Is it possible to be a communistic capitalist? I feel I agree with fiscal elements of both systems...

Is it possible to be a communistic capitalist? I feel I agree with fiscal elements of both systems. They seem compatible in a few ways, just like anarcho capitalism. Socially they're alike, economically similar in collectivism. The idea that the two are incompatible is jewish nonsense, fake war for divide and conquer. Marx was right when he talked about the resolution of the contradiction through synthesis

What say you?

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I'm not left wing, probably more of a centrist/liberal. Let's have a discussion, no need for personal attacks

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Collectivism is the primary issue anyone moral should have.

Human beings are social organizers, not social organisms.

The trouble with modern capitalism is also its collectivist tendencies. But unlike communism this is not ingrained innately within it. What we are practicing is a corruption of capitalism.

There is no compatibility between the two, it's one or the other. Anything in the middle is just a failed abortion of compromise.

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I agree. Capitalism is good because of property

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But in all honesty, isn't national socialism capitalistic within the national socialistic framework? In the same way you can be a nationalist libertarian that is libertarian within the framework of the nation (i.e. citizen do whatever the fuck they want, everybody else gets fucked, especially (((subverters))) )

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Capitalism requires private property. Commies don't allow that. All production must be controlled by the collective. Either through the state or in the endgame utopia by the masses/workers. You're a retard to think they'd ever be compatible.
Commie economy isnt bad though. It's everything else about them. Fascism, NatSoc and tge other third position systems use communism and socialism.

It allows private business only if it serves the interests of the nation/völk. Otherwise no. Fascism is a more diplomatic approach. Gives private business stake in the state but also beholdens them to it.

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Imagine if your house belonged to the state while Obama was president. How many Africans do you think he would pack in there? That's communism. It's not compatible with anything except insanity.


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"National" is the key word. Both capitalism and communism are globalist tools for cultural and physical genocide of peoples.

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You could be a distributist, which is the real center between capitalism and communism. Look it up.

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That wasn't Marx's idea; that was Marx adopting Hegelian thought, and Hegel wasn't a dirty communist kike.
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The important thing to realize is that economics is not an end in itself, but a means to an end, and that end is the safeguarding of your people. So the best economic system is the one that fits your people the best. Anglos would probably prefer more capitalism. Scandinavians would prefer more socialism.

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That sounds like what commies call state capitalism (i.e. socialism outside their books). Basically the state is like a company that owns everything. Beware that, like any huge company, the less important stuff will be mismanaged because it's simply impossible for such a huge monster to work properly, be it private or public. Even some commies like Haldane acknowledge that can't work in practice except in tiny countries.
Perhaps something you'd find interesting is Fascism. In case you don't know it has mechanisms based on syndicalism so both industries and workers are represented in the government.
I share 's opinion on what system is best: it depends on the circumstances and if you try to shove something people don't want down their throats it'll end badly even if it's perfect in some made-up scenario.

It's called being a cohenite.

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Capitalists and communists have always worked hand in hand against White interests.

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Marx was only right about the means of production being necessary for a functioning state. that's why foreign trade is bad on the whole.

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Keyword there kiddo, is 'feel'. That's because you only have a high level understanding of each. So instead of making shit threads, you need to read more.

A LOT more reading.

at least even capitalists know the flaws of their system.
here in portugal, they barely ever teach you the flaws of communism in schools (at least that i remember) and there's even political parties advocating for that system.

Yes. It's called National Socialism.

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Of course it is, friend. They are two sides to the same materialistic coin. They are painted as a dichotomy so that the people who are living under one will consider the other evil and the enemy while they are being enslaved. Both are terribly Jewish, and they use both as goals to ensnare people.

The modern definition of 'capitalist' was coined by that very same inventor of communism, that Karl Marx. It was described by him to be everything that communism was not, a direct counter-part, and something wholly and utterly evil that all men of good morals would stand against. His version of capitalism did not exist, nor has it ever existed, nor has it ever been likely to exist. There are a few others who bandied around the word 'capitalist' before him, but that definition which we use today - and which many imbecilic Americans seek to defend; has never been a real thing, nor has it ever threatened to become a real thing.

This is definitely not a slide thread.