Flat Earth Shitposting

Who or what is pushing this? Bored shitposters? Idiots? Paid shitposters to discredit conspiracies?

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That one. Just like the people who claim everything is faked with crisis actors or that there were no planes on 9/11 and the buildings were empty.

It would seem like that right? Maybe some of them are but the vast majority just seem like idiots to me, I might post a few screenshots of the biggest flat earther discord, it's a real piece of schizo art.

It's inevitable that this place questions everything that can't be 100% verified from a couch. The shape of the planet is a very easily challenged concept. Very easily proven, but not in your backyard unless you're a math whiz.
Out of all of it I will say the hollow earth one is interesting however, based on the spinning orb in zero-g tubening. I doubt it scales, but it's good fun to think about.

Never mistake a lot of people giving a little time with a few people giving a lot of time. I suspect it's the same rate interest as a dance thread.

Well, since Climate Science is something that is heavily proven to be a pseudo-sciene, while many good things such as homeopathy and Majicks are considered "Pseudo-Science", this leads our more… daydream-prone to imagine what other elements of science are falisifed. They use a book made by a strange man whom misunderstood many concepts. The book is called "Kings Dethroned". They then compare the man's "findings" to some Esoteric Hermetic books such as "Paradise Found: The Cradle of Humanity in the Artic North" and "The Artic Home of the Vendas" (which claim the origins of the White Race came from the Artic North, and then yadda tyadda yadda they decide the earth is flat. Strange points they make, and they have at least made me a skeptic, but a very strange series of discrepencies.

Generally people who can think for themselves and are good at math and geometry.

The math isn't hard, and people who find it hard should either be trying to learn the math, or accept their brainlet status and focus on something else. What is hard is going out every night with a telescope to gather good data to verify the math.

On this board it's shitposting, but there are a few people out there who believe the earth is flat. This is justified by a literal interpretation of the Bible, and fed by moon-landing conspiracy theories. The weird ideas about physics (such as that the horizon you see is caused by gravity pulling the light downwards) seem to be outgrowths of the Bible-based theory.

This, but not even this general.
It's literally an effort to discredit this site and this board specifically.
I noticed it on half-chan a year ago but was ignored when I pointed it out and since have been b& so fuck them.


An unfortunate combination of actual retards, the people who are pushing it for fun and the people who can't help but take the bait responding to it.

On the chans it's obviously shills deliberately shitting up the place but on facebook it's normalfags feeling smart.


Sadly this. Can't mention UFOs without anal probe lol despite never even mentioning extraterrestrials all I said was I saw something unidentified, probably military, now you're asking about my butthole wtf
The muhluminati meme was classic misdirection. Everything said about the muhluminati is true, except it's old wrinkly kikes, not a brotherhood of wizards. That's our department.

Why is this bullshit slide thread allowed on double chinz. I feel like we're going to have to migrate to a geocities board soon.

The better cameras get the further they can see, raising suspicion on the amount that earth curves: it appears to not curve whatsoever. Mainstream science has had years to prove the ball outside of CGI and they haven't, now there's millions of flat earthers. Prove the ball.

The first guy was the 'NASA Channel' on Jewtube. He's an artist in Canada who claims to have worked for NASA and painted images of the Earth for them among other things. I thought he was trolling as part of some 'performance art' as he does other things beside painting like music. Later, that it got out of hand and he couldn't believe it/know how to stop. It was bringing in bucks for his painting business so he just continued. Now I think he's completely batshit.

2-3 years later? After he started with his 'paint globe' videos, this half a faggot, race traitor in Thailand, Eric Dubay? turned up with his channel. This cunt was/is a yoga instructor. His being in gookville might not have been truthful but then that's a minor detail in what we're talking about here. He seems to have really got it rolling. Next came two, fat, old Americunts and that's when the tard fights starting happening.

Today… I really don't know besides there's a lot of fuckers and they have a shit ton of followers.

Are intelligence agencies and or think tanks behind all or any of it? Could be, but I don't believe so. I just think it's a bunch of dumb faggots who went to public school and don't understand… anything really. As such they're easily roped in. There's just a giant lack of mental acuity. Their lives suck, they distrust everything and that's fertile ground for bullshit like this.

People who want to poison well so basically

This is the crux of it. It's about 9/11 truth. The evidence is all there, people were marching en masse. Most had realized who it was, it was part of the awakening. Flat earth is to put them back to sleep. Many of the proponents use hypnosis techniques in their videos. It's about leading people astray, sinking their time into nonsense, and generally trying to put them in a state of trance, with top points for any you get to commit suicide or become a veg. Think Blue Whale game. Think disinfo wars.
It's professional brainwashing by your greatest ally.
Not everything is faked with crisis actors, but there were actors at the scene of 9/11. They certainly do use this as one of their many techniques for narrative control and pushing new laws on the unsuspecting populous.

Most people are idiots. Way more people are idiots than is realized. For example, the majority of the staff at prestigious newspapers, and other organizations are idiots. We can prove this with the news of this week: Trump's stumper. Trump asked Democrats WHY we ARE taking in people from shithole countries. This is very interesting, because it triggered a round of bizarre acts, and rankorous distraction, and declarations of the superiority of the kike position. But they couldn't answer the question: WHY ARE WE? The closest we got was "tradition" or "because people call the shitholers names, so we have to take them in" (which is a bizarre argument indeed!)

Look at all the paid shills shilling for the ball Earth. Amazing. Why the hell does it need shills? Why the hell is their argument "telescopes and such. math. smart people all know it - you're smart, right?" They're simply shit. It's incredibly difficult to observe parallax, for example. They make it sound like you just drop $100 on a telescope and learn trig and bam you know there's a ball Earth. Bullshit!

