Walmart Raises Min Wage Due to Tax Reforms

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They are also closing sams clubs putting those out of work.


Fucking Blumpf. He could institute a $1,000,000 minimum wage and we'd all be millionaires tomorrow. He's standing in the way of true progress.

What are you, some kind of capitalist?

They made higher wages at Sams. They were the equivalent of Costco back in the day. When I had a run through there I was making 18 before I got out in 2001.
Communist shit.
No, goy, it was because they had too. Has nothing to do with a decrease in corporate tax. Taxes should remain high, otherwise the filthy 1%ers win.

What are you even going on about? How is any of this at all related to closing a tiny amount of stores because they weren't making enough money?

And my friend who has been working there for 2 years now is making 11.50, and is paid better than most of his co-workers. What's your point? Wages vary drastically based on location, so even if $11 isn't much in whatever high density shithole you live in doesn't mean it's not a good amount elsewhere. Raising the global bottom line from $9/hour to $11/hour is not insignificant.

What fucking world are they living in?

I bet those retarded commies are going to say the raised wages are "just bread crumbs" and go on about muh corporations maaan on their Iphones while drinking their daily soy latte at Starcucks.

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Mo money fo ganja and Jordans. Based.

Oh SNAP now weez will needs ta cutz da hours so as weez dont make da monies for da Gibs ta be taken aways.

Can we get the God damned Israeli flag on first posts or what? Star of david would work as well.

No we can't have that all we get is shitty word filters.

Nancy Pelosi literally called it "crumbs". I guess when you're a millionaire sipping wine on your vineyard that is just "crumbs".

Has this board finally devolved to the point where fucking Walmart gets defended?

It honestly is crumbs. And that is leaving aside the tidal wave of Chinese garbage Walmart dumps on this country, their peddling of garbage food, and the all around third world magnet their megastores are.

Who's defending Walmart, and what exactly do they need defending against? This thread is about proof that the tax reform is good for everyone, not about Walmart.

You are. You know what? Fuck it. Just filter faggots like you, even you are the OP.

Lmao how the fuck was he defending WalMart you autistic faggot?

Well now it's a minority magnet. But the one I used to go to was all white Americans and Murica and shit type people. And 25 cent sam's cola's out front with the mechanical horses to ride


Nancy, is that you?

Ringing endorsement.

If it wasn't for Trump's evil tax plan, they would have raised it to $15 an hour.

t. libtard I know

they're not just giving this money away for nothing, you dipshit. its a propaganda blitz. this is pure kikery


Can't be, women have no business knowing how to read or write.

simple. first, let's agree that there's nothing in the legislation that rewards the company for raising wages. yet, corporations don't give away money for nothing. ergo, its must be PR. how? its doubly propaganda: first, propaganda to get its employees (and others) on the tax cut bandwagon. second, propaganda to "humanize" the corporation in the eyes of consumers. in the first instance, look at it as a sort of political contribution. in the second instance, look at it as a form of advertising.

corporations don't give away money for nothing - its always bc they think it improves their bottom line. period

But they gained money from the tax cut, which is why they can increase the wages.

Wal-Mart is now the best payer and largest game in town for big box retailers. I imagine we'll see similar rises at competing stores to retain workforces. Since Wal-Mart sells most everything, this means most every store.

no. that's why their stockholders should get a pay raise. that's where that money (automatically) goes. giving wage raises is based upon the labor market and other considerations.

please tell me you're not this stupid

slight wage raise + tax cut, tha't a slice of bread right there.

Who cares if it's propaganda. Doing it out of the "goodness of their hearts" or doing it to make a more positive public image both result in the same effective outcome for their employees.

aye, if corporation create this sort of incentive to politicians to lower taxes, and in return they give raises, I fail to see the problem, plus last I checked, when the population get more money, they, in fact, spend more and buy more products, thats the basic of capitalism. Companies can affoard to give better wages, and get a chunk back through sales and the tax cuts. now the ONLY issue is that it only work in pair with a viable budget.

You know the rules, Nancy. Tits or gtfo.

no, the bitching is about the fact that you fucking retards think this is some direct effect of the tax cuts rather than bullshit PR to make you think this is a direct effect of tax cuts


I doubt it they really are that stupid. I think it's just Republican party affiliated shilling. I guess you can't really tell these days.

learn to fucking read faggot, I explicitly said in my post it could be lip service to the politicians/population to incite them into giving them even more tax breaks. and how wether its a direct effect or not is irrelevent. the end result is the same
first through your own tax cuts on average, high state income tax nonwithstanding and secound through raises for some people.
the fact you view this badly tells the whole board a lot more about yourself and your warped vision of reality.

