China joins jews in shilling for 3rd world immigrants for Japan

China joins jews in shilling for 3rd world immigrants for Japan

See this hard working documentary about dindus, flipniggers and hapas in Japan…

Will the Jews succeed and redefine who can be considered Japanese?

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Flips are niggers, Jim's wife's son proves this



I wonder if the Yakuza are as willing to sell their land down the river as readily as the eyetie mob were? Let's hope we hear of one or two prominent kikes in Japan having "accidents" in future. Then replicate the process

This is "Mr. Japan".

Surprise surprise ugly hapas win both Mr. and Mrs. Japan jew run competitions…

Hardly a surprise since they know such a thing would undermine Japan from within. Then they slip in their agents and gradually infiltrate their political system turning them into an unofficial proxy of China. The resulting migrant crisis would then fuel political and social instability, which they would capitalize on to solidify their power.

Last thing China wants is Japan to innovate its way out of its situation through a technological boom, and reassert itself as a growing regional power all on its own.

>b-but muh based (((PRC)))
This is just an hourly reminder for all the dumbfucks that think the PRC isn't Israel; Asian edition. They will throw Japs and Europeans under the bus like the little soulless bugs they are.

The Chinks are just jealous they'll never make anything as cool as the 280Z or the Supra. Or even the Cultus.

We're mortal enemies with both of them & this is what you do to a mortal enemy.

A few years, a couple wrinkles, and he's going to look like a grotesque novelty teapot.


3rd worlders are not allowed to join Japan's and its shining days.


They're selling marriages with Japanese whores to niggers so they can use the niggers as slaves. That's how Roppongi works.
No way to tell if they actually let the bestiality happen though.

Found this on his twitter.


Chinks hate the Japanese out of jealousy. Chinks are filthy schemers and depend on currency manipulation to stay afloat despite all that land. Japan is smarter, cleaner and they don't eat dogs.

The Zainichi were just a vanguard for the real peril awaiting Japan. You will live to see Japan become a proxy of the glorious middle kingdom. There's no stopping the oriental Jew when he unites with his occidental counterpart. If only Japan hadn't committed sudoku after WWII and retained a sliver of their samurai spirit.


We can probably drop the oriental part from that, it's pretty well known that the jews have been moving in on china to turn them into their new golem after finishing off america. Though the worst part about it is the Chinese seem to be okay with that, making them the greatest goyim until the Jews destroy them as well. Seriously fuck the Chinese but never for a second forget it's the Jews behind all of this.


The thing you always have to remember about the Chinese is that they believe everything Holla Forums believes, but they think it's a good thing.

kind reminder that communist subhumans are exterminating cultured Tibetians who literally dindu nuffin

I'd watch Wang selling cement-dipped styrofoam to Goldstein, who pays in child slaves (in the form of Wang's brother's kids)

I'm afraid they will just fuse and form one terrible race

At least they'll be easier to identify.


"Xie" is obviously Chinese though

Wtf, who is allowing it while there are japs chimping in streets shouting "white piggu go home"?

i hate how they try to victimize themselves then try to act cool. bitch you were just crying about being bullied

you sure about that

The entitlement mentality of these faggots is disgusting. You should feel lucky that the Japanese allow them to visit their country, to even stay there and make money, to enjoy their vast wealth and beautiful cultural heritage. We ameriguns are almost desensitized to that seeing is so often here, but when you see it in Japan it really stands out because it's a relatively new phenomenon.

Why should we care about Japan? Not only are they not even remotely white, they're just as degenerate as all the other subhumans on this earth

literally the only civilized non-whites. if you don't see the parallels between their situation and ours you're either retarded or a shill

ebil nazi allies getting what they deserve.


And if nothing changes their attempt at mimicking the Jews would destroy them too. Their children will be brainwashed against them, their streets will be flooded with shitskins, and any oldfag who realizes how hard their country fucked up will be dismissed as a racist. Their biggest fuckup is thinking they can outjew the jew and in the process they'll throw open the doors to the entire east for em.

Japs may correct me, but Yakuza is heavily mixed with local Koreans.
The Koreans in Japan want to have it both ways, all the benefits of being "Japanese" and at the same time complaining about racist Japan not compensating them enough for their alleged mistreatment of Koreans.
As usual, organized crime and patriotism don't go together.
Based “Mafia” is Mafia sponsored lore of Hollywood. Mafia in Italy is cooperating with Chinese Triades (Chicom secret service) to flood Italy with Chinese and other undesireables. “Patriotic” Italian Mafia is poisoning Italy’s field with toxic and radioactive industrial waste.

The Chinks, no friends of Japan, pushing for the niggerfication of Japan, just shows two things, they know of the harm done by immigration of orkish subhumans and they know what’s up in the west in regards of “diversity”.

A good thing for their enemies

I'm not going to waste sympathy on subhumans. If they can't deal with their situation it only proves how worthless they are. Of course, they'd have to stop killing themselves first

They already destroyed it and remade it into the festering carcass we see today. They've been jew owned since 1945. Other than faithfully furthering the JWO's goals, they also routinely produce mountains of filth that poisons the minds of their own kind and any human beings stupid enough to infest themselves with that particular brand of cancer. Is this supposed to be worth saving?

I see it both ways tbh. Definitely don't want to see another country, least of all Japan, go down the toilet. On the other hand they're much better placed than us and we don't need to give as much of a shit as some of us do. Our own people have to come first again.


I dunno why people here care about Japan.

Asians hate whites.

Fuck off pedos

Fuck off Jew.

When I was in Tokyo there were fucking kebab stands everywhere. Especially in Akihabara. Almost always populated by some swarthy mystery meats. How the hell did these people get in?

Jews and Communists. Just like everywhere else.

Just look at /r/asianmasculinity or any pro-asian website. They hate white people. The sooner they get enriched, the better.

find waifu - open kebab stand cuz you'd be unemployed4life otherwise - ??? - suddenly your whole family appears

the indians do that as well

asianmasculinity is butthurt chinks and subhuman south east asians whose parents told them the murica is their new home and they be jus like whites

when they can't get a white waifu and white men don't quite see them as equals they get butthurt and hateful

they still remain because their homelands are a shit show and even a college degree would net them three fiddy there while they live in a tin shack

Are you talking about your own worthless "people"?

They are all the same. There is literally no reason to care about Japan unless you’re degenerate weebtrash.

Only pedophiles claim that anime is pedophilia.

What do Asian-Americans posting on reddit have to do with the Japanese?


Yes, you are quite special yourselves, amimutts,

It's the world's third largest economy, a major tourist destination, and a big source of pop culture with fans all over the world. So much for your "literally."

Yeah, sure…


I’m not American. Japanese popular culture is just as shit as American popular culture.

India has a large economy too

Way more notable things about Japan:

Chinese are the Jews of Asia. This is well known.

China cannot be truly subverted by the Jews, since the Chinese are essentially the same as Jews. A corollary to that is that China is the only nation where Jews can truly integrate.

What's your point? The fact remains that only pedophiles claim anime is pedophilia.

Asia is comprised of different ethnicities and cultures and America is a different culture as well.


