(((YouTube))) is funding black supremacists

(((YouTube))) is funding black supremacists.

Channels like TheAdviseShowTV, where the black host advocates for violence against whites, as well as spreads blood libel against whites, like whites systematically rape children in Africa or have sex with animals, are monetized and receive money and ad revenue from YouTube.

Of course, the reverse is never true. If a white nationalist channel came even close to what these black channels spew, they would be banned in a month. More (((zio-elite privilege))) at play.

Just one channel. Then there are others like Umar Johnson et al, some of whom even get national attention on (((mainstream TV news))).

Black supremacist videos are coming up in searches I do that have nothing to do with race. They're being artificially astroturfed by ZogTube.

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So you don't care about antiwhite agendas on major social media outlets and mock their reporting? I'm going with kikes.

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Even for Holla Forums this is a bit abnormal. Have I upset some jews in exposing their antiwhite conditioning of mindless niggers on ZogTube?


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i would have sage if i didnt give a fuck and wanted you really mad. lighten up. yes youtube is fucked, has been for ages, how new are you. have another bump and chill out man not everyone is out to get you.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Get the fuck back on topic.

To get back on topic, why is YouTube giving ad revenue to Phil Scott aka TheAdviseShowTV when he calls for the death of whites and advocates that go out of their way to harm whites and celebrates whites getting assaulted or murdered by blacks?

Why is YouTube giving a platform, sometimes with economic incentives, for black supremacists like Boyce Watkins and Tariq Nasheed (though Nasheed is a Holowood queer and likely zog agent)? Why does YouTube ban whites who aren't even a tenth as violent in their messages, except for harmless (and pacifist) controlled opposition alt-right queers?

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Sage for off topic. I will explain this one time. The "kike free first post" is necessary because before we started doing that, kikes would always weasel into threads and make some inflammatory bait post as the very first one in the thread. This resulted in the thread being derailed from the very beginning and diminishing the quality of discussion. For the people pretending not to know this: you are causing more harm than good, you are the ones derailing the thread, not the "kike free first post" guy. His posts are completely harmless and it seems that the only (((people))) who take issue with it do so deliberately in order to derail. Ironically, they make the insinuation that the first post is derailing, when in fact they themselves are the ones who are derailing the thread. This is a trend that I have noticed becoming more frequent lately. For months we were fine with the kike free first post and no one took issue with it. Then suddenly, we see (((someone))) making a big deal out of it in every thread, usually resulting in the thread going off topic and into frivolous distractions. This is why you should never respond to anyone bitching about the first post, just report and ignore.

(((pure coincidence)))

Not just that. The collective NSA/CIA run "Jason Bourne" program (MKULTRA children) is run by black supremacists too. They are turning men into fags using datura (MK drug) the same shit they use for fake abductions and chipping (electronic amygdala stimulation by smartphone). They are having much fun turning white men into gets and trannies (it's one of the programs) used for private entertainment and blackmailing purposes. And to control them "Do or die" program, smartphone AI driven. The lead controllers are Afro-Americans who are black supremacists and they scare white educated men (Harvard, MIT) into some weird belief - the Annunaki psyop. Annunaki kills agents who don't follow orders (and orders are not good deeds it includes a lot of harassment, covert murders and even suicides). The running joke in the black supremacist group who are in control of this CIA/NSA program (and by extention the whole US IC) that they are the original humans recognized by the Annunaki gods. The original human was the black skinned African with the extended skull baring simularities with aliens. The white powerhouses in DC and NYC and the US military are just being faggoted by these hoaxers. Think of them as Nigerian scammers who live in large mansions with pools while you (the banker, the Wallstreet guy, the CEO of an American company) are being turned into a cuckold. Moving it one step up…. why do you think white families are being destroyed from within, white couples get less children, muslims are attacking whites and the gray blend of mixed bloods are flourishing (and getting away with certain behaviour?). There is your deep state. It's literally run by black ops. But ain't no blacks doing the whoring in the field or office…

These black supremacists call themselves the true children of zion. Let that sink in before you acuse jews or people from Middle Eastern countries for robbing your wallet. Let it sink in.

ebay artificially inflates auction prices to get more cut from them



The more white hate in public, the better. Cucks needs to wake up.

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I remember those days.

Ive not seen TheAdviseShowTV for years but he used to be a copy of Tommy Sotomayor. It was more MGTOW show criticizing the behavior of black women, rather than anti white stuff.

I guess hes gone where the money is.


Trying to distract from what a shithole their side turned the world into.



Yeah none of this is "irony".
They're not ironic when they fund niggers and demonetize whites.
It's purposesfully antiwhite.

It's the market, bro. This is YouTube's winning strategy to become profitable sometime in the next decade or two. It has an obligation to its investors.

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Poe's law doesn't even work for niggers.


Is this why metokurs wewuzkangs video is always in my recommends?

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Look at it this way, it's better for a few to get into a brawl than the whole country into civil war.

You can cost youtube 50 million euros for this.


Youtube is now on the line for 50 million euros.

For this here's what you do. You download the video, report it and take a screen cap of you reporting it. If theydon't take it down then 24 hours later report it to the German police while using a German vpn (just in case they require you be in Germany to report it).

You could cost Youtube 50-60 million Euros. Just in case document your interactions with the police and if they don't fine youtube you can red pill some germans by having a meme made that says where the video is and why they won't take it down.

Most auction sites do this, it just happened to me recently, right in the last two minutes, on a book nobody gave a shit about (that was suspiciously cheap).

(((youtube))) would gladly like an excuse to hand the (((EU))) 666 gorillion shekels tax free though.

Uh, you know many of those soyboys in the collage are jews, right?
Not even joking.

Related to this could I get a form from a German user. I'm going to use this new law to get rid of white hate on the internet where ever I see it.

Would it affect antiwhite material from other countries, and would antiwhite material even be persecuted like antizionist or antiblack material by German law?

I had a talk with a friend concerning machine learning, I don't really know if it warrant a new thread but since it's related to youtube, might as well put it here.
Recently, there was a few research papers related to AI poisoning/fooling, and there could be some possibility to manipulate it.

Related papers:

But looking at this TheAdviseShowTV nigger, it shows that his account is "verified". Couldn't this indicate that he is kosher with YouTube and they'll protect him? Why not just dox him and his family?

If you want to do it, nobody prevents you from doing it. I'm not your mom.
My previous post was more about a way of circumventing censorship, and if someone at google start flagging said "poisoned" video because of the content, then there is a chance it will flag all the "TheAdviceShowTV" videos.
Provided that the plan works.
The alternative is that said the "poisoned" video would be free to spread for a while.

I just remembered another article that give some more credence to all this
[archive.is/zb882] bbc.com/news/technology-42580523
The random data from the white noise was enough to trigger the copyright notice.


I want to believe, user, I really do.

Remember to use hooktubeify as an extension in your browser, don't give youtube anything.

well I guess my Nazbol channel is going down the shitter.

Google in general tries to increase the visibility of black supremacists. Look at Google News and their hardon for The Root.

Even worse than The Root (which is owned by Gizmodo Media Group, the successor to Gawker Media) is Google's hardon for Atlanta Black Star, an openly black supremacist (and probably jew run) "news website".



kikes are burying this one for (((some))) reason