Canada Invaded By Hatians

Don Wanna Go Home

Migrants will do anything to avoid non-shithole homeland.

Canadian welcome reaching "Breaking Point".Leaf gibs are best gibs (pic related).

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>Leafs gets blacked more
Water is wet, more at 11

Tune to CBC Pidgin for more… oh wait, just put on the regular channel.


They're getting gooked/chinked more, the result is they're turning canadacuck into non White shitty ching chong land.

ugh, we're gonna have to deal with this shit in 15-20 years. if all goes well and america becomes a white country again, we'll need a northern border wall too. fuck- invest in concrete, boys.

Yep, 15-20 years if not sooner.

It's Quebec. Think of it like chemo.

And abandon all that prime timber? Fuck that. I say we invade and put those crown-licking leafs to heel once and for all.

u do not no de wey

The cold will take care of them if they weren't seen as pets by certain kinds of people.

Say what you will about the frenchies, but if there's any discernable far-right/anti-immigration sentiment in Canada at all, that's where it's located.


need to shoop niggers in africa standing in grain lines into that macro

In the Beauce, sure. (((Montreal))) is getting blacked and probably needs it.

de wey is block me brudda

Investigate RCMP activity in Quebec city. It's the only major city left fighting enrichment

>(((Montreal))) is getting blacked and probably needs it.
The only thing that needs to get blacked is Israel, and i say that despite a decade-long hatred of that fucking city. The only consolation is that the rancid ideological sludge that oozes from the island hasn't completely infected the province at large.

what if we memed false hope? force canada to be hardline?

The city goes in the walls. The forests are outside the walls.

Wait. WE have a limit? Since fucking when?!

If things accelerate any faster they'll be expropriating my apartment to house a family of disabled non-binary Syrians. No thanks. I read an article recently where Hussen was engaging in a bit of damage control, claiming that 'for some reason immigrants got the idea that Canada had an open door policy' and that 'they still have to go through the appropriate channels'. I guess he figures libs will have a better chance of reelection if they maintain the facade.

ebin funnier: meme that the NYT is trying to trick Haitians into staying, because they don't want to share with Canada, but that Canada is better and wants them more.

We could even include images of Haitians instructing US soldiers in voodoo and such, showing how they are being exploited for their magical abilities.

Why can't there ever be good news about my stupid country?

I think that he was saying that Montreal needs it ("it" being chemo), not "it" as in blacked. He just worded it poorly.
Oh, wait, you said good news…

GOOD NEWS! America is quite friendly toward Canadians immigrating. :^)


B-But we are ALL immigrants.
If Canada has a limit maybe other countries might have one as well.

Exactly. This could be the tipping point.


Montreal is not more Frenchy than Toronto or Vancouver is Anglo

100% vrai, mon nègre

It's not the tipping point, it's just that muzzies are now higher on the progressive stack than niggers, I guess. Maybe they want to keep the space open for an influx of iranians or pakis, or whoever is next, too.

The fact that even trudeau thinks haiti is a shithole has meme potential though.