A lot of people do and that is a fact. And if you want to talk about shitty pop culture then look no further than the West.

From what I have read Yakuza tend to be strongly nationalistic, but full of ethnic Koreans at the same time.
There are claims that the Jap government uses the Yakuza keep them under control by replacing any previous cultural identity with nationalism and loyalty towards their gang.

Act like a goon, get accused of being a goon.
It isn't complicated

Protip: Asians almost never Identify as "Asian", their identity generally comes from what country they are.
/r/asianmasculinity is full of hapas and westernized asians with no national identity.

Want to know how I can tell you that you don't have a clue concerning what you are talking about?

Weebs always get ass blasted when I bring this up but this is the reason Japan never releases any kind of racial demographic data

Proof for that assertion? Pretty obvious that anime is laden with pedophillic overtones and attracts those with those tendencies. Why else would a grown ass man role play as a baby looking cartoon school girl on an online game for instance, or watch a show about them.

They are the same race and they don’t give a fuck about you. Why would you care about them?

There is no pedophilia in anime and the West has far worse problems with pedophilia than Japan does. Pointing the finger at anime/Japan is a red herring or an act of projection.

Try actually reading this time:



So how many billions does China give Israel every year? Is it more then 43?


I don't care if you waste your time. I'll laugh if you still keep relying after he busts out "cuckime" though

Just stop. I know what you are trying to do.

What is lolicon? Inb4 hurr that’s manga it’s the same shit. Fact is people drawn to those highly infantilised depictions of young girls and see them as “waifus” are likely to have some pedo tendencies as they relate more to ultra-“cute” little girls than adult women.

Look at the 3DPD meme. Whilst a meme, it reflects this tendency amongst anime fans to fetishise their infantile “kawaii” child like cartoon women over actual adult women.

And I doubt the west has bigger problems with pedophilia, more like the west is the only culture that actually actively tries to find pedophiles and where there are charities and government initiatives to support abused children. Statistically Muslim countries don’t have a lot rape either, you really believe that?

Niggers are the new opium. They make a fortune for citizenship consultants and citizens start dying off.

Keep up the good fight! Let no shit poster off without his (you)

Chinks are still butthurt about WWII, when Japs went full samurai on them. This is a kike revenge tactic.

Chinks are Jews that squint.

Nips need to get their armed forces back into full imperial Nippon mode. No mercy for (((undocumented migrants))–they n should have public beheadings of said migrants.

I’ll add that weebs are barely above their cousins bronies. Both have the same mental illness.

That's a rather silly comparison because it's the Jews that have pushed for the shift of all manufacturing from America to China. Why would Jews milk from a calf when they have a mature cash cow?

Also, just because a country isn't as kosher as America doesn't mean that the country isn't Kosher.

Lolicon is lolicon. Not pedophilia.

Anime/manga has no relation to pedophilia. You are a pedophile. You are either projecting or intentionally trying to misdirect people. The fact that you keep referring to teenage characters as "infantilized" and "infantile" says a lot.

It does.

I still know what you are trying to do and it doesn't matter what you say.

Weebs and bronies have no relation to each other and weebs have effectively ceased to exist.

Keep serving up the good work albino samurai


Why are you still posting? I know what you are up to. You have no means of influencing me.

It really has nothing to do with WW2, because Japan only killed about 5 million Chinese, while the communists killed more than 10 times that, and pretty much every dynastic change has brought tens of millions of deaths in China (good examples are the Mongolian conquests, Manchu conquests, Taiping rebellion, and Three kingdoms age). Instead, it has everything to do with Jewish geopolitical goals.

Basically, the Jews' plan was to have whites become more soft towards Orientals with Japan, and then have Chinese, Koreans, Philipinos, etc do the actual taking over of white countries.

At this point it is obvious you are delusional.
From Rotherham in England, the Dutroux affair in Belgium and the finders and folks like Epstein in the US, the west has become rife with pedophilia, especially in its higher echelons.
Would you seriously claim that despite having lower rates of every other form of crime, they'd somehow beat out the west when it came to child abuse?

Lol guess I really am dealing with an actual pedo. Pornography of toddlers isn’t pedophilia? K den.

And I call them infantilised because they are infantilised. But yeah 30 year old fat ugly weebs pretending to be kawaai 12 year old girls isn’t pedophillic and degenerate.

Stay in denial weebtrash.

Yeah. Yourself. Because you are the pedophile here.

Did I say it isn't? Did I so much as even remotely imply it isn't? Why are you making things up and expecting me to not notice? Are you stupid?

No that's just your own pedophilic urges shining through.

I never said or implied anything that would suggest I'm a weeb and you will be unable to produce any evidence to the contrary.

Almonds activated. So kikels wanted the slanty eyed to subjugate the white man?

Please, more redpills on this, based user.

You really expect me to believe that the people who invented lolicon and shota(dunno if that’s the right word) don’t have a ton of pedophiles? Please. Child sexual abuse is something that “never happened” in the west until recently too, protip, it’s something that takes a culture a long time to be willing to talk about and accept that it happens.

That’s literally your argument. You claim that lolicon isn’t pedophillic then call me a pedo. Whatever dude go fap to cartoon toddler porn, youre getting roped though.

Why are you describing post 1913 USA?

The only time a sentiment that'd be similar to white nationalism/supremacy appears is when a nigger insults any other Asian online, or like in the nu soy wars the bestiality scene with a Vietnamese woman.
even then, it's more of disdain for niggers than asian supremacy
All asians are ethno-nationalist, but could unite to wipe out niggers.

>clearly a bigger issue that rape of over 1000 children in Roterham with perpetrators unpunished, actual child rapes in public commited by Nigger invaders to europe or the entirety of (((Hollywood)))

Loli/shotacon is intentionally unrealistic and has no legal reason for being that way. Only pedophiles want people to think it's pedophilia.

No it isn't.

Because you are one.

I never said or implied anything about cartoon toddler porn. So where is this coming from? From yourself. You are projecting. You are a pedophile.

It’s depictions of child sex. It’s pedophillic. Calling people who point out this obvious fact pedos to deflect from your pedophilia isn’t going to work.

As I said, you’re getting roped, and weebshit is degenerate.

No it isn't.

You are pedophilic.

You are a pedophile. You are projecting.

Good thing I don't have anything to do with "weebshit" then, whatever that is.


Aren't the Yakuza nationalistic as fuck and absolutely based in this specific regard? Don't the Yakuza wield immense governmental power and are alpha as fuck?

Pic related is a Yakuza "boss of bosses" getting released because he is powerful as fuck. The fucking SWAGGER of this old Nip is kind of based.

Can an user confirm?

Yeah I’m a pedo for not watching cartoon child porn dude. Or, you have no arguments against what I’ve said and have devolved into hysterical name calling and deflection. I guess you hate being called out on your pedophile tendencies and your knee jerk response is to call people who do pedos.

You’re a retard, you’ve lost this argument, and you’re getting roped.

The point is that Jews do not have to subvert China because they are the same (not could they). Jews in China are like adding water to more water, because both are sneaky materialistic reptilian races. They homogenize completely, whereas Jews and whites are oil and water because whites are naturally trusting and naturally place value on honor and idealism which Chinese and Jews do not have.

