Hmm. The Chans did find a ton of HWNDU flags, the 9gag rock, and an isis base...

Hmm. The Chans did find a ton of HWNDU flags, the 9gag rock, and an isis base. Do you think we should work on finding that maylasian plane that went down. The world would freak out if we did that

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Its in Israel.


What even happened to that 9gag rock? All I remember about that is one thread which got quickly shitposted to death..

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Boeing Uninterruptible Auto-Pilot
Remote flying of aircraft has been possible even before 9/11.
i.e. On board hijacking is not possible, but remote hijacking is.
Vid related. People watched it go where it needed to go.

is memory holed, but the proxy worked, so archived it here:

but all we'd have to do is get some italian user with some vinegar
they found out where it is, there just weren't any anons willing to go
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What is that video from? I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s neat.

Confirmed. They had huge transport drones in the ducking fifties. Nuclear sniffers and such

The Malay plane went to a US airbase in the pacific to be used in a falseflag at a later date.

Dang. Stupid thread put but this post makes up for it.

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Waste of time. There are better things to do

As I recall we proved it too.

Yeah we did, in 2015 there was a massive thread with satellite photos of it half stripped of paint on Diego Garcia's airfield.Of course the media never reported on this shit.

u no de wey to de shithole?

Iirc i heard on the (((radio))) at work some burger company is asking for 100mil or such in payment if/when they find it.

Its at the bottom of the ocean. Rothschild made billions by disappearing it

I love it when retards say "we" when they mean "you go ahead and do all the work, I'm just the very important ideas guy".

It was already found. Landed at diego garcia, all on board sacrificed.

That argentinian sub suffered the same fate. Dont got a link handy but every number involved with it was kike numerology tier from its model and designation to its age to its coordinates when it disappeared, to the number of sailors on board to the number of times one of them managed to send out a distress signal 7 3 days "after it disappeared"



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I recall the situation but somenyone can provide an archive on that?

Oh yeah ? where are your sources ? a real one by the way, not the voices in your schiizophrenic head.

What about the submarine that disappeared in Argentina, they had a relatively small area to search, yet they haven't found it. It all points to the british torpedoed it and then they covered it.

Not why it happened. They can buy a plane if that's what they wanted it for. There were some important people on board. Something to do with a patent of a conductor of some kind, there were 3 or 4 people on board that died giving the possession of the patent to some Rothschild, iirc.



Would be a fucking amazing horror movie, Jesus Christ Jews are terrifying

Within 5 years this will be a movie