I'll start this one by /r/ing the caps from when we fucked up TRS and found out what a bunch of Jews they were. I kinda lost my collection and would love to bash Mike "the kike" Enoch.

/lit/ BTFO'ing Religion of Cuck™ in return for your help

Other urls found in this thread:

publish.uwo.ca/~hamendt/WD final Project/litertaure/Beloved.pdf
amazon.ca/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/146-9876542-3029827?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=mein kampf

when are the rest of the jfk files going to be released?

sure user







So we're all in agreement that cash4clunkers was a GM scam to ruin the American used car market and allowed the US government to sell massive amounts of technicals to ISIS right?

We have an archive board for that you fucking newnigger

Suggestion to make it *Topics* That *Might* Deserve Their Own Thread


Not a bad idea.

I asked this in the last one but didn't get an answer:

What are the best settings (or at least a guide to follow) for ripping VHS-sourced DVDs with handbrake? I copied some old revisionist tapes with a DVD recorder, and I need to make mp4s that I can edit slightly/clean the audio of, and then upload.

Screenshots are examples of the quality I'm working with.

>>>Holla Forums

Might be a better place. If I look it up online I find stuff but IDK if any of it will help.

fun fact: its taking the uk twice as long to determine whether they should send someone to prison for training their dog to seig heil than it took the allies to determine the fates and deaths of hundreds of german officials.

Not really a question, but could someone post that ss shot about "why leftists hate smug anime girls"?

That shit was pure gold.

I heard Q got disproven and is some guy running a huge social experiment. Is this true?

Wouldn't surprise me.

/fit/'s pretty slow. Anyone knowledgeable on working out and excercise? I'm going to start this full body workout just wondering if this is optimal or if there's something better. I have no weights and no gym, so I opt for this.


always a good time triggering the salt-left.

How to best quit the pornography jew?



Have this thing.

put the domains for all the porn sites you visit into your host file. or use a site blocker extension for your web browser.

That sounds right. Have any info on it?

There are a hundred different people who've been accused of or claimed to be Q. His info has consistently been false and the rhetoric surrounding it has been aggressively controlled, including dividing the board and containing themselves over at >>>/qresearch/

I'm surprised some of you losers still push the TRS boogeyman when you've been proven to be wrong and Mike Enoch is now a leader of the right wing. LITERALLY CUCKED

whatever you say tor-pedo.


More like, now that Enoch has been exposed he can no longer puppeteer from the shadows and must go headlong into this because this is how he makes money.


can "Culture of Critique" be read on its own, or it necessary to read the first two books in the trilogy first



That's the only way it should be read tbh, the first two aren't nearly as good. I forget which, but one of them tries to draw parallels between jewish strategy and that of National Socialism, claiming they're reflections of one another.

Is it unethical to pay the infertile white women to become the surrogates to procreate the white babies?

So it looks like I have an underdeveloped jaw or something. What the fuck went wrong in my development?

How's this for a shitpost?

why did the germans let Lenin go to Russia during the war?

Not to mention it triggers the salt-left's memories of being laughed at by Chad and his Stacies.

I thought it was normal for your lower teeth to be behind your top teeth.

Anyone notice a "loading" image when loading threads on occasion? Any significance?

If you are on a newe version of firefox it is a thing the new electrum thingamajig displays while grabbing the page.

Ah ok. Thanks.

Third pic is from Holla Forums.

IP change
Incredible stuff. I remembered this video,
>Couldn't make sense of the URL of the video you tried to embed.
the gist of it is to do intense really slow excercises that require the deepest part of your muscles fiber for increible strength gains. He also says the same thing as your pic says, do horizontal pushing movement (pushups) and vertical pushing movement (chinups). I always wondered if there was a more efficient way to exercise. How did they do it in ancient to the 19th century? I'm imagining it to be simpler like your pic. Maybe one of the most valuable pieces of information I've gotten on this site. Thanks a lot.

Why does TRS hate Holla Forums in particular so much?

because this is where their dox came out and because we are more right wing than they are. Our presence exposes all the failings of their movement and that drives them insane

I honestly suggest listen to at least one of their shows, it's not uncommon for them to spend hours shitting on us while claiming we are a board of basement dwelling niggers and spics who have accomplished nothing and all we do is sabotage right wing movements under orders from the SPLC and ANTIFA, listen for youself:

Their dox really came from /baph/ and antifa (in the case of Eunuch), but we did something much worse: we found the proof that his wife's a kike and that their whole operation is a sham. That's why they hate us.


LPers that are actually based and unapologetic?(jontron has been virtue signalling and gaying up with gamegrumps ever since his shunning from twitter) If you are on the anti-video game bandwagon, then just move on, I'm well aware most entertainment made after 2010 is garbage.

Which web browser should I be using?

What email client should I be using?

Ben Sharpio, Milo, Black Pigeon Speaks, RockingMrE, Millinial Woes, which of these are controlled opposition or just a disgrace to their cause?

And finally, what is the consensus regarding Trump's extended family being jewish?

I have this idea that involves leaving a diary/s full of ww2 red pills or just red pills around populated areas of the town. Maybe I can buy an expensive looking diary book/journal, fill all the pages with red pills and then hand it into the police station as lost property?

lurk more

Oh look, another elite k-type wannabe, proving his place by shitting on other anons.

Can anyone offer some insight into service organizations? I wanted to get involved in something productive so that I wouldn't feel like such a worthless piece of shit all of the time, and considering that the area I live in is >85% white, I know that my efforts would be going to a good cause.

However, I read that the Lions Club was affiliated with the (((Freemasons))) at one point, so I don't want to get involved in some sort of ZOG scam.

Any SA fags know how Stellenbosch university is? I met a South African girl and she’s going to college there. I’m worried about how much she might get indoctrinated, especially because she’s aware of the farm attacks.

>there's an office in my city in Argentina
>somehow he got the grant admittedly I was a bit envious and sad. never heard of anyone else in school getting it as well

>got redpilled on Jews and (((Freemasons)))

Anyone have the latest moonman MEGA link?


Cash4clunkers pulled the floor out from under the used car market, destroying massive amounts of inventory and caused an inventory shortage that to this day keeps even 100,000 mile used cars at astronomical prices. It also removed tons of at the time practically new SUVs from the market and fucked the 2008 and 2007 model years completely.
The program clearly benefited GM, which at the time was practically a government subsidiary, and kept it from being completely destroyed by being a shitty auto maker.

Incase the anons from the last thread read this.

Read it by itself. McDonald didn't get into his stride until book three (CoC).

It probably did not work as a) it didn't work in any SSR and b) East Prussia was the shitshow of NS Germany where all impressions of NS being communism-lite were actually true. Quote from Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich:


My thoughts as well. I would just like some hard data to back this impression.

It's frequently stated by cuckservatives that before welfare the black crime rate in the United States was comparable to the white crime rate. Is this true? Need data.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that for a long crime cops probably didn't go much into nigger neighborhoods and didn't investigate dead niggers, meaning nigger on nigger crime was underreported. Also depending how long ago you go a nigger couldn't just venture into a White neighborhood like it was nothing.
Pic is the best I found, but it's shit since a drug addict counts the same as a murderer.

The average felony conviction is about 8 years from commission of the crime to the beginning of the prison sentence.

In 1964 the civil rights act undid Jim Crow.

Unsurprising that niggers immediately got to raping and murdering.

Anyone have proof of the Rockefeller's Jewish ancentry?


There isn't any. That book The Grandees that everybody cites explains that there is a branch of the Rockefellers that married into jewry, but none of the noteworthy Rockefellers come from that jew'd line. They're a dying empire of shabbos goyim who serve the Rothschilds, that's probably why kosher conspiracy types put so much focus on them.

Pic related goes into more detail.

Is Ba'athism esentially Arabic National Socialism?

Is there a writeup on the recent developments concerning Enoch and TRS somewhere? I listened to the recent TDS and was surprised that Peinovich finally lied directly by saying that he is not a Jew. He never lied about it that directly before IIRC.
TDS is still listenable for me, only from the perspective of someone who knows that it's a Jew-run controlled opposition operation. The content isn't so bad.
I don't have to time to get caught up on what actually caused them to go into this topic again for what felt like an hour, so if anyone could point me to a write-up, summary, TL;DR or even just links to what originally triggered them, I would appreciate it.

Anyone have a good moonman song zip file? All i have is what's on the archive page but it isn't individual songs it's entire albums and i'd prefer to choose what song to listen to

A while ago I saw a letter given to chosenites during ww2 saying their doctors would ensure they wouldn't have to fight.

Anyone got that?

Is joining the ANP a worthwhile endeavor?

bleh the code for threads over 500 replies sucks, ive noticed freezing and failure to auto refresh on 400 replies and then at about 550 it sometimes just download load new replies at all whether you open a new thread with clean cookies or anything

hows everyone doing?

download load = doesn't load autocorrect a shit

Lots of men and non men avoided being in the wars wherever it was possible. Ranging from good reasons like "not my war" to obviously cowardly reasons like jews would use.

anything outed as controlled op should not get any support (silence, not bad press which is just publicity)
and if you keep listening to controlled op it will wear away at your will power and you might find yourself less disagreeable to obvious jew supported ideas

The episode they put out on monday had an hour long segment about this since it was the anniversary of the doxing. I suggest you listen to it. I personally think they're doing good work. I understand he was in a tough position, but if we get autistic about this shit we'll hang ourselves. He's smart and a fantastic speaker. Also he's not a jew. He published a 23 and me test. I think a lot of the people who are autistic over the issue are asshurt. i really suggest listening to ep 244. Again, he does an hour long explanation of it.
>inb4 b&

Looks like a controlled op "not real socialism" socialism.
If you want to be natsoc how is using terms specifically abolishing race and valuing socialism over all beneficial to that?
Natsoc isnt racially or culturally specific its the idea that the state is directly responsible for its actions to the people and any form of community/social organization must benefit the race.
It is the idea that not only should politicians be hanged for being traitorous but that there is no excuse for ever performing an action or enacting policies that will damage the racial and cultural cohesiveness of the people. If followed by all society then a corrupt politician that invites invaders over calling them refugees would be beheaded or shot in the back of the head and the official report would outline that while the public presentation would be that he clearly killed himself and all would be fully aware of the consequences of being a traitor.
Why concerned about other states anyway? We are in dire straights in the west.

Those who would support israel and focus on jewish interests instead of the important issues facing each and every white nation are wasting time of anyone who listens to them, at best. White countries need to kick out non-white nations and let the white nations decide how to best proceed.

When the fuck have they ever even implied that they support Jewish interests?
The literally have a segment on their show called "the merchant minute" where they talked about how the kikes are kikeing
That's literally their message

oh if thats true why do niggers do these terrible things in any country?
and if holohoax is the reason for jews jewing, why is being jewish an insult in every culture where jews have existed in significant numbers for over a century?

Sounds great, so why do you hate Holla Forums? I don't tune in to faggots and pr guys to get my news, why does anyone need to? So they can stay asleep longer while their female cousins delay motherhood longer?
What purpose is there for a soft approach when white people are being exterminated from every fucking angle?

Literally what? English obviously isn't your first language.

i havent seen hard data on either argument so for cases like that i disregard anyone arguing that "it did in fact work, because, it had to"

Keep coming at me directly from the jew playbook, next you will try to shame me for something, keep going. You only make my case for me.

I said that Jews need to leave white countries and whites should be self determined. How the fuck is that Jewish?

Who wants to watch the fronpage at 10PM EST with me and F5 to record the sudden influx of Holla Forums botposts? They've been happening every night at that time for the past couple days. It'd be nice to get more people aware of them.

As of writing, their PPH and etc are as attached.

Indeed. It ruined the used car market. It was the best example of the inefficiency of the state that I've seen when I still considered libertarian philosophy to be a possible solution to what we now all know as the white genocide.
Imagine the thousands of man hours spent, the resources creating those cars; Many of these parts would go on for decades whether being used or stockpiled. They took chemicals and poured them in the fueltanks and ran the engines so these would solidify into crystal making the engine unusuable.
There were hundreds of millions spent sending money to people to buy new cars instead. This had the additional effect of making people who are retarded and poor think they were basically getting a car upgrade for free.
The broken window fallacy. Lots of makeshift work in the unemployment slump [which has has persisted in one sector or another since then in our economy(ies)] to make it appear like we still have productive employment going on.

It is a great event to study, if only to find out how corrupt the government is.

I agree.

Since the early times when leftypol was just a startup board, it has always amused me. I'm still convinced that many pol regulars go there to push the envelope so to speak and make the discussion threads they have always spiral into extremist soviet supporting madness.

I pop in occasionally but never really try to rile them. I just like to stay aware of what they're up to.

Like this. They're re-subbing anime again.

At best, the whole thing is a LARP. There's no way you can possibly reconcile his B'nai B'rith BioQueen wife's appearance on the show with him being sincere.

You can send anybody's spit in. But even if he's pure goy it doesn't matter, he'd still be a race-traitor.

That's fake. The version with all the government stamps on it is from a file about it being an "anti-Semitic" hoax, distributed by some factory worker. The page is misrepresented as if it's from a file about kikes doing that, similarly to how people like to point out that "A Racial Program for the 20th Century" is in the congressional record, but in the context of it being a fake – I'm not so convinced it is, however.

If you won't personally make sure she is coupled with a redpilled man, or influenced by a male redpilled figure, then you have no sway over her.

A valiant effort, let the inferior genes racemix and out themselves.

What are arguments for and against the "Professionalism" and "Ethics" being pushed in colleges and now high schools.
And I mean in general from when LEO folks preach it and when it's being pushed classrooms to the business environment.
I've seen conservatives and school teachers laud it as being a return to the mandatory civics classes of the 1950's but I'm curious if anyone here has any arguments for and against it.
I'm hearing talk that the schools in my area are going to teach kids professionalism and ethics and I'm wondering if its going to be the gay "be nice to each other kids no matter what" or if its going to be full of political propaganda like when they tested it out on people like me in school.

Big fucking drop on Hannity radio. End of 1st hour today.

Blacktextshit/ Yeah Hannity I know /Blacktextshit.

Doj released files to House Intel Committee. ?Rep Gaetz?, I think, was on talking about how firings and prosecutions will happen. He says that the documents show the media is heavily involved. Which we knew. They are talking big shit. Rep Gaetz is dumbstruck. Sounds more significant than the tick tock bullshit. I have little info as I just turned it on driving. Some one that is better at this shit listen to what they were saying.

www .iheart.com/live/the-sean-hannity-show-247-6706/

Where can I find the Holla Forums edit of The Lion Speech?
Here is the clip from the movie:
And the Trump edit:

But I'm looking for the Holla Forums version.

1. Are we going to see less normalfags & redditor-like faggots on the internet after the sheer amount of fear-mongering from the marxists about the whole "muh high cost" & "muh ebil ISPz", the poo in the loo taking a dump on the (((Net Neutrality))) supporters, and (((Net Neutrality))) (almost) being no more?
2. Is it true that every single Neo-Nazi and the KKK member ever are really a bunch of FBI and glow in the dark CIAigger agents the whole time to make white people look bad and if so any evidences to support that?
Webm unrelated

>1. Are we going to see less normalfags & redditor-like faggots on the internet after the sheer amount of fear-mongering from the marxists about the whole "muh high cost" & "muh ebil ISPz", the poo in the loo taking a dump on the (((Net Neutrality))) supporters, and (((Net Neutrality))) (almost) being no more?
No, they'll continue on as usual except maybe being a bit more tight lipped on topics.
Even though all the net neutrality allowed was give ISP's and changed the FCC's directive to smack down on companies abusing the bandwidth(Netflix, Metadata harvesting etc.) instead of the ISP's throttling it.
An accusation that often leads the ISP's into lawsuit land everytime.

No, many of the ones the media portrays or wind up in prison are methheads or some other form of degenerate or impoverished.
What typically happens
And in the case of people like Joey he is a detractor from anything legitimate in the message these groups have and is used as a way of brushing off concerns.
These groups use some of the imagery and even beliefs but they are criminal and the only positive messages they may send are used to make the member or recipient a more productive criminal.
Having read on the concept of guerilla warfare and how nations fracture these people are very likely to be the ones who would hijack control.
And they would behave like niggers and bandits, it happened in the Yugoslav, its happened in the Middle East, and precedent says if shtf it would happen here.
As for the KKK, I would say its holdover boomers and Christian Identitarians who were pissed about Waco, they are the media's appointed Pope of White Supremacy, capable of endowing you with their approval to earn you the spite of the normal citizen.
FBI infiltrators in these groups? Some most definitely; its a part of their job, probably why militia's which were openly recruiting around the beginning of the Obama admin. seem to have shut themselves up and are keeping a lower profile.
That and police and FEDS regularly infiltrate these groups often to keep tabs on their developments or to incite them into dumb behavior.
I think many on this board point to these groups as being kiked from the getgo such as TRS but are probably flooded with incompetents such as Joey McMeth who are broken men; those who are incapable of fixing themselves.
There is no need to subvert that which is rendered docile through inability, and these groups serve as well established boogeymen come election time.

Why is it I cannot watch this, without seeing pederasty? I wonder what Culkin's experience was, for one thing.

It's not like I know I'm off point, because damn all is watchful. I just want to know if this is a red flag, to anyone else.

KikeTube blocked sharing of the video, luckily I still have it in my browser history

Link in case the embed doesn't work youtube.com/watch?v=vXDCDsbWuNU

I remember reading in a Net Neutrality thread that rescinding the Obongo era "Net Neutrality" rules prevents (((companies))) from restricting content and other things. This may sound incorrect so correct me if I'm wrong, because I may be misremembering the most critical part. This is it:

Undoing the (fake) "net neutrality" rules reclassifies the internet as a utility? Or was it the opposite, that it undoes its classification as a utility. Since the FCC was involved is it that the internet is no longer bound by restrictions like in media?

If someone can correct that if that's wrong that would be perfect.

So I've been wondering about this recently – are there any legal responses to the obnoxious faggots who purposefully and obviously block cameras?

I see it so often in youtube videos, and it ignites such a primal hatred in my gut. It really seems to be the same as intentionally blinding someone by putting a hand or object in front of their face. If I went around putting my hand in front of someone's face, I wouldn't be surprised if I were arrested for harassment. So does the same apply to standing in front of someone, etc?

For a local law context, I live in Texas.

I showed a friend pic related and tested him if he could see any pattern or agenda. He couldn't see it for the propaganda that it was and instead thought these were good things that should attract more attention. It truly is amazing how different we are from the average pleb who may as well have literal wool over their eyes.