It's not about subjugating the white man, it's about exterminating him. Remember, the Jews want slaves to rule over, and are rather insecure about there appearance. Naturally, they favor orientals for this because they look feeble and do not particularly go against authority. Jews can feel white around Chinese. That's why the Jews have fed China for so long, and that China gets away with genocide, pollution, and human rights abuses, because they are the ideal Jewish colony: communist government, cultural wasteland (thanks to the cultural revolution), degenerate slum, subhuman slave population. Browning up Europe is one thing, but honestly Arab-Mulatto muslims are not particularly ideal slaves to rule over; they will probably mix them with chinks, or simply have their chink minions exterminate what remains of Europe then. Then, it will be a global chinkpire ruled by bug-eyed Zuckerbot-types.

Japan on the other hand, despite its oriental race and susceptibility to authority and whatnot, is actually a cultured civilization with morals. So as much as Jews have a natural attraction to what whites feel "weird, eastern" to, they feel that Japan is somewhat of a danger to them. That's why they pump anti-Japanese propaganda all over the place, despite masturbating to hentai. Also, Jews can't really become the direct rulers over a country with an Emperor whose dynasty has existed for 1850 years (or 2680 if you believe in mythology), as the Prime ministers and other government officials are technically put in to those positions by the Emperor according to the will of the people.

Maybe I used the wrong word but there’s definitely anime child porn called something. Stop being a pedantic. If you don’t think that’s pedophillic, you’re literally braindead.

The latest word apparently is that the yakuza has been severely weakened by the government and has also fractured into more smaller organizations.

You are a pedo for reasons already stated.

Projection. You are the one with no arguments.

That's exactly what you're doing.

More projection. Pedo.


It's telling enough that the term "lolicon" comes from an American book written in the 50's.
It's a post-war cultural import from the US, if it was culturally Japanese, it would have a Japanese name.
Remember that the Japanese government had a very strict system of censorship before the US gave them "freedom of expression".

You think the globalists wouldn't already be all over it if Japan was covering up a huge child sexual abuse problem?
They'd drop their weak whining about anime and videogames being too whatever-ist and leap all over it like wolves.

If you think I'm going to magically turn into a pedophile because you keep projecting your pedophilia onto me, you're literally retarded.

You have no reasons. It’s just deflection, which you don’t even believe yourself. A way to deflect from the objective truth of what I’ve said.

What have the Japs ever done for us anyway? They go abroad a lot for holidays and see what we're turning into, yet all they care about is going back to a "Japanese" Japan.

Is this some fucking stupid spin-off of the white saviour complex, that we now have to carry their outcome on our shoulders too? While we haven't even begun fixing our own shit. FFS, you just can't win with us.

No I think you’re a pedophile because you literally claimed there’s nothing wrong with cartoon child porn.

You’re the one projecting here

I have stated my reasons and you are the one who is deflecting. You are a pedophile.

You are a pedophile because you are falsely equating lolicon with pedophilia. You are a pedophile and you are projecting.

Maybe in a few places in Tokyo, but when I was there I saw barely any non-Japanese at all, or at least non-Asians. And that's in the bigger second and third-tier cities.

You have no logical arguments. You argue like a fucking Jew. Pathetic.

I have stated logical arguments. You are a pedophile.

D&C or material to say fuck commie jews and chinks yo.

They have shown us what a life of honor looks like.

Inejiro Asanuma (浅沼 稲次郎 Asanuma Inejirō, December 27, 1898 – October 12, 1960) was a Japanese politician, and leader of the Japan Socialist Party. A noted public speaker, Asanuma was unusual in postwar Japan for his forceful advocacy of socialism, his support of the Chinese Communist Party, and his criticism of the U.S-Japanese relations was particularly controversial.[citation needed]

Asanuma was assassinated by a nationalist while speaking in a televised political debate in Tokyo. His violent death was seen in graphic detail on national television, causing widespread public shock and outrage.[1] The weapon used was a yoroi-dōshi, a traditional sword.[2]

You have no logical arguments. You argue like a jew. With your insults.

You are a pathetic jewish pedophile.

You are a pedophile and you are projecting. You can spend the rest of the week projecting here but it's not going to make you any less of a pedophile.

The japs are the closest future vision of what a fascist/monarchist country looks like, that isn't closed up like the Nork.

they show all the advantages and disadvantages of a future right-wing country.

They should be supported at all times from external threats (communism, globalism, cultural intervention), all of their big problems are internal, and will be resolved within times. Japan would serve as the proof that a homogenous country has worked, is working and will work.

Reflexively calling anyone a pedophile because they point to the obvious pedophillic tendencies of 30 year old men who role play as school girls, like “to watch cute (children) girls doing cute things XD”, watch lolicon (or whatever it’s called, I don’t want to search it) etc is not an argument. It is a perfect textbook example of deflection and projection.

For a channer to not know lolicon, a heretic at best, a spy at worse.

You are the one with the obvious pedophilic tendencies (like teenage anime characters making you think of real children) that you are trying to project onto others. Pedophile.

The fuck are you faggots doing? You are replying seriously to an obvious ZOG kike shill.

Bored as ass actually.

What's to be done? Arrive in Japan ourselves and hold up signs?

Why do you keep bringing up videogames to try and prove a point about porn?
Pedophiles are attracted to children, not attracted to being one or playing as one in a MMORPG.
That would be a whole different kind of disorder.
Besides, I once played a female character in Mount And Blade, am I now a transsexual?

All you have to do is improving yourself and be as firm as an oak tree. When lemmings see a superior man, they will agree with him.
Don't go to nipland, hwhites are just a step above niggers over there anyway.

Makes sense I guess.

You know they aren’t real and don’t actually have an age right? And if I was a pedophile, the opposite would be true, I would see things that look like teenagers as old.

Nothing you have said deflects from the fact that some weeb in VR chat or w/e with the skin of an infantilised school girl has pedo tendencies. Not all anime is pedophillic, but the culture certainly attracts pedos.

I’ve been on the chans since 2007 and I’m 99% sure it’s lolicon, however he is seriously saying that cartoon child porn isn’t pedophillic. Either it’s just chutzpah for his pilpul techniques or I got the word wrong.

Cartoon child porn isn't actually pedophillic because it's fucking cartoon, actually.

Spoken like a true pedo. Thanks for playing.

Fixed that for you.
Now I hope you faggots stop shilling for China/Nork for now on.

Cover blown, hello leddit.

This fact works against your agenda, not for it, and it doesn't explain why teenage anime characters make you obsess over real children.

Some weeb in VR chat is irrelevant, but I can tell that you spend a lot of time on VR chat doing god knows what.

Yet there are no instances of pedophilia to be found among Japanese anime fans including lolicon fans, while countless people in the West such as catholic priests and Hollywood bigshots can barely go a day without fucking children, and the British government is not only actively importing pedophiles into the country but also protecting them.

It's not even cartoon child porn because a) it isn't a cartoon, and b) there are no children involved.

To go against anime is basically trying to destroy the proles and plebs's escapism while ignoring the real problems, that are underground pedo networks, that are actually real existing in the west.

