By now, you should know that the jew has been trying to literally emasculate the White men and boys for the final act. In the past few years, the push to normalize transgender has been kicked into high gear, but the agenda itself has been building for a long time. One of the ways the population has been gradually conditioned for transgender normalization is by the use of covert transgender media figures, from actors to anchors. With repeated exposure to false examples of man and woman, it hinders humans' natural ability to distinguish them and creates confusion. The more you delve into transvestigations, you will learn that these dishonest people are ubiquitous in society, with the majority of transgenders masquerading as the opposite gender undercover.

Vid related is an expose on Millie Bobby Brown, star of Netflix's top series Stranger Things, who appears to be a key figure in normalization. In the first season, part of the plot is a case of mistaken gender, with Brown's character, a girl, being mistaken for a boy, because of a buzz cut. In real life, this person is a boy crossdressing as a girl. This brief plot element only lasted for an episode or two, but it was perhaps the biggest clue about Brown and how she fits into the agenda. Since the series became a hit, Brown has been featured as a Calvin Klein model, a company known for androgynous models. She has become a popular waifu on Holla Forums and elsewhere, and most of them either don't care or don't know that they are infatuated with a little boy.

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You should kill yourself for posting.

Is there any evidence for this? I checked around and Millie convincingly seems to be a girl.

Watch the video, it will give you pointers on what to look out for. It's very obvious it's a boy.

Some of the other traits of a MTF are square jaw, tallness, flat chest, broad shoulders, Adam's Apple, ring finger shorter than index, flat bum and narrow hips. See Ann Coulter, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Pink, etc.

*ring finger longer than index

I believe it. List of tranny stuff I've noticed:

-The League, they made Andre dress like a woman. The kike Ruckson told him to spin around so he could get a good look.

-Frontier they made a girl an undercover male sailor and I think the boyfriend of the millionaire who went to jail was crossdressing.

-American Dad, Roger is always crossdressing.

-Sons of Anarchy, Venus van Damme and Tig falling in love with him. The last season was pure faggotry with a lot of male rape.

And this is what I saw on Netflix. I wonder what the kikes have on cable and in movies.

Grace Vanderwaal is another boy crossdresser who is being pushed heavily.

Whatcha slidin?

You forgot M*A*S*H, Some Like It Hot and Eddie Izzard.


Elle Fanning

As Elle got older it got really obvious. This angle is undeniable.

most of the people who do these "transvestigations" believe in the flat earth theory, like mrE. These people make videos to appeal to schizophrenic retards who buy any conspiracy.

forgot YT vid

It's difficult to fight brainwashing when you're already doubting everything you know.
Top priority is to get rid of all the kikes hiding behind deception, the rest will become clear and sort itself out after.


Not everyone with giraffe neck is a tranny. I don't see an adam's apple. I do see attached earlobes, though.

skeptically lurking, though in a search I just happened open this

Checked, but I will say that there are a lot of actors that look the part. And frankly, it's more likely since most start as children (probably getting diddled and mentally fucked) which leads to these. Not saying I believe EVERY one, but still.

Mr. E, jewtube channel, covers this topic a lot.



Julie Andrews really threw me as a kid, especially after Mary Poppins and Sound of Music.




i'm more disturbed that male vocalists don't sound like men anymore

Look at those man arms.

For fuck's sake user… I'll even give you Coulter as that would explain the insane side of her behavior and the other two, sure why not, but Swift is obviously not a tranny, not with her voice (which btw is a better indicator that almost everything else you listed).>>11148496

Part of that is the shitty vocal styles that are popular now, though I could cite examples of much older singers that didn't sound gruff or masculine. On the whole though, men's voices are getting a bit high pitched and odd-sounding

Flat chest?

Come on, user, spit it out. You fell for a trap and are looking for excuses. It's okay, you can still be friends with them.

t. once hit one when drunk, still like 'them'

Well, you do remember the Harvey Weinstein of boy bands, right?

Swift has been in the mainstream since he was 16/17. If someone is undergoing HRT and puberty blocking prior to that, it produces a "better" tranny. Even a voice that can dupe millions. Swift is tall with broad shoulders, narrow hips and a flat chest which until recently, in her late twenties, started to bud.

I heard that Christmas song she does come on the radio recently, and I wasn't sure if it was a little boy singing or a woman. That's the thing with this endocrine disrupting tech, the earlier they start, the harder it is to tell.

