A lesson from Hunter x Hunter

How can we sow dissident in the minds of western males in regards to democracy? Why isn't there a more outrage that women make up the majority of the voters?

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I'm not gonna tell you that there aren't good things to learn from anime, because there are.
But you shouldn't go looking for deeper meanings or life lessons in shounen crap.
It's aimed at teens for a reason.

And that is a very, very shallow analysis of democratic dynamics. For that to work, the people in the minority would have to find themselves in the minority a vast majority of the time.
It has happened before (the uk voting on the UE) with predictable outcomes (brexit).
But for the vast majority of the time, the minority status changes. People who are the minority on one issue will not be the minority on another one. So everyone feels that his opinion matters every few decisions.

To do what your quote implies would require willfully manipulation to ensure a group of people are kept in the minority. And that would be achieved by identifying the core values those people want and actively setting up votes against them while ensuring that the majority of the population is against it.
a)You're not picking things YOU want. You're picking things they don't want. Aka: you're no longer in charge.
b)You need the majority to want something oposite to what they want.
c)You need to make sure all the core issues you're voting on are always against the same group of people.
Aka: the larger that group of people, the harder it is to keep them penned as a minority.

Final sugestion: wait a few years for your balls to drop, finish high school and get into a trade school or get a STEM degree for a good job.
You'll find yourself more apt to discuss politics once you're earning your own money.

This dumbass thinking he's so smart, he defends manufactured democracy.

Actually, the shounen anime has it right.

Democracy, like all politics, are easily manufactured. One person is smart, but a group of people are dumb.

Excuse me, but WHAT.
I know english is flexible but you can't stick two words together and cobble up a wild new meaning for people to ponder over.
Well shit, guess we shouldn't even try anything, right? :^)
I think the word you're looking for is "manipulated", not manufactured.
The "tyrany" of smart people always starts looking out as a good idea: put someone smart in charge so us dumb idiots can have all our problems solved as long as we obey and make the rest of the idiots that dislike it obey aswell.
It fails when it stops assuming that the "Great Leader" might still be a fucking idiot. Albeit smarter than the rest of us, an idiot anyway.
Hint: North Korea works like this.
And even assuming that you landed a Philospher-King in power like the good old days, what of his sucessor? What if he ends up being corrupted himself?
Is the system less or more likely to fail than democracy?

All political systems respond diferently to the society and environment of the current era and not one of them works 100% of the time for 100% of the people.
Right now, Democracy serves us. In a few years, I think a Dictatorship will be required for 10-12 years before we return to democracy.

It's manufactured because:
1. Social engineering, people bred and taught to think such things.
2. The manipulation of options, if all options are the same, then it's no point to choose.
3. The very fact voting can be fraud.

We should try monarchist or fascist.

If a great leader has a bad successor, we rise up and kill said bad successor and install a new one.

Trying to instead a group of tyrants to lord you over via manufactured democracy OVER one tyrant is supreme stupidity.

Democracy will always turn to fascism, everything turns to fascism evidently because power will always end up concentrated until it's released.

And North Korea's style of monarchism isn't really better or worse than America or Europe's democracy, do not be deluded. There's always a cabal running behind the scenes.

What we need is a good leader/king who destroys such cabal and installs real leadership.

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Democracy is inherently a jewish system. Look at how many sovereign nations had a dictator, or a royal family in power, and how quickly they were attacked or overthrown, with (((democracy))) instilled, only to become a much more liberal nation, without tradition, and overrun by gays and trannies. It keeps happening time and time again.

I'm not saying Democracy is bad per se, but there has to be a better system out there that is more resilient to the jew

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Democracy is a bad system, learn from history, monarchism is a much stabler system.

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To sow dissent, you can't push right wing ideology on them.

You must first demoralize them about their current ideology, by being as abrasive as humanly possible.

This is a tactic I adopted with this communist girl I was trying to hook up with, I pretended to be a communist talking all this shit about the working class and other Marxist garbage, and basically out-extreme'd her.

Slowly she became less into communism/socialism, because she had been disenfranchised from it by a part of her peer group.

Women are easier to disenfranchise, because they seek approval above all else, but you take a man and surround him with sovereign citizens, make him question what democracy is, who does it help? Is he really a part of it?

Demoralize and reprogram, that is how you change a person politically.

A dead died for this shit

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Democracy historically has always been the shortest lived, most chaotic form of government that always ends up devolving into dictatorship. The most stable has been monarchy. In a democracy people can always pass the buck and blame everyone else. If a vote doesn't go your way what authority do you have to contest the 'will of the people'. In a monarchy people don't vote so if people really get pissed off they kill the king, which serves as an inherent check on the behavior of the monarch.

Please don't rely on anime for your philosophy, you can get better ones from reading a book.


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Do you even lift a book and read it bro?

Besides there's a bunch of better anime out there.

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So Hunter x Hunter is the new DBZ meme? We coukd send right wing fan squads, to encourage a new season?

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Back on topic, philosopher kings are inherently superior to democracy.

Fuck off with this bullshit. Secular lybyryl democracy with universal enfranchisement, no voter ID, and uncontrolled mass migration is the ONLY acceptable form of government.

Why not set up a society of stronk wymyns in charge, just like the successful societies of… um… africa?