It's actually counter-productive.


Dunno why you white knight for chinks so much, get the yellow dick out your mouth, they don't care about you.

But I do care about them, so get this leddit shit outta here.

Seriously. Because it isn't. Only pedophiles claim that it is.

Where did I say anything about the Chinese?

Japan's birthrate is rising again. Hopefully they send all the non-Japs back once they get a more stable fertility rate.

Based Nips are all about honor. Tell me more, user. All I know about Japs are that if they dishonored their family or some shit, they literally – in the non-Millenial usage of the word "literally" – had to kill themselves.

Imagine a Jew committing hara-kiri oof chopping off a finger because the Jew didn't have honor.

Nips based as fuck, tbh fam. If I was a based uncucked Yakuza Nip or some shit, I would think the white man is weak af for bending the knee to the kike, too.

Is there a source for that I can use later? I'm thinking of what to use for a college paper.

I liked it better when the cartoons were about giant robots and giant monsters.

Cartoons weren't always about them, no.

People that fap to hentai are still attracted to normal women. People that fap to hentai kids are gonna be attracted to kids. Most normal people see that shit and think it's for pedophiles, so "only pedophiles think it is" is wrong. It's like saying that child sex dolls aren't for pedophiles because they aren't real.

Either way, do you agree it's degenerate as fuck? Why defend it unless you're into it?

Prove it?
Yes, they are just toys, man.
No, it's not, it's just fucking cartoon.

I defend it because it's just fucking cartoon.

This. Based. There's no more honor.

Based Nihon now.

Those times never existed. It was always a broad mix of genres that got more and more broad over time.

They aren't. They just aren't. And it doesn't matter what theories and allegations you come up with. Your theories and allegations are meaningless in the face of reality.

Pedophiles claim that it's for pedophiles.

The Third World nation is immunized against all dangers: one may call it impoverished, undeveloped, crime-ridden, dangerous, and it will milk this for aid donations. But call it a shithole and you will be astonished at how it recoils, how injured it is, how it suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."

I firmly believe that in order to counter such preposterous claims of a need for third world immigrants, it is the duty of any anonymous user who has even the most basic understanding of the language of the Japanese to inform them of the ongoing threat that their version of average people are being subjected, directly or indirectly, by governments of foreign origin, for the purpose of diluting the qualities that make up their racial strength with the intent to exploit them and the turmoil generated for future political and economic gains.
It is difficult to believe that they would allow themselves to be dissolved that easily, but, in the interest of both Western and Eastern imageboard culture, a joint operation seems to me like the only viable way to keep Japan clean from the destruction of the so called "religion of peace".

They should be.

Weebs are fucking braindead degenerates. Holy shit.

No, literally fucking everyone does.

What do weebs have to do with this? I don't believe I have seen any weebs in this thread.

Then I guess literally everyone is a pedophile.

Gas yourself first, degenerate.

No, they shouldn't be.

Anime is a fucking medium, not just giant robots or giant monsters. In fact, giant robots and giant monsters are boring as fuck most of the times.

Yeah, literally everyone is a pedophile except people that fap to cartoons of child sex, those are the only non-pedos and non-degenerates.

As I said, braindead.

See above

I'm sure China's support will totally change the Japanese people's mind on the matter and totally not accelerate their militarism and rearming. With any luck we'll see Japan find their balls again.

And when China tries to invade them, we'll be there.

As said, gas yourself, degenerate, for one who cannot separate reality from fiction.

Never heard of it.

Yeah, you are.

When did they change the meaning of "boring as fuck" to "awesome"?

MSM dislikes our fascination with Japan, that is good enough reason to continue to be fascinated.

Remember who allied with the good guys in WW2, across racial boundaries. Fuck the shills.

Just what I was thinking, this will backfire simply because china is now pushing this shit. Still the thread just gives the shills enough reason to argue with people that bite the bait too hard.

You do realise this is a license for any form of degeneracy under the sun right? I guess individuals that get off on reading fictional accounts of child rape are A-OK, and watching virtual gay sex isn't actually gay.

Can't believe people unironically defend lolicon and hardly anyone is addressing it. Common filth was right, white nationalism is just a bunch of fucking degenerates.

That's what lolicon is. You can't even admit it's degenerate, seriously what is wrong with you?

Not equivalent. Such a fictional account is asking you to imagine realistic events as if they were really occuring.

No it isn't.

Watching virtual gay sex isn't actually gay though right.

What is it then?

Idk about the whole of Japan, but this town's fertility rate doubled.
European (white) birth rates have also increased significantly under President Trump, its probably following the same trend in Japan. Things are starting to look up, and the honorable races no longer feel like they are forsaking their children by giving birth to them in a declining shithole.

Yeah in 1960. Wanting Japan to stay Japanese, not for us.

I'm sure a lot more Whites had honor back then too.

It's not "cartoons of child sex." There are neither cartoons nor children involved.

It's anime children having sex. What sort of degenerate scum would like that and why are you defending them?

There are no children in it. It's not real. They don't even look real. You are just a pedophile.

Newfag can't redtext

this tbh

They are anime children. They are a depiction of children.

Why are you so intent on defending such obvious degeneracy?

Really, jew? If you aren't sickened by lolicon like 99% of the population you deserve to eat lead frankly.

They have nothing to do with real children, only pedophiles think they do.

I'm not a jew and never said or implied I was, so that makes you the jew.

Nips dont quite like the chinks
So… whatever they say i hope they ignore it

Indeed. Your will and action speak for yourself.

All of you autistic idiots ITT stop arguing for a second and check this out:

Really activates my almonds.

Japan just did this

It's a typo you retard.


I love how it doesn't matter if loli/anime is pdeophile shit or not, Japan is still Japanese and conservative while the rest of us are purity spiraling while our homelands get invaded and our women raped. (((Outside influences))) must be desperate.

They don't like them and they are disliking them more every day. The Logan Paul crap is a drop in the bucket compared to the shit that Chink tourists do in Japan every day. They also outnumber white tourists 10:1 and include some of the most low-class hicks due to the relatively cheap airfare related top visiting from China. Japan takes notice.

Wew lads somebody seems pretty triggered over Japanese Cartoons.

Apart from the fact that they are depictions of children. A drawing of a house has something to do with a house, whilst not being a literal house.

You obviously watch this trash if you cant even admit that virtual child fucking is degenerate.

Again, 99% of the population are pedophiles according to you. The only people that argue that lolicon isn't pedoshit are people that watch it. So literally everyone except people that fap to virtual child fucking are pedophiles according to your "logic".



Then delete your post

thank user, I dont know why but that image really made me smile

Yet don't look or act like children. Hmmmmm.

According to you. You're the one who said 99%.

Never heard of it.


Wow, based chinks, supporting Japanese nationalism indirectly (^:
There goes the myth of chink intellect

Ron confirmed for hapa parasite.

I mean it's a movie about a dude who went searching for a better life, like most immigrants they go through shit, no contacts, no one to turn to, massively underpaid etc etc.

