Trump Approves Iran Deal for the Last Time

War delayed for 4 months

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Trump is never going to get rid of the Iran deal.

Iran is controlled opposition: the country.

If Hezbollah is so damn based, why did Obama fund them?


I cant seem to find a list of who these are.

This. Absolute best case scenario: They are sand niggers.



I'm strictly talking about the government of Iran, the mullahs.
I've no beef with the people of Iran. On the contrary, all from what I've seen/read on the populace, they seem like decent folk.
Vid related.

Why would Obama fund them?

The source on that claim is the Mossad, Moshe, but I'm sure they're telling the truth, it's not like their motto is "by way of deception thou shalt make war" or anything.

But even in the unlikely scenario that it's true, the jew is the main enemy, not Obongo. His involvement would be no reason to side with Israel over Hezbollag.

How do you put a sanction on a single person?

Quite a few of us don't particularly believe that report that was floated. Seems awfully convenient and doesn't really line up with the Obama administration waging a proxy war against Assad, an ally of Hezbollah.

But it was Obamas DoJ that declined requests to file criminal charges against Hezbollahs key people. This is documented, not Mossad hearsay.
Obama is my enemy. Doesn't mean kikes aren't.

Meh. I think theyve been more opportunistic in Syria than anything. On the world stage, it could be said that their "alliance" is proof Assad is a tyrant/oppressor etc etc. Muddying waters.

Do you honestly think an ape ex-president is a bigger threat than Israel, and enough of a reason to side with then, and sacrifice more American lives in jewish wars?

The whole point of that supposed story was to beat the war drums against Iran, and the claim is that he did it to secure the Iran deal and prevent war. If true, it's king nigger actually doing something decent for once, not proof we need to give the jews what they want.

Oh yes, very much so. Thats exactly what I was implying. Not that I believe that Iranian leadership and Hezbollah may not be on the level, but that Israel is greatest ally. Astounding reading comprehension.
Are you sure a nuked up Iran with hardline Religion of Cuckā„¢ist leadership isn't what Israel wants for a pretext to all out war? I mean, Iran has been just around the corner for nuclear capabilities for 30 fucking years now, much to the oying and veying of Israel.

I honestly don't care, killing kikes takes precedence over muslims anyway.

He most likely did it from a Swedish "muslim rehabilitation" strategy since they have been more compliment with international human rights and aid groups.
Israel hasn't been rebuilding Lebanon that's for sure.
Could be worse but at least all those funds are being into rockets and missile to bitch smack makervas again.
The US really needs to cut funding to israels iron dome. More money is to be saved from this approach.

There is no way it's that simple. I know that because this "strategy" is implemented through a coordinated, malicious agenda pervading only white countries.

Iran had Onigger by the balls though, he had to secure the Iran deal to get the CIA niggers they had captured off their coast released or face an Iranian hostage crisis during the election.

Sorry, but when did Obama fund Hezbollah? As far as I know, he only stalled an investigation into them to save the Iran nuclear deal.

list of sanctioned individuals from the treasury

Don't be sorry, you are correct. My recollection was off, he didn't fund them but rather let them off the hook for illicit activity they allegedly were partaking in. Looking into it, Sessions has open an investigation into the matter.

I saw a chinese nationalist in there. Ill dig into it a bit more when I get some time.

If you're kvetching about Iran and Hezbollah in a thread about an impending jewish war, and pushing a narrative designed to garner support for said war, it's reasonable to assume that's your position. Who knows? Maybe you're just a contrarian autist.

Best case scenario they're all Persians that have 0 Arab ancestors, but that's all but impossible by now.

Or maybe you are just projecting.
Thanks for bumping though, I'm always looking for information that proves my theories wrong.

They're probably in cahoots with the communist government, else they can't get by.

Your problem is you think with such absolute linearity. Zero room for nuance. Everything in your world is black or white, no grey. Anything beyond that you just can't comprehend it and your brain short circuits like a ape. In short, you're a fucking moron that shouldn't discuss politics.

you say that like onigger is/was anything near a 'string puller'


Those rug merchants got us good

Might as well post the entirety of the President's statement, since this article is quoting it.

the guy is based as hell, I wish he would make more Video's like these 2 do

He's probably taking the 4 months to sell them some of our refurb (we're making our nukes great again) so they can have one ready for pissrael, thus making everyone come to the peace table like lil kim. It is about saving face with these ego driven lunatics.
Trump knows how to manipulate people.
As much as everyone hates everyone else no one wants to throw nukes around