It's better than any fucking crumbs they were handing out during the Obama administration.

And we're calling you the nigger here because you think it makes any effective difference whether it was because of tax cuts or PR. It makes absolutely no fucking difference.

Wew José's understanding of the Right is high-school-tier at best.



What minimum wage?

I understand we have billions and billions of shitholers in here, but the concept of minimum wage is not inherently bad.

Your volk is not the ones working at walmart. That is where pedro and other subhumans work. All this will do is increase the cost of living for people who do not live off minimum wage.

This is not a solution.

Of course, there was another Goebbel's quote already in the thread you could have been compelled to quote. Maybe that one doesn't quite do it for you, though.

It really isn't, but thanks for the heads up on an easy filter.

you're conflating government overeach with company policies…

It's a good point–minimum wages set by governments are bad. But if a company wants to raise its lowest wage, there's nothing wrong with that.

It is not a solution for our problems of course.
But it is not inherently bad.

Please, elaborate on why you think I would find that quote displeasing. Is it the part where I approved of increasing worker's pay? Is it the part where I voiced my displeasure in the investment class?

Or are you mad because I thought your quote was shitty as its only relevance was to support a "hurr durr Republicans" leftypol insult made by a person who couldn't understand that neither of the posts he replied to made a direct connection between the tax cut and an increase in wages but rather pointed out the carrot-and-stick nature of the game that Wal-Mart is playing with the US government?

I'm not seeing you doing any of that in your four posts. All I see you doing is talking about Walmart being the big game in town and jumping on somebody else for pointing out it's nothing but PR. Filtered.

Sure. its (((their))) choice. But my point is, all it does is give these mouth-breathers more $ and inflate prices. I do not work minimum wage; so this is bad for me (or any respectable person).

It is if you do not work minimum wage.

Great work brainlet. Wal-Mart is the big game in town, and I jumped on the moron for accusing me of not recognizing the PR. I do recognize the PR, and I say it does not matter. I'm sorry I assumed you would be able to make inferences on my stance as you followed the conversation, but I assumed wrong. My bad. I'm so hurt you won't be able to reply to my posts with more inanities.

You sound like a prick.

and they wonder why they are easy to spot.

You fucking mouth-breather, a company raising the wage of its lowest employees does jack shit to you and doesn't cause inflation. State implemented price or wage control is a fucking terrible thing no matter what dumb-shits who don't know fundamental microeconomics might say, because they interfere with the market. If businesses are raising wages on their own, then that's a great thing, since it's an indicator of a healthy level of inflation (which is, in fact, something that should be happening - just not in the way 'lel print more money' that the kikes in the fed are doing shit).

Hell, if every company had its internal minimum wage higher than what the government gave as a minimum wage, that would actually be the indicator of a health economy. The fact that Wal-Mart is doing it at all shows that things are going really fucking well.

You sound like a young naive minimum wage grunt that thinks working at walmart should be a career.

He doesn't realize how easy it is to generate a new ID, does he?

blah blah so some jews are firing some corporate shit bag goys closing a few stores them trying to make it seem like its because of wage hike when non corporate are paid peanuts.

Have you been to a walmart lately its a liberal shit fest of ppl working there and all the crap in their is made in SHITSKIN SHITHOLES.

Fuck walmart.If you are white avoid shopping there unless you absolutely have to.

If minimum wage is fair but low enough so it doesn't make your Walmart shopping cost skyrocket, it is not bad.

Get a real job.




was made illegal. The productiveness of people would go through the roof.

You realize it doesn't matter where the income people makes comes from, right? Whether they make $11 at Wal-Mart or $11 at a "real job" it's having the same effect on the economy. I imagine by real job you mean something with a decent wage. If all the $11 Wal-Mart employees got $22 "real" factory jobs that would be even more money into the economy. Which, in your uneducated view, is somehow going to cause inflation and ruin your purchasing power. Except it won't because you're conflating a corporation's base pay with a government imposed minimum wage.

Dude I understand your point but tabarnak

Fucking leaf here.

As I posted in another thread, minimum wage in Ontario was previously $11.40; during my two years at Walmart, I've had several raises based on performance reviews (3 or 4, in fact), with my final wage at $12.00 as of December. When the minimum wage rolled out, they bumped us up to a "competitive" $14.15/hr, up from the $14.00/hr minimum. A few of the younger crowd in town thought it was great, it's literally more money! But obviously, anyone else knew it was just a liberal PM trick to fuck everyone over.