He isn't politically aware in the slightest, so how would I go about redpilling him so that he may become more politically aware and be able to filter out the bullshit?

This pretty much covers it all.

I’m confused as to how the alt-right are controlled opposition and not just normal guys who make dumb statements sometimes, since all this shit boils down to ‘he married a half jew and hid it from the fans’, and a lot of quote mining tweets about homosexuals, hearsay from a namefag and conspiracy charts that wikileaks drops haven’t confirmed.

I’ll admit I’m more partial to them than you guys, since I met some in Auburn and they seem a lot more congenial IRL, but still, what exactly is the trap here? Controlled opposition needs a trap, and I’m not seeing it. I’m not saying calling out BS was wrong, (it probably was the kick in the balls Peinovich needed, he’s been more active post-dox) but I don’t see the big trick here.

See Richard Spencer

See what, exactly? Cause the Regnery Publishing thing was ‘he talks to the son of a man who talked to the CIA in the 1950s about communists, according to someone else in an interview, so Richard Spencer works for the diversity quota’d code-leaking CIA of the modern day, where no money trail or documents directly proving the connection have come to light’.

It’s spurious as hell. Say what you want about being too glowing of Israel Ethnostate promoting as a potential Xanatos Gambit, but these CIA assertions make no sense.

What are the end goals of the alt-right outside of asking people for money in exchange for a radio show? Edgy entertainment alone?

As things stand these are not the '10s'20's and 30's of the last century, things are much different now. My POV is that even if, and that is a big if, the alt-right and peinovich and all these other groups and spencer are legit they exist to sap momentum and manpower from potentially violent individuals and people.

By giving extremists an outlet that leads to nothing and nowhere, nor any change in political environments(even paul nehlen the guy challenging paul ryan is a zionist), david duke is also a bad guy to have around you or your movements, if you dont believe the allegations about him being a pervert which are heresy now from decades ago, believe that he IS willing to use the funds people give him to go out gambling, he was prosecuted for this. Not to mention how he isn't in jail for an attempted revolution(google that and tell me he isn't owned by CIAniggers, a crime people would get executed in any other country on the planet or land in jail for life)

In this day and age you do not need leadership, you are your own leader, be a a part of decentralized opposition on your own terms. You don't need to be handing anyone your money, work your job, earn yourself money, save up whatever you can, learn to shoot a gun and hit the gym. Lead a life that is honorable and be a strong example and good role model for other men and teens. You don't need to go and pick a fight with antifa in some kind of demonstration or protest that won't achieve anything.

Richard Spencer needs to put his money where his mouth is, he already comes from a family of rich land owners who grow cotton and receive federal subsidies for this. Richard Spencer already has many contacts around the country and the world through his NPI organization HE DOES NOT NEED YOUR MONEY HE'S ALREADY RICH, richard spencer, I repeat, again, is already rich, he doesn't need to think up things like PHALANX which was a PYRAMID SCHEME to take peoples money.

If he is honest, legit and believes what he says is true and right, he would be spending his own dime not asking you to spend for him.

he is a jew and so is she, they we're trained by b'nai b'rith to be thought leaders. The CIA is so jewish it may as well be b'nai b'rith. The catch? what it has always been. Create a visible anti-semitism. Get as many goyim to follow it as possible. Increase jew victim status ensuring special protection further solidifying their power base. Expose or otherwise occupy potential enemies by getting them to join you.

sounds alot like your friend is a lemming.
he wont be able to understand anything until his toys and stable situation is gone

Before you get atacked for your question about Enoch, TRS and the Alt-Right as a whole, understand the people who give them shit on here are a mix of jew shills and complete fucking idiots who think that unless youre advocating the death of jews, both publically and privately 24/7, then youre ‘controlled opposition’. There is a MASSIVE effort by (((certain parties))) on here to constantly shill against the Alt-Right and paint them as anything from literal faggots to Zionists to out and out Jews. None of which are remotely true. In truth Enoch is a highly intelligent advocate for our people and fights the culture war in the trenches on behalf of the white race.

Oh you think you're so clever don't you?
Yes, he is a well trained jew.

You must be new and missed the TRS threads from over a year ago. TRS was tolerated here until they got exposed hard, whatever tolerance people had for them was completely undeserved. The case is bulletproof and was in our faces the entire time. Your unpopular opinion should be your shame.

You're hopelessly over-exaggerating by implying the people calling him and other TRS people controlled opposition are jews but I guess it was worth a try. Controlled Opposition doesn't have to mean that they don't simply call out the jews. TRS and other alt-right platforms have done everything from being fag enablers to PR fagging, to promoting zionism, to defeatism, to "don't breed, goyim" and more. TRS has done all of that and more. How exactly does that benefit the white race? This isn't being watered down Holla Forums-lite that's the problem (which even that they arent't), it's convincing people to re-accept the jew by making them compromise on certain things. It's the same as how fag enablers like that plant richard spencer can convince alt-right people to accept gays when they previously haven't.

The main reason why they're controlled opposition and the most telling sign that something is that; even though you escaped the last controlled opposition, these faggots will walk you back to where you were before by convincing you that those things you rejected were actually okay. Before you know it the alt-right is side-by-side with fag-enabling "based nigger" loving zionist-worshiping cuckservatards. And that's where they are today. Thankfully Holla Forums wised up and saw the alt-right as controlled opposition years before the trap was sprung.

He also had her on the podcast to read a poem that she obviously didn't agree with.
It's all kikery.

Where are the divorce papers, mike said he divorced… so when did it take place? where are the papers?

The video is blocked in my country, but I still can download it with YouTube Downloader.

This is worthy of a thread but I'm unable to assemble a quality OP at the moment.

As deaths skyrocket, Alabama joins nationwide investigation of opioid sales

al.com/news/index.ssf/2017/06/opioid_lawsuit_alabama.html (leftist rag, use archive link newfags)

I'll give you fag-enabling, maybe cuckservertard..

Not that it matters. The altright/pro-white movement is about to fall off a cliff. Everyone is back to infighting as they've started to realize that the ethno-nazi-space imperium 40k led by the god emperor is probably not gonna happen anytime soon. And since Trump is going to stem the immigration problem, there isn't a whole lot else to do.

Whoop wrong link.

Marshall county and others are also joining the lawsuit. It was in the paper today but there is a paywall on their site so I had to use shitty AL.com

Apparently he's under a Gag Order, but I don't know if such a thing would cover a documented divorce statement. Though probably half of the board would call it forged.

It doesn't matter either way. Getting a divorce after he got caught, and when their marriage became a financial liability for both of them, wouldn't make him any less of a race-traitor if he's even a gentile.

Hal Turner stopped working for the FBI after he got caught, should everybody quit purity-spiraling and give him a chance to be /ourfashygoy/?

Marrying a jew and not having kids with her (which is what there is actual concrete proof of) is less of a sin than being caught working for the FBI under false pretense to me.

Sorry not sorry if that means I go in the ovens. Find me some payrolls or dossiers or some genuine collusive connections, and I'll care more.

Fuck off sodomite. The fact that he failed to have children with her in the last ten years of their marriage is proof that he is a failure or that she is barren. Not only was she a jew but she is an incredible degenerate (of course I am saying the same thing twice but TRsodomites need pushing to see this connection because all their forum creatures have yellow fever and the facebook inner circle are filled with half-breeds, racial aliens, and sodomites).

You're missing the point. Changing something after you get caught, and when you have no other choice, doesn't' count. If he would have never had her involved with anything TRS related, and filed for divorce whenever he supposedly got redpilled, then you "muh divorce" fags would have an argument.


Here's the link to the bill it's talking about

Wanna know how I know you're a shill?



best and easiest to digest documentary on jewtube for iraq and subsequent iraq 2, Libyan and syrian wars for boomers? I'm mostly interested in iraq 1 & 2 the others are somewhat self evident.

Since the government shut down, does that mean I don't have to go to work tomorrow? I just wanna stay in bed and play CoD like the rest of you

I've started a sockpuppet twitter account as a black woman. How do i get niggers to follow me? what are they interested in? How do i engage them?

I think i need to do something to make my language more authentic somehow. It's just not fitting in at the moment.

Yet another masterstroke by King Nigger.

You are way off. Perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation. No emojis. "I have noticed" is too sophisticated; niggers only use the simplest grammatical forms. Be more emotive and less rational sounding. "Minorities" has 4 syllables. Try not to use any words that exceed 3.

1. Joining VA, yay or nay?
2. Anyone have the white people's version of pic related? I have one for every race but whites

I have a question for any Wizards here. Is it considered Alchemy if you turn Jews into Soap?

its literally roleplaying

well said


It's a different kindy of salt than what you get from faggots, more spicey.


shareblues / ShillKILLER:
1. If you find the thread suspect with usual played out attack vectors sage, inspect and report it if your suspicion is confirmed
2. once wider consensus is reached report OP for the second time and the first user bumping it after
REASON: is always Shareblue
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this is an
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We have a great moderation team but we need to both lessen their work load and make it easier for them to do it.
Standardization ensures more efficient use of resources with minimalizing attack vector uptime.

Soon coming:
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I fear I've taken the blackpill. I don't want to be a defeatist but I feel like there is nowhere to go but down from here. How do I get my morale back?

What is the whole "never slacken and never tire" speech?

While I'm at it (and unrelated) how do I into burner email

Didn't understand your question but I think you're looking for "10 min mail". Search for it, if site rejects the first domain, go to another one 10min mail (there are several)

I'm sure Enoch made hundreds of hours of racist podcasts because he's a secret communist jew.

I'm also equally sure that Richard Spencer is a secret communist after he got attacked in the street by antifa.

kiketube link youtube.com/watch?v=CqzmE2OB0bE
dont have webm on me

How to get your morale back? Remember what you are the foundation for and the product of. Your nation.

You are here because your parents, their grandparents and all your ancestors before them made it through. What struggles did they face? How many times did each of those man think, it would be nice to just do the bare minimum today? It would be nice. Then when it gets really hard - you die your children die. Your dreams all die. So when you need to keep going just remember, they all did.

You have a purpose in this life. And no matter how dirty this world gets, you are still important.


How do I start my own stock portfolio? or do I start one? I posted the question in Biz/ but the board pretty much dead


Where can I learn more about Hollywood Holla Forums?

I've been saying the same thing about BASED Hal Turner, who's been broadcasting since 2002, but all the LARPers always counter-signal with "muh FBI!"

Exactly, it's a lot like /ourguy/ Frank Collin. The purity-spiraling 1488ers always point out that he's half kike (on his dad's side, which doesn't even count) and that he took an last stand of implicit White identity with some boys on the younger side, but he and his party were attacked by the JDL at Skokie, how could he not be legit?

You know we're against all jews, not just communist ones, and that communism is only one part of the jewish problem, right?

If he was wrong about Spencer you would be able to make an actual case in his defense instead of this autism.

They can be worthless retards without being secret communist kikes, MPC has the best take on them. Spencer is probably a homo though.

I can't post the webm, it hangs at 100% after hitting reply. Good clip though

"Q" is a USSOCOM intelligence agent.

The entire U.S. white nationalist/right wing/patriot/conspiracy media is a giant USSOCOM psychological operation.






The Symbiosis Between Anti-Semitism & Zionism

Not only is Paul Nehlen a Zionist, but he's also a USSOCOM psyops intelligence agent. And I have the (indirect) proof (direct evidence for CIA/SOCOM deniable-black ops doesn't exist).


I do a ton of driving for work, and can't devote as much of my time to reading as I'd like to. Could you guys recommend Holla Forums tier material available in AUDIOBOOK form?

I've already listened to "Mein Kampf" (several times), and just finished "The Turner Diaries". I wish "Hitler's War" was available; I'm about 400 pages in, but it's taken me 6 months. There's just not enough time in the day.

Check out Alex Linder's Vanguard Audiobooks.

What happened to sci-hub.io? Is there a working alternative up?

thats nice to be able to do without needing to draw on it within a decade
hardest step i guess

this stuff has been said since old pol
we need no figure head, we want no figure head, any figure head is literally a shill

wtf happened to scihub.io ?

There's literally nothing wrong with paywalls, goy.


Kek blesses the correct spelling of Ancestry.

They are constantly moving their domain? idk I am an internet noob. so that the .io changes to .is which by the way - that is ISRAEL, so why do we use that for Archiving everything? or to .ru to .bz. to .en…

Look up sci-hub on youtube or even quick google search will probably find you the most recent host.

Appreciate it.

I think it is .tw right now. Go test it out.


Real Reason i came to post here:


i thought .is was iceland
oh yeah, it is

.il is israel fyi
the pay walls are obviously anti science in every sense so they want to keep them of course

Which youtube downloader should I be using? Software is fine.

specifically yt to mp3

You should be downloading the AAC m4a files so the files aren't transcoded, Satan.

well what should I use? my current downloader is flopping on me and I don't want to use a website to do the deed.

Red Ice's BASED nationalist jew Nadav "Reactionary Jew" Salomon was pictured at Bet El Yeshiva’s zionist gala.


If that's too much trouble, just use 4k video downloader.

I hate all of these fags.

Don't be a bitch. If you don't have a work ethic, kill yourself.

So there is a local white supremacist group in my locale which goes by the name "Red and White." To not delve too much into the details, I am on quite good terms with someone who is apparently well embedded with them. She doesn't know anything of my political leanings and given she's a bit on the unstable side I would like to keep it that way for now. Naturally, I am avoiding asking her or anyone associated with her directly about this group so I turned online: can't find a fucking word about them there.

Does anyone have any clue who these people are? Obviously, if they're meth addled skinheads I want nothing to do with them.

It's not about ethics, it's biology. Very few cases of infertility stem from egg issues. Most infertility cases have to do with the woman's body creating a hostile environment for the embryo. So even if you were to implant someone else's eggs in her, you didn't correct the root problem, her body would just spontaneously abort. Until un-kiked healthcare is created these problems will not be corrected.

Yes, check out CIA agent and FBI informant Alex Linder's Vanguard audiobooks.

Red Ice is a CIA/SOCOM intelligence operation, and I have TRIPLE proof of this.

Here's a glimpse of Lana's former persona. She's a CIA and/or SOCOM intelligence operative, so she completely reinvents herself periodically at the direction of her handlers.

Have any of you anons ever looked upon the comment sections of Skeptic Community™ or Alt-Kike JewTube channels? It's filled to the brim with niggers who still act like retarded children and if you call them out on their stupidity, they are very quick to call you a neanderthal or a caveman as if these are effective insults against Whites. It all feels like as if all of these control op channels are all affiliated with the (((enemy))) and their golems (Antifa, BLM etc.). Well of course the obvious answer is yes, they are all psyops but it pisses me off how every "redpilled" JewTube channel are outright supporters of Zionist kikes or Marxist kikes.

Then there's TDS, Fag Anglin seems to be an utterly confused mystery meat who still thinks Dicky Spencer and Kike Enoch are the greatest of allies on the Alt-Kike. I don't know much about Putin but I don't know why Anglin supports him, Putin shilled for the fact that Russia is the first nation to recognize the Holohoax, but I guess I support him when it comes to helping Assad and Iran. China recognizes Palestine (not that I care about some dune coon shithole or even the lives of savage dune coons, I just don't support kikes and Pissrael) and even helped Assad in some instances but it doesn't stop me from despising chinks for being soulless ant "people" that torture dogs.

Another form of "redpilled" channels out there in JewTube are these so-called "anti-Zionists" like TyrannyUnmasked who support Assad, Ghadaffi, Putin, RT, Iran and pretty much anything in the Middle East against Pissrael. Yet these "anti-Zionists" are the same faggots who also spread a lot of kosher certified quotes like saying "Judaism rejects Zionism" or "It's not the Jews, it's the Zionists and the Freemasons."

tl:dr I'm sick of controlled opposition being very present these days.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret.

Every white nationalist/alt right/right wing/patriot/conspiracy YouTube channel is run by a CIA/SOCOM agent.

No exceptions!

Hey shareblue.

So, I haven't been able to find a single audiobook to download on that site.

Is Larry Nassar jewish? Some supporting evidence:

But I can't find any hard evidence that says he is a jew.

Is he a jew, Holla Forums?
What have you found?

I actually feel like this is something that deserves a thread but I don’t feel like I’m the right salesman. But; February 4th Superb Owl should be declared some kind of Wilderness Day and all Americans should be urged to renew their country’s independence by spending personal time with family and friends outdoors.

This. National "National Park" Day.

Nuke the Super Bowl ratings by any means necessary

That would only work if someone influential said that, and it would be a money hit so it would make enemies.

So I just realized a high school a few towns over has this as this logo and art structure outside.

With the recent threads about Owls belonging to a secret society, and the "maple leaf" that is basically a 6-pointed star of david, but with an altered bottom spoke, I have to wonder

what are you wasting your brain energy on?
kikes get involved in a lot of things
they are there whether or not some more egotistical kike pushed for a symbol

I know they are present in some aspect. The combination of symbols is suspicious. Now I am trying to find hard evidence

What am I? Pls explain.

right, if you must go for it
remember, kikes buy out successful networks and then corupt them, they are trash and parasites

Can someone give me info on this whole 'PLUS ULTRA' thing?

I know it means 'further beyond' and shows up on some tiles at Mar-a-Lago and elsewhere, but aside from being part of an ARG for Disney's shitty Tomorrowland movie, I'm having trouble turning anything up.

(checking trips of truth)
So I guess this means Varg is controlled opposition? Doesn't often seem to be the case though at least in my opinion.

he wasnt being serious
note the !

Am I retarded or these are just super cheap awesome houses?

They are on Vermont, second whitest state, fucking huge with huge plots.
Is there a jew trick on them? I know nothing about buying houses in the US.

are my standards just that fucking low?

I have a paper to do on JFK. Can I get some redpills? Im a HS freshman so i need anything too long.

Are there any baby name generators that filter out nigger names?

Shit grammar, lurk.

Holla Forums is owned by a Jew. Holla Forums is run by a Turk.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper is the redpill on JFK.


Sorry, I was phoneposting

Name generators aren't a good way to go. Look down your family tree for something, or choose something racially appropriate.

Why do some people on Holla Forums have a crippling disability at recognizing irony? Shills and sliders use the cheapest bait in the multiverse and still gather tens of (You)s (and that's why they do it, over and over again, on selected important threads). I myself have refrained from ironic posting over the years for fear of completely derailing a good thread because of the effect described above. I will abstain from calling those guys Holla Forumsacks because the aforementioned kind of poster could very probably be a newfag, cuckchanner, or even a shill trying to signal boost.

