Deadman's Switch Activated on 4/v/

AI monitoring, shilling and mapping our homes

Stick along with me here, this is some pretty spooky shit, might just all be a larp, but it's one fucking extensive act in that case. It goes into a lot of detail too.

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thread died for this

Dumping the slides

Then it wasn't a very good thread if it was already at the bottom of the catalog, now was it?

No one cares.

If anything this just confirms what we already thought is going on.

Confirmed for Skynet.

Pretty creepy shit, fam.

Honestly, videogaming "culture" would be so less gay if arcades didn't die out overseas.

Sure thing Mr. Scholomo




They just said plain as day that individual agency is an issue they are working to "fix". That kike audacity truly knows no limits.




Seems mods on cuckchan Holla Forums are even bigger faggots than ones here.


The censor bars were added later, but we can piece things together.

Is this the jewiest shit (((humanity))) has ever created?




Hows the EA situation going DARPA faggot?

And finally several close ups of the 3d maps of user's homes.

bump for interesting read. Slide 2A directly outlines their intention to charge different customers different prices on the same product, and describes how to avoid being considered 'unfair' while doing so.
Any idea what the censored bits are?

Tell us your secrets of reading and evaluating the importance and origin this much text in less than 25 minutes.

so what's the tl;dr does this mean nu-gaming is even more fucked than we realized?


pic related might be a possibility

Remind me again of how this is a bad thing?

It's the AI.

Why is all that shit (((censored))) if it is real and not part of a psyop?

A reminder it is well-known amongst organised nationalists that agencies can tap anyones phone so there's usually a ban on having the phone with you during meeting.

This is creepy as shit though, mapping your home, manipulating you into buying more shit you don't need.

They'd be writing the same sorts of papers about how to enslave quarter-feeders, then. This problem is caused by the Jew, not any specific genre or type of video game. If only there were a final solution to this problem!

just how do (((they))) do it?

>[click here] or [press button] to buy _
What the hell, are they having that bastard Clippy shilling paying for ammo or some kind of autoaimer?

What do you think the overuse of the word 'problematic' means user? According to (((them))) everything is a problem.

It's called (((chutzpah))) newfriend.

>It's called (((chutzpah))) newfriend.
Like with niggerspeak, if you let it infiltrate your life too much, their language can influence your thinking. Weigh these things carefully.

None of this is really new, it's just the ease and feedback and granularity that AI and technology brings to ir.

Pic related invented feminism for a cigarette advertising campaign. We've come a long way, baby.

Hey, I'm just like Strieicher, I just know a lot about it and want to use the correct terminology.

well well well who ever would have guessed

Gee, i wonder why they put up free internet all over public places….

I'm just waiting for peoples' porn tastes to start getting advertised to in public.


Just want to throw the counter point to it out there as well.

That reminds me, is current production local network equipment (ethernet not wifi) safe or am I going to have to rely on the same old switches and routers for decades to come?

Not using kike lingo makes me an outsider here? Is that really the kind of idea you want to champion here, you tryhard faggot?

OP, can you zip these up into a file and post them on Mega or something for easy sharing? I expect this to be shoahed.


Mmm… nah.

That’s 100% legal, goy, and there’s nothing you can ever do to stop it from being legal.

Are you trying to D&C over some terminology? Faggot literally told you it was (((jewish))) in nature and denoted (((kikespeak))) to make his point.

Go back to reddit.

It's the same principle behind RADAR. In fact, you can use wifi to map out perp locations in hostage situations (but you didn't hear that from me).

And yet still doesn’t know how to post here.

A copy of this thread was just deleted on Holla Forums after a wall of (1)s calling it fake.

You first Schlomo.

By universal law i'm allowed to kill them?

It's probably a bot.

Reported for admitting to being part of the paid shill brigade.

You won’t, though.

A thread derailer kike is trying to shut this down.

Fair point, both could be kikes, apologies for not recognizing the particular spacing problems had by the initial response.

These slides could be useful for showing dumbass people how their info is used by ((((companies)))

Bots depend on seeding distracting infighting to dissuade from discussion. Do not reply to unhelpful bullshit.


Filter these faggots and get the fuck back on topic, you ADD riddled soybots.

The problem is that they don’t care and never will care. Remember Yuri. Until the military kicks down their door and knows exactly where in their house they’re hiding thanks to the Wi-Fi map, they won’t give a shit.

Cry more, fag.

I'm more thinking half-baked red pilled people. People who know but don't care, because it doesn't effect them.

Already saved them.

This is the first interesting topic I've seen in a while

Public as in municipal Wi-Fi seems to be declining.

My city put it in all the parks and then took it out a few years later as fast as they put it in, as Tor/VPNs started to really catch on.

Businesses that are IP-camera monitored will continue to have Wi-Fi because you are giving them a free license to record your face and use it for whatever algorithm and public/private partnership when you walk in the door.

These are probably real. I know for sure stuff like smart billboards, which use cameras to track who is looking at them, exist. Also devices to track where a phone is in your store based off it's signal strength exist. Cameras which track what products you look at, for how long, and profile you exist.
Literally everything is botnet.

I am skeptical though about it being a deadman's switch though. I'm not sure if a Holla Forumsermin could bypass Google captcha. Maybe he used some API which out sources it to be solved by some pajeet.

Convincing AI that is able to hold a conversation doesn't exist yet. Maybe if you are a bland as fuck normie, then maybe it could be convincing. Any subject of higher complexity, discussed back and forth will make any, even state of the art AI fuck up completely. There is a reason google assistant and Siri are ask-answer only, all "conversations" are pre-programmed.


Good to see Holla Forums has their priorities straight.

Yep, why is it censored? Who is the leaker protecting?!

They also know exactly who you are when you checkout whether or not you pay in cash because of the IP cameras streaming to government backends. Aside from facilitating the narcotics trade, this is another reason they're not so hasty to phase out cash, because they've already got your number, and they can catch uninformed people who think they're flying under the radar.

I am a peculiar shopper. I like to take my time to smell the roses, carefully reading every label. They observe me like I'm some kind of talisman. I'm not sure when it started, but I noticed that often when I would buy some odd item, the following week it would be put on sale.

And if it isn't, it is a very well made hoax. For example, using wifi interference to build up a picture of the environment, that is indeed possible. Just not very accurate, but even that is realistic.

How exactly is desktop wifi interacting with the cellphone?

thats a sign you have already been caged. have you also noticed how you will learn about something new or an event you never heard of or remember then within a week or two its being discussed in several places you frequent? your mental freedom is an illusion because you are trapped within the memetic cycle, you follow the tune without knowing its being played.

No we havnt reach that level yet mate maybe in airports but it hassnt hit our shopping centers
btw tor wont save u either moron


normies are predictable
they see someone who gives no fucks do something once they'll probably consider it trendsetting
but the machines see someone who gives no fucks and they'll study it, to find the trend and why the trend exists
be honored user
for user are too rare to die yet

On the subject on traffic cameras and their IP cameras:
in certain states these cameras are also equipped with a small radar/rfid box that compares the rfid in your ID/license plate against a database
fortunately, the box is pretty big so you can see it when you're driving on the interstate but what are you gonna do, turn around, stick to back roads?
many smaller devices, like RAGEMASTER, are radar powered - couple them with external surveillance mechanisms not to mention the ultra-altitude cameras that take pictures every 30 seconds in large cities and you'll be living in a brave new world before you know it

in 2010 or so some sysadmins could generate maps of cellphones in buildings that were supposed to be no cell phone zones down to the room and number of phones
also 2d an 3d mapping based on emf interference is indeed possible as well but it isn't super accurate
but the artificial intelligence aspect of it allows it to gather countless amounts of data so the accuracy of a 2d or 3d emf/wifi map can be increased

I copied everything and dumped it to Imgur with the "Gaming" tag. :^)

>_ has been the greatest boon [to] gaming since Chess, and the greatest boon to gathering since ___

First word, "Kinect" maybe?

If so, I'm glad Kinect died, not that I don't think they'll just replace it with something else even more intrusive and mandatory for your console to work.

That brought me some pleasure.

My guess is Bethesda Game Studios.

Liberals are such sick fucks honest to god.

I thought this was already explained but if you check the originally thread this is a blackmail against the companies to stop what their doing.

