White privilege for dating

How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get


I'm not saying you're posting falsehoods or anything but we've been over this many, many times. Anyone who has been here for more than a week has seen this before. This doesn't really need a thread of its own unless there's going to be more stats and other sources.

Let's take the blue pill for a moment and assume race is purely aesthetic:
Is it really a fucking surprise that a set of traits which affect your appearance have an impact on how attractive people consider you?
I was about to say this would be like saying thin privilege exists because people are less attracted to fatasses, but then I remembered that is actually something these idiots believe.

Why does this thread keep being made?

I don't know why this thread exists but I'm still going to post this, even though we all know it

Our men are picky and our women are sluts? Yeah, sounds about right… so what do about slutty white chicks?

Help your sisters to make good choices retard. Loudly and publicly question the status quo when in groups, ignore any arguments or discussion and simply state your case without debate. Smug.png and let the niggers and sheboons screech at you. The white women will silently note your strength and remember who was the mature and certain one, and take it into account when they make their dating choices. Privately let them know not to defile themselves by burning coal or sucking the bagel dick. Be harsh and Stern. Women only respect strength.

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white people should be reminded they are the most sought after and attractive

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Genetic discrimination for not just physical appearance but also psychological values is what sets european/aryans apart from other races. This is why these genes are so recessive. They are relatively new to the homosapien gene pool. The other racial traits are more primal/primitive/dominant. So when you look at someone of a different race, understand their psychological/emotional/intellectual values are as foreign to them as blue eyes is to an african. Much like the constitution is foreign concept to a native amerian or genetic discrimination (for humans and animals) is foreign to an aboriginal. But this is not the important issue. White supremacy is not an issue I am here to debate. I want to talk about what makes an aryan (not just a proto-indo-european).

The term “Aryan” has mixed connotations. I believe to be Aryan one is essentially hyper sensitive to their environment, hyper sensitive to reality, things affect them more on a spiritual to material level. Vyasa (The author of Bhagava Gita) is Aryan. Hyper sensitive emotional but in a spiritual way, acutely aware. Philosophy’s like Taoism and martial arts that were basically designed by Aryans. I believe Aryans have many deep seated abilities but the most important one in relation to the Nazis is that in that sense of hyper sensitivity, ideological/spiritual harmony is achieved amongst the people, their fates tied together in saying they are so acutely aware of themselves and their identity in the tribe/nation they are members in that they literally embody the will of the leader and the leader embodies their spirit . You can look at a single leader as a despot or you can look at a leader like Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, hitler who essentially acted as the head of the body that the followers were themselves which isn’t singularly a bad thing. This essentially means that Aryanism is in fact multi racial but here’s the twist. From what I understand the “Aryan standard” as we know it meaning blonde haired blue eyed people, blonde haired blue eyed people as a majority are more likely to be naturally hyper sensitive, naturally spiritual and in touch with nature, naturally connect with a single leader and identity rather then many, this “aryanism” can be used as the most sacred and powerful spirit of war, self survival and conquest or it can be used as I believe it is being used today by the jews and evil forces of the world to prey on empathy and exploited. There is a reason white countries are the most successful and also that we have been the first race targeted for elimination.

Higher level Aryans are destroyed by lower level Aryans in a vicious cycle. Aryans are easy to EMOTIONALLY manipulate, if you find yourself feeling this stuff makes sense to you, you need to be very aware of the people in your life that they are not acting as parasites. You also need to be aware of your “power level” don’t be afraid to show it but remember it has a time and a place. Realize the destructive capacity of degenerate behavior. Aryans connect with the face value ideal of communism, I imagine a lot on Holla Forums went down that rabbit hole, but the deeper you go down the rabbit hole the more you realize it is literally an ideology meant to slaughter Aryans in the most cruel way, it is an ideology meant to sever the Aryan nerves of spiritual connection to our identity, to sever our ability to connect on a higher plain of spiritual awareness. One of its most powerful forces in this regard which is literally written in the communist manifesto word for word is the destruction of the family unit. This is why natsoc on a spiritual level is the most powerful tool to fight communism, it is literally the embodiment of the Aryan defence of the soul.

More to your point:
European/aryans have underwent heavy genetic progression through heavy sexual discrimination of their own people. The women are key in this. For they are the one that discriminates for the most successful men. European/aryan women hold the keys for genetic evolution. Without their sexual discrimination we would be on the same level as africans. This is why female promiscuity is so heavily shunned in advanced societies. We rely on them to filter out the lazy/un-attractive/un-creative/un-intelligent men out of our gene pool.

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I would like to point out that the sample sizes for Native Americans and Pacific islanders is really small for actual pures ones thats why they look like they did better for both males and females. I can say for a fact that the Native Americans who are better looking are mixed with White otherwise the pure ones end up rather dog ugly like the aztec mexicans. Pacific islanders as in the samoans etc. on the other hand are obese as fuck and a lot of ethnicities will claim that from flips to White islanders.

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I shouldnt even start to explain why your statement is retarded but considering you must be from reddit or cuckchan, then understand that we must improve ourselves as men and in the future find a proper wife to have children with, otherwise it will affect the future of this world and our race.

Pure bullshit.
The strongest men did all the selection. Women didn't have a say when a top tier male decided to take them. Their father had to approve the marriage and she was shipped off. Women also select from beta males when nobody wants to take them, which also means that they are not pretty or valuable. Top tier women were always taken by top tier men, and the rest of the women cherrypicked from the beta males. That's all.

I think this reflects older dating because I see an awful lot of coal burners with their nigger spawn at the grocery store.

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Only if they breed below replacement levels and if there are significantly more white women than there are black men. Sadly, the number of white women is incredibly low compared to the number of black men.

This has been tried. It's called Latin America and you should move there.

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Besides the obvious stupidity, this implies we have enough "pure" white women to burn in the coal for generations, that we can just do without. This is far from the case. Waste of dubs.

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Images like this show that dating apps are race mixing promoting. Doubtless the kikes manipulate them so as to try to induce homosexuality and also race mixing.

That's how the kikes are. Degenerate scum.

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But this is wrong. Men do not discriminate sexually. Men will fuck a horse. I do not care how 'alpha' he is, he will fuck any girl to spread his seed. Europe has never been a full blown "patriarchy" like the feminist think. Patriarchy is more of a semetic thing anyways. That is why their women were in concubines and basically treated as sex slaves. This isn't to say europe was a matriarchal society. But it definitely facilitated power that women can exercise within the society. I mean, even julius caesar had to answer to his wife who had some political power. We have had multiple queens throughout our history. Did aztecs even ever have a queen that could rule?

Women and men are what make a race. Even though we all have different roles and parts to play…do not subjugate the opposite sex. It will be the demise of your society.

That's quite beautiful when you put it that way, it empowers women in a rational healthy un-kiked way.

You heard it here first folks, asian lesbians are in high demand. Sell all of your cryptocurrency and invest in asian lesbians.

But then who do whites breed with to ensure there's enough of a white race to dilute the half-breeds?
If you remove 7% of fertile white women from the gene pool to pay the toll (since blacks make up 13-14% of the pop, split down the middle between man and woman), then what of the 7% of fertile white men who have no chance to mate with a white woman? They'd have to go race-mix as well, meaning a total of 14% of white people are race mixing. What plan do you have to make sure the other 86% of sexually viable whites reproduce in large numbers, and ensure the race mixers produce few if any offspring?


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And no, I'm not saying every guy fucks goats.

thanks for posting. I have some of those pieces but I didn't have this neat collection.



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