I really need help making some money. Does anyone know of an honest way that I could make a little online today, say $100? I'm getting jewed from all angles and the world is closing in.

This came to me the other day as an idea for a minimal effort longterm op, I remember the salt I used to mine on normiebook posting the Taylor Swift NatSoc memes just about everywhere I posted them on there, and I was thinking if it was possible to do the same with pro wresting?
Their presence on social media, especially twatter, keeps them trending #1 for 3-6 hours 2 nights a week, sometimes 3 in case of a PPV, or like this weekend with a big four event, 4 nights with NXT, The Rumble and then the 2 weekly tv shows on Monday and Tuesday, they'll get 3-5 tags trending worldwide pretty quickly during their shows, and especially this weekend as its a big four weekend with 4 nights in a row that should be the expected amount to hit the worldwide trends on Sunday and Monday.
The idea is to take images out of he WWE's vast gallery of wrestlers and do the exact same thing with them as was done with Taylor Swift and post them in the hashtags and as replies to those hashtags and mine the salt, repeat weekly, lots of young white males in the WWE's target demographics on twitter in the hashtags, although there are just as many niggers, spics and pajeets as well who will be good for the laughs and screenshots.
They scene has been invaded by cucks and faggots preaching diversity and scanning instagrams looking for any excuse to be outraged and personally I'm getting tired of being surrounded by nu-male cucks when I pay to see my preferred form of entertainment and I'd like to see that change as we move forward with our plans with Generation Zyklon.

Requesting the story from like a week or 2 ago where an underage nigger of about 16 was NOT charged as an adult for murder etc, because they just started the process to charge the 15 year old in kentucky as an adult.




You answered your own question tbh.

In one day just out of nowhere? And you want us to give you advice based on knowing nothing of your skills?

Get started.

Carolyn Yeager's readings are excellent

Expend your energy during the day with some kind of work, preferably physical. Also go to sleep early. For some reason, I have a tendency to really want to fap at late night hours, like after 2 am.

As you noticed, these 2 work synergistically so you won't have trouble doing both at the same time.

Rotary and Lions aren't all that different. I spot a tendency of both hosting events at the exact same luxurious/5-star hotels (probably the exact same rooms too). They always bring some weird expensive-looking flags, banners and poles to place inside the rooms, and you frequently see seemingly well-off people go to these, including priests. The owners of such hotels are very probably members of these organizations too, as evidenced by their pompous high-brow attitude and/or fake cringy "charisma" that gullible people are very affected by. Other people who I suspect are members (notice how the members never mention their membership in any of those) also are relatively well-off people. You should also know that Jeb Bush is a Rotary member, which tells you what you need to know about them.

t. have a couple years of experience working at hotels, interacting with hotel managers and noticing coincidences

Anyone following the Adam Kokesh shitshow?

I'd like to block users on twitter who share shit like snopes. How can I write a script to block all users under certain searches?

e celeb drama no thx

He's running for president in 2020 and does more in RL than online, only e-celeb in loosest terms, they arrested him same day he announced it. Odd timing.

He's still a kike.

Oh, I didn't realize, thanks

There may be a lien on the property. There may also be back taxes on the property

Nassar is a jewish name.
Nassar is a kike.
Also take note on how the media pronounces his name: Naser
The correct pronunciation is nah-sar

There's an old saying that any figurehead that claims to be a white nationalist/nazi is a fed or a jew. It's in part why Holla Forums hates the alt kike and TRS for good reason

For those who would like to tarnish fond memories associated with the first flash "End of Ze World", here's the sequel.

/r/ing a list of all the saints and martyrs of the catholic church who were killed by kikes in their ritual sacrifice. Or anything relating to them being informally "removed" from sainthood after Vatican 2 because of the influence of kikes in Vatican 2.

You can find these names on a quick search faggot, the cover-up of dedications in the churches is extremely infuriating, but you should lurk moar before spewing gatekeeping bullshit on this board like "muh vatican II" boogeymen - the kikery going on there much predates the 20th century:

I've tried this so many times, have found ways that work for me, and always seem to fall. Recently I've fallen again and am back on day one.

The best thing you can possibly do, is have a purpose. Any purpose that serves to better you as a person. And stick with it.

I'm trying to heal from chronic masturbation and the lost time that I've experienced through no fault other than my own. My energy levels have never been so goddamn low and I feel fatigued everyday, but I'm going to rid this cancer from my life once and for all.

Apologies for going into blogpost territory. Just have a sense of purpose user, that's all you'll need.

saving your race is a hell of ahuge purpose


Is this pertinent or fucking nothing?

what's your longest streak? even when focusing on work, lifting everyday and prayers I can't get past 7 days… It's a rush of ecstasy during the first few days, then I'm either drained of all energy or can't fall asleep for hours and hours.

Yall considered finding a woman?

There are flaws that need to be fixed before that happens, user. If I want a good woman, I want to be the kind of man a good woman would want.

That's disrespectful to yourself. No one is perfect.

Then let me rephrase it - I want to be the kind of man I would consider worthy of respect. And that man shouldn't sit in front of the PC jerking off to porn, which is what I'm trying to change.

This is delusional at best. You would have to count all Russians (including literal siberians and other asians in the east) Every single person on the entire european continent (including the arab mixed populations in the southern edges) and every "white" identifying person in all the Americas. We know that most mexicans are not hwhite neither are just about everyone considering themselves white in south america except for a few isolated communities that are direct transplants from Europe.
How did you get your numbers because I'm fairly certain in mine, There are less than 650 million as of the census data available in late 2016. Whites have a huge bump in population numbers of people 50+ and the rest of the population pyramid is very thin in the base.

How the fuck do I fix my life? I turned 18 only a month ago and thought I had all my shit sorted out, but it's just been a downward spiral from that point on. College applications (along with all the associated deferrals/rejections I've received save for a shitty local uni) have rendered me a wreck with no real friends, positive connections, or sense of purpose left.

Maybe it's all a change of perspective? I'm finding it really hard to want to live at all at this point. That one 1924 Joseph Goebbels diary entry about how he felt despondent is pretty much how I'm feeling at the moment.

This might not be of any use to you, I know I wouldn't have cared for such advice, but give it a few years and you'll probably look back at this time and think how irrelevant a lot of the shit you're worried about actually is.

Because it sounds like you're doing OK for an 18-year-old. When I was 18 I had dropped out of uni after 1 year, then applied to another one I'd eventually drop out of. I drank heavily, spent all my time on the computer and hung out with underage losers who were the only people not instantly dismissive of my socially awkward ass.
Be grateful for what you have is what I'm saying.

Why did I get more money in my check this week? My salary hasn’t changed so it’s due to a tax cut but I’d like more info

This is probably too much info. to give away, but how come you're being deferred and such? From an objective standpoint, did you have good grades or a sufficient amount of extracurriculars such that you would be liable to get into the university of your choice? Separately, why do you wish to go to university? Depending on that, the things to do may vary. At present, you should see if your parents aren't complete faggots and will let you live with them until you either get a real job or go to university (or course, youu'd help around the house. Hopefully they aren't such faggots they'd require rent in the form of actual money, if so, you have trash parents).

Sorry, but did you reply to the wrong post?

Yep. by context, it's the one before yours.

anyone got that image btw? i lost my hard drive when a sledgehammer was accidentally in contact with it

you really just need to keep going, do the long plan and keep your sanity in the short

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you, user. I feel as though this country has started to put far too much pressure on people who are trying to get into or are in college. Stanford has a term for its students called "duck syndrome"-on the surface, students appear confident and happy, but they are really overworking themselves and living quite stressfully. I feel as though this term could be applied to just about any top institution, even the competitive preparatory high schools (one of which I attend)

I want to go to university because I want to establish myself as an educated and articulate man. You cannot secure any power at all in this hyper-competitive society with just a high school diploma. The only person I can think of like that is the current president of Venezuela, who was a truck driver before he took that position (and we all know what happened to Venezuela).
As far as my progress, I was involved with just about every form of extracurricular imaginable (started own business/education project, started the band, president of several clubs, a lot of volunteering locally and internationally). My standardized test scores are extremely high, my GPA is solid, and my essays/supplements were both some of the best I've ever written and the best many of my superiors said they had ever read. I've been rejected by every university I've applied to so far save for that bad local one I've mentioned. My parents would support my living with them as I go there since it is quite close by. I will not disclose the university I was deferred from, though I will say that it is a "top 10" Ivy League institution. Dubs say I get rejected there

See image, brüder. And I'm seriously trying to push through it, but just about every single college email or mail kills a little bit of me. I've become an empty shell of who I once was.

Shit, forgot the image. And looky, I got dubs. Another rejection letter coming my way

Ha ha, you got dubs, shit luck. As for the rest, there is no reason you shouldn't at least have gotten one acceptance (if what you say is true). Expand yourself to top 25 and with certainty you'll get in one (I'm less than you and got in).
Good, even in the event worst comes to worst, you can live with them and work. Can you at least state your major? If possible, you could work on creating projects yourself and get hired (as long as it's not something like, say, chemistry where you might need actual chemicals for an expirement).

you getting dubs is funny and sad at the same time…
but it actually reminded me of something else I can share from personal experience. Be very careful with how you view what's going on in your life, especially the negative things. Because even though it's easy to fall into the trap of "woe is me, I suck at everything", I can say without any doubt in my mind, that everything I've gone through has played a crucial role in forming the person I am right now. And, even though there's room to improve, I quite like the person I am.
Life really is a struggle and we should all be grateful for that.

Just thought I’d respond to the OP by saying I like Mike Enoch and the guys at TRS and if you cant see the good theyre doing by trying to win the culture war by BTFO’ing Sargon of Mossad and gettin on the most streamed show on youtube, Andy Warski, then you are a purity Spirraling faggot who needs to be roped.

Not reading any of the autistic spam ITT but I, in general, reocgnize Mike as a good and I'm glad he's doing what he's doing and support him

Mike Enoch and his fat Jewish wife are intelligence agents.

Thanks so much for that advice, man. I genuinely need more advice like this now. I wish you and I were friends.

I'm not too sure; I applied to a lot of the unis undecided. I do know that I have an entrepreneurial edge, so perhaps some combination of that and technology would benefit me. I've been looking at Stanford's operations research program ever since that deferral, maybe I could get in there…

The Next Poster Campaign

I believe that pic related should be the next poster/flyer to be spread around en masse IRL.

It's source, Pew Research, is widely respected by both liberals and conservatives and thus won't be immediately dismissed as being factually incorrect or "racist"/"Religion of Cuck™ophobic".

The title "THIS IS WHAT MUSLIMS ACTUALLY BELIEVE" was inspired by a line from the popular South Park exposé of Scientology. I believe it has memetic value for this reason.

Both the left and the right can benefit from this knowledge. In particular leftists, as they need to understand that due to their commitment to "diversity" they're importing people with deeply "unprogressive" values.

Good idea?

How tall is Sadiq Khan?

The guy looks like a manlet

Oh excuse me mr alt right, please forgive me for not desiring to water down my beliefs to placate others and prcuck or to make them more palatable to normalfags.
The adherence to National Socialism as it stands is to serve as a standard, something you might not like.

I recall him saying in a London Times interview;
>"…having a 4 foot tall leader is part and parcel to living in a global city…"
Or something along those lines

Holy shit


We all go through our pain and struggles. Remember this world isn't fair nor should it be. You seem to be doing everything you possibly can, so keep at it is all you can do right now.

Look at the top of the car. That model has a height of 1.45m (4'10")

Even accounting for perspective, this guy isnt over 1.5m (5ft).

Here is khan next to 5 foot 11 ed gillibrand.

Tell me that difference isnt at least 10 inches…

Fucking 8ch

Im a National Socialist, Im not watering down my beliefs and Im not placating anyone. Im simply not going to shit on a man who is introducing his large user base to ideas they are shielded from in normal life. Ideas that may not align with our own but are at least closer to our own than the ones in the current zeitgeist.

You are either a paid shill or an idiot. Which is it?

Is the PonziCoin legit?

You're just too enamored with ecelebs to see what's obvious to everyone else.

At least he's not enough of an idiot to think a podcast run by fat kike who brought his B'nai B'rith wife who dresses in drag on the air multiple times is serious.

Measuring the pixel distance using imageJ, if Milliband is 5'11" then Khan is only 5' 3", but this seems too much given the car picture here

Has Milliband been lying about his height as well?

Holla Forums how can I love a qt Jewish girl and still hate all of them.
I'm in love with agatha and I don't know how to feel about it I'm so confused.
Help me Holla Forums.
inb4 >>>/agatha/

Check this out, anons. I keep getting these ads on jewtube while watching alt conservative content. A whole channel full of discouragement propaganda. These faggots are trying to scare people away from defending their homes and family.

Sample ad-


The towers with ladder in-between is a common motif among a certain well known secret(ive) ciety.


Pieczenik says it wasn't possible for Hillary to win while the hubby was still banging "bimbos" as they used to call them.


I don't take for granted everything he and infowar says but this is an interesting point.

It feels like we're past the hump. The internal war is looking to be wrapped up. It all feels to triumphant to be true. But if it was all a show, it sure was an elaborate one, and probably unnecessary.


Its infowars so uhh yea.

But in the third video Dr Pieczenik talks about Donald Trumps knowledge about 9/11 and at 10:30 he says "he knew very well which jews were involved he knew very well which units of the mossad were involved"
At which point that Hal retard is actually suddenly interrupting him gee.

Ill take it with a grain of salt, maybe just something to let our guard down, but would be fun

Sorry for doublepost
But whats with Fox news focus on UFO's lately?
Is that normal?

Space Nazis when

Why do you trust a Psychologist that worked for the Council of Foreign relations for YEARS. Why would you trust that, at all, EVER? Are you fucking stupid?

you dont block all ads including in videos?
are you intentionally watching ads?
you can block ads in youtube videos fyi

You shouldn't believe anything either of them say. Pieczenik is a jewish conman, who even Jonestein privately admits is a fraud.

Nope. That is a result of a weak mouth/jaw, food overtime became really soft and people overtime got weaker and weaker jawlines/muscles. You can train the muscles, weird as it is it will help your mouth to get healthier overall.

I know, I know. I didn't want to start a new thread for this but I just saw this (((milo))) stream show up in my youtube "recommended for you". Checked it out and noticed a certain book on his desk. Pic related. Wonder where he is going with this?

I keep hearing how Chucky Schumer is "rejecting" the proposed immigration bill. I'm a bit out of the loop on this, why should his opinion even matter if the Repubs have a majority?

So what's the deal with /n/ and /newsplus/? Is it shariablue who have completely turfed it out or is it just a few random autists?

Ah that's basically what all Christians believed up until the last 100 years. Are you saying wives 'shouldn't' obey their husband?

Call him antifachan, TRSodomite.

Yeah that chart needs more work and adjustments. I guess this just doesn't want women to wear hijabs because the only reason why Muslims do this is because they are so rapey that seeing the slightest body curve will trigger them to do a "sexual emergency".

Where’s a good place to perhaps buy a Nazi battle flag. I’ve loved flags since before seeing the truth, and I’d like to find one of these relatively cheap.

Have you seen the show "Brooklyn 99" or whatever …

My wife told me it was a good show, so she started me binge watching it. After a few episodes, all I saw was Jew cop and his pet nigger, some brown women, and the only White men portrayed as bumbling idiots.

Is this what TV has become?

I’ve met them firsthand. They are Mischlings, Jews and Jewish Niggers.

the Culture of Critique, n'est-ce pas?

Hey you guys, can someone give me the rundown on what is the current paradigm on the existence or non-existence of Assange? I know there was some sheisty happening in mid-October 2016 and supposed to have had some interviews with e.g. Hannity that were actually holograms.

But I keep seeing shills gaslighting us away from remembering that Assange is kill. Please give me your ammo so I can know the truth.

One must take in consideration what audience will see the propaganda in question. It does not matter if some here would agree that wives should obey their husbands, they're not the target of the poster.

Why do commies say the holodomor didn’t happen? They never have any evidence

How about we target Jews and communists instead? Show evidence of the Holodomor for example and show a guy denying it, and say “this is what commies actually believe’ or better yet, show quotes from the Talmud that show how Jews view goyim and go from there.

Pillars of Hercules and Dollar sign on wikipedia would probably be a good start. Perhaps you already alluded to this with "elsewhere", but I doubt starting at a later point in history like Mar-a-Lago will yield more information. New usage is often more teasing in my opinion and although older information perhaps won't explain Mar-a-Lago explicitly it might fit a larger picture.

its all a scam
theres no normal, until an extreme is approached where you cant chew

Why was Princess Diana killed?

Because she didn't buckle up

Because she was a slag and the edifice of the impotent Monarchy is rested atop Capitalholder Republicans who would get rid of their position if they saw the chance.

Anyone have a copy of the post explaining why soy boys all have this fear smile? Also how do you paste clipboard images?

What is it with the white mans yellow fever? I seem to have caught it, I too would like a qt Nihongo gril. I went to a Japanese store and immediately fell in love.

Don't know where else to post this, so here, have it in the nonspecific thread.





She was openly banging a raghead, Dodi Fayeed or some shit; the Queen Mother didn't approve. Pic unrelated.


I'm really trying to figure out an optimal diet that's nutrient rich but I'm not sure what sources to trust I don't know who's shilling what. I'm unsure if todays Weston A. Price foundation is co-opted or not because I found another site claiming they are and Weston Price originally opted for a diet that's rich in grains which I thought were bad, we've only been eating them for 20,000 years or so. Excerpt from the article
I don't know what's right and wrong.

Macrobiotics. Nourish yourself as would a 17th century Samurai.

My guess is that they still express femininity. In general, asian cultures still demand their females be cute, like cute things, and act like a girl. While I think white women are more beautiful, the gender roles between western men and women have been blurred.

doesn't seem like a shill more like a legitimate crazy person tbh. probably is a hapa himself and blames white nationalism for his lack of an identity since his dad said something bad about niggers once.

also richard spencer is anti-white, so in a weird way attacking him and attacking racemixers makes him pro-white. he just doesn't realize it thanks to being a whackjob.

as for why he's related to serpentza? probably trolls his comment section calling him a racist since he's a south african that moved to china and shacked up with a chinese girl to avoid getting culturally enriched and is therefore racist in his eyes. serpentza is also a shill for some tourist ministry in china and gets paid to promote it in a positive light so you are half right.