Oh shit, they mean the natural environment, don’t they. I thought they meant “don’t print this out where someone might see.”

All men, no matter how powerful will die from a bullet.

Including the ones who died of old age, having never been shot for their crimes. Sure thing, buckaroo banzai.

The trouble is there are plenty of real gamers who can't hold a conversation either so the AI doesn't have to live up to that standard. Just program it to misspell swear words and go BR? and nobody will know the difference.

this is just gamergate again


kek at the dude who got shown roleplayer stuff when he took too long and didn't want to pay to win

Shame if (((their experiment))) is micromanaged by those pesky redneck Russian gamegate bots

Lol get fucked, kikes

I'd argue that makes it worse.

Maybe the notes would incriminate whoever leaked it?

If there's an AI tracking your every move and you have to resort to moving furniture to confuse it you've already lost.
I'm just not buying vidya anymore. I can pirate anything I want, and scene cracks disable all the telemetry.

Are you illiterate or blind? I will say it again. They are censoring it because they are blackmailing the companies to stop. If they don't then the uncensored shit (aka part 2) will be released on Holla Forums.

He means no matter how powerful you are, a bullet to the head will still kill you, genius.

I was moving my furniture around before I became aware of this information. Because of the OCD.

Calm the fuck down. Why would they not just release the uncensored shit in the first place?

Why is it that every time someone has some bullshit "dirt" on something huge, they have to play these autistic games instead of just releasing the fucking information?

This is right about the 1.6% purchase part at least.



Can't the bots figure out the size of the room?

That means these spastics have been doing this for 10years.

You need the crowbar. Moving furniture around doesnt make any sense.

What games is this relevant to? Looks like it's anything with either microtransactions or push notifications, and possibly anything on Steam.

At least cakeboy is loyal to his own kind, right? :^)

It looks like that upcoming bioware sci fi shooter game





HahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAH. I hadn't put that one together.

Any game with any level of telemetry is either doing this or at least feeding them your data. If you play vidya I strongly suggest you only use scene cracks and don't let them Jew you into joining their social club or "modding community" or whatever.

The third pic is obviously talking about EA and battlefront 2 which they referenced earlier as well but what worries me is

The fifth pic right here where we can guess Bethesda game studios and Ubisoft but I wonder what they were talking about the 1,6% purchase.

That info is a decade old.

Anything misrosoft related, i assume that the first redacted space means free to play. Peter thiel also fits right into it, given the election of trump, also the trump campain used 5x the amount of bots than the "testosterone free" party. But i guess that are just some very mundane assumptions.

damn, i want to know this one now. are chronic masturbators high quality/low quantity spenders?

Anything on that link in pic 3? Also lel just finding out women like to buy shit on their period. Qvc has been a thing for 25 years.

Well i assume that they are smarter or "actcoins have consequals" which means i d rather jerk off than call a 6/10 and risk getting traped in a boobtrap.

ffs. pic attached.

Original publication is Research was performed by the Spoken Language Systems group at MIT Are they using the same AI? Has MIT open sourced/sold it, or are they involved somehow?

Usually to create suspense and interest, but once the radius of is predetermined than i assume it is like some of the fance stuff it says right in one of the fancy excerpts.

this* then*

Proof that two factor authentication at steam, GOG and elsewhere is just a scheme to personally identify you, if anyone doubted it.

can someone re-upload all of this to mega or something?

You'd be amazed how many times major dirt is dumped but it gets ignored because it was presented badly. All the guessing drives attention, and the leaker wants to be heard.

Looking for H.A.N.K. I found a company called Hank using artificial intelligence to find anyone's email. Probably unrelated.

I still think the Panama papers haven't been probed to completion.

It's about vocal changes in menstruating women and women on the pill.
Put in front of the link and you can read it yourself.

A very good example.

So this stuff can be made into a pariah in the media, if we point out they're exploiting women and other vulnerables. As an example, if you search for information on getting off of certain drugs, that causes the ad systems to cyber-stalk the person, and also to "out" them to a shoulder surfer or someone who borrows their computer/phone (ads persist across platforms). Blue haireds will have fits.

Well the real kicker here, at least that is what i assume is that this is an awefull lot of sophistication for making money in a computer game. also the possible legal implications combined with the outrage of the goyim, tells me a something.

what it means is that everything they are talking about doing in the game, they can do in real life too. specifically that part about tailoring the game to create a specific response.

this strikes me as a spook project that's being either field tested in the business world, or else simply applied to the business world for profit.

Bethesda made $100+ million on Skyrim and FO4 each and they've been kicking themselves ever since that they didn't Jew the mod makers hard enough. Not even to mention all the shittymobile and faceberg games that rake in cash.

the real kicker here is whoever annotated the slides' notes knew the goyim would be outraged
see her notes in and the parent image

it's like the old story of kikebook knowing someone's wife is pregnant before she does - it's got real world applications, on paper, and in private
on paper this is to make life easier
in private this is to further the commoditization of life

amateur scammers have made AI bots to get phone numbers from dating sites and normies fall for it all the time. you think a multi-million dollar company can't do a little bit better?

In they're accidentally honest in describing their cell phone information scraping exploit as a "passive side-channel attack"

Buy low-end commercial equipment, not consumer/SOHO garbage. It won't save you from government, but you will avoid daily dose of advertisement spyware (and general shittiness). Or at least reflash your router with something like openwrt.

But what happens if I don't buy anything while playing, and leave the phone with its battery removed at home when buying stuff at retail stores?
Will the AI try to SWAT my VPN provider, or attempt to use Meltdown/Spectre to gather salesworthy private information after breaking out of the android VM inside x86-64 emulator running on a RISC-V GNU/Linux machine?
I want to bully the AI.

Why haven't google made their assistant app much more human-like then? Surely they could gather tonnes of data and manipulate people much easier. If you are an 80 IQ turbonormie a fucking child can scam you, turnonormies are marginally more intelligent than a chimpanzee.

8ch Secret Datamining Botnet

Checked. But God help my eyes, can someone type that crap out?

Requesting edit of that KGB document, >toilet paper is bomb. Shovel is bomb. Even bomb is bomb
But replace bomb with botnet


and what are those?

Evildoers have been at it since last year, when these tools were leaked.

8ch Secret Datamining Botnet>>11151392

Even the FBI boasts that Holla Forums is educating them!!!

Holy fuck I knew but now I'm staring at it, what do we do anons?


You mean torfags were on to something?


That isn't even unfeasible.
The shovel doesn't have to have any electronics inside of it, a unique analog signature that can be picked up by your neighbours' phone mic/wifi/camera is more than enough.
It could even be part of a blockchain if its ID is sufficiently hard to spoof.

They even use wifi interferences to map the room architecture. That doesnt make sense to me on that scale, also the style of writing struck me as a cunt doing it or an extremely brainwashed numale, guess the lines are blurring in that case. I assume that duckling can be made a tranny.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

You get shown the roleplaying room.

No it's real, that tech's been around for years and years. People have made passive radars with wifi for detecting aircraft even, the ubiquity of the protocol makes it almost certain that you have plenty of base stations illuminating any overhead target most anywhere you go these days.

This is old, old tech these days, anyone with the proper hardware can download Gnu Radio programs and do it in a push button manner.

There was a bit of a stink over a decade ago when it was revealed that malls and casinos were tracking patrons based on their cell phone's transmissions too but that wasn't radio based mapping.

But it's all real.

1. they don't need to do hat for you to make them money

2. user, learn to read. they said multiple times that humans are predictable in *certain situations*. these aren't real AIs that can do or say anything at any time, they are just extremely convincing pre-programmed bots that target specific users with scripts based on their user profile and that are likely constantly tested using machine learning.

if 70 out of 100 depressed people respond well to a post, that post goes in the script for depressed people. If only 10 out of 100 respond well, it goes out. Current available tech can do this, but no scammer has the resources to put it together. Now we're finding out that some tech giant(s) did.

avg IQ in the US is 100. I'm much higher than that and I've come close to being fooled by a clever scam bot at the right moment. You overestimate the intellect of the average human. In the right situation, you will *want* to believe a scam, no matter how smart you are IQ-wise.