I was in tokyo, agressive turk kebab vendors were common, but niggers in shinjuku and roppongi were the worst. They mostly come out at night, mostly. And there are so so many that it looks like little africa. They try to get baka gaijin to visit their scam bars.

i just wish someone could just drag them off and put a 7.62mm bullet in their head. fuck you eurocucks for letting your country have only kebab meat as 'fast food'.

this is what brainlets actually believe

this english-language propaganda is aimed at westerners, to get us to put political pressure on japan to open their borders

I officially nominate the ant-people for honorary Juden status.

dishonorary kikes

chinks not wrong, bulk of Whites are "gullible" from being christcucked, and the "progressive" left Whites jump into is the same christcucked poison in a different wrapper.

Fucking kek


Of all the things to pull from that article you make shit up instead of picking out the best part??

Sure, but you can say the Japs don't care about the plight of ours. or they don't seem to. Pretty sure that was the point.

You seem scared about making humans better, isn't this what pol is about? Race?
Do you want to be the alpha monkey, is that so?


does anyone else has a bad feeling about the Olympics in Tokyo?

I've been expecting SJWs to turn up the heat before the Olympics and then go all-out during them, in the hopes that all the attention will make Japan submit to their demands.

Here. Even the nips know it was degenerate even though the anime itself is basically lamp shading it.

I'm expecting the opening ceremony to be a blast as the Japs glorify their whale hunts, waifus, and the time they raised the chinks to glory under their gentle hand.

What are you trying to say?

I'm saying not all nips are okay with the loli bullshit any more than all americans are okay with the multiculturalism in pedowood.

Obviously I'm not the user you were arguing with to begin with

Overstaying tourist visas maybe ?

How is lolicon at all the same as pedowood?

One sexualizes children
One sexs children

Lolicon doesn't sexualize children.

lol I hope you at least have a Asian girl friend

Post count is not an argument, and what does an Asian girlfriend have to do with anything?

Why do you think sex when you look at children?


Cause if you don't you just spent the last 7 hours defending a bunch of slants for the hotpocket price

It doesn't.

Since when has this been about defending Asians?

Do you not? the whole point is they are just pictures

I want the Chinese and half of South East Asia dead once we get rid of the Jewish problem

Too dumb for tor?

Why would I I don't live in Canada drawings aren't illegal in my country

I see nothing special here. China obviously sees what mass-migration can do where it involves subverting an entire country and culture. A mass migration would undermine Japan. It would weaken and eventually destroy Japan's usually conservative culture. Family bonds would erode. Eventually the country would be ripe for a cultural and maybe even a military invasion. It might even get the US kicked out of the theater before anything goes down. This is just China being strategically sound, whether you like it or not. Want to reverse it? Help the world reassert cultural and racial dominance. Fix places like Sweden. Otherwise, migrants are a potent weapon for the long-game, expect to see them used more often if they aren't already now.

Really activates my almonds.

We need to start red pilling the Japanese. It's easy to red pill them even if they're far-left leaning (few are). Just look at how this far-left wing jap was red pilled by logan paul. We should start translating infographics and memes about the JQ, cultural marxism, race realism, etc into Japanese and disseminate them on

Japs have the 7th most powerful army in the world and they aren't even trying. The Japs made anime warfare real.

Pics related. Can you imagine getting blown away by a helicopter with a fucking anime cartoon on it? Based as fuck.

Kek, forgot these. Animu warfare is real.

I'd think it would be easier and more effective focus on "show" rather than "tell".
Show them footage of what western cities have become, show them the riots and historical statues being torn down by mobs.
Words can have their meaning lost in translation, or be argued against, but it's much harder argue against or misinterpret pictures.

One nigger family i Japan that probably wouldn't be able to reproduce. Who cares? Japs will probably deport big chimps and little one will follow them.

I can see another attack copter using those paintings as a viable target in semi-low visibility.

That's a cool opening, but I know if I try to watch that it will be generic slice of life moeshit.

Jesus christ. He's literally praising them and they still pull this victim shit.

my sides

We should do both as appealing to logic and emotion go well together. We should spread whatever red pilling material we can on sites like and (use japanese proxies and/or vpns to post). The red pilling will spread faster in japan because they're less brainwashed and more likely to accept facts. If we can red pill an entire nation, it will have a massive impact on the world and will help us, too. We could also start making threads dedicated to the translation of our stuff into european languages.

Not on a helicopter, maybe on a bomber like those old pin up girls from American bombers.


It's not. It's just a cartoon, don't be a fag.

Most mangaka, even hentai ones, often include 2D PSAs about not actually going after real kids and just fapping to manga.

The loli shite is entirely a 2D phenomenon. The overlap only happens when the person was a pedo to begin with. You're making the accusation 2D leads to 3D. Well prove it. Find me studies, or heck just fucking anecdotes, of lolifags that went out and raped a kid. And don't forget to account for the presence of actual pedo shit with 3D kids.

Anime is the only reason that being serious is still cooler than being a degenerate beer drinking millenial.

I'm gonna argue that art tells you all about a culture, and everything Americans produce is fucking shit and anime makes me want to stand up to the freemasons. And the Jesuits! And the Chinese! And the LGBT! and the Women! And the poor! And the liberals! And the coloreds! And the muslim cavemen! Those are the only people who are a problem!

Warning labels don't impress anyone. Everything in the US has a "may cause cancer in california" sticker on it. Guns come with a "don't shoot yourself or others warning". They're just lawyerese.

I'm not saying fags who beat it to lolicon are 100% pedos but there is grounds for suspicion. This argument will just open the doors to 2d zoophilia or scat or cuckholding somehow not being degenerate because some definition some user came up with. Same argument would apply weather this is somehow a gateway drug to physically playing them out.

From a personal standpoint i really don't care what cartoons you watch if it doesn't physically harm someone else. No children were harmed in the drawing of this smut but its not something I will encourage or give the false impression of that its somehow okay and normal.

The issue that most shills and shitposters don't get is that lolicon isn't mainstream in the damned slightest. You just think it is because you're on Holla Forums and your interaction with anime is people from /a/ who either actually fap to it, or view it as a normalfag filter. I stand with the later.

Also suspicion isn't worth anything unless you can back it up. And they aren't obligated to write those PSAs, they do it for humor and to remind their views not to go full pedo.

And as far as being degenerate, it's all degenerate. It's porn, of course it's degenerate. Being 2D doesn't change that.

Pedos are pedos whether the fapped to loli or not, and doubly so if they've already been molested as a child themselves. The logic you're using is the same as a libtard claiming that owning a gun turns someone into a murderous psychopath.

This, need to build those friendship bridges before they are truly needed. Japanese are fairly politically unaware or uncaring in general, possibly due to the language barrier allowing them access to outside sources of information. They can be easily brought to our side, they are halfway there at birth.

no, it's not


hopefully they don't crucifix a children, that shit is nasty

Last I checked according to the official Japanese government census, less than 2000 practicing Jews are in the country.

Also you fell for daytime Nip TV shitposting, you know most people there don't believe that shit, right?
I can point you to several other crazy topics from shows, like the Chinese are the offspring of demons, Kim Jong Un's pervert sexden, there was even one my sister told me about how the show claimed Trump was part Japanese.

They really are shameless.