I'm looking into it but I see no arguements as why whole grain foods are more nutritious than grass fed meat and fish. It also says It's my understanding that grains provide little to no nutrtition and with macrobiotics, the staple of the diet is whole grains.
According to this site and it's chart kushiinstitute.org/what-is-macrobiotics/
Now I know it's a load of shit vegetable oil is man made processed garbage, it reccommends daily use of vegetable oil. I'm gonna look into traditional foods my ancestors ate and read Weston Prices original book. Thanks a lot, though I appreciate it.

Nothing good. The Golden One is mostly a "clean your room" tier nationalist, and he does some Skyrim bc muh nordic aesthetics. There was a brit discussing his elementary far-right politics while playing Euro Truck, ~8 months ago. Can't find him now, but I'd hear him over TGO.
They're all terrible, but avoid firefox in particular.
BPS tends to say things we already know. MW has some occasionally interesting commentary from which one might derive value.
The rest, >>>/oven/

It must be it, because they just ooze of femininity. I too prefer white women but the 2 Japanese women I met stole my heart. I say this as a kissless virgin who is now finally trying to attract a proper mate.

God damn people are dumb.

This is the kike faggot who's been false flagging us with fake quotes for the past week. He slipped up in (archive.is/ip72Z), posting his email, after which he seems to have deleted fucking everything. His picture and a podcast interview confirming his jewishness are still up.

Michael Galka-Giaquinto
[email protected]
(he changed the name, but it's still linked to him on pipl.com)

Not sure if this deserve its own thread or not.

I've never heard of this guy and I have no idea why you would cleave to a single mans words like that. Neither will I be looking for some cult foundation based off his name, never heard of them before.
What should you eat? A balanced diet focusing on what grows muscle and keeps your brain and heart healthy. This means whole grains preferred to partial flour that is served today in ready made foods. That means you need lots of protein and good sources of protein are all over, dairy, meat, eggs, fish, nuts, and mixture of grains and legumes.
Saturated fat is great for you, it is what is found in meat, dairy and eggs. Trans fat which is what is found in processed food is what you avoid.
You don't cut out carbs from your diet either that is ridiculous.
Unless you have a severe problem with something like gluten (rare) or intolerance to dairy (rare for hwhite folk). You need all these things.
Never forget fruit and veggies but these can change at your whim, since there are so many good choices and the mixtures to get the right amounts of vitamins are limitless.
I suggest reading up on how your body digests food, how it impacts your blood sugar (from a scientific perspective, if you get it from someone selling you a nutrition plan it will be biased), and then seeing how it individually affects you. We are all different.

I'm kind of bit of a newfag here on Holla Forums but I just realized that BestGore actually listed "Holohoax" and "Iran" on their topics list. Is it /oursite/, Holla Forumsacks? Seems like some day it might be targeted by the (((ADL))), (((ACLU))) or any other kike-minded organisations out there.

inb4 fuck off kike/newfag/phonefag.


Real, cloned or comp'd Assange can testify in court just the same, user. Happy 29th of January!

No. I like to be aware of what crap advertisers they're trying to feed me and others. BTW I just noticed I mistakenly found and posted the long version of that ad. My bad. The one I originally saw was shorter and more to the point: "Using a gun to protect your home and family could land you in jail."

Does anyone have a archive link for that recent owl symbolism thread?
Feel-good news vid unrelated.
Polite sage

Yellow fever in Whites appeared at the same time as kikes started bandying about shapeshifting into the Chinese society. You have been kiked.

Not worth a thread, but if anyone wants to laugh at Sara Netanyahu's autistic screeching over a perceived lack of respect here you go. Some old tape got released to the public. Starts at ~0:45 of the video.


What the fuck ever happened to Debbie RamenNoodlehead Schultz and the Awans?

jews. Start looking.

Whites and Asians both display a high degree of Neoteny, which they find mutually attractive (Asians fucking love blue eyes, for example). There's a reason why Finns exist. Racemixing between whites and asians is fine, but shouldn't be encouraged so the lineages remain distinct and intact. High levels of blurring any racial lines are probably a bad idea for human genetic diversity, and pretty much every other race besides whites or asians may as well be just shitting in your gene pool. Also, kikes aren't white, so don't bring up kikes racemixing as examples of white racemixing, you disingenuous fucks.

what do earlobes signal? I've been seeing anons referencing it but I didn't catch full meaning.

so its a site for observing gore?
sounds degenerate

We each have our own mission, I know why I am here.
I'm glad your're checking that out.
Sure does sound sick when they get an older man to say something like that.

Guess it is time for me to weigh in.
Get more social and experience meeting more people. Most women are not feminists despite what the media tells you. Many "feminists" are just women that think world peace is a great and realistic idea. You can't redpill a woman, only have a strong man in her life who is redpilled.

Racemixing is tolerable in situations where it is the only option, for example traders going through rough terrain in the new world in centuries past. Today, there are few such situations.
If you improve yourself, become the man you want to be; the masculine man you are and improved, for you. You will naturally attract the feminine that binds to what you are.
Most of all, never let feeling sad, depressed, or defeated permeate your everyday. These situations that cause these emotions might persist but the emotions themselves should not be worn on your sleeve, they make you appear less desirable, more like a soft lefty.

TLDR racemixing seems okay because you still consume degenerate media in which you see successful racemixed couples and you see more racemixed couples than not. If you improve yourself you will find women of your own type that are of a quality as good as you need.

celebrity worship, discarded

Alright. So, I'm a poorfag supreme. Done the live-on-ramen dance for a while. Never had to pay taxes because I don't make enough to qualify. I'm at like half the poverty line for the United States.

I may be coming into an 8-digit windfall in the very near future. That is not counting the cents' places. Where do I go to learn non-kiked money-managing techniques? I know all about the statistics on how well trailer park inhabitants do post-lotto winning. I absolutely cannot afford to fuck this up. It's a Hail Mary that will vindicate a life that up to this point has mostly been a gambler's or sunk-cost fallacy.

Where does good financial planning advice live, Holla Forums?

I don't have a question, I'm just celebrating with the only people I know who might understand my enthusiasm.

In your head.
First thing you will do is invest/deposit in various banks and credit unions around the world.
Second thing you will do is get some precious goods you can keep safe (if you don't plan to be mobile) or even more in cryptocoins. You will invest some in cryptocoins.
If you invest in stocks, do it yourself with long positions and not on single companies.
Basically, don't buy a big house, or big car, or anything that will essentially lose most of its value the moment you complete the buy transaction.
Take your living in squalor as training for how to live frugally. You have to diversify, that is obviously key. But diversity doesn't mean invest in a portfolio of stocks, that is still you investing in the stock market, not diversified at all.
So be creative, be cautious, and if you think going out for a party is worth it because hey it is just one party, don't.


This really bears its own thread but I am still organizing my thoughts.
I'm having my second kid now and when I buy new stuff I am astounded.
Half the images and videos that show mother and child the child is a halfbreed dark shit.
Typical blonde mother and mixbreed child.
This shit is sickening, disgusting.
I don't want to see this shit but I don't see any more mom and pop stores selling this type of shit, the few used things worth getting are it.

With this type of propaganda increasing, any interaction with the modern e-world exposes us to it.
How the fuck do I keep my kids redpilled to this shit without also adding the time these ideas are kept on the mind?
Ignoring the problem won't fix it but talking about mixbreeds all the fucking time just adds to the normalization.
How do you defeat this catch22 that the kikes are growing right now? I am not at all ready to go off living innawoods ofthegrid. I don't think being a subsistence farmer/hunter is the answer either.

Any thoughts?
I usually block ads but whenever ads advertise anything for couples it is the same disgusting display of racemixing and halfbreeds.
I am just about ready to join RWDS when deployment arrives. My soul is screaming bloody murder these kikes can't get away with this degenerate filth.

I bought both volumes of "Churchill's War" as well, and "Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich". Expensive, but worth it, and I think it's important to keep physical copies of essential works.

Also, I asked the other day for audiobook recommendations, but the site one guy linked me too didn't have anything I could download as far as I could tell. Anybody know of Holla Forums books or material I can listen to while driving?

Is there any way you could listen to webms?
There are some lengthy webms being shared in the webm thread.

You live a good life, and point out the BS as it arises. Teach your children principles to live by so that they grow up knowing how to deal with everything life throws at them by referring back to the lessons you gave. Children are EXTREMELY logical, so if you teach them philosophy at a young age they will be masters in no time. Most of all, make their time with you so valuable, and fondly remembered that they will not feel the need to rebel. Be great yourself, and your children will do fine.

My phone is old and doesn't play WEBMs, but there's probably mp4s in there I can use.

Any good place for stock or investment recommendations? I don't know of any jew I could ask who wouldn't lie to me.

Try that.

It is sick. Watching the ads literally makes me feel sick. They make the old white men look like goofy fools who need to be taught a lesson by police. A typical story, as I've seen more than one of these ads, goes like this; "we got threatening calls and then strange men showed up on our property. I grabbed by gun and went outside to see what was going on. That's when police showed up and asked me 'sir, do you own a hand gun…" "before I knew it I was in the back of a squad car explaining myself."

Just look at the channel. It's made out to be a gun safety and proficiency training outlet. But all the men look like stereotypical fat or old white guys with either a cowboy hat or a porn mustache and aviator sunglasses, and mixed in with discouragement psyops bullshit.

Lost meme request.
"What women think men want" - "What men really want"
The intended audience for such a meme should be adolescent females, so the trad girl has to look just right: not too pretty, not too archaic, around 20yo and somewhat bland or generic for self-projection purpose. In the lost meme she met these criteria IIRC.

Does anyone have that blog of a teacher in South Korea that dropped red pills about South Korea? I completely forgot the slur which he coined.
Basically he told about slums of south korea, people vomiting on the streets and korean riceniggers being noisy as fuck.

We should honestly have a health and fitness general, /fit/'s too slow4me
Been working out, I think I hurt slightly hurt myself by overdoing it. On the left side of near my chest area I feel a pain it's closer to the inner side of my left arm I'm pretty shit at explaining stuff so I have a picture. I don't think it's serious but when I hurt it a few days ago just leaning up against the wall or moving it the wrong way would really hurt my left arm, it's getting in the way of training. What are some fast ways to recover from injury?

I've been interested in the book "Beloved" by Toni Morrison recently. In case anyone hasn't read it, here's a link to a PDF.
publish.uwo.ca/~hamendt/WD final Project/litertaure/Beloved.pdf

However, something that makes me wary is the extravagant portrayals of cruelty towards slaves in this book. While I can imagine that slaves would have been treated badly, I feel that many of the acts shown in this book are extreme exaggerations, or edge cases. Particularly the various instances of sexual abuse towards the slaves make me think they are either imagined, exaggerated, or attributable to Jewish slave owners instead of whites. I simply have trouble imagining a white slave owner feeling desire towards a nigger. I also have to admit that my USA education hasn't done much to educate me about how slaves were really treated. It basically amounted to "Slaves had no rights. Slaves were treated very badly. Trust me, you don't want to know."

Some scenes from the book:
- A slave has her breasts forcibly milked until empty by whites.
- Hanged slaves are decapitated and dismembered.
- A slave has sex with an engraver while his son watches so she can get a tombstone for her child.
- Slavemaster demands sex with a slave for months to allow her to keep her child, gets her pregnant, then sells the child anyway.
- Niggers being raped countless times on the boat over to America by whites and having their mixed babies taken away.
- Slaves being forced to breastfeed white babies.
- Male slave getting cucked by the master's son.
- Nigger girls going through puberty locked up in a house and raped by whites.
- Nigger girls paying their employers in exchange for being raped.

Like I said, this sounds like either A) complete exaggeration, or B) Jewish behavior. Anyone have any insight into US history to shine some more light on this?

If your picture is accurate to where you feel the pain, that is just regular muscle soreness. If it was an injury the pain would either feel more obtuse, chest/shoulder area without ability to pinpoint. Or it would be specific like joint pain in the shoulder or tendon pain near the sternum shoulder or clavicle (pec minor and major).
How long you been working out big guy? If you recently started pushing harder for failure or adding exercises or methods of doing rep motions you haven't experienced before, strange soreness is possible. You could work your entire back but only feel soreness in a specific area like lower traps upper lats.

If fit is shit, this is a great thread for it.
There used to be 2+ threads on pol at any time about improvement but some of the OPs were so garbage it is better in here anyway.

Jewish fantasy, just like forced masturbation machines in the *hohohoax*
For what purpose if they had no rights?

Jewish cuck fantasy.

Not so extreme other than sex, which is constantly on a jews mind, sexual depravity not reproduction or emotional connection.
Remember most slaveowners in america were jews with nothing hidden about it at the time.

Nonsense and jewish racemixing fetish.
Oh wait weren't they starved on the slaveboats across the ocean?
How did they also get pregnant if they were so starved?
Basic biology lesson needed for these kikes.

Gross, if they had no rights and were looked at as animals this would be seen as good as having a dog or goat breastfeed directly.

Jewish cuck fantasy.

Jewish racemixing fantasy.


I don't know what your kike propaganda book is totally about or if this imagery is the core of it. Either way if hwhites did own slaves, some did, and if they were cruel, few would be, then it would be more on the category of beating the shit out of an uppity slave not sexual depravity.

I don't know why this is even a question.
As for documents how they were really treated. I don't know where to look for those. Jews would obviously not document that kind of thing and they wer emajority slaveowners.

Donating blood apparently raises test. This needs independent verification and if true it needs to become a big fad within the alt-right, just for lulz and shit. Right Wing Blood Donating Squads (RWBDS) when? I can't be bothered to meme this too much but I'm sure some of you goys is actually interested. Perhaps tell the onions guy.

It doesn't hurt to let out some blood once in a while and if it can go to someone why not.
The act of getting your body to make new red blood cells alone is good for you.

As far as claims to what raises test or not, I really don't have time to wade through hundreds of research studies only to find people that don't eat well all their life or don't lift get slightly (1-10%) and temporary upticks of free testosterone in the blood.
From what I've read, something easy that will raise your test indirectly is having a spine. This is irrelevant to some but others that hide their power levels may be inadvertently causing their body to release less test. This isn't some willing yourself to be manly thing, being sure of yourself, not having stress, following your desires and so forth just makes your body work properly and release chemicals that reduce stress and so on.

100% in line with my own experience actually. Who would have thought that metaphorical emasculation is almost the same as actual, physical emasculation?

Also believing in God is a great tool to find a "center" from where to build character upon, if you know what I mean.

Can someone post beaveranons that aren't the ones that I will dump?



Selected the same one twice


that webm is gold

Holy shit the irony, a TRS podcast where the owner was married to a kike with a half black step brother calling 8/pol/acks niggers lmao. Also funny as fuck claiming they don't care about Holla Forums when they spent months coming here daily shilling MUH PR

What is a good edition/version of Mein Kampf that hasn't been tainted or subverted by (((them)))? Where can I get it as a fucking leaf?
Are there any decent editions here?:
amazon.ca/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/146-9876542-3029827?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=mein kampf

Thanks in advance

Mein Kampf Stalag edition

Mein Kampf Stalag edition

Mein Kampf Stalag edition

Don't know if these are relevant, but here.

Thanks user. Anyone know where I can find it or a comparable quality edition in a hardcopy?

Not sure, but The Ford Translation is also quite good.

And it has an audiobook version.

Song name if anyone knows it would be nice, so comfy

That's exactly what happened, really tried pushing above my limit, but I know better now. Alright so I have nothing to worry about then, excellent. Just felt this was an odd place to get sore.
Been only working out a week but wew have I gotten incredible gains. Started with chin downs basically standing on a bench and lowering myself down as slow as possible, I'm starting to do it with less exertion and better form. I'm following this routine after stumbling on it.
I wish we had those threads, we should set up a general with a proper OP.
You're a knowledgeable guy. thanks

Absolutely Atlantean

Coal burning with Arab sheiks.

Blood type compatibility (esp. higher incidence of Rh negative/O types)

inb4 this isn't Holla Forums newnormalfaggot. So Holla Forums what do you actually think about these types of vidya? Sure I know you may not like it for other reasons like the story, gameplay, artstyle, etc., but I've become pretty comfy with these lately and I'm willing to say that the only thing I care about is that a good vidya is one that isn't pozzed to the core or just a total shekel grab franchise (i.e. BioShock Infinite, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Dragon Age, etc.). I just feel like all of the other aspects are just merely irrelevant when it comes to having fun with a specific vidya. The devs on vidya pic related tend to be total faggots though, also this is also quite off topic but fuck Yahtzee Croshaw. He's a libtard who is willing to be against shekel grabs but then cucks over pozzed games like Undertale and Night in the Woods, he merely critisized Tamagotchi Life for not allowing fag marriages to be a thing in the game. Anyway have you anons played any of these and what do you think about it? Also most retro games are good, too.

this isn't Holla Forums newnormalfaggot.

Is there a term for when a jew "transfers" his guilt of a crime to a non-jew?

this isn't Holla Forums faggot

that said I rarely play the "big" games,i put more time into indie stuff like 7dtd and rimworld, than the big budget stuff I do play like civ or xcom


Off yourself, manchild

Thanks, I just wonder if the jews have a specific term for it related to hebrew or such, not that general concept.

Well, personally, I don't have any time to waste playing FUCKING VIDEO GAMES. KILL YOURSELF YOU PASSIVE SACK OF SPOILED MANURE.

Seriously though, for people that are anti-infighting, they sure like stirring up shit. Don't care about them at all but if they reach more people that's great. If they reach more people to shill for their shitty knock off culture or a creepy personality cult, I'm not for them.

Further, they have some serious endemic issues with the gays and jews that seem to be attracted to their shows. Spencer seems to have way less gays and jews around him and he's pro both those things.

MOBAs, MMOs, FPSs, anything with global leader boards is just short of full on brainwashing. At least with these singleplayer games you can pause/save and come back later w/o repercussions in the game. Where as in multiplayer games you are "rewarded" by not leaving and staying attentive. MOBAs and MMOs in particular are totally fucking ridiculous since spending 20-60 hours a month sitting in front of a computer doing nothing of tangible value is defective behavior. It's not just limited to vidya too, anime or anything burning time while not productive or instructive is just a liability in the long term.

To re-awaken white conciousness. They say it almost every show. They do seem to think that this is all that is required to win and that once whites are awake we have already won. I kinda agree with that but it certainly seems a bit to optimistic, beyond that I don't see a problem with advocating for that.

I try to do all of that and I know alot of the alt-right do. I mean literally everytime the golden one makes a video its about improving yourself. Why can't I improve myself and also listen and enjoy TRS podcasts? Also I don't pay for the podcast's I'll just download it when someone posts it on cuckchan. But 10 bucks is nothing.