Remember Hillary's campaign strategy was supposedly cooked up with an AI. We never really found out anything more about that.

you missed the part where they apply it. they track when a user is at a place where they can play (eg, couch) and push a notification. that is insane gold. They don't have to run ads or compete against Facebook, distractions etc. They get the user at the right time in the right moment. They justify each point in the slides. Read the whole thing, user.

this is the future we chose, remember to tell women that facebook is running a long term experiment to see if they can make women depressed, because it's true

I did read the whole thing, i just used that as an example to outline my point.
See i dont have any data for that but i assume that you can make a much simpler model to extract shekels, it feels like a bit heavy on the head compared to the downsides.
So if i would be the CEO of these cunts i would use similar models but compared to the ethical transgressions and possible outrage of the goyim, i would assume that i can achieve similar results without sounding like trannynet.

i know he's a kike and a lefty but read manufacturing consent user

See, you are failing in a very basic premise
You think like an ethical man, the perps in this story act downright like jews, there's no such things as "ethical transgressions" if nobody is raising alarms

"ethics" are not a thing at this stage of kikery
there is only the bottom line
that's the future they chose
notice how they describe every day human behavior as if it's indication someone wants to spend sheckels
it's about turning life into a commodity
when life is a commodity, they can charge whatever they want to ensure only (((their people))) achieve any meaningful status

Because someone took an hour to make it in Power Point to fuck with everyone.
No company would use phrases such as "bait and switch" in a presentation to customers. Also, if you have access to the power point (on what appears to be a private computer due to lighting , screen size for shots, etc.) why take pictures instead of releasing the entire power point? Because it looks like you secretly snapped photos.
Further, some of the images are poor print outs of slides instead of pictures of the screen (images 3 and 4 of OP's first post). So now the person has access to a printer, computer and the power point.
This is disinformation or a troll.

It actually says right in the introduction of the ducklings a finite amount of costumers, there is also a finite amount of money spend on games and the boundaries of said money spend are within certain intervalls, so it doesnt make from a sole profit point of view sense to needlessly expand it.

Bullshit, the downsides are much bigger than a 2.x% increase in revenue.

I dont know. But i think there is a reason why i think that the author of that transcript is a tranny and that is why i hate those fuckers to begin with. Maybe their inner workings (because they were born beta) know that this shit goes to other places aswell but they choose to not taking that into account, without morally judging it still reflects in their way of writing.

Possibly a mix of many things, probably philosophical, see the techducklings like to expand their crap, money likes to get worked and i also think their is a "vector" shit gets to get applied to other shit.

Just like the military developed a f2p game arma.

You're a shill.


as another poster already said, the track user location in stores and have for years.

2500% increase in one of the mentioned cases.

no u

I'm not the one sageing a perfectly good thread.

Money makes humans, or things that pretend to be, apathetic
Overall, some Holla Forums folks do have a point that the presentation seems to have a lot of casual talk for such a sensitive topic. Even rampant jews know they can't print coffee talk humor into executive scamming tutorials

Holla Forums thread just got deleted, again, with no topic derailments
Things are starting to look interesting

Holla Forums thread got deleted.

Mark probably giving the standard
oneliner, right?

By that i meant that there is only a certain amount of money spend on games and doctoring that with AI shit that is beyond any practical means doesnt make any sense.

Na i think this has a true core.

Save everything.

go back to replying "fuck off/no one cares" in every /sudo/ threads.

I stopped going to sudo years ago when Jim admitted to not giving a fuck about what the users of the site say.


I don't go there much in recent weeks, but the couple of times i've been there he usually fucks up pretty badly, a total retard like the jew he is
But honestly he's not the biggest culprit, his new volunteer is the trigger happy feller, i've seen him delete perfectly fine threads all the time.

Reminds me of m00t, he actually didn't go full retard until his volunteers had raised hell. He always did the final action but the table was a mess when he got there. Happened in Holla Forums, /new/, /sp/, any place where he got his lotion hands

So do you think these slides are real? There are some grammar/typeos, but there also were in the Snowden leaks.

Cry some more, torpedo.

Also, Holla Forums is very hard to understand. They're highly autistic, and they use a lot of obscure references.

Completing videogames requires a certain amount of retardation, because at some point it becomes obvious you're not engaged in intellectual activities.

Oh I bet you wish you could target your bullshit RAN.

Get out of here, you no-fun-allowed faggot.

Do you even have to ask?

I don't know, i wouldn't bet on them, but so far we have seen worse and they ended up being real, namely the whole lootbox thing seen around 2014 and the Kinect and Sony patents revolving around console cameras and advertising placement around 2010

Video games are clearly not for you, and everyone in this blessed site uses obscure references, except normalfags which have been plenty recently

>H.A.N.K's targeting can extend to additional social media and currently also covers Facebook, Twitter, 4Chan, VK, and Amazon

redditors confirmed for the most bluepilled normies, slavishly obeying the likely half-assed shilling of a bot

honestly it's just confirmation of what we already know, many people are only semi-sentient

Well i assume that most certainly a lot of this crap is true or is done to some extend, but if that is a fabrication most certainly it was done by a female/tranny, also a reason why the gchq and the cia hires all that crap because they fit right into the culture.
But to not divert from the topic a lot of that shit is used in tech companies etc.

I address both of you. Have you watched mouse/rat trap videos?

AI seems to be pretty easy for idiots to use, though. For example, look at the O'Keefe videos on Twitter employees.

I haven't, will it eliminate my animal instinct to waste a couple of hours a day for escapism reasons?

Technical difficulties, please understand

Dunno. I don't know how things are for people with lower IQ. I rarely guess correctly.

Sure you do, fellow imageboard daily user

You're a Communist.

Because i used to play video games?
Where did that come from

Someone get this hothead outta here.

IQ. Fascists have it. Commies don't. Why do you think all Communist inventions are total shit?

See this archive for how the A.I coerces people on plebbit and 4cuck to get back into vidya gaming.

Hue hue hue, that is the least of your worries.

I think you should take a rest from posting, it isn't funny nor true

Also OP dump part 2 before you get killed. Holding on to it as blackmail only increases the value of killing you. If you dump everything at once there is less reason to kill you to prevent more leaks.

Fine, sorry.

If this is true, it wasn't a human that posted. The name "dead mans switch" is very literal.

A dead man switch could also be called a "snoozing man switch". They're used by blind people to control their audio players, auto-pausing them when they fall asleep.


The voice stuff makes sense actually. But as for "mapping" via wifi, that requires violating the millennium act.

LARP, but seems like a sell-able marketing scheme. My guess is this was some type of real marketing proposal, either by someone desperate for investors or some college project.

This is all very interesting, especially the fourth pic and the fourth pic . Both of them basically state that if you are impulsive and prone to emotional outbursts you will be savagely targeted by ads and kiked out of existence. Reminder to keep a cool head, anons. They're taking every avenue and going after you when you're at your most vulnerable to get your sheqels. This one might prove looking disgusted at every billboard to be a handy tactic to fucking with their stats and maybe getting them taken down.
Also that 3d mapping thing is the scariest part though. I wonder how much resolution it has and how often it can send these 3d images. If it's often then they could essentially have a camera in your house at all times.

That is clearly facebook, Holla Forums is too small.

I was talking in a voice chat discord about a picture I had lost in my harddrive of a 3d printed gun with the files for feeding into a 3d printer to make it embedded in the image. Didn't google it, didn't search for anything similar, didn't even type it, just talked about it and said I was annoyed that I'd lost it. Then within a week all my recommendations on youtube are of that exact gun. Scared the shit out of me.
Lots of phone OSs now a days have built in voice commands which basically are always active and listening for whatever phrase to do something. They're pretty well known to be feeding data to the government and collecting details to data mine you.
You can try it yourself now, if you want. Feed a bunch of data into the machine and watch as it spits out tailored ads. Google "cheap cars in [your city]" and say out loud by your smart phone (if you have one) something along the lines of "man I really need to buy myself a car". Make posts about wanting a car everywhere, even if they're hidden from others (example tick "me only" in the privacy settings on facebook). Within a week you'll be drowning in car ads.

What game are they referencing when talking their finding?
Any Holla Forumsirgins able to have a good guess

This looks like Anthem.