Nope. Voice lessons and practice can yield a passable voice in a couple years. There’s also a surgery (relatively inexpensive too at ~$10k). Plus if they started on GnRH blockers before full puberty their voice never lowers in the first place.

Traps can have indistinguishably feminine voices.


Here is your clue about 5'11" Taylor Swift.

I'm getting paranoid, how the fuck do I know that all those boners were from real girls.

TS Elliot was a tranny too?

That's precisely trannyposter's goal. Don't fall for it.

T.S. Elliot predates the term transsexual. But even if he didn't, there's nothing about him to indicate he is a transsexual. Unlike Tranny Swift.

No but for real, they're sometimes quite hard to identify

Don't forget Laverne Cox in Orange is the New Black, I had normies preaching to me about transgenderism for weeks afterwards.

I buy that the others listed are trannies, but isn't Swift notorious for "dating" lots of guys? You're telling me not a single one came forward to proclaim he/she has a cock?

My mother is tall. I know a 6ft+ woman who had to have a breast REDUCTION. Going to have to try harder Moishe.



No. I've heard interviews with MtF who claim their ability to sound like females. Most barely even make it into the audio uncanny valley

The shills in this thread are uncannily getting crazy dubs… We should be on the look out for tranny kids as there will be breadcrumbs to follow…

I don't know guys her ring finger sort of looks longer.


Just like most of those who "believe" in national socialism also throw "facts" like flat earth, mountain trees, holographic moon, dairy-is-an-opiate etc in along with the legitimate information.
It's called poisoning the well.
They do it because they are terrified of the truth which they are attacking with contagion, spreading.
In other words, the fact that gatekeepers like Mr.E are attacking transvestigation via contagion is evidence for, not against its validity. And to be perfectly frank, if after learning the biological markers which define men and women, you still cannot see plainly that these "actresses" are men, perhaps you should just go back to beating it over little boys like Bobby Brown because a childhood raised with the ZOGbox defining your view of real men and women has probably caused irreversible damage.
In order to defile the truth, the truth has to be presented along with the poison, which means that even gatekeeper videos have value to those able to filter out the poison.
For a Youtuber who is the real thing and has had scores of channels banned already (Mr.E and other gatekeepers are NEVER banned because injecting poison along with the truth gets them a free pass from the kikes), then check out MAG BITTER TRUTH.
By the way, some of those who mention flat earth are not shills but fundamentalist Christians who believe a literal interpretation of the bible. If you don't agree then just ignore that part of their beliefs. The credibility of the presenters is not the evidence, the evidence in the form of photographs, behavior, video, sexual partners, the obvious use of MOONBUMP fake pregnancy bellies which squash flat when the person is seated, and the total absence of female bio-markers is the evidence and it stands on its own merit.

Robin Williams was (if it didn't fake its death) an MtF.

Robin Williams, Bieber, Tupac Shakur, fTm are numerous but much harder to spot, due to the much mightier effect of testosterone on the female body than the comparable estrogenic effect on males.
Very important video related, anyone who thinks that "I would know if a woman pretended to be male" needs to wake the fuck up and actually look at what a course of test and some time in the gym can do to a female body.
It is absolutely imperative to learn the bio-markers of real men and women. The trained eye can still easily discern that Stinson, the nigger in the video, is female. Learn the physiology or continue to fap to the men which Hollywood supplies you with.

I dont fap to 3D though

All you have is circumstancial. For every male indicator theres female indicators like shape of face or hip to waist ratio that htr can't fix.

Bieber is so fucking obvious. It's like they want us to know.

The Williams sisters were not the first tennis players (look at pics of Steffi Graf and tell me that's not a dude).

Thighs say girl.

Sage for goon bullshit.

T. S. means Totally Sexy.

Lorde is a trap. South Park was trying to let it be known with that episode of Randy crossdressing as her.

You mean by banning them from image boards, by not letting them see porn and by calling sex with them "child abuse"?

Are you the Jew you're talking about?



Does the Jew tell white men to breed with women who look like boys in drag, and to puke at the sight of those who don't?

Because it looks deceptively like their own natural tendency…


One post contradicts another. Serena Williams is the opposite of the other two. No one could look more different from them than she. Which one is supposed to be male? Choose one or the other – not all.



Would everyone like to know where this all comes from? This is all about salty niggers trying to poison the well after Michelle Obama's masculinity made people question her gender. That is all it is and nothing more.

