The Crucifixion of Russia: A History of the Russians and the Jews A new English translation of Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together


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Is it the watered down version or the real deal ?

Kek, what is up with that graphic design? OP, if you're the author, you should perhaps look into that

It looks like the real deal, but never judge a book by it's cover.

Do you think it needs brighter, contrasting colors?

Also, misspelling the title of the work one purports to have translated right on the front cover doesn't look very reputable lmao


Are you the OP that was asking for Russian translators a while back?


any more comments ShutItDown.jpg ?

If it's on sale at Barnes and Noble I'm sure it's not that bad
The printing errors are probably because it was printed in some third world country as
1) It's cheap
2) Most printing houss wouldn't touch this book as they'd end up boycotted by every publisher, most of who are kikes
I'm surprised Barnes & Noble are stocking it

Gonna bump until i figure out what it us.

Any way to tell if barnes has it without going to the place? I'd rather not drive that far to the nearest one just to be disapoint and in mall

So of the version available on /pdfs/ which is preferable?

Hard to say. The only accurate version is in Russian probably. There have been ongoing efforts to get an accurate translation
We'll see


theres also this translation that mostly focuses on the censored portion

Fucker that damn well better be sarcasm, B&N is a kike company through and through.

It's free on Kindle unlimited. A pdf could probably be made that way.
Does it include every chapter?


Is this version anything to do with the attempt that was being made to translate it here on Holla Forums and Holla Forums?

This. The timing is suspicious. This isn't a copy paste job of Holla Forums's hard work, is it?

I thought the same thing.


Nothing more jewish than selling a free product.

Amazon reviews say that 6 chapters are completely missing… chapters 6 though 12.

Oh you are so right

call them up

We solved this months ago. You're welcome, anons >>>/zundel/1466 >>>/zundel/1467

/polmeta/ and /pdfs/ are containment zones
go to >>>/zundel/ for Holla Forums related books and a fuckload more

Heil'd but why did they ask a 9 year old to make that cover?


Kill yourself kike.

checked and kek'd

sounds like alphabet soup astroturf bullshit, just read Solzhenytsin's version anons

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But he's right, you know.

What? This nigger is selling free PDFs with fuck all, has a fucking typo on that godawful cover. Do you want me to pat his head and call him a good little faggot for doing this shit?

Just calling out typical alt-white lingo, guy.

>inb4 muh books spam, then thread 404s

Blow your fucking brains out, you yiddish piece of shit. This is the most hideous cover imaginable.

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Where the fuck am I implying that I'm accusing you of shilling? I'm complaining about OP here, not you.

And that's good so have others in this thread, I'm not complaining about that.

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Everyone else but you knows what I meant. (Any time a legit book thread appears, you gaslight/ban the OP and any supporting anons, then delete the thread).

Thanks for the bump

Have another.

To grant myself some consideration in the matter of OP: I haven't even addressed OP yet. I didn't even look at the gay rendition of 200 years together. I found this thread at the bottom of the catalog while fishing for UN-related shit.

What kind of nigger pays for books, unless for physical archiving/wall decoration purposes? Audio files and PDF are the future of literature, however I do have a slight fetish for pre-20th century literature. Solzhenytsin writes like a 1800's historian, writing sometimes in fiction to make the reading experience better whilst keeping the story historically accurate.

this is what the thread looked like before the shill mods got here archive.is/RTRUS


Post Russian and English versions.
I want to learn Russian.

So I never got the answer in this thread, is it a full and proper translation or just another laugh?>

We already have it on /pdfs/

Tell that to

but seriously though - aesthetics are important



Not sliding this

bump for a book thread that hasn't been ragebanned by kike mods