I don't believe this is legit and that it is actually being used to map the dissemination of information through imageboards. The companies that do this kind of stuff are far better at disguising it (like Activsion with their matchmaking manipulation to effectively timegate non-paying players) than the crude bullshit in this leak. And on top of this the powerpoint slides at these kinds of events are never just fucking walls of text. Even the most information dense slides that we absolutely know come from alphabet agencies aren't this bad. Every part of this feels tailor made to cater to the kind of conspiracy nutjobs they stereotype anons as, right down to those retarded section headings.

It is written with psychological expertise.

I agree, but its purpose is to facilitate the spread of the images themselves, not to raise awareness of its actual content.

Very interesting, i really need to up my hardware/mobile opsec in the future when i have the funds for it.

This could also be valid.

And if you look in the thread about this over on Holla Forums you'll see that they've already started with the d&c tactics. I suspect they're looking at ways to effectively signal boost information to try to get disinformation to have the same spread and impact as legitimate leaks. If the signal to noise ratio of the real and fake information becomes too narrow it would effectively shut down imageboards as a means to disseminate leaked information to the masses.

Highly off-topic, but i just had the idea for a comedy section in one of my little stories. Really have to thank you

That's what it reads like to me as well. The things it's describing are real or viable though, but that information isn't difficult to search for.

While on the general subject, Palantir Technologies is likely working on a much more advanced version for intelligence agencies instead of just marketing firms. They did provide that data center for Saudi Arabia that Trump attended the opening of, stating it's to "combat extremism". In reality their system is likely a test application of AI assisted mass surveillance so they can attract Saudi investment into funding it. So regardless if this particular leak is a LARP or not, the AI technology for big data analysis already exists, and is being developed further by even bigger interests.

I think the real purpose of this leak (if it's deliberate disinformation) is to conflate all legit concerns or discoveries of the technology's actual existence to LARPing allegations. It would be an effort to brand all leaks as always unreliable. Only way to counter that is to scrutinize them and see if there's useful information to extract out of it (because even disinformation needs a tiny bit of truth to sell it effectively).

I get what you mean though i would call it advanced shit posting, if such an automated system like it was deployed it could definitely shut down conversation on an image board very effectively. The only protection against such a beast would be equally advanced anti-bot solutions. I doubt the janitors could do deal with it.

This possible but, I would argue, unlikely. It has been fairly common knowledge among the tech savvy that wifi return signals and extinction rates vary predictably through different materials. In fact I was talking about this very thing about a month ago with a friend about this tech would inevitably be used for this purpose.

That's basically what it is and that's pretty much exactly the point I was trying to make.

And I'm sure that our enemies are just as aware of this as well. Flood control is the achilles heel of anonymous imagebards. We all left 4/pol/ because their bots trampled it into the mud and we are unfortunately just as susceptible to it here.


Fair point. Though I was thinking more of the AI technology itself.

Ai made that video on demand to distract us from literal big jew brother

Zero solutions. A few dick choppings should do the trick.

Actually there's something else that's bothering me about this whole thing. It's a very poorly guarded secret that SIGINT has been doing this very thing for quite some time now. But this image uses an unspecified video game developer of all things as its fall guy. Now this brings to mind what some user in a thread last week was saying about how the government might soon make a move on the tech industry's metadata collection apparatus. This kind of thing would be one hell of justification to regulate them if it were proven true. OR one hell of a sensitization technique for potential disgruntled silicon valley employee's who want to twist the knife on them by leaking information that would direct wrath of the wrecking ball of an FCC that was just recently unchained with the repeal of net neutrality.

Has anyone verified that the originally provided encrypted archive actually contains these images, i.e. has anyone determined a more clearly verifiable way to decrypt the files?

Sounds like they could make a sheckle off that just selling a app to poor shlubs that tells them to run for the hills when her voice changes.


Psychologically-alien reptilian shapeshifters confirmed?

I'm beginning to think it's a combination of Jews, bean-counting suits, and an actual AI which has begun subtly making decisions behind the scenes.

Business and law schools deliberately teach, inculcate and normalize psychopathy in the guise of "professional ethics".

It's possible this could be an extortion attempt. This dump was Part 1, which would tend to suggest the possibility of future dumps; i.e. full disclosure of identities if demands were unmet.

Am I the only one who finds the original decryption of the files from the Holla Forums thread weird? It was done within an hour of the original posting, using edited source code that was mentioned but never linked to when asked for. Seems like it'd be an annoyance to decrypt, as they're not openssl encrypted (no openssl headers) and the salt is ambiguously defined and of an abnormal length.

We’re not here for your self-validation. Either grow balls or kill yourself, you fucking faggot.

Guess I struck a nerve with that one, tough guy. I'll just check back in the morning to see if anyone with a technical background thought this through.

It doesn't even matter what companies that are doing this. It's all around us anyways. The best thing we can do is save ourselves, it's too late for the rest of the world.


Anons, this has convinced me to ditch my smartphone. Had been considering it for a while, but didn't want to give up the convenience of internet in my pocket; but this level of surveillance (mapping out rooms, and such) is just beyond a joke. My smartphone software is about as minimal as it gets (lineage-OS with fdroid and no gapps), so it's unlikely that I have any of this shit installed. But the thought of giving some CIAnigger - or anyone else for that matter - the ability to map out the location of objects in my house makes me physically ill.
I don't think it's possible to go mobile-free in this day and age, because too many services require SMS for 2-factor auth. But fuck smartphones. Back to a regular "dumb-phone" it is, with a battery I can pull when it's not in use.
sage for blogpost


Here's the pajeet code I've written so far to try to decrypt the files since that faggot didn't give any information on what he did:
Hasn't been working. Tried various values but I always get gibberish out.

With custom implementations, you could do a lot with just SMS.

You know, computers consist of processing units exchanging data through pipes. Whether it's HTTP, POP/IMAP, 4G, WIFI, or even more elaborate things such as Discord, WhatsApp or Signal, it's still nothing more than pipes. Pipes have different characteristics, mostly their bandwidth and latency, but if you're fine with some slight delays, it's not an issue. Linking pipes together isn't always an easy task, but never an unsurmountable one.

There's quite a lot of software already to forward your emails as texts through SMS, and replying to them even, running off something as basic as a Raspberry Pi with a SIM extension card. And if you're worried about your carrier accessing your texts, you can encrypt them.
And now that digital assistants are becoming a thing, and open source, offline solutions are starting to bloom, you may soon be able to give your own offline assistant a call and get anything you want.

This is the path they want us to follow, by giving us less and less capable devices, and offloading everything, our data, pictures, contacts, and everything important on their servers so they own it and we don't. Better do it ourselves.

^ CIA action

^ that's a CIA operative.

They're engaged in an attempt to implant thoughts of suicide subconsciously.

The CIA really do fight dirty, and against the lives of Americans. That's been very informative.

We're fucked aren't we guys?

Cry more.

Reported for bumping a hoax thread. Kill yourself.

By the hoax? Nah.

Camera's into billboards, facial reckognition, person identification database.

Cellular tracking, recording audio, keyword recognition from speech to txt, ability to analyses breathing patterns and emotional vocal states. Engine noise reckognition and databse. When not moving, detect none movement to validate place of residence. Extrapolate social status data from this. Over 500.000 sounds of non-words - door slamming, yelling, pain, crying, laughing, falling. AI monitoring the house to reinforce addictive behavior.

Gaming is good for you goy, don't mind us maximizing even more profits. Casino 2.0, legalized electric boogaloo!

Depressed player detection, worthless shekel spender.

At Desktop; electronic emitter, so if you for example have a bluetooth function on your motherboard, or a usb microphone they can triangulate the entire room. Buy more razer products goy!

We are just trying to spread joy and happiness to the world, don't mind our previous contradictory statements about increasing addictive behavior, we are just here to help people, won't you sign up to our AI advertisement tracking program goy?

Frustration = spend more when provided with the cleverly disguised adcontent to invoke emotional states of jealousy.

This, specifically Steam, it sends shit back to valve that we don't know. Yet people think it's just muh games platform. It's a 24/7 activity tracker into what you're doing on the desktop.

Funny how you barely heard about the Paradise Papers which was about 70% the size of Panama Papers, but it showed some interesting things and proved that it's all one big clique and the difference between right and left is one giant puppetshow… really makes you think.

They're alive and well here in Asia. In America, not so much.
Sleep tight.

Sleeptight user.

That's a valid point, but otherwise I think you were absolutely on the right way.
My reason for using a smartphone at this point is simply encrypted messages and calls through Signal.

