Attempted Citizens Arrest against the Mayor of London!

This is really excellent! Pro-Trump supporters demonstrate against the London Mayor, Khan, during a Fabian Society event! An attempted Citizen's Arrest was made. If you're not aware, please look up the history of the Fabian Society - it's part of the Globalist Establishment that controls much more than people realise and are proponents of a One World Government (NWO). They also had a big hand in the creation of the EU - so you know what their agenda is! The fact that these protesters have chosen this venue is very significant. We need more of this kind of protest to highlight what's going on. I hope we can find out more about who these guys are.
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"the 11 steps to cultural marxism" meme actually uses the Fabian Societies 11 principles or goals or whatever.


Is citizen's arrest even a thing in the UK?

Also, pic and archive for those who don't want to visit those shit sites.

Excellent infographic. Thanks. Grabbed it.

Well, like a lot of things, it should be a thing and nobody can ever say why it wouldn't still be a thing. The coppers don't have any idea about it.. obviously.

Watched the video of it, appeared to only be about 4 or 5 white guys surrounded by 15 or so police all while Sadiq just sat down reading a newspaper. Made international headlines nonetheless, so good job.


Yes, they did great. Also, they did their homework to keep legal and keep others legal too. Very effective. We need more of this kind fo thing in the UK. So many people have never even heard of the Fabian Society and less even know what it's about.

You left some sort of name on Op.



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Rather, the end is millions of Democrats will be doing that. Pray Sadiq escorts himself to hell as well.

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I do. Is the American flag now an international symbol of hate? :^) this timeline.

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Do they really expect me to sit here and believe that a group of lads who named themselves after bongland's most famous king decided to just go ahead and lift up yankee flags, and not a proper coat of arms? Is this really the best false flag they can muster?

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Errr… The point is, The Mayor of London (Khan) is always criticising Trump. So one of the guys waved a Stars and Stripes at him.

This will so hilariously backfire on MI-6. Pleeeease let the US flag become an international symbol of hate overnight. pllllleeeeaaasse.

You're fucking gushing over the fucking primary enemy of planet Earth and the white race. Why?

Maybe. I still find it dumb, though. You could get that message across better with MAGA caps while waving something a lot more fitting. Or maybe I just have too much autism.

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Then call them by their proper names it's much more effective. Jews, homosexuals and shitholers. All the same thing of course.

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Checked, good lookin' Satan, this is a great graphic to redpill (at least help with the process) my family and friends.

Also bumping this, because thus is far more significant knowing those eleven rules.

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Ironically, immigration has strengthened identity. Normally, people don't even have a name for what they are. They just call themselves something stupid like "the people," and the Liberal Homo assigned the task of decoding this noble savage cannibal people transliterates it, so they don't sound stupid af.

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I truly hope it does become one. It'll allow for some true patriotism to take place.

Checked. Soon there will be money to be made exporting US flags, because they'll be banned overseas. It's not even week 3, 2018.


Not sure why the need for all the Kabuki theatrics, both Khan and Trump are avowed zionists working to the same plan.

Sadiq Khan attends Holocaust memorial as first official mayoral act

London's New Mayor Attends Holocaust Memorial

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Remember when the chechen first smiled?

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ty user - news sites are the worst. screenshots save time and space

khan's biggest fear is being accused of insulting the prophet/koran

I'm back. Is everyone ok? As you may have picked up, Khan is a former Chairman of The Fabian Society. Now wonder he's so pro-EU. Total globalist.


Not to be confused with the Fabiani Society

Because kabuki also means prostitute.

Yeah it is dumb, especially since a lot of Trump's most sincere, die-hard base are mouth-breathing retards that anyone would be ashamed to have on their side.

Where's your humanity?


The fact that such an organization is being brought into the spotlight and being criticized will do great things in redpilling the masses.

We need two or three timely goreposters to sink bad threads, scare off the normalfaggots, desensitize the membership to the coming violence, and traumatize the shills and JIDF.

Maybe the Soros regime will take notice this time.

Sir Gareth must have had some real beef with Sir Gawaine, huh

England No


how much more obvious can it get that they are subverters… although in recent years they had to change their symbol to seem like they are soft and harmless. they adopted a turtle, yes a turtle. which is analogous to their strategy of incrementally pozzing society little by little.
the weakness of incrementalism is to make them jump the gun.


i was gonna say "theyre openly promoting the new world order" but then i derped

What did they mean by this?

Wolf in sheep's clothing. It's an old expression meaning the best way for a wolf to catch a sheep to eat is to pretend to be a sheep. Welcome to the rotten world of the Fabian Society

Fucking this. We stopped goreposting for a long time and the overall board quality was driven to shit.

That's quite the beak on that vulture…

What is your gripe exactly?

You know what the reasoning the protesters had to actually attempt the citizens arrest? Nothing online seems to specify why other than just "Muh Magna Carta" or "Hes a muzzie". Those are obviously not the full story at least, so do you guys know whats up?

He's a foreigner acting in such a way as to negatively affect the well-being of the good people he was elected to represent and lead. Is that not reason enough?

Not for the arrest of a government official dumbass.

right they should just hang him and be done then.

They said they were drawing attention to Khan's wrong doings as well as the Fabian Society. They succeeded and more operations are planned. Interestingly, one of those guys made point of saying that they 'believed in Q'. Some good things happening, right?

Uhh the wolf is also carrying a red communist flag.

There are 2 mayors of London.

One is the mayor of the London civilian region, while the other one is the mayor of the London financial district in the center of London, i.e. the jew banker paradise.

I'd like to see them arrest the Rothschild district mayor.

You're thinking far too """officially"""

Wow somebody who's clued in about London vs. The Square Mile. Cheers friend.

It could be that he is a mudshit. I'm not sure of all of the laws of this nation anymore as the EU has been adding to and taking away from them for decades, but historically 'defending the faith' has been an important part of Britain - to the point that the current Queen had to swear that she would protect the faith during her coronation (which is also grounds for having the treacherous whore removed from office). There might well be something similar for the layman, and it would be very easy to show how the disgusting shitskin has been attacking Christianity on the regular, both directly and indirectly.