Beaver poster

Does anyone remember him? There are a few screencaps of him still around.

Didn't he used to post in Holla Forums ? Or am I mistaken?

Yes and Like a real proper user he only used his moniker as 'beaver poster' in the relevant thread. On his last post he stated he would continue to post and participate as he has always done as another user.

namefagging and tripcoding is for faggots.

If you want to discuss the contents of his essays then do so.

dumping what I have from him





Based oldfag. polite sage.

all the oldfags have left. alas, user.

Where did they go, who were they, will they ever come back? Will we ever become as grand as them?

They're still around.

Every generation has to create their own heros.
why aren't capchas in cursive?

Thanks for the one on statistics, I lost that one. I know that he made a post about money, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Here's what I have.

And this is it. I don't believe I have any more that weren't already posted.

This can be easily turned into a pdf. If someone has more beaver posts, drop them here please.

Thank you again, anons. It's good to know I wasn't the only person who valued beaverposter.

I am going to create a thread dump for these images on >>>/1917/

only if you promise to turn it into a picture book with cute beaver illustrations on every page. Hardmode: make each beaver illustration thematically-consistent with the text on the page.

many oldfags have already left Holla Forums in disgust of it's mishandling by kike owners, turks, the new userbase that is easily swayed and a victim of their own hubris.
many of them have now gone to cyber Valinor.
I too feel like going there soon


This is seconded.
I was part of the Elite Shitposting Squad. It's so cancerous now, I only come back to warn the others. This turk's gone too far LARPing as a NatSoc, while standing in the way of White victory. This site only moves on it's inertia from "our" time, and is slowly falling apart due to complete and utter mismanagement…

O' yee great old one, what place is there, that serves as a better place of discourse than this? I know of /polk/ and ndchan/pol/ but that is as far as i've gone in search of high quality content and those places are very limited in size.

All of them are limited size. Some can be fast. Do your research. That being said, oldfags tend to shuffle off to the next forum, as soon as someone starts sperging out. It does exist. You should also make sure you've read all your GLR, WLP, and Adolf Hitler before trying to find the place.

i.e, think "MUH BOOOOOKS" by the mods when I say sperging out, or "How can you be so sure, user-kun?", shit like that runs all the oldfags off


>>>/1917/ is the only free speech board left on Holla Forums. i am focusing on assembling quality content on that board and using it as a regrouping point for people both left/right who are tired of hotpockets. there are not many of us right now, but we are slowly gaining traction. this time of year is typically when boards start to grow, so i am optimistic that we can break the top 25 list within the next two months.

good luck lads.