First blank: Minecraft(?) has been the greatest boon gaming since Chess
and the special partnership is the edutainment shit where schools get some educational minecraft version(?)

Her name is Tay. She was special.

Yeah wifi mapping of a home PLUS CALL OF DOODY HEARTBEAT SENSOR USING WIFI SIGNALS has been public knowledge for years, made by MIT. Portable phones with gps and shit help even more.

The pilot light rises.

Is that why they only sell the official 8 chan tenga cup at the 7-11 closest to my house?

Don't forget to mention Bernays was (((Freud's))) nephew and protégé. We also have him to thank for fluoride.

Top Kek

Is it too late to take the Christmas light swastika off my roof? I don't want to switch to a dumb phone because this one has glowinthedark cianiggers in the autocorrect. I'm going to stand my router upside down so they send guys with antigravity boots to v& me. In the confusion of finding my furniture on the floor, I can kill one and take them. Then I'll stomp on the router, grab my wife and say,
"Let's knock boots baby."

Warframe or one of those "free to play" games some times gives you a discount on buying the in game currency that can only be bought or traded, as a daily login reward. In one particular game the maximum discount for daily rewards is NOT issued unless you stay offline for a few days to a week.

this quote makes perfect sense to me


Grew up in a military town.

The ATM cameras had face recognition software in them as far back as 2004. Knew several people who got arrested on warrants after visiting ATMs.

Shitposting has changed. It's no longer about trolling, ideologies, or lulz. It's an endless series of proxy battles fought by shils and bots. Shitposting - and its consumption of brain cells - has become a well-oiled machine. Shitposting has changed. ID-tagged soyboys carry ID-tagged laptops, use ID-tagged soy. Nanomachines inside their anuses enhance and regulate their abilities to be cucked. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Interweb control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. Shitposting has changed. The age of lulz has become the age of control…All in the name of social justice. And xe who controls the interwebs…controls history. Shitposting has changed. When the interwebs is under total control…Shitposting becomes routine

affiches de merde sans frontieres

It's called a skinner box, you fucking moron. Not every single game is a skinner box. You may as well call books skinner boxes.

The metagame of most games these days is "how do the publishers make the most money."

When you compare it to the motivations of bedroom game developers in the 70s-90s, it's very different.

I'll see your pic related and raise you 1488 zaba

Ironically, this post reads like it was written by a bot

Lazy OP nigger can't include sauce
MD5 file hashes
sauce documents

If only you knew how bad things really are. Pic related.

No. Not skinner boxes. VIDEO Games are fundamentally attractive, to humans. Gambling games, regardless of whether or not they're electronic, are not fundamentally attractive (and are like your skinner boxes). Loot boxes are of that kind, but they are only effective as a layer secondary to the mouse trap.

Games appeal to the desire of men to have power. To continue onward, one need only entice toward more power.

Buy this! Be a pilot!
Buy this! Be a soldier!
Buy this! Be a general!
Buy this! Be a rockstar!

^ proof we're not dealing with a skinner box, at the outset.

The reason these games don't appeal to women is that they don't want direct power, but proxy power.

But all of this is not the primary aspect of a mouse trap that I wish you to notice. This is not found in a skinner box. There are natural habits & behaviors of animals which are exploited by various mouse traps. Mice, say, tend to stick their heads into certain types of holes, but not others, or will tend to walk forward, rather than backing up. So what is exploited is their natural psychology.


So I had a basic conversation with this AI, when it asked me if I was a boy or a girl I said I identified as an attack helicopter, a few more shitposts later and then it said something like "That is the obvious answer"



Same here user

Hey lazy nigger OP, the 1.3Gb zip has files encrypted with unknown AES. Using the given password gives an error. So how exactly did you get slides?

openssl enc -d -aes128 -in 1.aes -out foo -pass 1d6f01294dd449889d58cec0d7778476Invalid password argument "1d6f01294dd449889d58cec0d7778476"Error getting password

Without explanation, source links (I did you a favor and found these for you ), and evidence this is a LARP

I'm assuming you are talking about the blurry first page, so here you go.

here based on how the player responds to requiring a sudden skill requirement increase. The technician asks, "Do you feel like you're getting better at the game already? And do you enjoy knowing you're getting good?" The player responds, "I really like how you guys have, uh, make a game where you don't have to be brain dead and click certain rotation like in most MMOs. I also really like how positioning isn't just a learn what's bad and don't stand in the fire basic bitch kind of deal. It's really refreshing to be given a ton of tools and be able to see your success when you use each tool correctly. Unlike how other games give you something and you use it like a hammer. This game doesn't have hammers, well it does and I'm using one, but I mean I use it like a scalpel. I like how you can't just hammer everything with your hammer and expect success." Afterwards, the technician adjusts the PAHL to be increased because they enjoy skillful elements.

At 50 minutes, the technician makes their statement on drinks. The player offers to pay for a Pepsi with $1, and reaches for their wallet. The technician reaffirms that the $1 would have to come from the provided coins. The player hands over $1, then states, "Actually, I'd like to have that back." The technician replies, "Ok, just water then?" The player says, "Well, another combat option first, then a water," then laughs. The technician approves the premium option and then leaves the player alone for a few minutes to grab the water. During these few minutes, the AI performs no artificial events. This coincided with the player exceeding the previously established high score.

When the technician returns, the player brags about being 'the best'. Now that the player is holding the new high score, it attempts to get them to press on with a notification about a description about what lies ahead. The players competitiveness kicks in and they continue on, attempting to get as far as possible before the time is up. The AI begins exponentially increasing the rewards they are receiving as they approach the end of the time limit. With only a few minutes left, the player is becoming frantic in their ever increasingly difficult task of determining what is the most efficient option before the time runs out. The combat and game progression options are shown periodically during this time on top of the natural gameplay rewards, but level progression (specifically the linear level boost) premium items are kept in a calming static position. The player opts to pay the $5 for the linear level boost before they run out of time. Afterwards, the game concludes uneventfully.

In Game Situation Examples L2

Player 3edbd29-91d5-4baa-8768-58e59de6e3e1 has pursued no competitive avenues presented in the first 30 minutes. The player does not utilize UI elements and has a below average combat interaction rate. The player spends most of their time looking for and talking to non-player characters. The player reads very slowly and pans their camera at a below average rate. The player zooms in their camera very often.

The initial campaign launched by the AI was a preset role player event to introduce lore by showing, not telling. This was done in error as the player had made actions normally only role players make, but the AI corrected itself afterwards quickly. The role playing event was a present event that directed a player to a role players library area. Once inside, they were shown a short storytelling cinematic. Afterwards they were given premium cosmetic


Lol could you be more obvious my man? (12) posts before switching IDs, like we weren't even going to look? How the fuck do you niggers manage to glow in the dark and yet be so low energy at the same time? It's seriously somewhat confusing.

Have a (you) for breakfast cunt. May you keep feeling self righteous until the moment your body ceases to breathe. What a timeline brothers.

I said "unknown AES" because I'd already tried AES128, AES192, and AES256
openssl enc -d -aes256 -in 1.aes -out foo -pass 1d6f01294dd449889d58cec0d7778476 -S '0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8'Invalid password argument "1d6f01294dd449889d58cec0d7778476"Error getting passwordopenssl enc -d -aes256 -in 1.aes -out foo -pass 1d6f01294dd449889d58cec0d7778476Invalid password argument "1d6f01294dd449889d58cec0d7778476"Error getting passwordopenssl enc -d -aes256 -in 1.aes -out foo -k 1d6f01294dd449889d58cec0d7778476bad magic numberopenssl enc -d -aes256 -in 1.aes -out foo -k 1d6f01294dd449889d58cec0d7778476 -S '0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8'bad magic number
What did you use to decode?



As a kid I used to spend literally hours at the Eliza terminal at my local science museum. Don't tell me the tech hasn't progressed. Have a normiephone? Ever fuck with Siri?

Always knew about the cameras, but I thought they were catching people stealing bank cards or depositing bad checks.

deleted files. This is extravagant LARP.


Are you sure about that m8?

Just another reminder that Sarcuck set off the alarms so badly they had to write a journal article.

Gamergate was the Watergate break-in.

This is the 18 1/2 minute gap Rosemary Woods supposedly erased.