I no nothing about the paul nehlen shit so I can't speak for that but as far as the TRS goes I don't buy any of the shit people post here. If you are critical of their tactics or how they are in general then voice those criticisms, If they are wrong then make the better arugement. why do you people have to make up a bunch of shit. I've not once seen anyone here make a solid arguement against any of their points?

Wanna post the 5 minutes before or after that webm where you can tell from context that they are clearly joking. Literally all your webm's are like this.

What is it with the Israel lobby kikes secretly wanting every White in the US to be morbidly obese while kikes, niggers, spics, ragheads, Asians and other assorted mystery meat stay mostly fit and healthy? When Whites in the US aren't obese they are usually scrawny, weakwilled Leftard soyboys who love being cucked by Jamal/Ahmed/Paco/Pajeet, or just straight out civnat lolbergs or deep state neocohens (mostly).

Keep projecting, TRSodomite. Your ecelebs are the ones who have to make up lies about is being non-White, siding with antifa, etc. All the criticisms posted here against TRS are rooted in their words and actions. Is it a lie that Eunuch is married to a B'nai B'rith BioQueen who he had on the show multiple times, and that all his buddies covered for? Did Eunuch not imply that he was jewish on at least 3 occasions? Is the jewish standard not the only news source in his dad's faceberg likes?

So it's about who they are and not their points? Literally THE typical Jewish tactic. Discredit the person so you don't have to address their ideas. He had his wife one once to read some christmas thing, Yeah that was really fucking stupid. If a friend asked me to help him keep a secret I would. It's called loyalty, god help anyone who puts their trust in you. When did he imply he was Jewish, you mean when he mispoke and you cut it out and made a webM.

Also when I was younger I never even knew Jewish people were a distinct ethnic group. I literally thought they were just a religion. I know better now but I can't imagine what it would be like to be redpilled and find yourself married to someone who is apart of a group I hate. Have some fucking empathy.

Yes he shouldn't of had her on the show. No he probably shouldn't have lied about her being Jewish although if I found myself in that position I would probably lie aswell. Is this literally all you have some autistic pics and webms that have cut out the context.

on once*

They're fucking jews and jew-enablers, that alone disqualifies them from involvement in White nationalism.

She was on more than just once, and could also heard in the background many times.

I'm not even going to bother. it's always the same lies and recycled talking points straight form Eunuch.

He had his jewish wife who used to be a part of the bnai brith tell poetry about gassing jews. Nothing weird here.

Mike has a jewish mother and a jewish father, and when he was caught he panicked and pretended to be Serbian, Croatian, then Norwegian.

Pic related is you arguing.

You have no evidence that they are Jews besides the autistic made up pics about them being Jews. If the "Jew enabling" is mike having his wife read the christmas thing then sure. He enabled his wife to read something on his show when she shouldn't have. I've said this alerady.

I don't think you have once listened to their show beyond these webms. I distinctly remember them having an episode on a book that talked about weimar germany and they were fucking seething about Jews by the end.

I mean listen to one of the recent shows where they had AndyWarski on and Mike started talking about Jews and the fake holocaust. Tell me then about how he is jewish.

I've been listening for a while and I only ever remember her being on once and that was the christmas thing. If you are going to count her making noises in the background as her being on "more than once" I don't fucking know what to say about that. And the thing you linked me takes me to a post that contains the link to an archive with a transcript of again the christmas thing and a dead link to the mixtape website.

But lets grant you that he had her on more than once. Again I said that was a really fucking stupid idea, I said that. He shouldn't have done that. What more do you want?

How the fuck can you post that picture in good faith when that quote literally proves my point about it being a Jewish tactic. Jews always discredit the person so they don't have to address the arugement. Are you saying that's not a Jewish tactic. Do you not see my original point how it's ironic that this guy screams about the alt right uses the typical jewish tactic of attacking the person to enforce in his mind he is correct in not having to address any of their points, which if he actually listened to them he would probably agree with.

As for the second pic I don't think that Spencer's dad is Jewish. But its irrelevant because we would agree that Spencer should not be in the alt right and is so up his own ass anytime he talks he makes our ideas come across as stupid and gives the impression that he thinks he is better than everyone else.

I think I have addressed everything.

And if everything you people say is true then can someone link me to a podcast or some content that isn't pozzed. And preferably not recordings from the 70's and 80's because besides the content being the epitome of boredom the way they would talk made me cringe.

It seems to me that literally every single right winger is some psyop. You people are so autistic you probably will claim that you are the only right winger and this entire board is just 100's of cia niggers trying to trap you.

Someone posted some podcasts in another thread. So I'll give them a listen but if there are any more than links?

The only reason he is doing that is because now that he got outed he cannot go back to half assing it.

The argument is that Mike is a fake WN like Frank Collin and Hal Turner were.

It doesn't prove your point, it applies to you. You play dumb in relation to mike's shady background and deflect with the "what about what he said that one time" in an attempt to deflect from the fact mike is a jewish man with jewish parents playing WN online for donations.

I'm not playing dumb about his 'shady' past. He just comes across to me as a man who has made mistakes and dumb decisions.They ALWAYS talk shit about Jews even before the dox. None of this what about one time shit. I mentioned one of the podcasts when they were the most hatefilled when talking about Jews. And what fact that he is Jewsih? No one has provided any evidence that he is Jewish. All I see is a bunch of people claiming he is Jewish and posting made up pictures. I can claim you are Jewish, that doesn't make it true.

If the arugement is that Mike is a fake WN then prove it. Don't autisticly screech about how he is Jewish because you just feel it in your bones. No evidence, and if you believe some shit because it was posted in a made up infographic. I've got no response for that because it's just stupid.

Again he always talked shit about Jews before he was doxxed but for the sake of arugement lets grant that he halfassed it. As for the half assing how about a simple change in perspective. It's not that he half assed it because he is a fake WN it's because anytime he would say something negative about Jews that he knew to be true he was most likely filled with guilt that he is talking shit about someone he loves, Conflicted about the love he feels for that person, guilty that he has to lie about it and probably guilty about feeling that he regrets marrying her.

Again people just put yourself in his shoes for 2 seconds.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) not running for reelection next year
WTF is going on? Why are all these Republicans bailing?

yesterday some of you experienced problems accessing Holla Forums in the afternoon and once again at night. by coincidence, at the same hours mexico's largest internet provider was down for all sites except Holla Forums. It gets weirder, Holla Forums didn't experience any problems whatsoever, i could upload and download normally so my theories are that:
a) (((they))) tried to censor Holla Forums but stupid mexicans fucked up
b) Holla Forums is being hosted in mexico
please confirm if you can see this message


You absolutely are and no matter what anyone will put forward you will dismiss it as a conspiracy, "It's taken out of context !", "It's made up, Mike is truly Serbian Norwegian and Croatian !", "Dude, he made mistakes in the past but now he's redpilled.". You're either completely retarded or shilling for him.

Any useful info/redpills on the Eisenhower Fellowships?

Good luck user, the real gains come in character once you've been lifting for years.
If you're young enough, the transformation you make now will shift the baseline for how your body operates for a lifetime.

So how often do you spend reading pol threads that don't directly provide productive or instructive results?

(you people)

can we get a ""coincidences that don't deserve their own thread"" going? I want to see the small stuff people notice.

For example, anyone notice the new sex chats that play sounds every time money is donated. The cash tone activates a dildo, which creates a sexual response in the person being filmed. That tone has got to be fucking with the mind of whoever is watching. Similar to when you used to hear a message tone on a phone in a movie and it was the same as yours. It's a coincidental pavlovian response.

i dont frequent sex chats so wouldnt have the slightest clue of what youre talking about
sounds degenerate and suggestion for all redpilled folk to stay away from degenerate filth

As for coincidences that dont deserve their own thread, observe the way "fag hate" is displayed in the media from the times between post ww2 to the 80s and even as late as the 90s in "less progressive cities/regions"
It is always about emotional arguments that attempt to hijack the rational away from the equation.
Beating up on people for their sexuality is messed up.
Hurting the innocent is messed up.
*emotional argument* so all kids need to be taught about lgbptqwbq in kindergarten so they know it is normal and lgptoqiwbbq parades need to be done everywhere
*rational argument* keep the state and the media out of peoples private lives

Both of you are a bunch of stupid faggots. Anyone who defends the blatant controlled opposition TRS is being a stupid faggot.

Don't you stop to wonder exactly how he got the most watched youtube stream? Google is owned by a bunch of kikes. Google is so jewish that they once put the third temple on the temple mount street corner Google Maps view. They will eagerly censor content, and I should know, since I've gotten thrown off of Youtube before for trying to spread redpills. If you are pro-white and legitimate, they will censor you, like what they did with the "With Open Gates" video.

Pic related, the blatant kike Mike Enoch went on this Beakenstein's live stream, whoop de-doo. I wonder why YouTube let it stay on the site?

Maybe it's because they are run by jews and want to have a kosher right wing that is controlled by jews?

I guarantee you that if all other places and all other people were out of the picture, and you only had your little cult, Enoch would wind up showing his true colors and would turn into a neocohen since he's an obvious yid

Do any of you idiots ever stop to wonder why exactly it is that the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack got shut down after the Unite the Right shit show yet TRS didn't? Neither Anglin nor w e e v actually showed up and the only thing they did was write a funny article about it. Yet, Mike Enoch showed up to the Unite the Right and went on his podcast and bragged about how he felt glad that she died. Don't you recognize that, if the controlled mass media of news and entertainment was actually, seriously trying to shut down people for violent speech, then wouldn't they go after TRS first since their speech was far more threatening, did more to promote actual violence, and they played a far greater role in UtR itself irl?

I kind of stopped listening to TRS after the jew wife thing, but what really was the final nail in the coffin for them was their LARPing causing the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack shut off. The stormer is back up, but it's a shadow of it's former glory. Unite the Right killed the humor of the right which was our strong point.

yeah make a thread for that it would be much better than the usual slide threads, no homo

As far as I'm concerned our humour still surpasses most. It is mixed in with heavy redpills though so might seem more like terror to some, c'est la vie.

Does someone have more of this?

no i dont usually save anthropomorphized talking heads saying things
its just text, brother

Jews only want to racemix to ruin your blood line. The fact that you're with a parasite shows you have heart, but all jews want to use others because of it.

you're in love*

Hey lads I made a thread for genetics in general with an introductory OP for those without much idea about genetics. Don't know why we didn't have a genetics/genes general thread up but now we do.


45 days or so. When I get that way I need to distract myself with something urgent, otherwise I get thrown into the degeneracy zone.

Considered yes, but in today's day and age it's such a pain in the ass. The women in my area are all awful, and if I have to resort to online, I'd rather be single.

Is anyone else having problems with possible missing files that get deleted from saved pictures? I remember seeing a thread of an user with a similar problem

Well, I've started my journey as a History major in college. Yeah, I know, ((college)) and all, but I already have a 2-year degree from community college and my mom wants me to finish so I can start a decent career (hopefully).

Had some hooknosed soyboy bring up holohoax exposure today. I can tell it's going to be a recurring theme in this class. What are some good ways to defend revisionism?

I don't even know if I really want this degree, I should just go to that Sonoran Desert Institute and sate my inner /k/fag.

How can you 1488 without children?

Well a history degree is really complicated, before the age of gender studies degrees I would have ranked it at the bottom along with political science. Defend revisionism by stating facts, remember though leftists and jews argue in a way that if they lose they will jsut start from step 1 the next day. No logic, just emotion and public appeals.

Can someone explain to me what this “memo” fiasco is about?

Saw this image on halfchan. The user who posted it was unable to provide a source. I'm looking for the actual paper.

Good quote images/posters glaringhypocrisy.com/images/

lurk more.

Bureau of justice, 2006.
That is your source lad.

Genetics - Gene flow and ancestry - DNA analysis - Genetic Engineering

Genes create the organism.
The organism in every way is built from the genes it contains.
Human genetics have given us many answers to our ancestry and evolutionary history.
Genes exist that alone provide enhanced neurological formation and function.
Genetic interactions of multiple genes provide various mechanisms that are redundant and or not necessary for basic life. However when functional allow for high intelligence, superb immunity, physical peaks.

The interaction of population groups that have for generations lived separately but can still form hybrids can be destructive. Most pairings of closely related species that can still breed together are not viable. Either the offspring die before birth or are unfit for their habitat shortly after birth, thus providing lower fertility than either of the parents. For organisms that do not rely on intelligence as their primary function sometimes beneficial results can form. Most of the time when the offspring do live to adulthood however, the hybrids either cease to maintain a stable fertility thus even resultant offspring dwindle in number, or they breed back into parent populations.
When a species like the human being forms hybrids between distant population groups those sets of genes that are not needed for the basic functions of life but provide benefits nonetheless can be lost. The configuration of all the necessary genes to make a gene network provide a benefit it had evolved to do may not recombine in any future generation due to loss of genes and mismatches.
Human populations like every other group of organisms adapt to their environment when those unfit for the environment breed less or die without any offspring and those most capable provide more offspring to future generations. The results are that the next generation is more adapted to a particular environment. Over many generations in a particular habitat of this planet there can be some genes that are not activated without particular stress (droughts, population density, temporary dietary changes). Inside the organism there will be a lack or surplus of a particular vitamin or an imbalance in the various signalling molecules that when passing certain lows or highs cause a chain reaction of changes in the organism. These mechanisms can be entirely lost when distant populations that experienced far different stress breed together.

With current knowledge we can trace down from any individuals genome their most likely ancestry not down to continent but as precisely as local regions of a particular subset of a continent ex southern coastline of India or northwestern Europe.

The various interacting disciplines of sciences that affect genetic studies have been rapidly advancing in the recent decade and will continue to do so in the near future. Computer science allows for vast statistical analysis giving information that was inaccessible in the past due to the sheer volume of data to be analyzed. We already have all the tools to manipulate DNA very precisely and test the results within short timeframes of weeks and days. We can change particular human genes in living humans upwards of 80% efficiently (all cells in the body) for the price ranges in 3-4 digit USD.

*A genetics thread was not available on the catalogue as of the time of this posting
Post any sourced infographics you have on genetics

Anyone have a link to the I

Thanks a lot, although I'm out of comission for a few days, when doing reps it hurts too bad. Been eating a lot of protein to help with recovery but shit I'm upset I'm losing valuable training time.

I feel incredible and I can only imagine the transformation to come.

Was I the only one to see the swastikas in the chair pattern at the state of the union?

You need all the macros to help with recovery. Eat well every day and each meal.

Today I had grass fed milk, grass fed butter and free range eggs and later in the day I had liver and kalve and spinach. It's not all the essential nutrients I can do a lot better but I still ate good today. I find I'm ALWAYS hungry even right after eating a good meal. I don't have a worm or illness but I'm always hungry.

Is mega + a vpn safe for uploading jew-wise/pro-White content?

That is because you have high test. It is a good thing and it keeps you hungry for more in all things.
Take a solid multi without Iron in it as well.

Nothing is safe.
If you still fear your safety then you have not taken the redpill yourself.

What the hell happened to Millennial Woes? He literally hasn't done any videos for a month.

Are you trying to lose weight? If not, don't worry about it. If you are trying to lose weight, I highly recommend intermittent fasting. Dr Jason Fung has a very enlightening video series on YouTube called "the aetiology of Obesity." Where he goes into the science of fasting and debunks a lot of myths about it. It's six parts, and each part is about an hour, but it's well worth the watch.


For anyone just starting training, the young especially with developing bodies, fasting can only damage the body.
You want to eat well and workout, and if you are young your weight will solve itself.

Almost forgot to say.
Pls take the redpill.

Even if you can post with a high certainty of being anonymous be very aware of metainfo you may be leaking. JIDF has making a lot of AIs to sweep over any messages (((their))) enemy's post to find underlying thought patterns and the like. (((They))) then can track this across over all sites you go on through Cloudflare and build a picture of what you really are thinking or might be thinking a decade from now.

EA has really been doing a lot of R&D into this stuff being able to figure out your political compass or what sort of stresses may lead you to certain trains of thought. Remember its a fight until one side no longer exists.

>(((They))) then can track this across over all sites you go on through Cloudflare and build a picture of what you really are thinking or might be thinking a decade from now.

Their AI still can't understand humour. So from the range of possible things an AI might think I believe I could be a lefty, an oldfag against environmentalism, a climate change scientist, a gun nut innawoods, a homeless anarchist. Their AI is primitive at best and good use of multi vpn and IPS provider points will make it worthless.
Have you taken the redpill yet? Being hwhite and at least slightly logical makes you an evil enemy to them. This marks all males that aren't hormonally verging on transgenderism.

Is that why I'm always hungry? Lel, I think I'm pretty high T also, I have a crazy high sex drive, a body full of hair I figure some people are just hairy natural strength and I feel like a wolf after 2 weeks of not fapping. Exercise and no porn is legit, I've never been more happier in my life. I should look into a multivitamin but I've always been wary just cause I don't know if there's any additives in it.

No I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm trying to turn all my fat into muscle and I've been intermittent fasting for months now, from what I read if correct it's effective when working out.

So I've read, I'm turning 24 in a few months, am I still too young to intermittent fast? I fast for 16 hours, eat for 8 hours. I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm trying to gain strength.

fuck off, this anti TRS thing is most jewish thing, I've ever seen.

More jewish than this?

There's a number of articles on Lenin's relationship with Germans on (((Jew York Times))), but we know what is their agenda ("it was the Germans that spread socialism goy not the chosen we're your greatest ally"). I'm curious whether someone has a good summary on the topic.

You would be past the age of being too young to fast but it is still not the best way to lose weight. Personally I've seen some mental gains from fasting but that needs at least 60 hours. Try eating as soon as you wake up and right before bed. Cottage cheese with some oils or peanut butter (natural, no added sugar) Is great before bed.
Fat won't turn into muscle these are entirely different tissues with different basic components, fat is mostly triglycerides and muscle is mostly fibres of protein. You also can't spot reduce fat fyi.
Keep eating good food and lifting regularly, do cardio only some days so you are doing something 5-6 days a week.

Also, if you lose any weight from fasting it will be mostly water weight at first and then muscle mass because your body will be in stress mode and this signals starvation.

Where can I get some Holla Forums related images with symbolism? Particularly vector graphics and transparent png files.