That said, there's a few implications. Specifically, I'm happy that they're cutting jobs because it will look bad to investors; this might drop the stock value a bit, during which time I can grab it on the cheap, with me getting 10% of my contributions matched as an employee. Secondly, because of the US-CDN exchange rate, I can take advantage of our artifically high minimum wage while the dollar remains fairly static at 1.25 US:1.00 CDN.

Basically, since I'm not a retard and I can manage my money better than people living paycheck to paycheck, I can easily come out ahead.

It's funny you mention Israel, because we have a recently hired Jew at our store; he doesn't look jewish so I assume he only converted religiously and isn't a biological jew. Anyways, he's gunning for assistant manager and seems to have support from the management staff. Go figure.

you think of all the manufacturing jobs and good ole white mom and pop stores that place has ruined so some jews can get more shekels from third world half a penny and hour labor.

You might as well just send all your money to wang and shlomo then suck start a shot gun and be done with your miserable existance.

true, but I was more refering to the act of filtering someone over an argument, I'm not talking the obvious bait arguments, or when someone is being obnoxiously dense.

except this aint minimum wage as in government mantaded forced minimum wage. this is merely company Policy updating what they think should be the lowest salary one of their employee should make. it also mean they can also reduce it as they need.

I'm a leaf too tbh

What would Hitler do to walmart?

Tell me, would this PR stunt be economically viable without the tax cut?

Leaflands finest.

Arrest all jewish executives and other employees. Force the company to give 25% of its profits to the state. Probably launch a propaganda campaign against it in the first place.

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this is great news

I'm new to this, would you throw the entire car into the bog or just the fags inside of it?

Some retard dare suggest to me that this was because of min-wage hike elsewhere and that otherwise most would move states to min-wage raised States.


$11 isn't $15

Remember, walmart put a virulent ant-White sheeboon in charge of sam's club.

Throw the shabbos goy a schekle :^)

Ontario raised min wage by 20% and franchise Tim Hortons (fastfood restaurant known for its soyboycoffee) was prematurely looking at raising the prices/services.
After the min wage hike they instead reduced employee benefits, and cuts paid brakes and cut paid overtime and various other cuts to save costs just to survive and not upset the politicians by proving them wrong yet again by increasing prices.

University of Washington Study: Seatle min wage hike crushed the poor; 6700 jobs lost … and counting.

How the Mayor of Seatle got a fake study published for his political bias related to his min-wage push:

Concrete proof that min wage will drastically increase unemployment and increases robotization and automation efforts. The study found that for ever $1 that min wage was raised the unemployment went up for automatable low skilled workers by 0.43%. While those in manufacturing would for every $1 minimum wage increase would increase the unemployment rate share of automatable employment among low-skilled workers by 0.99%. (These are short term effects yearly effects, long term you are simply increasing the speed at which capital is used to automate them all out of a job).

Minimum wage hikes fail to benefit low-income families:

Most of the min-wage hike do not go to poor families:

Why min-wage hike is being severely underestimated: The increase in min-wage in 2017 will cost 383,000 jobs; and the entire min-wage hike being introduced in phases will cost over 2.6 MILLION jobs. A 10% increase in the real min-wage is associated with a 0.3 to 0.5 percentage-point in decline in net job growth rate.

The national bureau of economic research paper has concluded there was a negative effect on low-wage workers when a minimum wage hike was introduced.



Bank of Canada has estimated some 60.000 jobs will be lost because of minimum wage by 2019.

A study in Washington D.C. a min-wage hike to $15 a hour would cost 1,200 jobs. Wage_ORA_rev.pdf

Harvard study proves that for each 1$ min-wage hike that roughly 4 to 10% of restaurants fail.

Inflation in 2018 is going up. Even FED vice chair has stated that if wages increase it will be perfect time to start paying off the quantitative easing. This would devalue the dollar and make the wage-hike useless in years time due to the disposable income no longer having the same purchasing power. The leftists argument is that of a Statist who is in favor of bigger government and increasing government budget by higher taxation. They do not care ECONOMICALLY for people like EMTs or firefighters and many others who used to earn just above minimum wage at around 15$, their disposable income will take a large hit, they will not receive a raise. You can't have arguments with people who don't understand economics, it's all based on morality, the self and what they deserve, rather then logical factual data. The inflation might take 5 years or mere months but that wage hike in actually got you nowhere other then that the number itself is higher, which for low IQ idiots looks like a good thing. Instead their support of min-wage hike grants the government inflation theft and a higher taxation income due it it demanding a percentage of taxation on wage income. Keep believing those moronic socialist politicians who want you to earn a "decent" wage, whatever that is to them. In reality, all any of these people are trying to do is BUY VOTES, like every other piece of shit politician in the land. Meanwhile i just raised the rent again in 2018 for the inflation within metropolis area's where i own property. If you live in a city, flee the jail cell!