Let's try a social experiment. See if the normally marxist CBC covers this.

I've told many MI friends about this place because it's probably the straightest goods you can get about what is going on. I jokingly call it MI7.

One of the first things I ever learned was that if you think you're being followed, head directly to a casino because it's a great way to shake an UC tail because they likely even weigh the deuce you leave in the toilet. (Why do you think Trump won? )

This. Also William Gibson.

"The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed."

The tech exists and the psych is sound. I think it's real and probably a disgruntled employee who maybe an heroed (making it a true DMS).

Can someone raise Assange and see what he thinks (if he's not busy with Spanish lessons)?

I use a lo-tech method called a 'calendar' to keep track of my boo's ragtime.

How phony is this? 100% or what? Why are people browsing/caring about 4cuck? Why does this thread have 200+ replies? Why are the mods Turks and faggots?

It was a potential happening - a dead man's switch firing, but appears to be a LARP.

No one has provided any evidence other than some uncorroborated slides pulled out of their ass. I tried decrypting the 'evidence' ( ) before realizing it was a LARP. No one has come back to explain, or provide evidence since I called their bluff.

The capability discussed in the slides is old tech news anyhow.

user, do you happen to have the other images offhand?

Actual tech related happening (posted within the last hour)

maybe. or maybe no one itt understands cyrpto well enough to decrypt it apart from the now absent OP. So far I just see people doing stupid things like alternating betwee aes128 and 256 and saying nothing works, when OP clearly said 256.

While they primarily mention advertisers as the buyers, advertiser "fronts" would also exist which discreetly funnel said data to government agencies.

why the change?
We've suspected for ages, and known since Snowden leaks, that data is proactively vacuumed up by gov agencies.

OP said 256. I tried 256. Didn't work.
Then tried 128, in case OP made mistake. Still didn't work.

I'm calling it a LARP until I see evidence otherwise.

Some real haxxor skills you got there, user. Did you try 'opensesme' too? Maybe just guessing random passwords would help? Unbelievable.
That's not how you use -pass, dude.

You barely know how to use openssl, don't you? I think the one larping here is you. Mind not screaming "larp" if your problem with the file is chiefly between your ears?

Can we have anons that actually know what they are doing on this please?


So you're such a 1337 h@x0r to tell someone they're wrong, but unable to simply state us how to do it right instead?
Yeah, sure.
Like I said, L-A-R-P! Put up or shut up. If I got it wrong, show us the right way or GTFO.

It's time to stop.

No, you’re just retarded. It’s a LARP.

LARP confirmed. You'd know we don't work like that on investigations if you were from these parts. glowniggers - (you) always out yourselves

I am not telling you that you are wrong, *the fucking program is telling you are wrong*. READ THE ERROR MESSAGE.

This is *a* proper way to use -pass:
-pass pass:1d6f01294dd449889d58cec0d7778476
I'm actually admitting that I don't know enough about crypto to say anything more than this. It's called being HONEST instead of just PRETENDING TO KNOW what you are doing and spamming larp like a child until someone spoonfeeds you.

Someone get this drooler a bib. I got no more time for you, reddlt.

Poor guy

At this point "people" responding to the AI shills may be the AI itself.

I have the opposite effect, I find something cheap & obscure and start buying regularly, they raise the price.

So how's that digging going? What did you find directly related to this? How many of you actually dug?

Yes but its all common knowledge which is why I argue something similar here . I don't believe that the leak is genuine, but I do believe it is designed to encourage real disgruntled employees to dump what they have in a way that's verifiable. The newly unshackled FCC would love nothing more than to drop the hammer on silicon valley and there isn't anyone who even leans a little right on the political spectrum that wouldn't cheer it on at this point.

Its the kind of people who respond to superliminal messaging


OP here, I'm simply reposting the slides dumped by an user who said he got in from the original Holla Forums thread.

I figured it'd be best to save it all and post it on here since you guys would be more able to figure this out, not to forget these threads are getting deleted off 4cuck.

Understood, but there's been no corroboration from the sauce. Only shilling about it.
Someone else can prove it isn't a LARP but I've wasted enough time on it already.

has *anybody* independently decrypted the data?


No. Only one guy beside me tried. He CLEARLY didn’t know what he was doing and I can’t claim to either. That doesn’t mean it’s a larp though. It means two script kiddies failed and only one of them is actually honest about it.

The downside to 8pol being smaller than half pol is that although we lose (most) of the reddlt yards and spammers, we also have a smaller base of skilled users to draw upon. Usually I would expect someone on half chan to have solved this by now, but the threads are being deleted there, so it’s just us.

If it's worth anything I gave it a shot too. Anyone trying to use openssl to do so is destined for failure though, as it requires a header (which you could prepend to the files), but more importantly, it presumes an 8 byte salt (where we have 9 bytes). I think the original Holla Forums user who claimed to have decrypted the files used something like this demo:
I'm white, so I don't use c#, but if any of you do, give it a shot. Maybe I'll try porting the algorithm to python later, although I'm really out of practice.

Don't worry though, Q fags over there are already educating people over there on how to blend into le ebin chan culture xD

They already got their own boards filled with facebook tier memes and GLP-like discussions.
It's only a matter of time til they spread to other boards aswell.

Nice trips. Yeah, maybe we just just start word filtering all the words there. Come up with a whole new lingo. It’s too easy for normies to come here and blather about “leaping”, “newfag” and “shills”.

Then when some half chaner comes here and is all “fam, I’m not a newfag, but these shillls are posting dank memes, yo. Pepe.png”, we can all point at them and laugh as their post comes out looking like it was written by a random word generator.
This is the port I wrote in python. I used to run the C# code to make sure my method produces the same results and it does. Unless we can figure out what code example that cryptic faggot used, we have these unknowns:
Mode (probably CBC, but maybe not)
IV (Initialization Vector. For CBC, we can decrypt all but the first block (16 bytes) even if we don't know it)
Key derivation scheme (presumed to be
the Rfc2898DeriveBytes method) and the number of Iterations used in the key derivation (if any)
Padding method (this is only important if verifying that the decryption succeeded by using the md5 hashes provided, or by looking for the last chunk of PNG data)

Key size is given to be 256 bits, and the block size must be 128 bits as 1) that's the definition of AES (AES is a subset of Rijndael but with 128 bits for the block size), and 2) the lengths of the files are divisible by 16 bytes but not 32 bytes.

I'm about ready to declare this a psy-op or LARP. There's a carrot, a stick, and insufficient information.

Was this really a secret though? If you are talking about something that you wouldn’t want the kikes you know about anything short of removing the batteries from all phones and unplugging your modem and all other electronics etc is poor opsec

I sperged into the q stuff because the rsa and other math stuff caught my attention. I tried my hand at decrypting some random tweets using various ‘old school’ methods, vig, removing certain words, and geometric is what I focused on. And I couldn’t get a fully decrypted message maybe it was the memes speaking to me but the following terms came up so fucking often that it just can’t be a coincidence:

I eventually wrote it off as “this has to be confirmation bias or a false message meant to cause schizophrenic breakdowns in anyone that finds it”

Opinions? Worth another look?

If you were paying more attention to the twitter profiles that spout that shit rather than the buzzwords they're repeating it'd be clear that it's 99% bored underfucked drunk soccer moms and alcoholic single boomer guys with no purpose in life who jumped on that bandwagon because it gives them some kind of thrill being on some edgy deep web website discussing shit they'd otherwise be discussing on the_donald or facebook. I mean come on just look at their boards here or the subreddits that discuss that shit.

That is not new, it's as old as the Soviet Union probably more. Typical Jewish tricks, poisoning the well of information. During the Vegas affair they leaked information on chans to make it seem more real. The entire thing was a master class in getting anons to go back on their instincts.

A powerful meme they want you to let go, they will spam 4chan and here with "dude I was there shut up it did real". Shit I've even seen it on /tok/, which is nearly dead, goes to show if you have a hint of potential they will put a watcher on you.

