What hope do we have?

What hope do we have?

Jews have infiltrated the world at every level.
The left controls the media, and thus the cultural narrative.
History has been rewritten in their favor, it is impossible to question it without being ridiculed.
Our nations are succumbing to "diversity" and dying from within.
Our only platforms of organization and communication via the internet are under their control.
There are not enough of us to mount a resistance, no hope for change in our future.
We will never have the chance to exist in harmony with each other in a nationalist ethnostate.

How do you cope with the feels of knowing little to nothing can be done at this point?

"You cannot change your fate, young Prince, but you can rise to meet it if you choose."


The hope of race war is the only thing keeping me going. Trump will soon realize that he delayed much too long in attempting office to fix it. Either he or a Christian authority will they have to induce the just war doctrine against this shit.

Hope sprouts eternal, and that's why Jews hate us, faggot

Asses and Elbows!

If we were sharing the same shithole on a battlefield I'd have to shoot you so I didn't drown in your tears.

When frogmun's hand hits the drum you can lose the will to live, until then continue to chew soap.

There is an incoming celestial body that is causing all the planets in our solar system to warm up. Its passage has caused chaos on our planet before but some people manage to survive.

The seas could release huge amounts of methane any day now, last figure I saw was a 250% increase since the 1970s but I might be winging it on that date.

I slapped a $100 note down in front of an old mate and said obongo would be in prison by the end of this month or the next. The lighting in the room flickered, when I looked at the $100 again it had been replaced by a $2 coin and a Loop Capital business card.

Collapse - which we should work towards provoking that ourselves

Rebuild. Meanwhile live independently, self-sustaining and free of unnecessary suffering. You don't need degeneracy in your life - improve yourself, procreate

What keeps me.going, is the fact that if you watch even the most sheepish normie close enough, you will realize that there is something in their life that lights their fire. Maybe a hobby, maybe their favorite sportsball team, whatever it is. The point being, that all whites have a fire inside. Most are using if for useless endeavors, but it remains there, and is capable of being redirected. We aren't fucked the way the blackpillers like to push. We are a sleeping force, that just hasn't been pushed far enough to react yet. You must remember user, that we are here because we are more observant and defensive than most. That doesnt mean that everyone else is hopeless, just that its gonna get worse before it gets better. Bide your time, save your money, buy guns, buy body armor, get in shape. If you never need it, thats great, it will be there for your son. The war will come. If we who are prepared take positions of authority locally it can be over quickly. All we gotta do is take DC and turn Israel into a glass bowl with the fastest, most advanced nuclear weapon they haven't told us about. Kill the head and the beast dies.

Kill yourself you disgusting fucking heeb.

Blackpill pls go.

Its far from over. The tides may well be beginning to turn in our favour, the media you talk of is less trustworthy than ever. The truth is breaking out, factually and generally. People are starting to really have qualms with the Marxist narratives and shifts.

I won't say we're good and its all fine, far from it but it certainly isn't the end.

You learn to create your own hope through force of will and spirit. If you can't manage this, then you are unworthy of your ancestors' sacrifices.

Christcucks are too busy working with jews to flood our nations with mud people for that to happen.

Holla Forums IS our hope!
Remember that, fucking blackpills!

There's only about 15m jews in the world. All that's needed is for their camouflage to fail.

We've been literally winning for years now.
Begone THOT.

- Oswald Spengler

That quote essentially sums it up. Embrace the fact that we were born in this time and place for a very specific reason; to learn, to teach others, and to conquer the internal and external enemies. Feels will only weigh you down where we're headed. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

Back to intl with you.

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This is a CIA propaganda thread lulz

< give up, yankee, ebin ur own gubberment kill u

The time has come to defund the CIA!!!

speaking of Spengler…


Checked, satan quads. And, nah, I won't serve [square] hell [666 / kikes]. Truly noble behavior is disobedience to a kike law, not standing guard for a whorehouse because the kikes took over your government.

tbh, Hitler was more a prophet than a leader.

personally believe he was the second coming, there has not been a man more lied about than hitler since christ.

Czeching those quads…
Love that quote as well. Considering his essential thesis in DotW, and how irredeemably lost he perceived the West to be, imo that quote is not so much a defense of the West per se, but of its constituent elements; the nation, the blood, the old ways.

Pic related

Where are going and what are you doing to prepare for it, I've been in paralysis for like a year, is it soon m8? I feel somethings REAL close now