Polish terrorists at it again

He was heard to say: “I’m going to kill a Muslim. I’m doing it for Britain. This is how I’m going to help the country. You people cannot do anything.”

The Old Bailey heard that the Polish-born window fitter then used his white van as a weapon against Kamal Ahmed and mounted the pavement twice. He was driving at 5mph and was in effect trying to pin Ahmed against the front of the restaurant window, which smashed.

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and they do not believe me when I say that polish people are retarded idiots


Once again Poland doing what has to be done when everybody else just stands around with their hands in their pockets.

by doing stupid drunk rampage terrorist attacks?


Shit OP and had to wait until third post for the source. And you didn't even post the entire article. It's like you want me to give The Guardian advertising shekels. Good news though! You're going to have a lot of time to lurk because I reported you. Enjoy your ban faggot.

Newfags take note. Post the ENTIRE article and have the source. Make sure it's related to politics and not D&C. No sage so everyone can see this.

How cucked are brits that they need immigrants to remove kebab in their countries?

Nice source faggot.

Based Pols cleaning up Yurope for no credit.

finally whites are rising up

This is twice Ive heard of Polish people making failed attempts in foreign countries to solve their problems for them. Cant fault them on their courage, but they sure dont put much thought into it. Sort of like they just snap or something.
The other time was when they went to firebomb a Swedish refugee center, with bats knives and machetes IIRC.

they need leadership

Why is that headline lumped in with the negative "Polish man" stories? The fake McLaren looks spot-on and supposedly runs great.


A Slav gotta do what a Slav gotta do…


those aren't negative stories kolego, those are stories that make me proud as a pole.

shit made up by jews 101 fast and new of the talmundpress guardian in my mind the rape happend also the holocost a future in witch jews make shit up for clicks happend it waz real in my minddddddddd!so fucking sick of this made up yid bollocks tbqh fams.

A bunch of drunken Slavs are way more useful than an army of keyboard warriors. All they lack is leadership. Other than that they are good to go.

A small group/single person cannot fix anything, even if they succeed:


The problem is on the level of politics and therefore can only be tackled by mass action, whatever form it may take. That is why "just" promulgating your views online isn't as insignificant as people tend to assume.

I'm glad that this Polish man is trying to stop the invaders and save Brittani! God bless this Polish HERO!

Janusz Waluś is a hero and needs to be released and pardoned.