South Africa Chimpout

Furious protestors TRASH H&M stores as ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ race row escalates

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Please enjoy a kike and/or nigger free first post.

totally not a shithole

Marxism is a cancer that spans the world. All these people need to be eradicated.

Leftist try hard to generate confusion.

That first video is a perfect redpill.

It shows how the white man can build a first world nation for these animals to live in yet they still act like the animals they are. The ending where they are doing some tribal dance and song after destroying what the white man created is a perfect example of why blacks will never be compatible with us.

We wuz gommies an shiiiieeeet!

Lol nice one!

Pretty much, they prove they aren't monkeys by rampaging around, then doing shuffling little monkey dances afterwards

fuck niggers


And that my friends is how you turn a profit in africa.

if you get called a giraffe and you dont have a long neck then you dont have a reason to be offended. if you get called a pig and you're not fat then you have no reason to be offended. so why are black people so hurt by being called monkeys?

I just read the Turner Diaries and the exact same thing happens to a bookstore that was deleted "racist"

In the New Friends of Democracy leak (user's little brother kept papers detailing riot instructions plus payment details, stickies atm) it is implied that a Soros agent will go around and collect insurance information and inform them that a protest will be happening, if your property gets damaged here's our info"
There's instances of this happening in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Berkley (going from memory, can't remember exactly). Soros is famous for making a billion in a day betting against the GBP it wouldn't be a stretch to say that currency manipulation and economic destabilization is what the Open Society really does.

>(((World Citizen)))
Every time.

This might be unrelated but the EFF is involved in an ongoing crisis of prospective university students stampeding to get an education. Things seem to really be heating up for President Zuma.

EFF threatens Unisa shutdown if demands are not met

>“The free education that is being spoken about, to us, is just a narrative being advanced by the media and so forth. In [practice], we are here. [On the] first day of the registrations last week on Wednesday, already the university had deployed the bouncers to come and deal with us, to manhandle us, simply because they knew they can’t implement free education at Unisa,” said Moema. He said concerns about students stampeding during walk-in registrations was not a concern at one of the biggest institutions of higher education in the world, as the matter had been handled well in previous years.

Yes, but when educating others keep in mind to put emphasis on how civilized people usually act out revenge against someone who is personally responsible while animals is satisfied with anyone of that group (in this case any store item instead of the green shirt, which were probably removed already). I would assume that there are some "I understand the outrage" out there, attempting to dismiss the whole thing. But these truths are not dependent on why something happened.


I am a niggers, so by that alone I deserve free this, free that and free this one.

Fucking priceless

Coolest Nigger In The H&M

6 million years in paint



This entire fiasco is a blessing from Kek.

They sure showed us.

HM is actually pretty cheap and is garbage quality. It's for hipsters from middle to upper middle class homes who want to look poor.

It's beginning to look like this was a clever insurance scam. H&M played the niggers like a fiddle, knowing full well they would vandalize. Now the company can cash in on all the damages. Normally, a lot of the merchandise just sits there in these kinds of stores. REALLY makes you think.


An easy mistake to make, since most high end clothing boutiques are just marked up mid range shit in the first place.

This video is a microcosm of African history.

What the actual fuck…They think anybody but themselves believes that are kings and queens?

*that they are

I'd wager the only thing that is marked up higher than textiles is soft drinks in restaurants. All the name brands are made in the third world.

This. Even Dolce&Gabbana clothing is made in China.

This makes sense. A lot of clothing retailers are hurting. Millennials don't want logos and buy based on cheapest price. The hipster trend has made looking like a poor slob fashionable. Look at our White women. They have bangs that are too short purpose of bangs is to hide the forehead and uneven and it's supposed to be cute.

Saying a nigger is an orangutan is a complement to the nigger and an insult to the orangutan

Not to mention that orangutans are even more mellow and peaceful than gorillas. Probably the safest apes for a human to be around.

