Haven't the Jews already fucked themselves over?

In the west they shill for immigrant groups that hate them more than any European person does. In Israel they already absorbed enough Arabs to lose in the long term baby making competition. Why are Jews this retarded?

I think they don't think longterm because they don't care about the long term. What I'm saying is that if you take the average person here and why they don't want their people to become minorities and whatnot it's not just for them but also for their grandkids and those grandkids' grandkids, for their friends kids, etc. The seemingly lack of long term thinking that you see from many of our (((friends))) is not so much out of being stupid as it is about not caring about anything other than getting their good fortune while they're around and nothing else - "Why should I care about what happens after I'm dead?" is essentially the mentality. It's the same logic you see from many people who don't have or don't plan to have kids. Why should you care about Sweden becoming Somalia if you're not going to pop out a little Oscar or Elsa or two? Why care about going into more and more debt if you just plan to die before you have to pay it off? It's extremely selfish and nihilistic but the logic is there.

Jews lack precognition. Look at their skull shapes, they seem to have underdeveloped faculties in those areas of the brain where forward planning and strategy is cultivated. Imagine for a moment a human gifted with the ability to verbally tie up opponents, a historical chip on the shoulder regarding a certain ethnic and religious group, and zero ability to think ahead. You end up with a Jewish zealot relentlessly destroying the host nation that they live in - note that they were doing this long before modern Israel existed, and if kicked out they had nowhere to go, but that didn't stop them. They can make money and play the guilt game but that's about it.

This is fundamentally because these "people" will actively try to avoid hardship and challenges. Comfort is the single biggest motivating factor of these people.


did they absorb them or decide to put their headquarters in the middle of them?

Doesn't matter, at this rate we'll be fucked long before they are. The top jews, like the ones that run the Fed, World Bank and IMF don't give a fuck about Israel.

I hope any CIAniggers or feds know how incompetent their leaders are and how they will eventually lead them all into oblivion if left unchecked. I really wouldn't have anything against having a circle of secretive individuals rule the world with puppet strings even if they liked weird shit like pedo sacrifices as long as they were anywhere remotely good at it. But the sad truth is that the jews and rothschilds are so fucking incompetent and stupid that they fucking thought shit like the federal reserve was a good idea since its not like money loses value if only a few people can create as much as they want. I would take the slimiest, greediest, most horrible goon over a jew any day since they at least know how to keep people happy and think of the future.

Remember: the greatest sin jews have ever done is being at their basest level incompetent, as even the worst tyrant needs to keep his people somewhat happy and they have failed even that incredibly well.

Difference is they're allowed to shoot their Arabs in the balls.


Go back to tumblr. We know what genetics is here.

Arrogance is one hell of a drug

"Jews" and Arabs get along great, always have. They are Edomites.

Das righ

The plan is to rule the world, not squirt out the most worker bees.They recently gave China Afghanistan's copper mines among other gifts. I'm sure China will remember them when they flee New York for Beijing after the race begins. Once they get a nigger elected there, they win.

race war begins.

Because they never know when to stop. Every-time.

The Chinese are pretty red pilled on Jews, user. For the size of the place there's barely any Jewish presence. Further, they freely publish a large amount of literature that the Western Jewish snooper groups have declared anti-Semetic, including simple factual accounts of the Sassoon family for instance.

If you think the Jews can just whisk away to China and ride the tiger you're simply too high.

They actually think in some future without white people and this brown slave race that;
1) they can control said brown slave race
2) the brown slave race won't violently rise up and rape and murder jews


Even if the jew wins, they lose.

They don't have a media monopoly there but all it takes is one or two generations to completely change public opinion

Don't you understand? Zuck marrying the chink wasn't a sign of them submitting to us, rather the contrary.

Who do you think is subverting us, Russia, who does limited business here, or China, who owns most of the economy?

Couldn't one argue that Trump trying to push his America first economic plan is trying to remove Chinese dependence from the US? West coast is chink city

No shitskin hates kikes as much as a white man who knows what they have done to his people and nations.

Threadly reminder;
Kikes and muslims are time long allies. The "muslims hate jews" meme is easily disproven with minor amounts of history.

Obviously, and I think their little island game is up too. He knows.

It's a nice thought. Makes me feel superior to the kike. But I don't believe it. I'd say a pretty long term plan was enacted to steal our children's minds from us by taking over the media, and education centers. They planned decades in advance to subvert our societies, and succeeded. If they're losing control I think it's from a very familiar cycle that we too experience: ease leads to weakness, weakness to struggle, struggle to strength, and strength to ease.

The jews are simply growing weak from decadence.

