Important: Anti-MLK activism


Go to your social media accounts and start flooding the hashtags with anti-MLK Jr messages


Popular hashtags: #MLK50, #MartinLutherKingJr, #MLK

The hashtag being used by many white cucks: #MLK50

The truth about MLK (from the recent FBI files and biographies):

- MLK was a serial plagiarist. He plagiarized nearly everything he “wrote”

- MLK was obsessed with prostitutes and may have slept with as many as 3,000 prostitutes during his lifetime.

- MLK had all-night, drug-induced sex orgies with hookers

- MLK might have been bisexual and a pedophile

- MLK was an anti-white Cultural Marxist

- MLK engaged in sex trafficking (cf prostitutes)

- MLK was a degenerate, into “abnormal sex”


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Twitter is a good place to flood these hashtags

More info here:

1. slap a Hitler quote on an MLK pic
2. post to FB
3. "share dis"
4. sit back and enjoy

Someone find last year's thread (with ensuing salt) about fake MLK quotes going around social media.

This is agitprop 101: get some templates and set the meme machines to full auto.

How is this supposed to help us stamp out Anti-MLK activism?
Kill yourself, OP.

You know who else gets the axe by that standard? Trump and every patriot, whistleblower, shitposter, and lurker that's earned the label "subversive" - left, right, black, white, or otherwise. I despise that uppity nigger "reverend" as much as the next white man with a clue, but you're gonna have to do better than that, user. FBI is discredited.

Checked for full-auto bump-stock memetics

Could also just trigger some with pic related


Black Dicky Spencer?

Who honestly cares? Getting people to start hating MLK, whether it's based on truth or not, is a fundamentally good thing.

You do know that the FBI collected reports of him doing this shit, they didn't constantly wiretap him as you probably think.

Patriots get the axe because they don't fit into the communist agenda. MLK won't get it because he was a communist and a communist puppet. It's that simple.

Fuck off.

Make sure to save all the content in this thread for the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

It's really not lying if it comes from an FBI source. Sure, there's a chance it might not be true, but most normies will never even think to question that.

So you actually agree with marxists who shit on MLK because 'peace is not justice'? MLK was a good leader, preaching for christian values which are the only ones who can keep niggers under control (when enforced strictly). That's why they killed him, the jews and the nation of islem golems.

We have truth on our side, kike. Your deceitful propaganda is the sign God hates you.

Is the only evidence he was a deviant perv unsourced rumors? Do we have any names? Dates? Details? Or is it all from FBI reports that read, "sources say…" like a fake news story?

of him doing what? paying hookers to piss on a bed kennedy slept on?

Not just the FBI, the ADL was spying on him on their behalf, and almost certainly played a role in his assassination.

You do know that MLK was working with kikes. Without the kikes he would still have been a lowly degenerate nigger.

Even though this is the weekend, we can still do this!

Yes, the niggers gonna nig. the kikes are gonna kike. and the EffBeeEye is gonna eff. Nobody here should be trusting any of these non-whites or circulating their propaganda at face value, not even if it's stale and seemingly in our interest.

Removed from jewtube.



I would do this, but I don't have a facebook and I'm permabanned from Twitter. Does anyone have a guide on an effective way to create a Faceberg account that obviously isn't tied to your real identity?


Just do what I do and call it "James Earl Ray Appreciation Day" and watch the monkeys dance.

Memetic genius. Spread this to cuckchan ASAP.

Feels good man.

Go suck nigger cock somewhere else.

Why would jews have killed their own communist puppet, dipshit? That’s misdirection.


Because he was a loose canon who they feared was going to take up the Palestinian cause. They were even implicated by James Earl Ray.

Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper

Are you some kind of autist who thinks everything is black and white, and that the kikes would only kill someone if they oppose them on all issues, instead of just some?

How many of these are real and how many were cooked up by the CIA though?

The absolute state of The Donald

The story was first broken in a column by Drew Pearson, who's own mother-in-law accused him of being a mouthpiece for the ADL.

you got a bum thinker there, Aristotle.

MLK did his dissertation on teh Social Gospel invented by this man

Rauschenbusch is the maternal grandfather of red-diaper-babby (((Richard Rorty))), who's parents were committed (((Trotskyists)))

Wew lad

The FBI is not to be trusted, period.

They contacted Fusion GPS to make that fake bed piss dossier on Trump.

At the time of MLK they ran COINTELPRO.

That explains a lot.

I think MLK was the Jews attempt to fuck with goyim, but MLK became hip to the fact thatJews did all the nigger slaving, so the kikes had to kill the dude.

Malcolm X was his replacement, and he did EVERYTHING the way the Jews wanted, he was perfect…. but then NOI (niggers who hate jews) realized Malcolm X was a puppet and killed him.

What rapefugee boat did you float in on? You don't think the fucking Rothschilds would kill people who served them and had either become a liability or needed to be kept quiet?

We would do that. (((They))) would do far worse than you can imagine, you sweet child.

That's the point, really. They killed plenty of their own kind in WWII Allied bombing and didn't give a flying fuck about that except how many shekels it was worth. Considering I haven't even heard of another group being that disgusting, it is quite singular, even among undesirables.

Also, regarding your final question, it is freemasons who think everything is black and white. It is a belief system for their goy slaves.