The faces and the hips are male. It's exactly because HRT cannot hide these skeletal features that transvestigation is possible.
Do you not even realize that the catwalk and movie pictures with "hips" are created via photoshop and corset training? Have you never heard of rib removal work or fat augmentation, i.e "patching"?
The lie tumbles down when freelance beach pictures are viewed. They have no hips, in fact all Hollywood women have shoulders wider than the hips, most also have detectable Adonis belt, a male feature.
You're clinging to the idea that positives are called by the presence of one or two features when the truth is that there's an abundance of male features, sometimes with no female features at all.
Most men are incapable of seeing past hair/makeup/corset and expensive dress as well as being unaware of the photographic posing techniques available and known by all trannies, for creating the impression of a hips or hip (respectively, the X-pose, the hip-jut). Once you learn how to, then it becomes a very simple matter. Have you never asked yourself why so many celebrity "women" pose with their feet crossed? Do you think a real woman needs to do that? Do you think that a real shapely woman wears baggy clothing over a figure-hugging wardrobe?

Fuck off kike.

You were right until you started talking about Millie Bobby Brown. She is clearly female. The way she talks and acts both in real life and in Stranger Things proves that. Tranny men are caricatures of women. Sure, you may see a photo of a tranny where his make up is well done and he's posing at a certain angle (and even in some cases had plastic surgery) that makes him look very female and that can fool most if not all people in some cases. But once you see a tranny moving and talking it soon becomes apparent that he's a tranny. Sure, some women can appear to be quite tranny-like and it can make you wonder about them. But Millie Bobby Brown isn't even one of them. Like I said, she's clearly female.

Also, men aren't naturally attracted to trannies. Stupid drunk men may accidentally "fuck" a tranny, but other than that, if you're normal, you're not attracted to trannies.

You're fucking insane. Bobby Brown is a mincing little boy who tries way too hard to appear female and fails absolutely.

LMAO! Not only is that only showing photos (which still clearly shows she's a girl) not videos but the guy is even claiming Winona Ryder is a tranny. WHAT A FAGGOT!!

Where did you float in from?
Disgusting. The zogbox has made you functionally homosexual.
The majority of hollywood "actresses" are male.

Half of you are faggots attracted to trannies who want to make yourself feel better by projecting your sickness on to others, claiming that attractive actresses are actually trannies so that other men think they're actually attracted to trannies. And the other half are leftard trolls or leftards trying to make trannies accepted by making people think they're attracted to them. It's not going to work, faggots.

I'm glad it's working…

True, her hips are totally like Trump's.

What the fuck is this shit? Stop watching Netflix, retard.

Vocal fry became a fad because when trannies are speaking in falsetto, they often lapse back into their natural male vocal register towards the end of a sentence when there isn't enough air left in the lungs to maintain the fake pitch, or simply due to fatigue (it's strenuous to maintain falsetto). You may also notice the tranny's adam's apple momentarily slip back down from the high position they are trained to maintain it in through partial swallowing.
>MtF adam's apple concealment tutorial:
Young women picked up on this vocal style and started inducing fry at the same point in their own sentences to achieve the same pitch shift.
Whether this was by design or an unforeseen memetic leak, the end result is that the popularity of fry helps to explain tranny voice lapses.
Example of tranny voice lapse @ 0:38, an adolescent boy's voice with the full power of adult male lungs, falsetto temporarily removed.


It's not new either.
Even Gen-X and their parents (the Boomers) were subjected to systematic distortion of sexual attraction via the kikes presenting drag queen men as "the babes".
Video Related, "The Bangles", a Jewish transgender band from the 80s, very popular in its time, twisted the sexual attraction of millions of young gen X men.

thith guy in thith video thounds like he has thucked a lot of cock. perhapth hith opinion on the matter ith more motivated by a theriouth dethire to thuck millie'th prebubethent boy cock. what do you guyth think?

A nut job who keeps crapping up the catalog with psychobabble. Him, or someone with a near identical posting style, is also active over at (((Voat))). At least the guy probably isn't a shill or kike, which sadly puts his garbage threads a few steps above most of the slide crap currently on the first page lately.

Funny thing, the Jews were at the forefront of normalizing homosexuality too. Ironically Jewish men are something like four times more likely to be gay than the general population. The numbers are similar for transfags too.

They ate their own dog food and it’s literally killing them.

Oh come the fuck on user. Look at those hips on Taylor Swift. LOOK AT THEM
Now compare them to the hips of Pink and a random guy. One is not like the other.