Not accurate at all. Rather, they actively and aggressively destroy everything relating to foreign cultures and push their own in its place. All new fields of science that opened up were to them, weapons. They wouldn't even have the porn industry had the Catholic lobby won in the US back in 1940s - regarding nudity in films. We didn't train our psychologists to be saboteurs. They did. Yet, so did the nations they ruled in, namely USSR and its vassals.

The former Soviet territories are relatively immune to these same toxins, but they did learn the ways of the game.

I happen to think that this isn't by accident. The forward thinking Jews presumably shaped into the mainline cultures. Whereas the others were only good for causing upheaval, capturing wealth amidst the chaos and running off to the next target.
Though this isn't going to end well for them; if they get caught even once now that Internet is around, their time runs out. The problem I'm already focusing on is what comes afterwards; all industrialized nations learned the tricks, and they have bare minimum of virtues holding them back (a side effect of rampant judaism and atheism). Jews will likely retaliate by striking the centers of culture and arts, among the industrial and agricultural areas, leaving behind very unruly populations. A cornered rat, truly.

They believe in the Tabula Rasa. They genuinely think that the magicial dirt of Europe will transmogrify the shitholer-immigrants into civilised White people and that the status quo will not change. They think arabs will stop hating jews when they come into contact with Europe's magical dirt.

Ok, sure.

What they risk? They live in stronghold estates and drive in armored cars, protected by armed guards.

Their thinking and intelligence is focused mainly into the "now" so they can manipulate the material world as they go. Hence their dealing with money and jurisprudence. The way they learn and practice their religion.
Which means that they CANNOT govern in politics. And the only way they can do it is they way they are taught: again the torah. Which means total control of an individual for the benefit of the general schekel grabber society.
If you think about it communism is pretty self explanatory. And the current push towards total control via the internet has the same reason.
Imageboard culture and the whole 2016 upset are typically white spirit rebelling against the whole jewish zeitgeist.

While some jews are very good with long term planning like the Rothschilds and their flunkies they still fail because they don't hav3e any connection with the goy. Yes, they tried it by completely coopting psychology (Jung although completely overpowered Freud and showed what a impostor he is) they STILL can figure out the Europeans.
Even besides all the hurdles like the current Freudian sexual religion, addictions, 70 years of total jewish control over the societies, the European man started to wake up and you can see it all over the West.
Europeans EVOLVED to fight and rebel.

Mostly this, arrogance → inability to take responsibility for their mistakes → inability to learn the correct lessons and modify their behaviour. Some jews really do seem to believe that anti-semitism arises spontaneously for no reason, whilst the smarter ones understand why but also believe they're more cunning than every kike before them, so this time the goy won't expel them.

we can't without violence this time since they hold the power in the global police states.

This is all a plan.
What better to raise a bitter, angry at white men jew than to hide it's jewishness?
Example: jews don't become wealthy on their own. They marry into wealthy white families. My uncle is worth > $50m. One of his daughters just married a jew. All of his daughters have been courted by jews, only one succeeded but the point remains.

The kikes, at least the rich ones, have island retreats they can escape too when shit hits terminal velocity. When the race war starts, they'll safe and sound, sipping kosher martini's on some Pacific or Caribbean beach, or relaxing in some guarded stronghold in Montana or South America that they've been investing in for the past couple decades. And that's all they need. They don't give a shit about what happens to a middle or lower class Jewish family. All the people that matter have their affairs squared away and are ready to bug out at the drop of a hat. The fantasy about hanging the kikes responsible for ruining your countries and your people is just that. The only Jews you'll catch are the ones who were caught off guard, the unlucky, and then ones who were never in on the plan to begin with.

no you would have to be all sorts of arrogant and retarded to be a jew and not see what's going on, if you didn't become Fischer of Freidman and tell your fellow humans what's up, you are just as guilty of believing that you belong to a superior race. They are all with a few exceptions, Loxists.


Did Jews think ahead and arque that doing that could influence their own children? Neh…. They didn't.

and thusly ends Sholomo's island adventure.
You forget that the internet exists? Along with spy satellites capable of reading text on a coin from orbit. Do you think die juden will be able to bring down the entire satellite network? The same sat network they will need to keep an eye on things?
Oh and would you kindly remember how /hwndu/ figured out where the flag was located? Do you not think during the war there will be dozens if not hundreds of autistic berserkers cataloging every flight around the world and watching where they land and connecting it to real estate transactions they have made?
And that is off the top of my head dude, just wait for shit to hit the fan as see what a bunch of autists hopped up on adrenaline and believing themselves, as happens to most humans during war, pushed into a corner.

because they are parasites user

your forgetting the fact that these immigrant groups and arabs are incompetent inbred retards and easily corruptible
only white people have ever successfully pushed back jewish rot


Between the anti-Israel Arab-Muslim nations, there are 200 million Arab Muslims.
There are less than 8 million kikes in Israel.
They'd have to be retarded for that false-state shithole to still exist.