Did anyone alert them that you don't use your strategy all the time becouse people might figure it out and counter it ala Trump or every European nation now?

most of these are katakana characters with the exception of so - borrowed syllables for an alphabet of borrowed words.
there's not that much jewish influence here.

as for the hurr liberal shit is catching on in Japan meme - it's half true
liberal bullshit is catching on - but the roots are not deep. it's more seen as a fashion statement than an ideology or lifestyle. mostly popular with edgy teenagers who are rejected from society regardless.

even some of the completely insane liberal 'gaijin hunter' type women want to eventually marry and have kids with japanese men and still enjoy things like cooking and making things for their boyfriends.
I compare it to middle school kids wearing gothic clothing in the US. Is it degenerate - yes. Is it super serious national-threat level degeneracy - no.
eventually they get bored of it and want to be accepted into society so they change. liberal shit is mostly introduced via the internet(mostly fashion and romance pages on twitter and instagram, as well as exposure to creepy sexpat faggots)

population decline is also a meme, it's the population making itself right after a period of overpopulation sparked by the economic boom in the 80s. i see young people everywhere, and most of them date on some level.
a lot of this data is self-reported and there's still enough modesty in the culture that people lie.

You say that like it's a good thing.
Organizations like UNESCO, and the UN in general, would love for Japs fuck around like people in the west.
Remember that promoting premarital sex and devaluing virginity is one of the most harmful things the kikes have done.

It is.

Sounds christcuck-tier tbqh. You think vikings and romans waited for marriage to have sex?
Sexual compatibility is important in choosing a wife lad(and despite what christcucks say, is genetic)


So you're just retarded.

Yes, virginity was highly valued in Pagan Germanic and Roman society (that is until Rome became feminist).

Or in the words of Publius Cornelius Tacitus.

It's a slice of /out/ and comfy innawoods without the skinwalkers and guns.

Not as prevalent as the alt-kike would have you think it is.
I'm sure it was decadency that did it, not invasive tribes and christcuckery.

just like the NSDAP were a bunch of genocidal maniacs, right moshe?

top lel. reminder that semitic religions are the ones promoting waiting until marriage - different than discouraging promiscuity mind you.
discouraging promiscuity is good and in any redpilled society people should wait to marry and divorce should be outlawed.
reminder that birthrates fucking everywhere tanked when people adopted semitic religions en-masse

Virginity should be valued, the idea that you need to wait to marry shouldn't. Back then marriage wasn't something one could end - now that it is thanks to jewed courts men should take every action to determine if their prospective wife is someone who is worth their time (including having sex with them)

pre-marital sex when in a serious relationship often ensures the couple will not divorce since they know they're sexually compatible and able to be sexually satisfied long term
see above

Nah, I just saw your nonsense and had to answer. But nice argument.

You keep on using this jewish/feminist terminology as if it's a real thing. It's not.

Are you retarded, this was standard practice long before Christianity existed. Hell, I just quoted from the Germania a book about Germanic pagan society. (Hitler and Himmler were big fans of this book, so you can pretty much count on them being firmly against your nigger behaviour.)

Yeah, those medieval families with +6 kids sure were small am I right, fellow right wingers.

No, birthrates dropped with feminism, the sexual revolution and birth control, coincidentally 3 things you advocate for.

Serial "monogamy" isn't any different from promiscuity.
It fucks up your ability to pairbond just the same.

Look at it like this: If there was some highly productive race of people who could be swayed so easily to do stuff, wouldn't you want to be the one to sway them? Even if you are benevolent (I'm not saying the Chinks are) you would want to keep them out of trouble. It's either us or the Jews. It's like when we look at the Colonial past - many of these black nations actually accomplished great things only under white rule. When the whites left, the blacks began stripping live substations for copper and eating albinos to cure their aids. When given the proper guidance, they were producers. If we as a race, not just Holla Forums but whites as a whole do not assert ourselves, every one of the manipulative races will try their tricks on us. The Chinese seek to replace the Jew, as would any other.

The other point of view is to say that we on Holla Forums are a manipulative sub-race of the white race. We can replace the Jews and force out the Chinese, to lead our own people from the shadows. I don't know if we are positioned to lead from the front, given our understandable suspicion of public figures stemming from our depths. But we "Jewed" the Jews out of the presidency and we are well positioned to lead from the shadows. All the while they will blame 400lb Russian hackers in their babushka's basement next to the potatoes.

This is how fucking retarded you sound.

What did he meme by this?

Let me put it this way: would you stick your willy a roast beef-tier pussy?

Life-bonding / mate-for-life is not marriage. Pagan matrimony is different than christcuck matrimony - mostly in terms of the ritual and implications thereof.
Also back then the woman didn't hold all the power in the courts and divorce wasn't allowed.
This situation would be ideal - but it's the unfortunate fact of the (((times))) we live in that it's not the way things are

Hitler had kids out of wedlock - this was to ensure that his children were not aware of who they were in the event that he lost the war and his family was hunted. tbh it's a pretty good way of spreading your genes when you know (((history))) will vilify you

medieval times were shit-tier and the beginning of the sort of slavery we see today - semitic to the core and the beginnings of the process of eroding our ancestral traditions.
also a lot of that had to do with disease being spread thanks to increased globalization thanks to industrial society which was also sparked by none other than semitic religion. they had to have 6+ kids because they knew only one or two would survive the squalid conditions and spread their genes.

Not advocating them, saying we should account for them when choosing a wife. Choose someone who will reject them, but also choose someone who won't take advantage of the (((times))) we live in the minute things stop going perfectly. having sex with them is part of figuring that out

Serial monogomy is not the same as casual sex. It's perfectly okay to have sex with more than one person throughout your life in the event that the first person you did it with isn't loyal to you or your cause - again, accounting for the times in order to get the upper hand on them.

Read Evola and make this (((brave new world))) your bitch.

I agree with you but
It wouldn't surprise me if this really happened.

If it's not been used before, sure.
If this is the reason why you'd dump someone you're a fucking degenerate and should kill yourself.

No it's not, not only is it the same but Christian marriage today is mostly European pagan in it's customs and rules.

Yes it was. Pagan European women could divorce for a multitude of reasons like infidelity, homosexuality (of the husband), bad teeth, etc.

Medieval times were fine for European. Dirtfarming, muh oppression, etc. are just kike myths.

It's not like the Romans traded with the Chinese or anything.
Or the vikings traded with the Chinese.

No it was white people.

So a virgin.

No, that's the opposite. If you can have sex with them before marriage they aren't rejecting anything, they are accepting them fully.

That's exactly what it is. Your brain doesn't see a difference.

Guys check this faggot's yt channel.
i think this is one of those chinks pretenting to be a jap, notice all the (((shilling))) for (((race-mixing))), (((multiculturalism))), (((feminism))) and kikery like that.
We already saw that shit happening in the west, but i am sure this is just (((pure coincidence))) so guys stop being "Conspiracy theorists™"

Pretty sure he is a Nip, just brainwashed by the leftist parties over there.
Still can happen even in one of the most conservative countries in all of Asia.

Dem goonies are out in full force whenever animu gets brought up.
Again, if you don't like animu, get off this site and go on TRS or reddit, because you niggers belong there.