Them literally chimping out is a clue :^)

For the same reason why skin whitening products are all the rage in Africa, along with hair straighteners and colored contacts.

these niggers sure are fucking stupid time to show lelbron and diddly what the eff actually is


wait a minute.

There is a reason so many people don't like Erectus Walks Amongst Us.

Watch them start up the knockout game by attack people wearing H&M

This is Africa we're talking about. They will start the necklace game.

Niggers shuckin' n' jivin' after destroying things?
Color me surprised

I'm talking about America. I can't wait for lemmings to receive a hard redpill because they wore the wrong brand of clothing in public

I love that book, thought at times it was a bit over the top, especially the end, but he does leave it open ended and vague and gives a time frame of 100 years for everything to finally settle down into a White world so it could work.

Nogs are already doing this, just try wearing a red or blue polo in the wrong neighborhood

World citizenry is cool unless you're a white South African who wants to leave South Africa.

Consider that the black image of what a strong man is necessarily centers around violence and making people fear you hurting them. They think if they get indignant enough they can scare Whitey* into submission and then they'll be treated like the Kangz and Kwaingz dey actually be, nigga. Attempts at intimidation are literally the only way they know to assert themselves, sort of like the cavemen they accuse us of being.

*Also includes East Asians and Jews, and sometimes Latinos.

It's hilarious how they haven't learned the secret of fire.

Yep. "Right of return" is shilled by the kike #fakenews CIA/MI-6 scammers… for kikes only. Whites can't return to their European homelands, no way!

Marxists blown the fuck out, I'm dying right now.

Depends on the country. Countries with jus sanguinis allow return, those with jus soli do not.

They're not monkeys, they're chimps.


Don't these zulus know that sweatshirt thing is old news? The current chimpout is de whey, get it together nig nogs.

Saying a nigger is like a gorilla, an animal with tight family units, is just as insulting to a gorilla.

Acting like apes to prove they arent Apes.

ironically, H&M and other companies will probably go back to using more safe, white human models from now on to avoid further nigger chimpouts. Niggers shooting themselves in the foot again.

It was innocent. Kids like pretending they are monkeys. Niggers just want an excuse to riot.

You give normalfags too much credit. Most of them excise the extreme violence of niggers as being justified.

The other great apes have a much better claim to personhood than niggers. see: Jane Goodall.

So does your economy nig, scaring the only few foreign investor away is not going to inscrease your gibs.

oh wai…
lmao i changed my mind H&M deserves this

Sadly, that is not the case. The United Kingdom is considered jus sanguinis, but "British citizenship by descent is only transferable to one generation down from the parent who is a British citizen otherwise than by descent, if the child is born abroad."

The rule is effectively the same for the US, and for Ireland, though Ireland allows grandparents.

Shortly, the kike newspapers, the world controlling, the CIA, MI-6, being their golem, they demand through pitiful pleas and ruthless libel of their adversaries the Right of Return to kikelandia AKA Yidsrael, despite having no proof their genes can be found in any of the ancient graveyards of the area - yet for those who are White, there is to be no Right of Return.

UK has kike law, and has erased its Constitution. An example of what has been ripped from it is the right of self-defense. The kikes do not like the Whites having the ability to guarantee justice robbed is justice restored, as the kike is the thief and the degenerate homo rapist.

Jews did this. Kikes are Kazakhs are Asians. Mudshits are Asians. Chinks are Asians. La Raza are Asians. We stare at the endpoints of the vid and picture, omitting the sequence and causality that Asians have done. Those endpoints of Africans, who are still parasites, could are just tools for Asians to go after whites more; Those endpoints are never reached by Africans alone.

History is not supposed to omit the gears, nor hide the cannibals that cause hosts to weaken so much that the lowest-energy parasites (Africans) can take hold.

