Hey Holla Forums Would someone mind explaining to me what the principles of Integralism are? I'm sort of struggling to understand what's going on with it.

Deracinated civic Fascism without the spiritualist ideas of Italian Fascism.

It's basically a reverse engineered far right for Brazil.

Ah, well that's simple enough.

Sounds like an improvement.

Integralism is the idea that all of a people are together, but unlike Risorgimento, all people are intended to act and be the same. Furthermore minority populations or variants of the culture are collectivized into a monoculture without concern for local populations. For a history of why Integralism formed like it did, look towards to the French and how they dealt with the minorities in the Kingdom of France. For example, the French Kings destroyed the "native Culture" of Southern France in the 16th and 17th centuries. In addition, the Second Republic and Empire forced the Bretons and Flemish to adopt French culture and language. Integralism was the Portuguese and French concept of a native Far Right movement instead of adapting the ideas of Fascism like Mosley in Great Britain or likewise the NSB in the Netherlands taking from National Socialism.

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That just takes it from neocon civcuckery to secular civcuckery. There's a difference, but I don't know that I'd call either an improvement over the other.

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wrong Integralism was Brazilian.

I too would like to learn more about integralism. Everything I find on the internet seems very vague.

Integralism had its foundations in French and Portuguese thought. In France, Action Française supported Integralist policies, but this movement became more counter (French) Revolutionary as time went on. In Portugal, the Estado Novo took more influences from Italian Fascism than Integralism. Only in Brazil was there a "pure" Integralist movement.

The same can be said for Syndicalism, as Communism stole its reason to exist. Integralism is more of a type of nationalism than a governing ideology.

What about falangism?

They're not wrong, though. Misappropriation of the summation symbol is fucking annoying.

Falangism is a different type of fascism again. It's Fascism mixed with a heavy religious identity. It mixed Civic Nationalism with Theocratic Nationalism. Where other types of Fascism focuses on your race's or nation's collective history, Falangism is more likely to focus on your religion's collective history. It is popular in nations with strong Catholic identity, like the Latin nations and Poland. It is still inferior to National Socialism or any other form of fascism that focuses on Ethno Nationalism.

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Falangism was authoritarian and right wing but not Fascist, Spanish society was not organized in the same way as the Fascist powers. Francoism was definitely right wing/nationalist, but societal organization did not radically change in the same vein as Fascist Italy or National Socialist Germany.

I'd very much get along with/fight alongside a Falangist, we would disagree on many things though.

Integralism = 'No Face' + 'Sieg Heil?'

The “Faceless Doll” is a very unique handicraft from the Dominican Republic. There is not a single replica of these dolls because they are all handmade and hand painted, which make not two dolls alike. The special thing with his souvenir is the unfinished face which is just a smooth surface, but why is it so?

This unfinished face holds a lot of history that goes beyond the colorful design. Originally created by the Dominican artist Liliana Mera Lime back in 1981 and still created nowadays by other thousands of artists, this doll has become one of the most famous handicrafts in the Dominican Republic.

Liliana Mera says that when she had to add features to the doll’s face she was in the dilemma of how to represent every individual ethnicity of the Dominican culture in just one face? So she left a clean smooth surface which represents in its own way every racial group, indigenous, immigrants from different countries and all Dominicans worldwide.

I like your interesting post.

All fascism is more or less 'civic' because fascism's ideal is the "state," not the nation. That's one of the core delineations between fascism and national socialism. The funny thing is that fascism itself is illogical (and therefore an ideology, not a philosophy, and therefore eternally cucked to its core) because without the people it is impossible for a state to exist in the sense of a federated nation state of disparate tribes of the same ethnicity banding together as a singular people (a nation).
Also, it is possible to have a nation without a nation state, while arguably any state without a nation is doomed to failure (see: fate of empires).

A collection of behaviors is harder to inherit than a collection of genes which lead to behaviors due to genetic temperament. Statism is fucking cancer because even if it succeeds in one generation, there will be an inevitable reversion to the mean. Shit genetics lead to shit people lead to failed states.

That explains why subversive kikes are spreading it in memes like pic related.


Exactly. You can see the edited tassels on the ones he added in pretty much, and the rows used to be smaller.

Oh and the syndicalism flag doesnt match the others, its an obscure form of communism lite that the left likes to push because its like muh distributed peoples systems or whatever.

Basically these two things

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Well, Franco and falangist were separated. Franco betrayed the falangists.

Like I said, it is distinctly different in how societies organise than, say, Italian Fascism. Remember, these societies were already very traditional and right-wing, so there wasn't much to change. Falangism is still a fascist derivative, it is just slightly different than other fascist movements, in the same way National Socialism is different to Italian Fascism.

Civic Fascism is less cucked than you would think. You are confusing Civic Fascism with neo-con Civic nationalism. Civic Fascism would never allow any Muslim immigration like modern Europe is, due to fundamental disagreements in beliefs. Any immigrant group that acts as a drain on national resource (all of them) would not be allowed to move there. It is certainly more cucked than Ethno-nationalist Fascism, but still a decent movement. If Civic Fascism were applied to the US, most non-whites in the US would die anyway due to being drains on the nation.


Are you stupid? They rank literally just one level above absolute shit-tier, so I don't think that image intends to celebrate them. Sure, it ACKNOWLEDGES them, but champion them, it doesn't.

It needs work. The obvious discrepancy with Franco and the Falangists should be addressed and, as others have stated, the Integralists should be much lower on the chart than they are, but it's mostly okay.