538
Email address: [email protected]
Website: timwise.org

You know what to do goys!

Oh and btw


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No, what?

Troll his ass, dipshit. Fuck off with your "YER A FED" horseshit, and get the fuck outta here, shill.

Oh, you're lost.



Who else thinks this thread is Tim semi-doxing himself to get fodder for another article? (Neo-Hitlers assaulted me with pizza)
We’ve had this guys dox posted here several times before, and I don’t think he’s done anything noteworthy as of late, so it’s suspicious.
With that said, go ahead and give him what he wants.

I feel like you're being unironic there, Timmy. How does it feel knowing you haven't lost an ounce of baby fat on your face, and you look like a rat?

POS is living in my glorious Dixieland


**As a reference, he now lives about half of a mile from his old address, 4405 Westlawn Dr, Nashville, TN 37209, according to a storm front thread from 2012. I wonder why he moved?


Don't do anything illegal with this info of course.

I have to give Wise credit for good taste in counter tops.

Literally could build the easiest connected garage to his house in that location and doesnt. This tickles my pickle so much harder than anything else. It's like they have a lack of vision and taste (OR WORK) ingrained in their soul.

Link is busted

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Why do retards have such big dicks

We must not allow these demons that roam the Earth to subvert society any longer.

The Great Awakening.

any pix of his wife?

Find anything he's ever said that could be construed as racist against blacks.

Get a chimpout i vited to his house.


Tim generates Hillary levels of enthusiasm.

Looks like Tim is a renter.

Nobody takes that clown seriously.

So commit criminal harassment but dont actually accomplish anything. Gotcha.

They retard strength would pull off anything smaller?


I guess enough is the answer but how much impact does he have these days? From what little of know he's one of the jews that poisons the minds of college kids.

And he has now branched out into weekly podcasts.



Holla Forums needs to get this asshole kicked off Patreon for hate speech

What did Tim Wise mean by this?


Yes, take the jews shekels.

I am astonished that he has the audacity to show his face anywhere. He looks and acts like a parasite. Remember when he kept removing references to his jewish ancestry on his wiki page?

As if his kikery wasn’t confirmed enough

Thread theme:

Pics related confirm that he was living there at least as of July 2017. You can see the crack in the concrete matches the intersection of 41st Ave. N and the alley behind his address. The pic is about 87 meters to the west from 4016 Nebraska Ave.



What's up with his house? Does he ever take care of his yard? What's up with that lawn (landscapist here)

Probably has a nigger dog that digs it up every day.