He doesn't look chink to me, could be a gook though.

Almost the entirety of the Chinese population hate Japan and the Japanese with an absolute passion–they are all officially indoctrinated into it from elementary school on. Ofc they would seek to destroy Japan, even if if meant filling it with shitskins and mudshits right next to their borders.

Got a handy way to tell gooks from chinks user?

Koreans look artificial doe tu plastic surgeries, small noses,
Chinks have largest eyes of all the asians
Japanese have larger noses

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


then why is the European west turning into a mongrel shithole while Japan is still 99% ethnically Japanese?

Anyways, China has been trying to get back at Japan for centuries so this really isn't suprising. Stay strong nippon!

That's a small National Socialist group in Japan, no bigger than the NSM. If you've seen the documentary, there were many counterprotesters at their rally. Japan may not be as cucked as the west is at this point, but there is a possibility that it will soon.

Half these Yakuzas are dog eating, squinting kimchi kikes that have no problem luring in dumb young girls and women with drugs and an "easy" lifestyle" and gradually forcing them into prostitution while Tyrone agressively hustles the degenerates who think they're too good for Pattaya.
If that's your idea of Nationalistic spirit you're fucked in the head. Just like the Italian Mafia groups nowadays Yakuza are nothing more than parasites of globalism who willingly style themselves in the image of kike produced propaganda movies.

Japan can keep the flip nurses for now but they need to get rid of all the chinks, koreans and marxists in their own ranks soon or they'll get all the enrichment Europe has now within the next ten to fifteen years. It would be a good idea to show them videos of the nigger refugees rioting in Paris and similar things.

You do realize that China had the bloodiest communist chimpout in history against THEIR OWN PEOPLE and that they practically razed all their ethnic heritage during the "cultural revolution" right?

You better believe it, Ahmed.

Why are all these economic migrants such demanding retards?


Whites are not the Master Race because we are kike-like exceptionalists, faggot. We are the masterrace because the historical facts and empirical evidence from our comparison with non-Whites and subhumans say so.

I need this show for hilarity reasons.

I want to believe; japan getting replaced by chinks or korean swine is too depressing to think about.
i still want a happa waifu tho

No you don't. Hapas are fucking crazy. A friend of mine got stabbed and almost bled out because he tried to farm the rice.


We could start creating threads for translating our stuff into Japanese and various European languages. We should focus on Japanese and languages like polish, russian, and hungarian first because the red pilling will spread faster in nations that are already nationalistic and then finish with the most brainwashed nations like sweden, germany, etc. We could start by focusing on translating our stuff and creating an extensive storage for storing all the various translations and then once the storage is of a sufficient size, start creating threads dedicated to coordinating raids on targets for distribution.


Very good idea. I say we also translate stuff into chinese in order to rally people in Taiwan, and on the off chance of the reds monitoring this site and sites like this one, that we slowly break down some of the mental conditioning that the 50 cent army soldier has gone through for most of his life.

Is this why the chinks are so shit at war, they kike their own military into defeat?

Remember a time boys and girls wouldn't even dare telling anyone about even a chaste kiss and kept it as a fond intimate thing.
Boy this liberated society is so much bettter!

Fuck, when will China and Japan bury the hatchet?
It hurts me to see two brothers fighting each other like this.


there are multiple languages on Metapedia, you guys always overlook that project:

anyway, setting up a new wiki to translate memes and stuff is not that difficult; the software itself is documented in multiple languages:

If the Jap govt didn't want that exact thing then they wouldn't continue with policies which discourage parenthood.
Don't pay attention to what politicians say, watch what they do.
Politicians control fertility rate, it's exactly the same in the West. The demographic winter was no accident, it was engineered.

Pretty sure the missiles use radar and IR signatures, they don't home in on pictures of anime.
The days of dogfights are long gone, these days you're killed from 30 miles away.

The demographic winter is a natural consequence of pop density. Also you don't NEED constantly increasing pops. That is an unsustainable model. What you need is border control.

I wonder how China and Jews gonna deal with these mentality/fetish.

God I love Morriston. Even before I knew about his fashy lyrics, support of brexit & UKIP, and his criticism of (((UK politicians))) after kids in his hometown were bombed
Quintessential /ourguy/.

I thought Morrissey would have been another sad faced shitlib or a faggot tuffguy like Henry Rollins, do you have any more of his quotes about UKIP or (((Those guys)))?

This is quite new to me.

Why do you even have these on your computer? of Cuck™-candidate-anne-marie-waters/
He's been openly disregarding the bbc for years,too.
You'd think with how much soyboy hipsters love The Smiths they'd actually listen to some of the lyrics he wrote & Realise he isn't the biggest fan of the brown hordes.
Only thing we wouldn't really like about him is his fagism tbh.
He said he was being robbed by (((a tribe from Palestine))) when it comes to his management dealing with money on his biography.

So multi-culti or ban women from work?

are you sure about this?


Meh. The second part I can believe, but not the first. They don't have much taste in movies.

He's not bad but he has some weird opinions too, like all the stuff about animals.

Lmao, haven't thought of that. Those chinese should check their privilege.

jews have controlled china since Mao. they purged the nationalists and destroyed the culture during the 1960s. it was hell with massive famine and commie death squads stasi type control. look up Israel Epstein as an example.

this guy isn't wrong and from their perspective if there is this super powerful race of whites running around getting dominated by jews it makes sense to try to dominate them yourself instead. can we blame them for trying to win geopolitics? we need to sort ourselves out. the jews have fucked us almost out of existence. I hope the chinks can beat them just out of spite.
most chinks love the west and the society we have built. of course they want to enjoy that society without fully understanding the burden that it places on every citizen (which whites currently also do not understand). We should be allied with every non-jewish race until the jews are defeated. it should be #1 priority for every white. the jews, their banks and media are they only significant threat to us. everything us stems from that.

this is true of most of China but you can see that this is what Germany is becoming like now under communism and how Russia was under communism and potentially how USA will be under it. Chinese philosophy and civilisation is actually one of the high tier ones on this planet. Communism got them good. Look at Taiwan where most of the cultured and wealthy people escaped to during communism. They are basically like Japs except they are chinks.

Animal testing or is he a fag?; because i can understand the animal testing part and i'm even opposed to the practice even though i understand why it exists. (fagism is something i don't agree with however.)

I don't disagree entirely but I'm still not sold on the Chinese being that benign a force. If there were only say 250 million of them and they didn't all want out and to go abroad and bring their "Chineseness" with them, I'd probably have a far more favorable opinion. I've seen their impact and influence on my city and I can't get along with it.

The absolute epitome of smug sexual deviancy.

Hey, just like us :D :(

Though atleast you guys still have some things that you can identify with since the kikes can't erase the achievement of your people user and hope you gas them all

it's an IQ war

Tibet is and always has been a shithole. That said Leng is the purview of whites, simply because everything is our purview and we are the only race that climbs airless mountains for amusement. China needs to get the fuck out of Leng.

China fucking hates Japan, of course they'd shill for a policy that would destroy them.