What is pols thoughts on the American founding fathers? How could Freemasons exactly be white nationalists? I remember I watch the documentaries "all wars are bankers wars" and "in the shadow of hermes" that Freemasons and kikes had huge influence in american, french, and bolshevik revolutions. But if the founding fathers were apart of a cult that worships the kikes and satan than why did they implement policies such as only whites are recognized as americans or allowed things such as the 1st and 2nd amendment? Wouldn't that go against the judeo masonic plot for satan to takeover the world via globalism and multiracialism? I'm just really confused because a lot of what the founding fathers said seem like they would browse pol and yet they adhere to this secret society.

Get the fuck out! Of college, I mean. Don't waste years of your life on bullshit your mom wants you to do. The fact that she thinks there's any value in a college education, much less a history degree, shows she doesn't know a cow pie from an ant hill. Your mom is out of touch. If you want to make her feel special, ask her the best way to fold a bed sheet.

As far as I am concerned, their membership in any meaningful way in anti american organizations was retconned and didn't actually happen or was on the same level as modern pol anons being republicans or pretending to be libertarians in debate.

Thanks. I've fasted for a whole week, but by the third day I feel light headed and want to pass out. I do cardio every other day, for now I have an injury and I can not lift so I've been doing cardio.
I found eating cheese or something with good fats really hits the spot and puts me to sleep. Thanks.

This is a 1935 article from an American National Socialist newspaper.

How high of a percent on a DNA test can you disregard as staff just fucking with applicants or just irrelevant?

Why is a thread about keeping white men from marrying asians bumplocked?

How do I activate the almond?

I'd check for any jewish influence on the German side there, but otherwise from reading those I don't see how they really disprove or how you can't say how jews still facilitated communism in Russia


There are *no* situations where racemixing is or ever was tolerable. Bastard offspring will always be outcasts of both races, resent the parents, be a drain on society, and the niggerspawn will likely cut up the family in a psychopathic rage.


Activating almonds is just soaking them for better nutrition, that's all it is.

Black slaves were traded to the jew-owned slaver-vessels for mostly rum and beads. Jews purchased the slaves from Africans and transported them across the Atlantic to their jewish owned slave markets, where only a few Whites were wealthy enough to purchase them. The rest were purchased by the many wealthy jews. Once Jews established slavery in America, Whites (including the Founding Fathers) were put in an economic scenario that gave slavery a massive advantage. Although 90% of Southerners never owned slaves, those that did often had an economic incentive to do so. If they didn't, it was possible to go out of business to the slave-using Jews, which often meant starvation and death.

The trans-Atlantic slave trade ended in the 1860s.


Do you tell soldiers they can't swear or smoke in the middle of a war? Things like 1-2nd amendments are necessary concessions when you're spreading into frontier land.

More of a thought that doesn't deserve it's own thread.
When there's organised slide-raiding going on as we're currently seeing with the bbc threads, it's often said that "A thread died for this".
For that theory to hold true, not only do the shit(ed) threads need to be posted, but the targeted threads would need to be strategically bumped back to the bottom of the board before being deleted.
A concentrated, timed effort on the behalf of a sizeable group of individuals would, in theory, need to simultaneously bump every other thread on the board, and then instantly post the right number of shit threads to move the targeted threads off of the board.

work your way down to just picks of girls. thats how I started masturbating anyways, I would just look for youtube videos of models showcasing their bikinis or something.

I just jack off to pictures of hot girls, I don't watch porn anymore. All porn is cuck porn, or might as well be. Yea its still degenerate saving pics of naked ladies and jerking it to them but at least I'm not watching another man fuck a girl I'm attracted to, I can fantasize about myself fucking the girls in my pictures.

besides the sorts of girls that are slutty enough to take ass-selfies but not slutty enough to do porn are generally way hotter than girls that do porn

the ultimate goal is to eventually wean yourself off porn completely and actually find a woman for yourself

He asked about enoch and you respond with spencer.

Philosophy, goals, and consistency. Wherever you place your mind is what you give power to.

I quit watching movies, playing video games, eating sugar, watching porn, and I don't even masturbate anymore. Every single time I start to think about the things that make my flagpole stand I redirect my attention to something I know is more useful to my goals. There is no upside to giving power to my lesser tendencies. It hurts me, it hurts my family, and it hurts my people. To create the world I want to live in can only start with my actions, so I must be the best I can be to set the precedent.

You have the option to think about something else when you notice yourself thinking about masturbating, and there are good reasons to not masturbate, even to something wholesome like the passion between you and your wife. Hedonism is no joke. It breeds fragile, weak societies. Restraint, and hard work - stress with periods of rest - these are the things that make strong societies. You want to be strong, don't you? Then deny yourself immediate pleasure for greater value, and sense of accomplishment at a later date. Your sense of self worth will only grow as you prove yourself capable of going without what you once lived for. The proof of your own power will grant better feelings than any orgasm. Control your mind, and you control your sorrow.

I know it can be difficult to recall why you shouldn't give in to temptation. Long term goals are hard to remember when your brain blood is in your member, but you must bring your mind back to focus. It helps to have time consuming projects related to your greater long term goals that you can redirect to. A book you need to finish because it will contribute to you being the man you want to be. Exercise. Something immediate to hoist yourself onto when you begin sinking to a lower level of consciousness.

One more key thing: You will never have a good relationship with a woman until you no longer need one (not even the image of one) to feel your best. It's the cruel, but essential reality of male female dynamics. Your goal with women is to only need one for procreation/child raising, because at that point you will be great enough to not only pick the highest quality female, but inspire her to be even better, which your offspring will benefit from immeasurably. Lose your need for women, and you will get a better woman than you can imagine.

Is Michael Cavanagh (Senior Executive Vice President of the Comcast corporation) a jew?

I always wear plain tshirts and dress clothing in public. Never really anything else. But recently it occurred to me that when people see familiar logos, or ideologies they will approach, or be more friendly.

If you saw someone at wherever wearing this or something similar, would you say "Hi"?

Personally I would. I think the major obstacle is just not trying to say some autistic code that we'd both know to see if you're real

Can anybody provide something that talks about the Jews aiding Religion of Cuck™ic invaders in their conquest of Spain? I tried to find it on my own but kike search filters seemingly removed the information I was attempting to recall, just describing the broader conquest without any results on the treachery.

This video touches on the topic, but I was looking for a focus on the factions and factors involved.

I was reading CofC, and happened upon this paragraph which I can't understand very well.

Here it is:

down to Poland following the Soviet policy change toward Israel in the late
1940s, there was another crisis of identity resulting from the belief that anti-
Semitism and communism were incompatible. One response was to engage in
“ethnic self-abnegation” by making statements denying the existence of a Jewish
identity; another advised Jews to adopt a low profile. Because of the very strong
identification with the system among Jews, the general tendency was to
rationalize even their own persecution during the period when Jews were
gradually being purged from important positions: “Even when the methods grew
surprisingly painful and harsh, when the goal of forcing one to admit
uncommitted crimes and to frame others became clear, and when the perception
of being unjustly treated by methods that contradicted communist ethos came
forth, the basic ideological convictions stayed untouched. Thus the holy madness
triumphed, even in the prison cells” (p. 260). In the end, an important ingredient
in the anti-Jewish campaign of the 1960s was the assertion that the communist
Jews of the generation opposed the Soviet Union’s Mideast policy favoring the
Culture of Critique, page 66

I understand what he is saying in this area of the text - that Jews pretend not to be Jewish at certain times (as we all know), but the part which says "the general tendency was to rationalize even their own persecution during the period…", as well as the quote after it, has me confused.

Could someone who understands this better explain what it means? Is he saying that the Jews went along with their persecution to make themselves seem less at odds with the anti-semetic sentiment?

I see a lot of D&C on Holla Forums, and on other websites, that Italians have nigger/arab admixture. I'm inclined to believe that all Italians, even Sicilians, are pure whites; they are darker because it gave them a genetic advantage, that's it. Look at Hungary: some people there are darker, but they certainly weren't invaded by shitskins.

Do any historians on Holla Forums know anything about the culture of Sicilians and why this meme pops up? Is there any genetic maps that disprove the "Italians, Spanish, x aren't white" bullshit?

Why do some threads remain active despite being many months old and no longer listed on the catalog?

Looking for a screencap about the sexual revolution in Soviet Russia during the 20's

Quick question because workposting: recently I got a 2018 midterm census for the 15th congressional district in Ohio from the RNC in the mail and I put down 8pol as a trusted political news source. Was this a good idea? Or am I going to be put on some stupid gov.'t watchlist?

Should they not remain active?

You're already on a list. Just focus on normalizing the truth, and displacing lies. Gather allies that would notice if you disappeared in real life.

No. If you look at Northern Italians many have blue eyes and are lighter skinned. The bullshit narrative that southern Europeans are somehow not white (White just means European) is bullshit kike propaganda to get us fighting with each other. The Spanish conquered all of south America have made massive contributions to art, poetry and culture and general and the Italians even more-so with the Roman empire. They are both extremely important in history and are in no way "not white".

Just for lurking on an image board?

An imageboard that has "On the jews and their lies" at the top of the page. You're viewing antisemitic content, and admitted both here and on a census form that you trust 8/pol/ as a news source. Better put on your tinfoil hat.

I guess the ride never ends

google quite literally tracks every video you watch, search you make, site you visit. They know all of our dirt.

Wait, then what's the point of the watchlist then? Seems kind of redundant/retarded, don't ya think? So what should I expect?

Any IRL implications?

You should practice redundancy. Everything in nature does. Due to not being able to see the future, redundancy has value in that it allows you to cushion the blow of an unforeseen loss. Think about when you get sick; you don't want to just not be dead, you want to be healthy enough that when your health drops you don't die.

If you become a perceived threat, you can have your past dredged up, and used against you.


My only habit is not making habits.

So what if I work for a white, private business owner, who's customer base is primarily white, in a white majority community? And all the "diversity" that is hired because of state laws n stuff doesn't last a week because of their poor work ethic. So what's the issue?

You're a pest, shut up. Think for yourself.

I thought all threads 404 once leaving the catalog.

It's fine. If my bottom teeth didn't rest slightly behind my front I'd have to actively move my jaw backwards to grind food, because my front teeth are slightly taller.

Don't mind them. You may have briefly been part of an emirate, but you guys are largely european, with the indigenous population still being christian.
It's just kike D&C, as with the slavs.

Try these companies: WATT, BRK.B, MCK, FLT, BAH, HAL, PI, VVI, OSIS, AMZN, BABA, UA

Is the Ice age actually coming? I want to believe.

For evidence that slavs and italians are our Volk, refer to this document created by the NSDAP.


I feel like I've lurked long enough and am getting ready to get into the realm of making my own OC. Is paint enough? Are there programs that will help me make a better product?

Just make OC, you faggot.

Does anyone have some good caps or infographs on why libertarianism is the pants-on-head retarded delusions of lifelong contrarians? in my state we don't have much in the way of hardcore leftists, but way too many people use libertarianism as an excuse to avoid facing reality or fall for the meme and champion it as the next big party, all while trying to make their claims reasonably sound. I've so far been unable to articulate to them why it's shit without revealing my own powerlevel on so many things we forget that we take for granted here.

I don't have much on the subject. Basically they don't stand against anything. They're a bunch of passive faggots.

A thing I can add

Is Jewvanka being groomed as a future Dem? candidate?

I have noticed (((Drudge))) is amplifying positive articles about (((her))), and the frequency seems to be increasing…

Then it sounds like y'all got nothing to worry about. Just let the passive cucks be, and get on with your own infinitesimal lives

this is sort of more /adv/ but
I found the twitter of one of the girls who harassed me in high school because I had a disability, managed to collect info of her via google (she's a stupid normie).
I'm not going to share it.

Should I let go of all of this?
On one hand, I want to ruin her for contributing to my suicidal tendencies and depression; and also having to pay millions for help and pills that do fuck all.
But on the other hand I don't know if this will help me at all. I'm mostly concerned about the consequences because like I said, both me and my parents had to pay a shit ton of cash for my "treatment", I don't want them to pay even more money if I fuck up. she knows my powerword(I have a weird name) and she can easily gather info on me and gang bang my ass with her posse.

also she's a jew and Religion of Cuck™ humper. who woulda thunk it

Keep her info, and before you decide to kill yourself take a minute to think if there's anything you need to do before you check out.


Does anyone here have an ancestry/dna test that isnt owned by kikes?

Not a question but I though y'all might get a kick out of Lockheeb's ethics and diversity.

The other day I was listening to this YT clip of people doing impressions of alt-right and alt-lite personalities. I've deleted my history since then, and now I can't find it. It's driving me nuts.

I think most of the clip was segments from Mike Enoch's show. There was a guy on there with a perfect Spencer impression . Pls halp.

Nevermind. Couldn't find the compilation, but found the whole episode. Spencer impression guy starts around 20 min in for anyone interested.

So does anyone know whats going on in this video?

I believe that's from the 1936 Olympics. He might have needed to use the restroom but was too focused on his ubermensch to care.

Funny since Eunuch's wife is a big "love wins" faghag.

The video is clearly sped up, but it's probably from the stimulants he was on.

Ausfag here. In light of the deputy primeminister's affair, I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the original Ashley Madison database leak or where one could be found? The political opposition's failure to call out the degeneracy of the coalition's activity (likely due to similar behavior) needs to be disclosed. IIRC there were 442 email domain names in the leak.and if the media should be made aware of how deeply the political parties' lack of self control is, then perhaps a publicly released audit of government supplied emails may be initiated.

Do you really need that? Read a book.

Does anyone know where I can find some non-kiked info on Eva Braun? Did she have any political convictions? Got into a discussion the other day with someone claiming Eva was an early feminist and I thought that sounded completely ridiculous but I'm having trouble finding much on her political ideas, if any.

You can't disprove it because people have different definitions for white. They are definitely European though, but with some admixture from around the Mediterranean, and they're Christian.

Tbh though, you're better off teaming up only with other Catholics and/or Orthodox. The rest can't always be trusted.

Uh, today my youtube was randomly disabled, saying "your brand account was disabled". I don't have a brand. I'm not impersonating anyone. My videos arent' copyrighted and have less than 10 views each. WTF. Anyone had this happen?

A business around the corner from where I live recently moved out, and the building has been under renovation since. Today they finally put up a sign for the new leasee.


Should I be worried?

As a National Socialism, should I start defending collectivism over individualism? What are some good arguments? How can I not sound like a communist?

get into their wifi and dl what you can access. or, set up a rasberry pi with kali linux or some other pen testing software and see if you can stash it somewhere close (roof, bathroom ceiling, etc.) and mine the data off their devices

Individuals always belong to larger collectives, such as country, fanbases, the laws you have to follow, race, etc. Unity helps get stuff done, but NatSoc does not require loss of your individual identity. Lurk moar

I've lurked since the Exodus.

Anyone have any proof of these quote being true? Seen them multiple times but can't find PDF's of the books mentioned to verify if they're legit or not.

There is a board that anons from here post beautiful classical paintings on. I've gone through the board directory, and board search, browser history (I vaguely recall wandering into it once). Yet I have not found it ( primarily because I don't know the name of it )
Does anyone know of such a board & where to find it plz?
The board posts are mainly of classical paintings.
needed for memetic inspiration

Have a large board image as thanks in advance.

Have you tried

Any user have the inspirational vid with the sun as a swastika and the deep voice giving inspirational volkish redpills? can’t find it anywhere. Preferably mp4 but webm would be nice too

Does anyone have the source that shows that niggers from well-to-do families perform worse on standardized tests than the poorest white children?

Really need this source, actually.

Back to your containment board.

Looking for the series of tweets by that (fake?) McDonald's Somalia account

Is George Clooney cucked by a yazidi kurt?

Mein Kampf, pg. 361 (on my copy at least):
>At present there exists one State which manifests at least some modest attempts that show a better appreciation of how things ought to be done in this matter [immigration and citizenship]. It is not, however, in our model German Republic but in the U.S.A. that efforts are made to conform at least partly to the counsels of commonsense. By refusing immigrants to enter there if they are in a bad state of health, and by excluding certain races from the right to become naturalized as citizens, they have begun to introduce principles similar to those on which we wish to ground the People's State.
What did he mean by this? When did the US do this?

Niggers weren't allowed to do most things back then. Military units were segregated. Drinking fountains were segregated. They couldn't hold any position of power. ect

There are books on race & intelligence in
which may be the source of the infographic you cite?

self check
I no longer need this. I think it may have been on a different site in our bunker rather than fullchan.

what the fuck? (pic related)

The main point of Ellis Island was to screen immigrants for diseases and subversive beliefs. If you had tuberculosis or any other dangerous communicable disease, you had to go back. If you were an anarchist or a socialist, you had to go back. The US also enforced immigration quotas that severely limited the number of people from shitholes while encouraging immigrants from civilized (white) nations. This was done with the explicit objective of maintaining the demographics as they were and not allowing a flood of third-worlders to ruin the country. Look up the Immigration Act of 1924 if you'd like to learn more.

Not to mention that it was the kikes who abolished the Immigration Act of 1924. It was part of their plan so they can enforce the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act and gibs me dat action affirmative action. Interracial and gay marriages was made illegal back then, now we BLACKED and Grindr as a thing, which are both owned by kikes. A lot of Bolshevist Jews started to migrate to the US during the war who were all backed by the Rothskikes. Everywhere (((they))) go they act like parasites.

Anyone have that list of dox with Bill Murray's number in it?

Hey guys.

So, my neighborhood is in the process of white flight. There's a (nigger) drug dealer who moved in about 6 months ago, and I'm moving out at the end of the month.

Well, I tell a few friends of mine that this is happening, and one of them tells me that I should meet up with a friend of his (without mentioning that this friend and my drug dealer problem are related). We meet up, and the guy starts talking about how he really loves guns and really wants to kill a nigger. He also talks about how he likes guns, but every time he goes to the range he feels like he's going to start going on a shooting spree so he can only shoot for 15-30 minutes without feeling like he wants to kill everyone at the range.

The guy proceeds to talk about how he wants to break into this drug dealer's house and mutilate him. He also says he might go on a killing spree afterwards, if things go badly for him.

I'm going to make sure that I and everyone I care about is out of the complex before this happens, so I'm not too worried about this. I'm a bit worried this guy is going to go mad and kill me if things go bad, but I think he could just as easily kill anyone else as well as me.

Is this OK, or should I try to do something to stop this? If I should stop this, how should I stop it?

Pretty please?

Ok, maybe I was just putting too much emphasis on the word "citizen" since niggers could still obtain citizenship in name. But yeah, their status at the time would be much closer to what Hitler referred to as a "subject of the state."

Holla Forums is a board of peace

I am not the one going on a shooting spree here.

how to boycott the jew movie black panther nigger bullshit so it flops at the box office and expose how the (((rats))) are exploiting the monkey race to undermine the White Race because they know when whites collectively know they are infected by parasite noses they will kill them?

