The Storm(y) Is Upon Us

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You mean to tell me DRUMPF is a, god forbid, heterosexual male? Stumped! I'm a #cruzmissile now! No one cares.

Fake News.
The God Emperor would never touch a STD factory like her.
Its well known he is a germophobe.

If it's true, sue her for breach of contract. She had a lawyer involved so there's no excuse.



Literally don't care. We just had slick Willy's wife run for office.


>(((Jacob Weisberg))), editor-in-chief of the Slate Group, said on Friday that in a series of interviews with Ms. Clifford in August and October 2016, she told him she had an affair with Mr. Trump after meeting him at a 2006 celebrity golf tournament.
>She told him that (((Michael D. Cohen))), a lawyer for Mr. Trump, had agreed during the presidential campaign to pay her the $130,000 if she kept the relationship secret, Mr. Weisberg said, adding that Ms. Clifford had told him she was tempted to go public because the lawyer was late in making the payment and she feared he might back out of their agreement.

>She forwarded Mr. Weisberg a draft amendment to the original agreement in which the parties were referred to by pseudonyms.

>But Mr. Cohen released a statement dated Jan. 10 and signed by Ms. Clifford in which she said that her involvement with Mr. Trump was limited to a few public appearances, and that allegations that “I had a sexual and/or romantic affair with Mr. Trump many, many, many years ago” were “completely false.”
>“Rumors that I have received hush money from Donald Trump are completely false,” the statement said.

>Ms. McDougal was represented by the same lawyer who represented Ms. Clifford, Keith Davidson.
>A Beverly Hills lawyer whose specialty is navigating “the discreet affairs of our select clientele,” Mr. Davidson has represented a number of adult-film stars and models, according to a client list that was once posted on his web site but no longer appears there.

See also:

7/1/2014 -Suspended, failed to pay Bar membr. fees - Not Eligible To Practice Law in CA

this is what grasping at straws looks like

Why am I not surprised

I guess the (((traditional media))) has stopped caring completely at this point.


>His brother is former CIA officer and television writer and producer Joe Weisberg.
Just let that sentence sink in for a moment.

>When a junior, he was offered a membership in Skull and Bones by then Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts John Kerry, but declined the offer, citing the club's exclusion of women.

Seems this was a trend amongst a (((certain kind of people))).

>Weisberg is married to style and fashion journalist (((Deborah Needleman))), formerly editor of domino magazine.

They're probably hoping this will be Trump's Monica Lewinsky moment. If the porn slut keeps in the public eye, the Democrats and media press it enough, they could definitely introduce the idea of impeachment in Congress. The big sticking point would be that Trump didn't fuck her while he was President (if he did at all, which isn't likely), while Clinton did.

not even a porn-star

They're at the point of just blatantly making up shit now. They're out of tricks.
They're absolutely desperate to try to ruin him in the eyes of those who elected him so they can get whatever cunt or nigger they have lined up next to undo everything he's trying to accomplish. The Jews are panicking more than I've ever seen them in my life.

Can't wait for the Fake News Awards now.

Earned media, ladies and gents.

smells like fake news
if not, it's still waaaay better than "bathhouse barry's" faggoty antics

Disgusting. I know one person who won't be endorsing him in 2020.

does Holla Forums have its own 'Fake News' or 'Very fake News' awards, like we do the 'Screen Actors Guilty of Kiddy Diddling… ahem, I mean …Guild' or maybe a 'Hollywood Hit Shoah … erm I mean, Show' award?


mmmmm… those sweet, sweet germs she's got on her yum

yer a fgt kys

New Hampshire had a Military Drone flying over there head last month. It was captured on a cell phone by a resident driving home from work. He didn't know what it was. I did a search and found one that really came close to the one he captured. I was shocked to find the best resemblance of it was a IRANIAN Spy Drone.

Bill Clinton raped dozens of females, including child sex slaves, and Obama sexually harassed a dozen young men.
All the media can do is make up a dozen lies about Trump every month.


Sorry buddy, the media has cried wolf one too many times. Their credibility is below zero now. When they claim something, not only do we not believe them, but we suspect the direct opposite is true. Every month they make up some bullshit about Trump, nobody believes it, and the next month we find out Hillary Clinton paid some greedy whore to lie about Trump, meanwhile Slick Willy was raping kidnapped child sex slaves on kike Epstein's island.

They've been making shit up the entire time.

Fuck these kikes really can't help themselves. It's like they go out of their way to lie about Trump in absurd and easily disproved ways.

this is where things are liable to get kinetic so everyone needs to stay sharp

from the insurgency pdf in the prep bread;
I think they're at the end of step 1 after Trump's election forced them backwards

If this is the case, we should expect Ferguson/Baltimore unrest soon. (mostly because they're drunk on their own kool-aid and believe they've made enough gains. Shithole-gate ignited the fuse, when a cop shoots an "unarmed" nig it's game on, again.)

forgot to include this:

(ref phase II, above)

Go suck LARPer cock there.

should be "phase II"

while Im here
an argument could be made that 'sanctuary cities' could be applied to the following quote: "a counterstate may begin to emerge to fill gaps in governance that the host-nation government is unwilling or unable to do"

in addition to supporting evidence mentioned in

I feel that the runup to his fake news award thing is going to see the lying press jizz out the dust of their last ejaculations, whatever they're shitting out now is what they had in their hip pockets for a real emergency, made up as it is.