How about we fix the actual underlying economic policy problem and stop allowing government to inflate the useless currency and go back to a gold/silver standard so workers could be paid in enough disposable income to live comfortably?


By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some.
- John Maynard Keynes, economist of the current Keynesian economic system most of the countries in the world live under.

Keep legislating your way to prosperity. Let me know how that works out!

I'm a non-burger. What the fuck is this kike talking about and why he is mad?
Furthernore what are sams club.

Sam's Club is Walmart but you need a membership. If you're trying to supply a small business or have a big family they're good for bulk goods.

There's no global agenda going on here, are you a conspiracy theorist? Just who do you imagine is behind all this eh?


hey retards, if a company voluntarily raises it's minimum (in this case more accurately called its starting wage), and is not being forced by the state to do so, you don't get the negative effects of state enforced minimum wage.

But user, individual company raises is also state enforced minimum wage. A company in a position to benefit from a raise as a result from a state's policy changes will lose out if it doesn't take advantage of the change. It's two sides of the same shekel. =^)

The average American today willfully repeats communist propaganda without thinking twice about what they're actually saying. It's a sad state of affairs.

Yes, it is a good thing, but not when government mandated. What you're seeing isn't a raising of the federal minimum wage. What you're seeing is a private company deciding to pay it's baseline workers more money.

Are you jewish by any chance?

>Fucking (((Ontario)))
I swear to Christ, you could fix all of Canada's problems overnight if you just nuked Toronto.
Maybe Montreal and Vancouver too.

Jesus christ you're a fucking idiot

They're already competing for subhumans. When the supply of illiterate spics and niggers with visas goes down, the price goes up. As they get fired for being late and threatening customers, employees and supervisors, the pressure to end plans for a wall will build. Walmart will start paying "protestors" to destroy the wall if Congress approves it.


I feel like I shouldn't have used the term "min wage" in the OP, because so many of you autists can't differentiate a company raising their base payrate from government enforced minimum wages.

they already nuked Toronto in South Park

You can't even live by yourself on minimum wage. Why bother raising it in the first place?

I hope they burn. Meanwhile, Costco continues on like nothing has happened.

You can and I've done it while going to college without taking any loans or other aid.

A store which has put out of business countless white family owned shops for cheap slave-labor made overseas trinkets thus destroying small white middle American towns.

You're not getting any good rep on this site, corporate. Just because your friends in the govt are yelling louder, these days, doesn't make you not a part of the problem.

You're not wrong. Marxism and Keynesianism must die.


Walmart did no such thing. White families made that choice by shopping there.

You're fucking retarded

Listen nigger. Don't go spouting that nonsensical bullshit without adding context to how Wal-Mart and massive corporations destroy small-medium cities and local businesses.

They come in and sell often times at a loss or barely breaking even and do so for years or decades even (see Amazon) crushing the competition with massive discounts. It doesn't take long for this to have a drastic effect, often times it can happen in months if they're really pushing. Once they run them out of town it forces the entire region onto their business and the entire business becomes dependent on fewer business, sellers, etc.

Once they corner the market through buying massive amounts of product that the small guy can't, and running them out of town, then they raise prices or in Wal-Mart/Costco's case make very small margins to keep any competition from ever arising in the first place.

Factor in mass immigration competing for jobs, declining wages for decades now, and inflation because we have a shitty currency held up only by the petro-dollar and you're becoming more and more forced into buying those cheaper products just to stay afloat and not go into debt. It's a shitty downward circle that most of these major business know they are creating and ultimately will lead to their and the nations destruction.

This isn't even that new of a well understood concept that the jews have long perfected. Read Theodore Fritsch's "Riddle of the Jews Success", the second biggest publishing house in Germany in the 20th century and second most famous man next to Hitler for his time. He explains and points out your flawed logic working with these masters, the jews, who began this type of modern "corporate" model since the 1800's.

A very good post. Don't get dragged into a back and forth, though. The guy you're responding you is a literal shill.

It literally is crumbs. I voluntarily took an 11 dollar pay cut switching jobs and am still making way more than that

And "a few tax reforms" isn't "reform all taxes and shrink government".