Here's another one, the latest ball Earth shill:

< if you dare doubt the ball Earth then you're a stupid fucker who has been hypnotized, suicide, etc.

Note the above shill is a CIA agent, who is part of a coordinated effort to program the subconscious of pol with suicidal themes. You will note this as well to the obvious dada-ist suicide goreposters as well.

But their actions are quite apparent.

2018 is gonna come at us fast. How many lies will we uncover?

This whole thread makes me doubt Holla Forums

Maybe Holla Forums isnt as intelligent as i thought. Have we really been on this website with these NASA ball earth retards?

Are there legit flat earthers here shit posting or am I going crazy.

Same with "Taylor Swift is a tranny" posts. Designed to cause confusion and (((poison the well))).

Id rather debate with rachposter than give any stock in flat earth theories. Just admit you worship muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker and his retarded belief in the earth being flat already.


Paid disinformation agents are a continuous threat.

My take on this specific topic is that, in addition to being used as a staple "haha you believe in lizard flat earth Illuminati nonsense" dismissal, flat earth is used to discredit and distract from the very real cave systems and vast underwater caverns that connect us all together. They want to control the entire conspiracy debate to prevent this from being a focus of discussion. So they want you to skip straight over underwater caverns systems and laugh at flat Earth.

An interesting neurolinguistic trick they seem to focus on is the -er suffix. Truther, birther, flatearther. Only certain conspiracy topics get this treatment.



I have scrolled through hundreds of Antarctica and hollow Earth threads, and I can safely say that where ever these flat earth retards came from, it isn't Holla Forums. Just listen to the shit they preach, it has zero connection to anything that the rest of Holla Forums believes. They claim the Freemasons founded the ball Earth model, yet make no effort to explain why they would tell people the Earth is a ball, who the Freemasons actually are, what they control, what their end goal is or what other conspiracies they are involved in.

All conspiracies on Holla Forums are connected to the overarching concept of National Socialism and Jewish control over the world. All except this one. These people come out of nowhere, and seem to instantly know everything about the Flat Earth concept. And yet they are clueless to the rest of the conspiracies on this board. You will never see someone on Holla Forums become a supporter of Flat Earth, which of course begs the question of where exactly have these people come from if Holla Forums isn't creating any?

They also make no attempt to even reach a common ground with the rest of Holla Forums. Be honest, the first thing we do when we find a new conspiracy is to connect it to the Jews (and we are usually right) but these guys make no attempt to even name a single member of the Freemasons. I bet most of them wouldn't even know who the leader of NASA is, despite NASA being such a big player in their conspiracy. The Flat Earth conspiracy lacks any finer details, while genuine Holla Forums theories will include people, places and dates.

In addition, their method of arguing is a textbook example of how bait posts work. If there is so much as one possibly way your reply can be misinterpreted, a flat earther will pounce on it just to drag the argument along. The "evidence" they provide is just designed to drag a the argument further. Flat Earth arguing methods basically boil down to: yeah, but what about this? One flat earther used the stars as evidence, I replied and disproved his evidence and then asked why the southern hemisphere has a different night sky to the north. He basically ignored me and tried to use rays of sunlight to prove the sun was only a few kilometres above the surface. I had disproved his theory, but instead of trying to argue back against my evidence, he just ignored it and provided more of his evidence. Their basic tactic is to make you argue every single shred of evidence they have even though you have disproved flat earth multiple times. They do this to prolong the argument.

TL:DR Flat Earth proponents are foreign shills for other parts of the internet that come here to derail threads.

Golbalism is a Jewish conspiracy, just FYI annon.

Everybody who researches flat earth becomes a flat earher, this is why it's so popular. Everybody fighting against it is either a Jew or a Fag.

1. Outer space is a hoax, the earth is covered by an electrified nickel-iron damascus steel dome with a golden reflective oxide layer.
2. Gravity is a hoax, objects get pushed down because they displace the atmosphere (or aether in the case of a vacuum chamber). The domes electric field defines up and down and acts on the atmosphere that in turn acts on objects.
3. The Sun, Moon, stars and planets (just more stars) and all celestial objects are small and close; inside the dome.
4. Rockets don't work in vacuum chamber.
5. The earth is less than 10,000 years old.

inb4 b-but what about 12 hours flights from xyz, the planets are round goy!!!!!! MUHHHHH NASA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. the dome is old, your point?
2. all my china is made in mexico, your point?

Homeopathy is bs tho

This iron post is 1600 years old, what's another 8000 years or so? – upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3f/QtubIronPillar.JPG

Here's a piece of the dome. – i.imgur.com/iZu9iAA.jpg

My point is why was the fucking dome that surrounds the Earth made in Damascus? Plus it would probably rust away by now.

Those are 2 very different dates. Another 8000 years if asking the iron post to survive 6 times what this particular post had.

Also, why hasn't the Sun and Moon fallen to the surface?

< pay no mind to these excellent arguments

can't give you anything but theorycraft on this one…

the images you see in the seem to be projections, the diamond disks behind the images are held in place with a magnetic field that exploits the diamagnetism in the carbon.

damascus is a reference to the type/structure of the steel; the grains are extra long in the case of the dome. (see pic 11160154)
the dome surface is oxidized with a reflective coating as already stated; it can't rust.

There's a 3rd celestial object in the sky the size of the Moon and Sun, a hidden Sun, the Black Sun; its responsible for eclipses.


Judeo christian traditions soyim

If you did your homework you would figure out it is not shitposting and that FE is infact true. Heliocentrism was born in the Zohar and Kaballah, and is Baal worship at its finest. Indeed heliocentrism is the very "grand deception" referred to by Paul in his letter to the Thesselonians.
Nasa lies, space is fake, earth is flat.