On the descriptor 'roastie'

We seem to have made a lot of newfriends (or bots) over the past few days. Particularly, the sharp rise of 'muh incel' reactions from using this frankly ingenious and accurate label for some women means it's working.

To quote the Urban Dictionary:


I like it because all females are self conscious about their vaginas, so the term really cuts them deep


Whoever wrote that definition needs a medal.


"Roastie" is a d&c kike word and it makes you sound retarded.

How's that? It seems a perfectly good word for a whore.

How is it D&C? When were whores a part of NatSoc?

They're trying to push the "it's genetics" diversion which whores use to explain the remnants of their shame, created by sexual promiscuity.
The roastie is a biological tell-tale, like the red needle on motorsport rev counters, which lets the mechanics and managers know, despite the driver's protestation, that the engine blew due to overwork.

We don’t care about jewish newspeak. We don’t use it. Fuck off.

Look at the little kike faggot who thinks this is a valid way to respond.
It’s so fallacious there’s no name for the type of fallacy.

kikes have no such standards.

Yeah, no jew has ever corrupted or perverted language.

kikes want whites to accept coalburners and their half breeds, to cuck themselves with eyes wide open.

Not all women are whores.

Your nose is showing.

Not all whores have roasties, but all roasties are whores.

A thread died because you were rejected. Go back to your soy, beta.


Now I know why they lost the war.

'The whores of Weimar were the mothers of the Hitlerjugend'

^ has only been with a roastie