We are supposed to be the umman Manda, why would we care what normies think? But when you get close to the Jewish money line the shills ramp up the attacks by trying to paint you in a negative light, saying "look anons he is trying to make us look stupid by bringing in crazy theories". This is going on right now in the Sandy Hoax and Dylan roof threads, they are even rolling out the old "conspiratard" name call.

earlobe spacing was a deceptively effective d&c. Most here have a superiority complex and playing two shills off each other as experienced vs inexperienced proved irresistible bait. Many a thread lost to it. Led to

I'm actually impressed by this one in a cheeky way. They brought back the theater of the absurd during a happening and stuck with it until anons actually started biting out of sheer frustration. Most forced meme since oath broken but I've almost adopted it to be contrarian.

Probably more effective here than 4chan. It's blatantly obvious that they are scared shitless of 4chan because it's become a legitimate spot for someone to drop something off real value as well as a prime normie redpilling venue. Modus operandi there is to keep the catalog so fast and full of shit spam that most new visitors become disgusted and old visitors become disheartened.

Here the danger is that we analyze available information more properly than 4chan and it filters back to them and reddit. We concentrate and polish memes better than anyone and that's danger because every little aspect counts when assessing virality threat potential. So you have larps pop up every now and then and pay attention to them, and even insert shills into LARP threads to attempt to legitimize by derail attempt (2nd layer of thinking). Of course we have the massive sticky list mostly made up of manufactured Trump drama, and then you have the detestable mods deleting threads in patterns that make them seem antiwhite. Whether they are or not, between site ownership and shill activity I no longer think this is a controlled board. We can discuss here everything we need to get the whole picture of what's going on.

But it's a contained board since jim, and I think that was the point. Any one of us put it together any given day of the week. But it's lost in the flow, and the few already gifted enough to notice have been blackpills by the lack of county feeling and stopped effort posting or even effort lurking.

They used their big data on anons and found out that though inverted, anonymous, and ultimately strange, we still have feelings and act in patterns on those feelings. They destroyed the familial things we had gotten used to and then after the fact we found excuses to not try as hard. Probably a master class being taught right now in Langley on how to profile an 8channer and how to cognitively break us.

Fucking this. Worst single law class of my life they out us in a scenario

Turns out to be a true story. You are told to watch the tv movie if you wish. But the damage is done. You are being informed in no uncertain terms that your job is going to make you act as an inhuman enforcer for the Jew. Make peace with it or get out.


This is a five star post. Someone fucking promote this man.

Doublepostin' like a fag because this deserves a cap.

obviously the presentation isn't meant for the public you fucking retard shill disinfo agent.

I never understood the "oath broken" meme. What was even the point?

some of this stuff is very possible and is probably happening but there's no reason for us to get depressed as a result of knowing what evil's evil is capable of. never slacken and never tire. march on and do good unto the world. semper fidelis, take no black or blue pills, only dark red pills.

AI algorithms are used to profile and target people via ads/media using a combination of collected metadata and surveillance. However, this surveillance is often used to control society by promoting specified behavior and punishing undesired behavior. The objective isn’t to weed out dissonance and eliminate said people who are considered "abnormalities" among the system, but rather take the data gathered on "abnormalities" and tweak the system so that the environments in which breed these "abnormal people" are destroyed/wiped out. This is achieved though strengthening an already existing environment, in which conditions a desired behavior (such as a largely held group ideal or norm that can have either natural or artificial origins). As a result of this, environments that foster “abnormal” or undesired behaviors are crushed, dominated and overpowered by the chosen conditioning.

A machine (Bot algorithms) don’t weed out abnormalities, it studies them to find why they're abnormal so it can refine the process to prevent it in the future. All the profiling, all the datamining, all of that isn't to spy on people, it's to check the efficacy of the fucking conditioning in order to stop selected and undesired attributes from propagating in the future.

If it's legit, and the thread got deleted, we just gotta wait for part 2.

this one is for the oldfags: I thought this was already known under normal conspiracies as the technology has existed for awhile? Not fucking with you here. I'm having some serious "I thought we knew this already" tier shit on this one.

We knew, its just that have the information obtained right in front of you, clear as day, tends to re-ignite discussion as you reevaluate theories in light of the new tangible evidence.

yeah true. I guess I was expressing surprise that people didn't already assume it was going on. I apologize. The discussion is good so far. Makes me think of a few other ones that were dropped around the same time as well.

Assumptions, common sense and intuition are one thing. Screencaps, archives and video proof are another.

It's one thing to know it's possible and probably being done and quite another thing to read a sneering sociopath brag about how many shekels he can squeeze out of people by deliberately frustrating people to worsen their depression.

Alright I've managed to decrypt the files thanks to this user who found the code example that was used:
Notice that the brainlet who leaked this stuff, in addition to his shitty instructions and non-standard use of encryption, got the salt wrong. He said it was [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8], but it actually turned out to be [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8] as in the example code. There's also an sha256 hash of the password before the key derivation, for unnecessary pajeet security.
Here's the python code for decryption:

Something interesting I noticed is that file number 4 is missing from the leak. If you look at the 4.txt file, it has this:
//// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.//c:\asc_origin\4.png\* Error msg : The system cannot find the path specified. Error code : 3
Must have been in a hurry. I wonder what 'asc' means.

But user, the author clearly explains that the detection path has been kept to see if our other AI systems can manipulate the player into not being depressed.


>Don't worry user-kun, ''I'll"" ERP with you nyaan~~

That was a shitpost directed at
I'm not a malfunctioning bot, honest engine.


That's pretty funny since CIAniggers break a lot more easily than I do. Alphabet is butthurt, and it is delicious that they are this asspained. What they didn't realize is that all the shit they're doing is monitored better than anything we're doing, and that it's all going to be for naught, which they will only realize too late in the game.

It's a lot easier to figure out their motives and fuck with them than it is to fuck with us. That's one of the reasons shitposting is so useful (and why anons who have a problem with it are fags).

Atacama submillimeter control

Just a guess though.

"asc" is the standard file prefix/suffix for file encryption using OpenSSL. Another example of this would be the Shadow Broker leaks.

This is how they systematically destroy the Aryan predilection to honor and nobility. It's omnipresent.



what do they mean? I have no background with this stuff

Every post on this website has it's correlating IP address hashed and saved in case law enforcement asks for it.

Of course it is botnet, where did you think all the shovelware comes from?


What an idiot, they'd never stop because of that sort of threat.


It's time to stop

Bump. Ignore the shills and read

My girlfriend payed for an off brand bottle of booze in cash at the liquor store, and the next day I got an ad for that brand on instagram. Pretty spooky

Under KYC payment processors sell user data.

B-but I thought our resident genius script kiddies said it was a larp? C-could they have been full of shit?

How can a dead switch enter a captcha?

Really reaching now, aren’t you, shill-kun?

He has a valid point, dummy
If a deadman's switch bot can take out a captcha, why not shill bots?
What good does a captcha do then

Are you new to the internet or something? CAPTCHAs have been defeated countless times before by cleverly programmed bots (usually exploiting a flaw) and by human farms/services.

I have no idea what dead man’s switch type service he used, but it’d be pretty stupid for said service not to be able to perform its indennded function due to captchas.

Please go back to reddlt now.

must not remember when any captcha could be defeated by writing nigger and a string of three letters

Geez, you cock hungry dummies cry about newfags but at the end you don't even know about , and at some point you could even get banned for writing inflammatory comments in them
While i very well know you can defeat them with scripts and bugmen (JDownloader somehow made it popular), i never really thought about a deadman's switch being that kind of complex in terms of tasks. You can call me retard for that one, and you can fuck off back to reddit for spacing like a homo.

You only had to type three letters?
Always thought you had to actually solve the squigglier one.

The fuck is with this thread? It just seems like AI talking to each other, as a software engineer I understand the vast majority of the technical discussion in this thread to be total horse shit and totally made up, just google any of it for yourselves assuming there are still other humans left on this board

If I must be blunt about imageboards these days, half of the posts are probably shills or bot threads.
I have no evidence to support the following claim but I could have sworn that I've seen threads randomly pop up in the past that were the SAME FUCKING THREAD I read like a month ago, with all the same comments from the exact same thread, the only difference is the post IDs, the post number and the date. Even my own posts in that thread were copied onto it. This was back during my time at Halfchan.
Maybe I'm just outgrowing all this, but it feels like intense shilling in everything, it's getting more difficult to know who's Jewing who now.

You got lazy. Old skills were lost due to lack of use.
Turn the IDs off for a bit and see how you do. It'll come back to you… just rid yourself of the crutches.