Every non-jewish prosperous society.

that dude is 90s based. its funny, the jews wouldnt even let a "nazi" on TV, post Trump. Can you imagine one of ourguys on a kike talkshow sitting there saying its a jewish trick that they pretend to like the goyim to put them at ease? We are now beyond that. instead of a lauging audience, it would be a mostly violent, hostile audience with about 10% of them agreeing with the "nazi" wholeheartedly. there would be cops breaking up fights nonstop until the event would get shutdown due to a swarm of niggers and cunt enablers. its happening.

Nice subhuman terminology.


What on earth do you think attack on titian is all about?

Not anymore really. Most of them will scoff at the idea if you suggest it. There are certainly still elements of that in their society but they've changed a hell of a lot too.

Hi add and archive the sauce otherwise it's just a fake quote

that fucking chick in the second video rofl.


actually Yurucamp's opening theme is "Shiny Days", like the remake/sequel of Summer Days which was a remake/sequel of School Days

If China ever hopes to switch roles with the US (become a consumer-based economy) they will need a bunch of tractable brown slave labor to replace us and our allies. Whites won't have any part of that which is why you need to be extra suspicious of (((anyone))) shilling the "doing the jobs American's won't do" line

It wouldn't be the first time kikes and chinks worked together to undermine the West.

…this is some of the most demented shit I've ever seen.

ass blasted christ cuck detected. Go back to /christian/ with your semitic bullshit you nigger lover

Wonder why no one calls for diversity in the mono-racial CONTINENT of Africa…. Why does no one call for the Billion+ cookie-cutter countries of China or India to be more diverse? Hmmmmm, almost like diversity isn't the issue and it's about white replacement, Hmmm, gets the noggin' joggin'.

You faggots always do push just that little bit too hard to fly under the radar.


The weebIDF spergeed out on my last time I posted this last time I was in Japan was early 2016 and I couldn't believe how many niggers I saw walking around

Wouldn't be the first time.

"Do Japanese Elders Want Foreigners in Japan? (Interview, Re-upload)"


Yeah, nah. You won't meme this one. A meme has to have some truth or appeal to take off. Japan is going to turn hard-line racist in response to pressure from China and Korea to take more immigrants.

I wasn't trying to meme it into reality; just joking it around.

How do we spread freedom in glorious Nippon?

the memes really write themselves don't they?


That's not real hebrew writing though, that's like japanized hebrew or some shit.

look, he's said some good thing,s and he's probably more good than bad…

but he's a faggit
he can't be /ourguy/

Admit occupation was wrong and you shouldn't have followed McCollum's memo forcing Japan to attack allowing (((American government))) to act outraged.
Post-mortem demote douglas MacArthur and call him an insolent retard who had no basis to deny divinity of the Imperial Family while also promoting the idea that Japan needs to rearm for the Nork boogeyman.

It honestly scares me that chinks are starting to adopt jew tactics for subverting their enemies, and diluting their genepools. If they get good at it, then we'll have a billion chinks telling us about the benefits of diversity and breeding with niggers. The chinks have lots of money to funnel into propaganda and poz media, and unlike pissreal, they can throw their weight around militarily.

A fucking jew-chink alliance. A nonstop media flow of poz, all of our institutions bought out by jews and chinks, both telling us to die out. Chinks will probably pull a muh nanking as their own holocaust, and become a global protected class of victims.
Just fuck my timeline up.

Because only lazy niggers and other sort of trash go for fast food.

because they're not sending their best

they never understood "the streets are paved with gold" was a metaphor

jew tactics won't work anymore as our people wake up.
it seems to be spreading exponentially.
We are nearing the time in the cycle where they are kicked out.

Chinks are a non issue, 3 gorges dam and a couple other power stations and they are in the dark. western power systems are bad theirs are worse.

Mac Aurther should have become Shogun of the Japanese Empire… Would be based.
Also Patton should have become Emperor of Europe, and destroyed the USSR with Mac Aurther. This is the ultimate Ameriwank scenario.

user the villains in that series literally wanted to lock the whole population in chastity cages, if anything I'd say its satirizing the UNs pressure to ban that stuff.

You're right that the same tactics can't work forever. What I am scared of is the chinese actually threatening us if we don't play along.
If they propagandize and flood us to the point of minority status, the last nationalistic whites to survive will be picked off by the shitskins with jewish and chinese backing.
The shitskins would be easy enough to deal with on their own, but with the chinese military behind them, it might not go so well.
The chinks probably realize their winning strategy would be to whittle down our numbers until they can land the killing blow.
The only difference between the chink and the jew is that the jew would rule over the brown underclass that remains, while the chinks would raze everything to the ground and start their own ethnic colony.

Either way they both want us dead and gone so I have a feeling they'll be working in tandem until they think they can sufficiently seize control.

They don't use hapa girls because they look too asian. They use poo-in-the-loo mixes and niggermixes.

That's not what the chinks are doing. At least not in the same way. Their goal is to use open borders to flood THEIR OWN people in, and then they sacrifice some of their own women like a game of fucking Go. This is basically Canada right now. Bunch of chink women going after white guys. They literally don't care since they have such a huge excess population they can burn.

That's already started with the movies. I'm surprised the Chink move into the film industry hasn't gotten more attention. Can't imagine how messed up things would get if they got into other forms of media, but I'm sure that's not far off.

And their main priority is to keep those who move abroad loyal. You can literally find that in writing if you can read Chinese.

China wants USA and Japan perfectly blacked, what’s the surprise?

As if this is anything new. Chinese money has been influencing our immigration policy for years. Anyone that ever thought slant-eyes, including the Japanese, were a better alternative, is fucking delusional. I've been saying for years they're worse than niggers. Why? They're organized and intelligent.

you realize thats a cold war propaganda myth that has in fact no basis inreality and is only still peddled in the 21st century by curry niggers and clueless retards who base their "facts" on Hollywood movies?

Go back to Holla Forums nigger.

they are shrinking
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Your speech patterns are identical to every dime-a-dozen hormonal dyke on tumblr with ebonics mixed in. Go shove a tampon up your cunt and fuck off with your china#1 shilling.

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They're just good at paying (/ kidnapping and holding their passports for ransom) shills. The CCP in general is remarkably good at identifying real internet grassroots, mostly because they have an entire native industry dedicated to stamping it out. And if we somehow influence Trump (i.e. by telling him to dump China's MNC status, trash BITs) that's all the more reason to subvert us.

I do think the pro-Nork stuff we get here is mostly anons being genuine, as they are admirable trolls and almost as good at bants as Ausposters.

You guys need to go over to ops video and even up the comment section. Sticking up for the purity of Japanese culture and avoiding Japan-ese genocide is the same as calling out white genocide. You can make that analogy over there and do all of us some good.

only the US marines that rape their daughters

Japs are just dirty sea mongols. They were an unimpressive backwater country before they ripped off Chinese civilisation. I don't get why people white knight them so much: what have the Japs invented apart from instant noodles? At least the chinks have gunpowder and movable type. Their island should be sunk under the ocean for what they did to American POWs and European colonists in Indochina during WWII. I truly don't care if Japan gets blacked, they are an ugly vile people anyway.

They still are when the pants go down.