Let us remember. Let us not forget who did this.

the funny part is, the mother hates thsoe people and she thinks the outrage is for nothing these were her words: why would anyone think he is a monkey? he is jsut a ltitle kid, little kids are often very active and anoyying, kinda like monkeys, but to immidietly jump racism has no reason

That level of doublethink

They were really pissed off that they didn't get the coolest monkey in the jungle award, so they went out with an encore to prove that they are in fact monkeys.

They're the same no matter what country they're in.

Monkeys do not want law.
Monkeys do not want order.
Monkeys want everything.
Monkeys destroy everything they touch.
Monkeys have no concept of time.
Monkeys have no concept of the abstract.
Monkeys are not able to reason using logic.


Seriously whites need to just kill every trace of this animal called the negro, once and for all. Kill every single one of them. Especially their little nigger babies.

Wish I remembered I had that first pic when I needed it. Those are valuable for redpilling, Id suggest people save them.

Press F to pay respects


Since this Shitholegate business erupted into the MSN there has been a multitude of pictures of Haiti (and other shitholes) with streets filled with trash, filth, garbage, shit and whatever. It always looks as unhealthy as it does disgusting and like an enormous ecological disaster.
So … where the Hell are all of the self-righteous, crusading, liberal eco-freaks? Their precious Gaia is getting raped and ruined and they haven’t noticed? If they are really concerned about saving the planet then shouldn’t they be demonstrating for reducing the amount of shitskins in the world rather than the amount of carbon dioxide


Someone's never been to H&M, quite affordable actually.

Its just part and parcel of living with niggers. They really do need rapid ape response teams for these kinds of incidents. If theres a large amount of niggers, anywhere, you have to assume one of them could potentially go up and just start assaulting a cop like that. Then, when hes arrested, all the other apes obstruct justice but arent arrested. That needs to stop.
Put the apes in a zoo.

I'm gonna use that from now on.

Materialists. Not even once. Why that monkey don't become a an anti-natalist and stop breeding more monkeys if he he falls for the materialist meme?

The zoo's too good for these savages
Put them in the wild

No, then they'd have a way of getting into society.
Put this is a camp.

Define affordable.

t. exclusively shops at military surplus store and good will and value village

I get blankets, coats, and other stuff for like $2 to $10 maybe.

Remove everything the Whites have made in Africa and then send them all back to Africa. Patrol the Egyptian Border and shoot any that come near the border. They are too stupid to build a boat. Wait until they evolve long enough to build a boat that can cross an ocean. Then, and only then, do we re-evaluate. Meanwhile, while they are all stuck in Africa, they can all kill each other, catch ebola, eat each other - basically die off - and use that as the form of population control. They should not be allowed to breed in an open society that has technology higher than mud huts, stone tools, and spears.

Is that a real picture? The chimp's teeth are so white and clean. Was it kept as a pet perhaps?

Chimps as pets are an incredibly shitty idea, considering their unpredictable behavior, high aggression and strength. A chimp can easily kill or seriously maim a human.

It will have no effect. The "news" (CIA/GCHQ) will not cover the destruction of property, though they covered the monkey boy. It's all dirty tricks.


This. They should have never been taken out of their homelands. It was a terrible mistake. They are savages as proven by their behaviour and attitude. Have an image to lighten the mood.

Hey would anyone have links to papers showing impulsive behaviour and risk-taking by ethnicity/race?

I seem to recall there was a paper showing a higher rate of genes linked to risky impulsive behaviour in Africans.

Their idea of protesting shirt which compares them to monkeys is to act like a monkeys

Good. Fuck the race-mix promoting satanic feminist kikes.

Jews control th EFF. If you go to their websites and dig through links about “staff” and whos involved you start seeing “white people” with jewish names. I’m going to go down the rabbit hole again and bring back some evidence

Why not? Jews and White commies were behind the ANC and the overthrow of White SA the first time around.
The British far-left politician George Galloway was heavily involved in that, on the ground in SA. He is now repeating the recipe by promoting the interests of Muslims in Britain.