Go to your local negro establishment and see if you can find a bootleg copy to torrent. Alternatively, cam it yourself.

Thank you for your response.

On a unrelated note, the sliding and shilling here in the last three or four days is like nothing I've ever seen on this Holla Forums before. I know that there's an unprecedented amount of bad news and things happening for democrats and jews lately, but the terrible quality of so many threads and posts is extraordinary. We really must be doing the right things and bringing the right information to light. Well done everyone that's fighting for the forces of Good. We have a long way to go, of course, but we must be doing something right to have this level of backlash to the truth.

Reiterating my question…

apply it to your friend as well

Sorry if this has already been answered and i'm just a dumbass for skimming over the top of it, but can someone spoon-feed me some material on these topics:
Environmental polices and beliefs held by the 3rd Reich
Industrial / Corporate management under the 3rd Reich

Can anyone post the Holla Forums tier performance of John Lennon’s imagine, preferably in mp4 format? Need it to trigger a leftynigger

I got into a bit of a scuffle and the guy pulled pic related on me. To give more context, it came down to this guy ascribing a centrist meme to Holla Forums I assume 4/pol/ since his post mentioned Trump centered generals and we don't have Trump specific generals here, typically I guess my question is, how the hell do I better prepare for next time? I found myself kind of at the end of that list more or less, with a few steps skipped but the thing that upset me was that like no matter what I said, this good goy would apply that tone police shit and claim victory. I know that conversations with good goys tend to be useless but, normalfags could be swayed over as observers. I just took the L since there's not much I could have said anyway. Excuse the blogpost lads.

Ok so do you guys remember immediately after the election Putin put out a video statement congratulating the American people and Trump, in which he said that if Hillary had won Russia would have gone to war with America but now they were moving their readiness down a few notches?
I can't find this video anywhere - it seems to have been totally scrubbed from the internet.

Please tell me someone has a copy.

I don't know if any of you have seen this slide thread before because it got 404'd just now (don't have a screenshot, sorry) but it was made by some leaf who tried to be patriotic for his own country by being against the US but the whole post was not remotely redpilled, because he didn't mention the kikes at all, and thinks non-Whites are innocent. He blamed the US for not making 3rd World nations rise up to 1st World. He considered Trudeau as a real man compared to Trump. He hates US Whites specifically for hating on spics, saying they're also innocent and hard working. He considered Arabs as innocent goat herders. He considered black "people" as innocent bystanders who dindu nuffin and hates Americans for wanting to shoot them, so he blamed US gun violence specifically to Whites.

Can some leaf user here explain to me what kind of leaf nationalism is this? It doesn't come off as pro-NatSoc and anti-kike, and more comes off like #Resist demoshit-tier, felt like a really low energy shitpost. He doesn't mention anything about Israel and the ZOG lobby and doesn't mention that it is the kikes that are making Whites in the US obese, it's no surprise why Jews in the US stay fit and healthy along with most niggers and mullatoes. This shilling has been very common on cuckchan recently. Also one last thing, fuck Christopher Hitchens.

pic related

Well first off, bear in mind your thesis should be nazism is good. If you're pretending not to be a nazi, you're effectively ceding the argument to your opposition. Just keep on track and you'll do fine if you're sufficiently knowledgeable. They could throw all the Holla Forums posts at you they want. If you agree with the post's subject matter, explain why. If you don't, simply say so. As long as you know what your own opinions are and why you believe those things, you are prepared for anything they throw at you. If you don't have a firm stance on something that comes up, just say so.

Care to back up your claim?

Not a bad sentiment, but, while he calls Irving a "fascist" (not accurate, so probably meant as an insult), he also calls him a "great historian". Hardly an anti-Irving statement. I'd like to see that quote in context.

Then you go and post a quote of Irving saying he's "glad for every (jewish) survivor", after expressing disbelief in the official narrative. Neither Hitchens, nor Irving's quotes are particularly striking. Very soft, actually.

Ok you're right about the niggers and other non-Whites but I'm still correct that it is a Jewish plan to make every White in the US morbidly obese while the kikes stay fit and healthy.

Thanks user, can do.

If anybody has the the time or is willing can somebody drop redpills connecting Jews that are fucking over blacks.

It would be very much appreciated

Book title "we thought they were white" you can also look up luis farakhan speeches about jews running the slave trade.

why is the thread about Jewish Twitter Holohoax propaganda anchored?

Wouldn't co-opting that shit to promote revisionism would be benevolent? I mean I genuinely would accept if the Mods had a valid reason to do this, but I don't understand? Was Holla Forums, goons, shareblue spamming it as a slide thread? Even if they where, don't you think its still a important topic? I mean can someone give me the metapolitical reason for this beyond the typical crying about moonman or imkamphy?

Thanks user but I was looking for a infograph or some memes, but will do in any case.

On Pride.

Pride is important.
No doctrine, no philosophy, no religious texts can be true if they speak negatively of pride. What does Pride mean?
It is not social standing, it is strongly correlated with the concept of honor.
You see if you take pride and try to define it without integrated honor, it just means saving face, or self esteem, ego, which might be false and very subjective.
Pride is something else. You have pride when you finish a work you have done and you did your best. You can be proud of this as in it marks your achievement.
You can be proud of your sons and daughters. You can be proud of your fathers and mothers. You can not have an ego or self esteem about them can you? No that definiton makes no sense in the context of having pride for your people.
Pride is respect. Respect of and for. Pride and honor are intertwined.
An honorable man will have pride for himself. No one would be proud for backstabbing, and backstabbing is dishonorable.
Pride is something that will take a man who is near starvation, but he will not steal to get food, if any other options remain. If he comes to such a situation that stealing to survive another day really is the last option, he will not be proud of it.
Can a woman have pride? Yes. In this proper definition of pride for your people she can. Can a woman have honor? In this proper context it is very possible and aligned with biology to have pride and honor for both sexes.
Pride is not ego. Pride is not social standing. Pride is something that includes but is much more than self respect and recognition of your achievement, your ideals, and your goals.
Be proud. Never surrender.
Be proud. Never dwell in defeat. Believe in yourself and you will be able to be proud.
Pride can be had in little things and pride must be had in big things.
Pride does not mean you boast. Pride does not mean you must prove yourself, in fact the opposite.
Pride is acknowledgement of your ability and your achievement. Pride can be had for anything you contribute to.
Remember this. Be proud.

I see everyone else is having the issues I have.
The coding for 8ch is so bad that (depending on number of images too I haven't narrowed down the range) the threads just stop working. No not load slowly. Stop working like autoupdating and often just don't update at all even if you refresh thread, trying to clear the browser history doesn't help it is like a server problem.
Notice these threads, any time of the week, grow from 1 reply to 400 replies easily but slow down to a near stop after about 500. No one can discuss anymore.

Decided to quit amphetamines after being on them for ADHD.
I know others here were probably memed into taking them before getting off. How did you manage to quit and what do you do now instead?

I swear to kek that i've seen that sign all over where I live in NJ, even as a kid. I had no idea who they were or what it meant, so I thought it a curiosity, just some quirky stupid sign.

I had no idea they'd be tied to masonry in any way whatsoever.

Screencapped. Thanks user.

They have a club in every major city in the world. I didn't know rotary club & lions club were linked to freemasonry, but the reputation of the local lions club is that they're running major local scams, like they take over garbage collection, bankrupt businesses with ordinances, local laws, lawsuits etc. They have a pretty bad reputation even though they cloak everything they do in legalese and policyspeak.

Is kike hyprocrisy the result of nature or nurture?

nobody at all?

Has anyone noticed literally the biggest Jewish shilling campaign in Reddit's history?


sort by controversial to see the shilling.

Know thy enemy.

anyone have the story about the asian school children where they did an experiment and gave snacks to all the girls and told them to share and they acted like catty bitches, then the following week they did the same thing with the boys and everything went so much smoother?

anyone have the story about the asian school children where they did an experiment and gave snacks to all the girls and told them to share and they acted like catty bitches, then the following week they did the same thing with the boys and everything went so much smoother? thanks

does anyone have the story where they did an experiment and gave girls snacks to share and they were catty bitches, then the next week they gave the snacks to the boys in class and everything went smoothly?

sorry for the triple post

Why does autistic seem to be a more popular insult from leftists? Is it just a pc version way of calling someone retarded? Idk feels like a insult from them and lefttist parrot their masters.

I cant personally speak for any of the devs of these games. Cuphead and hollowknight do look cool out of what you showed. Sure some indie games could be cool I wanted to try dusk but I dont want to support the publisher and dev as hes developing or producing some strange anitfa indie game?


twitter.com/PPU512 .
(commie game devs , christ)

It just seems most of western entertainment is pozzed and you are probably best spending your shekels on Japanese games. In western gaming its either battlefront 2 overwatch shaking you down for shekels for lootboxes or buying indie games from small devs with questionable politics. So spend your money on a game from a nip instead who might have some conservative values , gives you a full complete game and takes pride in their work.

The second quote is true but is taken from three or four paragraphs. Do yourself a favour and read the French translation as you can understand the basics of what is being said without having to know French.The book is called "Practical Idealism".

I need to fix my sleep pattern, I sleep during the day and am awake at night. I've tried 2 times to stay awake for 24 hours but I've fallen asleep and wake up around 12-2am. I'm scared to take sleeping pills but I need something that'll knock me out so I can fix my pattern.

waking up at 2 am is fine
then you can move forward about half an hour every day until you're waking up around 5-6 am
just before sunrise, thats perfect

also you need to go to bed instead of using any electronic devices to try to get sleepy
have you tried using pillows to slightly sit up and listening to relaxing music with few vocals?

by not using electronic devices i mean not looking at a screen*

autism is routinely used on pol
it merged two originating points 1 being that its overdiagnosed and people self style themselves autists to explain social ineptness and 2 being from GITS anime where autistic mode helps them do research

Ah I guess I was implying if jews might been behind its diagnosis. Makes me wonder if its just another byproduct of chemicals in food supply or medicine that alters behavior.

How do we stop blatent pedoshit on this very site?

For example, 2D drawn pictures are fine but a gateway into degeneracy, but then you stuff like THIS and it just looks like a pedo traced photos of boys he raped and exploited. It's too uncanny and looks creepy as fuck


It is a combination of things, always.
Keep soy and flouride out of diets. Reduce simple sugars to only things from pure and natural foods. (very little simple sugar)

What martial art should I learn to be as ironpilled as this guy?


tell me this fucker isnt a demon

Where have the top banners gone ? They were hilarious and truthful.

Remember that this very developer is a Kike. Look at his game company's website, you'll see their staff. Kikes and antifas. Just don't buy anything from them. Find someone who has the game and borrows you his account or something like that…

Gun control as an issue is hard to talk about, because people wet their fuckin diapers about "all the kids!" that die every year to mass shootings. False flags, Government pushed fear tactics, and whatever else aside, what are normie friendly redpills on gun control and gun safety for a state like florida?

My intended talking points are that the handling of mental health among individuals is the greatest problem, with rising costs of doctors, medicine and psychiatry, and that anyone who dissents from the ruling political opinion could easily be labeled someone "insane" because of the "hatespeech" they speak, though it is their right to speak their minds, and barred from owning rifles, as is their right granted in 1776.



Thank you. that helps a lot. linking that our medicine for treating people who would be risky, makes them even more at risk for murder or suicide is an excellent way to explain to normies that mental health and fixing it isnt black and white and as simple as medicating people, or keeping them hopped up on medicine that supposedly makes them happy.

Have some other stuff I just found too

"11% of American[t]s over the age of 12 take an antidepressant."


Will this user be targeted for a false flag attack now since the Nick Cruz kid is a "white nationalist?"

postan for anyone who wants to edit pic related


Get out.
>B-b-buh, muh eternal and all-powerful j00z! aided them!
Nope. If you insist upon spouting the cucked version of history, go back to >>>/reddit/ .

Even if I publish it as a satire there's a risk I could get v&'d, if I don't have some public exposure backing me up I might be really screwed.
I was actually thinking of contacting Saxenhammer666, he's an editor, has publishing experience and lot of public exposure. Do you guys think he glows in the dark at all?

It's an ancient technique known as striking first. Judging by his manner I'd say he learned it from niggers. You should aim higher.

I can't fucking take it anymore. I want to blow my brains out. What the fuck can I do in this situation but slowly succumb to insanity?

Drown yourself in semen.

Drown yourself in semen.

You break up with the girl first (because you're apparently not a man enough to make her change her ways), cut off all the "friends" you have (because people who want to exterminate you aren't your friends), and you envelop yourself in your work. Make it the only thing you do or care about. That's what I did. And sure, I had a head of white hair in my late 20s, but I…

Well, no, I'm still not happy. But who the fuck gives a shit about HAPPINESS in the world as it is? At least I did my fucking DUTY.

Wrong, you won't talk openly, thus you don't know any redpilled people, and you're surrounded by faggots. You have to change first, my man.

Are you having sex (risking procreation) with this "SJW" girl you're dating? Fucking shame on you, if you are. Your first job as a father is to be great yourself, and your second - equally important - job is to pick a great mother for your children. You have no moral right to subject new humans to pieces of garbage like your girlfriend. You'd not only be condemning them to an embarrassing, hellish existence like the one you currently live, but you'd just be adding to the mess we're all trying to clean up here.

Ostracize unfit people. How do you tell who's unfit? You speak the truth confidently and unapologetically, and become great, then anyone who liked you more before you started on the path of excellence is easily identified as trash to be discarded. Don't bother trying to ostracize anyone right now, because you're clearly not great yet.

So get to proving your own greatness to yourself, then unleash it, and start discriminating based on quality (since you be quality yourself, you will have this ability).

How creditable is this? Anyone know any info? (Pic related)

If it's credible, what does it change? You should already be using the internet as if everything you say is going to be used against you. Fuck you, you fucking kikes, you're day is coming.

Guy in black shirt wasn't looking at dude, his head hitting the pavement is what knocked him out

Guy in grey was also not looking at dude and was caught off guard.

In other words, nigger sucker punches.

No, race mixing is not acceptable in that situation. Look at Latin America. We'd be better off if the Spanish had brought their own women with them instead of mixing with the natives.

so hungary is doing it right again

If by "demon" you mean kike, then yes, he's a kike.

They did though.

Does someone have a rebuttal of the holohoax-themed second infographic in
>>>Holla Forums2395863

How am I supposed to start improving myself mentally and spiritually? I have so much information and so many sources to work with (and I save so much shit that it's become unorganizable), but I can't be arsed to read half a book or write half a page of my own thoughts without my mind inexplicably shutting down (for lack of a better term) somewhere along the process. I want to progress in all parts of life and my physical progress is going quite well, but all other parts of this progress are JUSTed and very unproductive.

A quick google search reveals the the TLD for isreal is in fact .il and not .is, which is for Iceland.

You honestly have to make believe, you need faith like it or not. You're filled with too much doubt and lack trust in even your own thoughts. Once you realize that humans are faith based creatures that only can rationalize reality, that everyone in public is just fundamentally LARP'ing you're on your way. But be careful, you're tickling the tail of madness.

Join a pen and paper RPG group, get into the head of a character. Really immerse yourself into that world and character. Just try to find a good group of people you like. Learn how to delude yourself but come back from it.

Seen it on the board these past few days but neglected to save it, anyone have that infographic where basically you either support everything or nothing? Want to make my own derivative based on its design.

made this OC for you, Holla Forums

does anyone have the file that's the entire text of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in one image that ive seen posted around here in the past

If you have the time and ability to write a paragraph of a post then you have the time and ability to read a few pages of a book at a time.

I would hope someone who knows more about history can explain to me this:

Why are jews so fucking jewy? Why are they annoying and hateful? Why can't they just calm down instead of being backstabbers and go against the progress of the species? Is it because of 9/16/2240 ?

Short answer: Talmud
Jews are a racial deathcult that worships a cosmic horror that telepathically speaks to their magical schizoid elders. They don't actually believe gentiles have souls and jewish paradise is owning thousands of slaves.

They're a really really fucked up cult.

Atheist jews are even worse. Jews genetically are bad, why.

You can't be a nonreligious jew since it's a supernatural race, the entire race is based on being related to magical man named Moses. When a jew says they're an atheist, what they mean is they're mad at god and doubting him until they get what they want from him; arguing and haggling with god is thing for them. Or that they're simply nonpracticing.

I'm pretty sure it goes beyond religious beliefs. Unless you mean that their jewish identity is not what the Talmud says, and rather a collection of kvetches like muh holocaust.

Is beer degenerate? I like beer, but I don't want to become a buffoon with man-tits and a bloated belly. Two beers a week, too much?

It doesn't matter what kind of belief a Jewish individual has. When it comes to politics, (((they))) could either be neocons, cuckservatives, lolbergtarians, "centrists", nihilists, demoshits, commies but all of them hate National Socialism because it's very verbal and critical to their own race. A Jew who doesn't practice Judaism doesn't take away the Jewry out of their blood, same thing with their political positions as I've mentioned.

Any information on "mgtow" being made by kikes and using group-hypnosis types of tactics?

Oh and another thing, what did the jews do before the holocaust to internationally kvetch and escape from blame?

Yes, it makes you dumber and less fit. It's degenerate.

You talking about this user?

What about german beer?

Does there exist an English translation of the Talmud that is literalist and not completely sugarcoated?
It would be nice to be able to point to specific verses in scripture when asked why I think kikes are abhorrent.h

Was the japanese yen artificially inflated during he meiji era like the chinese manipulate their currency today? I don't have the resources to look in to this but I'm guessing that being a cheap labor whore for whitey back then probably meant you had to do the same things to grow your country.

Yes even german beer makes you stupid and less fit just like any other beer. It's degenerate.

I was a religious studies major before a public policy one and visited a few synagogues. The Talmud is enormous by being volume upon volume and tome upon tome long (they're actually scrolls), and it's a right of passage to be able to read from it. There is no way juden would allow the goyim version to be translated correctly word for word even if you find one. There are a lot of synopsis by juden though and it's for kiddie and goy evangelicals.

why is there someone shilling chainlink?

Someone posted a Bruce Schneier talk about the NSA recently. He mentioned a litany of pervasive and complex surveillance and exploitation programs they have. All very dystopian. It made me wonder, what if almost all of it is bullshit? What if all these "leaks" from Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, et al. were part of a disinformation campaign to paralyze the American public with paranoia and feelings of helplessness.