Report the OP for cuckchan, this is ridiculous.

They were never smart to begin with. Their "high IQ" is a meme. All they are good at is infiltration and subversion, its how they have evolved to survive throughout the ages.

Video Game memes that reflect reality are probably my favorite memes.

So they chugged their own kool aid on racemixing and are going to wipe themselves out. Also the other posters are correct, jews have no long term planning skills whatsoever, they are good at short term profit and nothing else.

the 80+ years old rich kikes got a glimpse of the inevitability of death, especially with Rockefeller kicking the bucket even after cannibalizing 4 people so they turned their plans up to 11 on top of being disappointed in their kids, like Alex Soros whose main interest is cannibalistic orgies with child prostitutes and some rothschild(not sure which (((dynasty))) ) dauther dating and marrying a spic convict.

What I've noticed is that jews who are 1/16 or less (6.25%) start identifying as whites instead of jews and working against jewish power (Tara McCarthy, Donald Trump, Richard Spencer….etc)

This massive jewish outbreeding only really started in earnest since 1990. Jews also have the lowest birthrate, lower than any other group including whites. Within a century, American jewery is going to be completely wiped out. And from there it will be a slow painful process of filtering these genes out of the gene pool (it could take a thousand years)

The up and coming generation of jews is not as well suited to fill in the places of the old-money kikery. Once the Soros's and Spielberg's die out, the next generation coming up to take their place is heavily diluted. Therefore not nearly as subversive, or intelligent, or animated by the old hatreds. We are essentially riding out that wave, waiting for the older generation to die off.

The incredibly stupid courses of action that various political kikes have taken betrays the reality that they aren't as good at looking ahead as they like to believe they are. It's not hard for you to blindside them once you understand how they think. I think the reason that they've consistently gained an advantage is that they're so remarkably alien to us, and after a while of not having to deal with them we have a tendency to forget this. They're light skinned and they've stolen a lot of our genes, so when dealing with them we may forget that they're not actually white. We expect them to think like us, to sense and prioritize the same things that we do… But they don't.

They have varying degrees of different instincts that cause them to think in ways that just are not intuitive to us. Consequently we get blindsided, because we expect them to do one thing, but they do another. It's like that movie about the guy who discovers lying in a world where everyone always ever tells the truth. Everyone believes what the lying man says, no matter how absurd, because they have no concept of lying or the need for skepticism because lying is so foreign to them. Jews think we're stupid because we don't share their values, generally don't understand their values, and thus most whites fail to perceive their tricks.

As for their long term planning ability, I think we need to make a category distinction. Just because someone can come up with an effective long term plan doesn't make them a good strategist. What makes someone a good strategist is being able to adapt their strategy when things don't go according to plan. Jews are terrible at this. Their entire system hinges upon security through obscurity. This is why the Jew recoils in horror when you call them what they are: you've found them out. Now they have to shut it down because the goyim know.

As a whole, their "strategies" are about as sophisticated as a termite colony going to town on a house. At the end of the day, they're almost entirely operating upon instinct. Given enough time, their collective devouring proves devastating to any structure pervious to them. They're really not particularly creative, just persistent and unscrupulous. This can be evidenced by the fact that they rarely, if ever, create good new businesses or products themselves… Instead what they do is they predatorily provide the necessary starter capital for eager whites to do what we do, then they take over a business and force us out, taking credit for what we've done and then perverting it for their own gain. This is one of the mechanisms they use to gain power. I've seen this countless times. Never, ever accept money from Jews.

>not sure which (((dynasty)))
The Greens
Sir Philip Green nicked 700 million from a pension fund, but then offered to give half back.

Intermixing doesn't ruin Judaism. That kike blood is still there, and even when it is diluted to some minimal point so long as the person identifies with the ancestry in any amount they will stand opposed to whites.

Not to mention that even 1/8 of kike DNA is enough to twist a man's thoughts or even drive him insane.

Yeah right, the jews are dumb. They don't plan well. They're not good long-term thinkers. They're total retards.

That's how they systematically took over every White nation in the past 300 years and now have their own nuclear-armed ethnostate.

That's why the entire White race is on the brink of collapse while the jewish population is booming. Because Whites are geniuses are jews are dumb.

Whites are brilliant long-term planners. That's why our ancestors kept kicking jews out after they committed horrible atrocities against us, only to let them back in LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF FUCKING TIMES.

Wow, it's actually like Whites aren't good long-term planners, don't think ahead, and don't learn from our mistakes, unlike jews, who are obsessively detail-oriented, always have a plan B, and always think things out beforehand. Whoa.

absolutely kys you retarded kike



If one is not yet of the mindset that it is death if we lose then one does not know the truth. We must already be prepared and increasing our abilities at this point in time, there will be no time left soon.