Taylor Swift isn't a tranny. She is a tall thin Aryan. Not every woman is a pudgy mystery meat potato with thunder thighs.

The only reason that photo on the left looks feminine is because it's been edited to give the appearance of female hips.
He has no hips.

That's how you know this thread is just goon bullshit. Literally the easiest to point at and say "yeah this is probably a dude." MBB? Clearly a girl, because if she was a he, you'd hear no end about it. Especially since the Stranger Things crew FUCKING LOVES LIBERAL BULLSHIT LIKE THAT. Endless signalling, endless "wow MBB is so brave" "wow MBB is a transgender icon"
So on so forth. If you think for one goddamn millisecond that they wouldn't parade her around for social justice points, you're fucking retarded. This is the same show that introduced a white girl to get blacked, has an ugly deformed italian mongrel as a main character, and devoted an entire episode to some shitty pooinloo character that no one likes.

One small problem with your theory here, trannies age like shit as time goes on. The excess amount of hormones that clash with the XY configuration really fucks with the aging process in a way that no surgery can actually fix. Look up the bangles now, and you can see some androgyny, but they're clearly women. They do look incredibly Jewish so there's that. But men, they aren't.

Sage because this thread is retarded goonery.

I agree with your analysis, but one photo is not enough. You need to look at wide variety of independent photos and videos to rule out image manipulation, which is rampant for celebrities.

The tranny agenda is the new gay agenda. It's third-wave cultural marxism.
Introduction of drugs and counter cultures: Jazz, marijuana, first wave feminism, etc.
Normalization of drugs & countercultures: Meth, cocaine, second & third wave feminism, homosexuality, rap, rock, environmentalism, homosexuality etc.
Destruction of traditional culture by drugs & countercultures: Transsexuality, LGBTQPDFHTW, institutional drugging of students, opioid epidemic, fourth wave feminism, etc.

Yuri was right.

This board is a fucking joke these days. You may as well not autosage flat earth threads anymore. Good job on helping discredit what Holla Forums used to be.

Environmentalism doesn't fit into any of those waves unless you think loving the planet is wrong/lefty.
The only thing environmentalism has that is left is that some proponents who call themselves environmentalists being pro global warming agenda and anti nukes.
Could you clarify?

Kikes are losing their minds because their biggest secret is being spilled.
Nope. No one is claiming that every woman is trans, only the people presented as women by (((HOLLYWOOD))).
tl;dr the secret is out and nothing will stop the landslide.

It's a mainstream show. The mainstream isn't ready to be nonchalant about open shota traps, just yet.

Like OP said, the clue is there with the gender confusion in those episodes. It's up to the viewer to connect the dots. Between what is shown on that program and more importantly, his activities on social media and modeling, it's very obvious.

If taylor swift was a man, "his" unspoilered dick pics would have been posted here years ago.



I, believe it or not, actually know Elle. My wife has worked on a few projects for her, and I can tell you she's a very sweet girl. Very genuine, and very down to earth.

She is all female. Anyone who thinks different is flat out wrong, and anyone claimed she's a trap is straight up full of shit.

Yeah, you're going in the same line as the holohoaxers my d00d.

The fact that this thread is up while the thread about the attempted hit on the GOP was never stickied and a thread about a possible false flag at the superbowl gets autosaged over the OP being lazy is a sign of how shit this board is now and it speaks volumes how complicit the moderation is.

This thread implies if you GTKRWN you won't need to guess who is a trap.


I mean, i get that the jews are pushing degeneracy (and water is wet)

But the way the narrator speaks feels like im watching a feminist spotting out his paranoia as "knowledge"

Lots of woman look disusing and ugly as fuck once they just woke up with no make up, and while boy features in traps are easy to notice the way he talks makes me feel like if he doesn't know females on intimacy and only from tv and internet

Or who knows, perhaps he is the next alex jones

This was the jew's response to the anthem controversy, having it performed at the Superb Owl by a transfreak before a blind goy audience. What a sick joke.

Looks like he was a cocksucking twink in middle/high school with that rainbow-colored shirt.

It's true and each and everyone knows it because you can't think of a celeb the jew has put forth that you've been attracted to. You just feel nothing if you're normal.

Realistically it probably wasn't that out of place if you consider when it was taken.

Not reliable as an indicator.
t. man with no adam's apple, full beard, benis, testicles, body hair.

polite sage.