Consider the following:

My gut feeling is that Snowden and Greenwald are just creepy Jews LARPing plucky truth-seekers to inflate the perception of US SIGINT capabilities while the reality is the NSA just has an unlimited budget so they pay exorbitant costs for bogus contracts to bribe telecoms and tech into fucking over their users when the NSA asks. Most crypto techniques probably work just fine and TOR is just a honeypot. What say you, user?

Not so much a question, I just wanted to share this without shitting up the board with a needless thread.

Is that some delicious Silent Hill OC?

since it is open source, please point to the sections of code that support your claim?

Other than that, it all depends on how competent you think the NWO is. The technical capability is definitely there, so is the money to accomplish it. Being able to sift through the mountains of data to find the interesting stuff, maybe but maybe not. East Germany had a pretty advanced surveillance network and that was many decades ago. I think a Limited Hangout is more likely, most of the things Snowden revealed are pretty boring to anyone who already assumed they were spying on us.

As funny as that is, I don't think we should ever glorify their retarded capeshit flick.

A friend of mine made it, and encouraged me to share it. I agree, it's funny.

Are there any guides for white flight from commiefornia cities/ liberal shitholes? I'm hoping to move elsewhere to buy a cheap home to prep for the market crash compared to property shekel-snag that I see fucking everywhere here.

How do I stop/prevent mind-numbing boredom?

In the off chance that he doesn't do so yet, encourage him to open commissions and make some side money with art (eventually, could be a full time job, again if it isn't already).

Post that on boorus tho, it's too good to be lost to the memory hole. Gelbooru/Danbooru/Sankaku Channel. Just tag it and leave it there so it stays for eternity and your friend gets immortalized in the weeb smut dungeons of the web.

You're bored because you aren't doing anything. Go do something, preferrably something just a bit too hard for you. Let's say you kinda like electronics but never gave it a shot. Build your own bluetooth/wifi controlled RGB lamp, and code your own app to control it. This is "almost too much" for a novice, but obviously not really impossible. Then when you finish that, you look at the lamp you made and feel proud.

Don't waste your life doing nothing. Go and take on a challenge that you know you'll lose.

You need to pick and do one thing at a time. I know this can be difficult, because it seems like you're missing out on something that may be more important by choosing one thing to the exclusion of everything else, but look at people who have attained mastery over niche subjects: they're still capable people, often with skills they did not directly aim at acquiring, but acquired nonetheless. This is because nothing you do in life is quarantined from everything else you do. You will gain unexpected insight about the importance of other skills/topics/whatever as you delve deeper into a single project. Focusing in on, and completing something will give you direction that you currently lack.

Even if where you're at is just playing a video game and definitively realizing when you're done that it's a waste of your time, you've at least accomplished that. You know for sure you need to stop that activity in favor of another. The elimination of useless things is as important as the discovering of useful things, in fact it is required. So don't be afraid to zero in on something so as to fully understand it, because you will either realize you don't need it and can move on to something else, or you will find what you were meant to do (at least for a time), acquiring a more complete worldview and expanded skill set.

One thing is for sure: not picking something will guarantee you remain mediocre/bad at everything.

Shit the bed on formatting there. One thing at a time, user.

Already did, more commonly known as a master's degree in architecture. I only have to work for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. I got time and money to burn but idk what to burn it on.

And even when I have multiple days off, I have a considerable amount in the stock market so I really don't have to worry about a lack of income.

What is the basic holocaust revisioning literature one should read?

Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but The Greatest Story Never Told is great for degunking all of the "Allies" propaganda you've been spoonfed since a child. Episode 21 deals with the lolocaust in the most detail, but it's hit on throughout.

If you want more detail follow up with reading The Leuchter Report.

the only problem with TGSNT is that instead of properly identifying jews as fomenting DNC by killing a few hundred Germans in Poland it says Poles did it and that it was even encouraged by command

I think you've taken the full redpill my friend.
Just like saying that "jews own all media, all government, all finance" is a gross oversimplification of the fact that some men are just parasites, and while some races are more prone to being nothing but parasites, all races have individuals who can and do act like parasites.

I've already watched TGSNT, I was looking something that went deeper on the holocaust question itself.


its yet another case of jews accusing others of what they are doing. I wonder if anyone has turned up trs's antifa and splc connections yet?


Pay a programmer to implement $RAR3$*1 support in hashcat. That shit should have been done ages ago.

What time frame did we learn about CTR? I just saw a heavily viewed youtube asshole referencing it.

Fuck the Likes

*fuck the kikes.

This is the same shitty logic that's used to defend systemd, wangblows, OSX, jewtel, AES, or any other software project that has major government backing. And guess what, all of them are compromised.
TOR started as a closed source project funded by United States Naval Research Laboratory.
The US military doesn't release the patents unless a vulnerability has been discovered.

And what do you know, there's been a string of vulnerabilities discovered, the biggest is unpatchable:
We know the NSA collects all data.
We know that nearly every ISP has massive government contracts.
We know that Five Eyes is a thing.
We also know that the US pays attention to VPN providers.

TOR is useless in masking your activities from government spying.
Where TOR is useful is the dissemination of information. Faceberg, Kikker, and random site #6,000,000 can't effectively stop TOR posting.

I love reading analysis by obviously ignorant individuals who don't know a bit from a byte. Your FUD is the best because there are lots of people just like you, with no actual understanding of how computers or networks work, so it resonates especially well with them.

Stick to what you know, or continue shilling if that's what you are being paid for.

This may be sort of a dumb question.
But what if Indians (First Nations) were being actively pushed into work in the natural field (wildlife).
Pushing Indians to inspire to be Rangers, Park Ranger, Forest Wildfire Fighters, and various field work jobs that take data on the land and animals.

Would they actually start being put to use and learn to become a respectful people again?

Next thing you'll tell me is that TrustZone and IME aren't compromised. Some vulnerabilities have already been released.
Blocking requires filtering. If you have direct control of ISPs Any telcom worker can tell you the US government has nearly unlimited access to ISP data., you can identify the people using TOR.

You exhibit bluepill-tier thinking, as expected from a torpedo. The US government already knows you post here.

Hey frendz, I know there are a lot of Holla Forums books on /pdfs/ and many are a great read, but they often focus on isolated events, Solzhenitsyns book that just got translated being a good example (only Russia-related), or holohoax-centered, (name of nationalist leader)-centered, etc. Is there some kind of giant book or pdf out there that goes through all the Jewish plots in human history, even to the point that on one particular topic (lets say, something not even that covered as often, like gradual subversion of Jordan), they mention all or most of the important events that occurred to make this happen, and postulate on how it served Zionist interests (now or later on), etc. Thanks!

What's the wildest idea you're willing to entertain?
For me, probably DUMB's. It seems reasonable that those trillions of dollars in black money have yielded something of value but I'm hesitant to attribute human ingenuity to aliens or anything like that.

Checked and also what a redpill.

I don't know if there's a book like the one you're looking for, but there's really only one Jewish plot that's been ongoing for as long as there have been Jews, and it's detailed in "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" (thoroughly disproving this nonsense that jews are incapable of long term planning; seriously stop repeating this stupid claim, the Jews are operating on a timescale much longer than anyone else). It doesn't matter if the book is legitimate, because it perfectly matches reality.

Is it possible to use the white people with disabilities to create the off grid communities for themselves and we just live there? No one can accuse them for being white supremacists that way. I have seen a lot of people with disabilties living in their knitted communities refuse to rent the rooms or houses to the niggers and the cops tend to sympathise with them.

you know what I keep hearing
jews are more intelligent
jews this jews that
every time i look up research the fact is they are below average whites and have less top tier geniuses than whites as a percentage AND they are less numerous
im sick of apologetics for jews

go ahead and try, if you must

Do you have a wife? Get a young wife with good genes that wants kids, and make kids, then keep making kids as long as its possible, feed them well and train them.

Do any of Arno Breker's statues exist as 3D models? Even just recreations of them? Would love an excuse to own a 3D printer.

Honest to God, that line of thought never really tickled my fancy.

It's not about intelligence, in the sense of being able to invent utilities or further develop the sciences… its about their competency as parasites.

Will earthquake trigger a supervolcano eruption in Yellowstone Park?

Does supporting Christian missions to the jews count as turning the golem on its master, or is it just cucking to the beast?

called it months ago

Converted or not, ethnic jews will always be ethnic jews, and therefore untrustworthy- but anything that disrupts organized official jewry is good in my book.

I got a water distiller and what little I read there's 2 sides, one's saying it flushes out all minerals in your stomach and it'll kill you, and the other saying it only flushes the harmful toxins. Who's wrong and right? Is it essential that I add salt or trace minerals in the water? As soon as I had a sip I felt my stomach clear up and I blew the nicest fart lel.

I know which one you're talking about. Try startpage

What are some plans for fixing Chile's race problem?

Let Chile sort it out.

Could someone post the picture that says "You wouldn't let negros to your neighbourhood. Don't let them in your mind" ?

Woman with headphones on, negros at a neighbourhood

Have anyone tried this? I am curious to find this out.

Some anons that are part jew have done this to some success, Holla Forums doesn't accept them as hwhite though.

How's the people with disabilties treating partial jew anons?

You have money and time. You can do things in the here and now. But at some point, you'll get old, and then die. Whatever you've done will stay in the present, which very soon is the forgotten past.

If you breed your own little time-soldiers, they'll advance into the future with your time and your resources and multiply those, to carry out the grand vision you have in a way that you wouldn't be able to.

Don't fight the battle of a lifetime. Wage war across several generations.


Yes, yes, all in due time. That's why surrogacy, gene editing, and nannies are still a thing. So if worse comes to worst, I can always buy/build the most genetically superior children. No worries about that, mate.

He's also a cross dresser if I recall. Go check /cow/ for the (((Skeptic *tm*))) threads.

There is no time left.

I get it. Your dick gets hard when you think about kids. Can we please move on?

What are some of the best and easiest arguments against muh russia collusion for use on normalfags? I suspect I'll need to know in the near future.

He meant the partial jew living in the white people with disabilities community. Some of the communities is xenophobic even to the white people without the disability.

Does anyone have those image macros from Iron March about Julius Evola and race? The format was a fedora saying something like "Julius Evola didn't believe in biological race!" and then a quote from Evola demonstrating that actually he did. There was a few of them.

How do I tell if a bot is spamming a thread? Are there keywords they use? What do they say? What triggers their appearance?

moishe pls go

Are there any real, proven methods to make your benis bigger?

There aren't any, because Trump is a money laundering puppet of the Russian Kike billionaire mafia.

Same goes for you

You could fuck and breed like a rabbit for all I care. More or less, I couldn't give a shit. Personally, I want them as late in life as possible.

oh OK thanks Holla Forums

Could this be a binaural beat?

Could a good troll op be to divide the niggers and feminists with pointless pop culture nonsense? Get them to argue over dumb shit like if Black Panther or Wonder Woman is the greatest film of all time? They seem to think that bullshit matters , hell even toss the last jedi into the pile.

Peter Winter's The Six Million: Fact or Fiction is the best overview I'm aware of. You can read it on his website or get a physical copy from The Barnes Review.

I've read the last two in reverse order, i.e. CoC then SAID. I don't think I was too confused, but hard to say how I'd feel had I done the opposite.

I start with CoC, it's more relevant to today.

r/ing webm or mp4 of the video here: chicagotribune.com/news/chicagoinc/ct-met-rauner-chocolate-milk-0223-chicago-inc-20180222-story.html

oh OK thanks /jewishrussianoligarchpol/

Go back to neopets , faggot

fuck wrong thread

No because there are far better options

Okay, have fun with a 20 year old wife when you are 60.

Anybody have a link to all the omniphi video's? Or somewhere to download them? Thanks.

Can you guys think of anything more jewish?

- t. Republikike

"Lost child's echo" 3L from the album "toho bossa Nova"

Can someone explain how jews aren't white? I assume that it's DNA-based and based off the fact that they don't have white interests in mind, to say the least, but am I missing anything?

When did you realize Pilot G-2s are overrated meme pens? I used to use them all the time but they would always leave my work splotchy. I use thinner pens now.

Thought on tattoos? I’ve been considering one for a little while, but I really can’t make up my mind. Thinking about a totenkopf, for what it’s worth.

Am I the only one who thinks that that Scott Israel looks like James Alefantis?

one third of the holocaust is great, go watch that.

I don't want to make a thread for this, but isn't the whole "everyone who disagrees with me a Russian Bot?" thing really exploitable? Can't it be used to destroy Twitter and Facebook? I imagine telling people that they've been gamed by Russians on Twitter and Facebook this whole time, and that most of it is fake Russians, would get people to flee both sites.

are you assuming that normietards that lean towards leftism are going to listen to reason?

I don't have one yet and was strongly against them for personal reasons when I was younger.
Here is the list of steps I would go through before you get one, barring financial considerations:
- Am I getting it to show how badass I am to random strangers I don't know? (If yes, don't get it)
-Will I be proud to show to my kids and will I be okay with coworkers knowing about it? (If yes, consider how it will look on you when you are 60+)
-Am I actually getting it on a place that will show it off to strangers anyway? (below elbow on arms, below knee, chest/back for males)(Will I give a fuck if it is seen, is there any way I would change my mind later and want to remove it?)

youre the only cuck that is celebrity worshipping on Holla Forums right now

nice spam fucker

hi moishe
you arent white because you are at most highly racemixed with europeans but you have lots of non european mixed into you as well

I can't
they seem to be cashing out early

google them they had a website last i checked


So will republicans sweep the current elections?

Does anybody have the video of the welsh politician exposing the kalergi plan to the EU
? can't find it on jewtube even though i had it liked. Thanks

I think this too, but he's at worst, neutral to us, at best an ally.

Weird question, but what is American culture? Not trying to start shit, but it seems like the current culture is a poor and infectious meme. I see more or a division of subcultures rather than a unifying and identifiable culture. It feels like there is nothing more to it than consumerism that leaks into other countries. Things like punk rock for example. Sorry if I phrased this question strangely.

They're white because Europeans got conned into using a color as some kind of identifier. You don't see chinks calling themselves yellows do ya?

Now we're fucked because our self-appointed leaders are a bunch of retards.

>what is (((American culture)))?
>(((consumerism))) that leaks into other countries.
what is rootless international jew

nailed it

Talmud is expression of idealogy, but that expression derives from genetics, so what is Jewish genetics?

“No one can deny that the Jews are a most unique and unusual people. That uniqueness exists because of their Edomite heritage. You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. Our mentality is of Edomitish character, and differs from that of an Englishman. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.”

—Manifesto of the “World Jewish Federation,” January 1, 1935, through its spokesperson, Gerald Soman

What is an Edomite? It is a descendant of Edom, whom is a descendant of Cain, whom is the a mixed race, genetically corrupted, schizophrenic bastard of Eve and Satan.

Story is, after God kicked Satan and his shit rebels to Earth for being shit, they shit up Earth because they were shit. Then God was all "fuck this, imma make Adam with my superior divinity than that shit Satan lol". God showed Adam all the animals and was all "which one gets you hard, bro?" and Adam was all "naaa beastiality lmao", so he made Eve for him to make a point that Satan rebels fucking niggers and cockroaches is fucked up.

Then God told Adam to keep Eve in check, but when Adam empowered Eve to do her own thang, Satan was all, "chek out this fallen angel D" and Eve rode it and spit out Cain. Adam was supposed to curb stomp that bitch, but he cucked, "ya I guess bastard child is cool, maybe I can watch next time". But God said "What the Fuck, Adam! I told you slap that bitch if she gets out of line God Damn it, I mean, I damn it! GTFO!!!111"

And so, God had this rule, "first son must give me the best shit of everything to prove fidelity", but Cain was all, "I can do that, thats not hard lmao", but God said "NOPE yer a bastard, not my son, GTFO with that offering." Cain, being fucking crazy from shit genetics, killed Able out of spite.

And so, spite genetics passed down to Jews is why Jews suck.

Requesting the twitter pic of all the wymyn having sex dreams about Trump. I need to view their salt again.

Can anyone give me insights on economics, taxes, etc? Is VAT better than an income tax? Should taxes be abolished? Should Corporations pay taxes? Where can I learn more about this? Is UBI retarded or an actually good idea?

American "Culture" doesn't exist. It's a product the Jews made in the 1910's that thoroughly eroded what the Native American created 300 years prior, and first turned it into a consumerist state worshiping cult that foreign ethnic groups from Europe and elsewhere could be accepted into. Then it turned into full blown consumerism in the 1940's with literally nothing else behind it, and now it's just advanced with even more jewish messages over the decades.

So you're right, it is nothing but endless consumerism, and a multitude of subcultures that are meant to erode the trust between the native group where it is exported to. American Culture died well over 100 years ago with the replacement of the Native American.

Right now? A meaningless mess. It used to be the rebellious spirit of freedom above all other virtues. USA is young, so it didn't have time to create traditions that aren't extensions of European traditions. Take Punk Rock, that was probably a British thing first.

this seriously sounds like an antiwhite lefty wrote it
fess up user

keynesianism is the bright, genius even, idea that if we just pay people to dig ditches to reduce unemployment, we will increase wealth

are a way for a mafia that calls itself the ruling government, to extort
if they exist at 10 years no more, just like everyone else
if they exist longer, no amount of taxes paid by them will matter as they will infiltrate government and society to make the taxes just a net sum of their operating procedure
use some logic, youll need to study taxes of everything
have you heard of a place called Holla Forums?
of course, it doesnt stop the mega rich from fucking you

white just means european
leftypol go home


how fucked is sweden
can anyone give me a clear answer?

definitely psy op

An observation I've made when it comes to cultural movements, is that because the US very powerful in exporting culture, but generally resists importation until something reaches a critical mass and is sufficiently different. Because people simply copying something we've already done is uninteresting and outdated, very rarely do other places manage to actually influence us in a big way. Only when they've innovated on it will it find it's way back.
I know it may not seem like it sometimes, but remember that we are posting on a chan, and are exposed to other cultures in a way that is NOT the norm

Take punk culture that you mentioned, what likely happened was punk culture precursors (garage rock) were exported Britain, where they inspired some to take things even further in a unique way, which was then exported back to the US.
When it came to the music in the 60/70/80's, there was an incredibly rapid back and forth exchange between the US and Britain, to the point where it's hard to tell what actually started where.

Early anime is also somewhat of an example of this, where things like fucking betty boop where exported to japan, and ended up had/have a lasting impact on the whole style despite it being nearly impossible to tell at first glance because of how it evolved from that point.

Indeed, USA being the dominant country, exports technological culture across the world.

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