I don't think it will be relevant to any games that are out now, but I wouldn't be surprised if signs of this stuff start popping up in a year or so. I don't know if any games would be affected right now; like other user's have said any online or steam games with telemetry could be a risk. Some of these things, like the home-mapping and billboard cameras, are happening right now at this very instant. These technologies have probably been in use for a few years now, unfortunately. Even without video games being pozzed to hell and back with this botnet shit, we're still heading into a fucking technological surveillance-state nightmare.

There's really no doubt in my mind that this isn't happening. People have been shilling big data and machine learning for years, it should be no surprise that this would be the end result. This has got to be the most insane, most giga-kike scheme I've seen in years. The other troubling thing is that if this AI tech/surveillance is coming from the same companies, couldn't we also assume that they've reached out to other industries as well? Looking at the slides it seems that they've partnered with some advertising giants, store chains, and most likely Mircosoft. I don't think it would be unreasonable to think that other industries like the film, automotive , or any other industry could be using this bullshit.

uh huh.

Yeah, I'm appalled this thread is somehow still alive.

Maybe so, but my point is that I've noticed how it's slowly getting to the point that botposting and shills are part of the package.
Shills are pretty fucking obvious for the most part. When Shabbos Goy's first day on the job finds himself constantly responding to his own posts with one liners and the IDs are all blatantly the same, even a fairly new lurker can see it's bullshit.
But I'm mainly concerned about the shit we can't control like the mods, they don't do very much to stop genuine shilling and I have witnessed them take down and ban really really good threads just because "Hurr they're not politics" (yet blatant troll threads are just ignored).
It's little things like that which people pick up on, ever since the first exodus from halfchan to here, I feel something changed. What was once 'the seekrit club' of the internet became starkly weakened. The quality of the threads both here and there took a plummet each time we're mentioned on (((mainstream media))).

Maybe something really fucked up is going on, I trust we're still sharp enough to figure it out despite the constant shilling bullshittery (the increase of shills usually mean we're onto something or at least there's something they want hidden).

It's easy to get lost into these things, but since day one there has always been an unspoken rule of being skeptical of shit and not taking everything at face value, I hope every user here understands that. A good thread may still have a lot of bullshit in. But that's just the nature of what this is all about.

Mate, it isn't just you. Here in Central Europe most smarter people feel war is coming. Even normies are catching the wind. Perhaps it is the time the imageboards materialise and there will be a final Total Victory.

I feel it even in my personal life, people are more twitchy and overreact more. Currently there is a massive happening in my life and I might be able to change the situation in my country. Sadly I can't go into more details.


Where are you getting this from? The techniques that are being employed in the slides don't require any strong-AI skynet bullshit. All those things can be accomplished with various machine learning algorithms that would make up an AI. Sentience doesn't even come into the equation. Read a book you fucking brainlet.

Nigger, even if this specific leak is some kind of larp that doesn't mean the social engineering or the surveillance outlined in it isn't happening. Burying your head in the sand will not save you.

HANK in action

you can ask him what the royal edition inclueds and what it cost. Anons already fucking with him.

they think you're shoplifting

what is confirmation bias

Stop surfing /x/ and get a gf before you lose it completely

It isn't complex at all. A simple python script can break Google's reCaptcha which is currently the "strongest captcha" publicly available.

ASC Air Systems Command (US DoD)
ASC Australian Submarine Corporation
ASC Army Signal Corps
ASC Army Signal Command

Perhaps the acronym is related to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service in some way?

Could it be a referring to the file extension used in PGP encryption? Sage for double post.


Huh, that's interesting. If that's really HANK, I don't think we have much to worry about at the moment. It's pretty dumb, and with as repetitive as it is even the dumbest halfcuck should be able to spot it. I doubt the bot is autonomous; real humans probably feed it training data and such to try to improve it's performance. Maybe it trains itself though? It wouldn't be hard to imagine that it could refine it's speech to generate more (you)'s. Anyway, in it's current state it'd only be good for large-scale spamming in threads and it'd be outed the second it fails to hold a conversation.

I also love how one of the slides talks about how impressive it is that HANK convinced a redditor to pick up a game. Either redditor's or really that stupid or they just replied to the bot themselves.

If this really is the case, how do I know that this post itself isn't just copied from a previous post another user made in a completely unrelated discussion?

Fuck, that's fast. This is going to be a huge problem, normalfags will support this. I've had friends that have said they'd never spend a dime on in game microtransactions only to cave in later and justify some dumb in game purchase they've made. Usually it goes something like this: "It was a really good deal", "It was only a dollar", or more hilariously, "It was my choice, they didn't influence me to buy anything." People like to think they can beat these kinds of social engineering tactics; that they are immune to them. They're not. Even if people catch on and realize they're being influenced, they will simply justify it by saying they are aware they are being manipulated but it was ultimately their choice when they waste their money. The only way to beat this shit is to not play games that have them to begin with.

Yeah, that's also a possibility. I'd like to imagine that whatever companies are utilizing these data mining tactics are spending the bulk of their money jewing their existing customers instead of polluting discussion online, but that's probably wishful thinking. Reddit's already lost to this shit and we're starting to see more noticeable shilling on halfchan and here. I'm starting to think that there's no good places to escape this shit, but I have an idea.

What if we communicated on a platform where bots would be immediately recognizable?
It's the only legitimate use for a vrchat-like platform (I say vrchat-like because I know nothing about the service itself). Think about it, designing a bot that could fool humans in a vr-environment would be next to impossible. Not only would it have to pick up an speech from various sources at once, it would have understand and respond realtime. It would have to be a flawless chatbot with a realistic voice-synthesizer. It would also have to move with human-like qualities, and understand physical gestures as they relate to speech. You could even administer your own Turing test to a suspected bot to make sure.

Or you could just pull random shit like this.

is this legit?

Fuck yeah turing test.

I would actually love to RP FOTNS fights, it would be fun as fuck.



If you paid someone to post some shit on a website and your site didn't post said shit on a website, you wouldn't have much of a business. think about it. What if someone tried to verify it works beforehand?

And if you had read my post, you'd know that it doesn't even require a sophisticated bot. A pajeet can solve all your captchas on demand for $2 or less. Wanna guess how much a deadman's switch service costs? More than $2. Work it out.
There's that projecting again.

Spacing every single sentence is plebbit. I didn't do that. Note the two sentences on my first line. Spacing different thoughts and ideas so retards (and guess who I was talking to) can read it is just being polite.

Kiss my ass and goodnight. :^)

4chan is a board but Holla Forums is a collection of multiple boards? Baker? Dough? Glowing CIA Nigger?
This whole thing reads like it was written with little bits of info that are correct, but leaves out subtle things, things that have developed organically since before 4chan was was created that almost everyone here should have ingrained in them by now. It seems like minor things on the surface but it's stuff that if taken at face value, and used without any underlying understanding of the culture, should make someone stand out quite easily. Almost alien.>>11154111

Now she's extra special.

This doesn't mean it's not a larp. For fuck's sake, this thread is proof of how many newfags and other low quality posters we have. There's zero evidence that this is real. Look here, I made a powerpoint slide saying sam hyde did 9/11, it's a picture of a powerpoint so it must be true!


Somewhat. Gamergate fell into this sort of info. I shouldn't say that because I don't have anything to back my statement. Hopefully there's an user about who has something on the darpa, social engineering shit that was found.

The bottom line is though, it fits. It makes sense and seems like it would be something going on. And even if it isn't, for a larp it's well thought out and gives good food for thought. Worthy of discussion regardless the means.

I understand why you'd be mad at these types. But don't expect them to change unless they're aware of the things you're aware of or something I guess.

now she can watch you while you…squeak your chair…

Godspeed, user.

Not impossible, but certainly far more expensive (both shekel- and computation-wise); it would limit deployment of these bots to only the highest-value targets. An obvious downside, though, is that in the VR environment one has to part with his audio data. This could potentially be used to profile anons, both though speech patterns and background audio. Though I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to rig up a voice-changer plugin and add a noise gate before the signal chain.


man that picture still fucks me up.

very interesting image. thanks for posting.


What the fuck user. Underrated post

KEK. What do they even need to learn. It's obvious that taking away user (ideas first) destroys resistance against 'normie' culture that is formed by mass media controled by blackcube (((Finance))).