It's really pathetic to see this masquerade called the media literally pull its own pants down and give itself a thrashing like this. I hoped that I'd see a long-term, actual evil go down with some dignity, but I'm an idealist at the core.

Are you even trying Chaim?


The trick is to get Iran to attack Israel dummy.

It's literally almost 20 years old and it's a private plane made by Scaled Composites.

Awful, awful post.

Before the Internet, they would have gotten away with it.

This, they are still behind the curve and their tried and true tactics of make blatant lies but have Mockingbird tell them for them just isn't working anymore

I remember candidates in the early 2000s complaining that thry couldn't use different tactics in different cities because the audiences knew what they'd said the day before and so on.

You can't just placate with nice words in this shithole any more.

Their new meme is that Trump's "fixes" had to pay off over a hundred women during the campaign.

Yep, inb4 in turns out Trump leaked this himself to troll the judenpresse ahead of the Fake News Awards, maybe also as a favour to her if they're old friends. It's perfect bait in that it's salacious whilst only managing to make him look more alpha and virile / healthy even if it were true. Nobody in Trump's base gives a shit about his moral leadership, he wasn't elected on that basis.


It's not a secret that President Trump has had multiple partners. With how the left was screeching about "slut shaming" a year back they have no leg to stand on by saying it being a porn star makes any difference.

The Rope for the Lot of Them

^ jew

I noticed they threw in the whole bullshit "uninvited genital grabbing" thing that we've all debunked a million times.
Remember when we were doing the whole Lugenpresse thing and they were actually getting scared of being targeted physically? Time to bring that back.

The trick is fooling them into getting more and more wrong, and failing to cover more and more stories. When people wake up and something in their physical reality happens, and they weren't warned about it (such as the recent closure of a number of SAM'S stores), people wake up, and realize the news is shit, ignore the news, hold true to family & tribe.

He was single at the time, and shes not a tranny or a nigger. Even on the off chance this did actually happen it would either mean nothing or ``improve`` his prestige.

Yep. Either way, it doesn't matter. He fucked a hot prnstar? cool. Didn't? so?

Nigga, that's an ASP XR01.

This is a good redpill opportunity. I've been using -shaming (murder-shaming, sexual emergency shaming, etc.) for a while. The SJWs scream DISQUALIFY while third parties notice how fucking loony they are.

Fucking STD ridden whores isn't really that good a trait, no natter which way you spin it

Die, Qfag.


Future shows past, user.

Baby's first post.
soon enough.

Sam's Club dummy, an offshoot of Wal-Mart. There was some talk about it in another thread recently but I don't remember which. 60+ locations closing.

they are running stories about how actresses coming out about being molested is getting out of hand and needs to stop. The kikes are shameless parasites and their followers are a cargo cult that feeds on wedge issues.

if anything was gonna make me hate trump it was gonna be that ACN scam that he got sued for. i know its a legitimate company and i know its technically not a pyramid scheme, but praying on stupid people is pretty gutless

Oh, you mean nigger costco. Got it.

I find this story hard to believe. Firstly, does trump seem like the type to fuck what is basically a whore? The only difference is that porn stars generally fuck more black men than whores do.

If he was going to fuck a whore / pornstar and pay here $130k, would he pick one older and uglier than his own wife? Sounds like fucking bullshit to me.

that's an experimental. it's nothing

Yes. In fact Ivana and Melania look like cheap tranny whores.

Lot of buttmad (1)s in this thread. :^)

you mean like (I believe) Q said about the dirt on trump? what a coincidence!

I'd hit it.

I understand why countries have lugenpresse executed. Yet, in the good ole USA, absolutely no consequences will be suffered for these lies from the (((paper of record.))) What a sick joke.

The salt in here is delicious

It's back.

lol you idiots are like retards plugging your ears and screeching autistically. it's likely 100% true and he's likely leaking it himself to distract from all of the literal children he has fucked with clinton epstein and the rest of the zog crew

if this is american nationalism US stands zero chance. it already has a literal kike as president, and the supposed 'nazis' are his biggest supporters! (but its really just paid shills convincing the sparse few autistic teenagers who read here) hilarious!

So what if he did? If it happened before he was married, isn't this basically slut shaming?

I don't get it, what's the story?

The lying media is out of control.

Asking for a friend what is the (1) meme? Do new users have id's with 1's ?

(1) means they have one post in the thread. Hover over someone's ID and it tells you how many times that ID has posted.

Also tell your friend he's a nigger.