Norway calls America a "shithole"


Norway does, indeed, have lower crime rates and higher standards of living than many parts of America, but these lying kikes will never point out why. Norway is 94% white. According to the statistics on Wikikepedia, Norway is 87.8% ethnically Norwegian and of the 12.2% that are immigrants, 51% have a western background (mostly Polish) - meaning only 6% of Norwegians are non-white.\
Wikipedia archives:

See below for the breakdown in crime rate by national origin. Note that African immigrants, although they only make up a tiny proportion of immigrants, account for slightly more crime than all Nordic, Western European, and North American immigrants combined. Furthermore, if Norway stopped all immigration from just the middle east, they would cut immigrant crimes by at least half. There's no other region this is true for.

If only America's immigration and demographics looked like Norways, we would be less of a shithole.

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Of course we are a shithole compared to norway they dont have all these people from shithole counties. Classic kike fuck up right here. nice work faggot.

why does he hate diverse havens like Detroit and Chicago?

Is there anything funnier than seeing a smug liberal shooting himself in the foot and being far too fucking stupid to even realize it?

seeing a jew's chutzpah leading him to his own demise

So he's a cucked US Democrat libshit living in a 94% white Nordic country while also pretending to #resist Drumpf. What a fag.

I agree with Christian. Yeah, we should never have let the shits in from their shitholes.

How do these people have jobs when they are this incompetent. I know nepotism, but how have they become this retarded and not had anything blow up in their face till now?

It's like Norway hates diversity.

Norway is a big-time gibs state, so most people are surviving from NEET bux or state support

Cant wait till they become Venezuela of Europe

Are the kikes trying to turn burgers against norskys by pushing this? I'm sure there's hundreds if not thousands that would take the chance to come to Burgerland and listen to Trump's desires, they were just never told they were welcome.

Who would have thought a massive faggot would have gone to a majority white country, it's like that don't like (((diversity)))

t. shithole country

Why the hell would you leave Norway for neobrazil?

Norway controls most of the North Atlantic offshore oil drilling - their population basically gets paid to exist by funds pumped out of the ocean. They are essentially a cold, white Saudi Arabia from an economic standpoint.

Stay out of California and the south and you'll be ok

I'm from the US m8. The "diversity" being contained into the south and the southwest was true in the 90's but every town in the US and every large city is becoming an unlivable hellhole. I remember when salt lake and Boise were almost completely white cities Muslims are everywhere now and blacks have started to migrate in droves looking for jobs.

there are more norwegians in the US than in norway

It's so strange how so many Norwegians would rather live in such a shithole

Look I'm not saying mutt, but come one


Most of them came decades if not over a century ago.

They don't even realize how much this will bolster nationalism.
Nords confirmed for retarded.

most whites in the US are what I would call "euromutts" - mixtures of european ancestry (though germanic is definitely the most prevalent)

I'm not calling you a liar, but I would like a source for that claim

There aren't exactly a lot of niggers in South Dakota though they imported a bunch of Somalis into Minnesota.

I'd move to California if all the spics and niggers disappeared.

If Norway only has a population of ~4-5 million people, there's no way they could have recently sent 4-5 million people to the US. I think the same number situation applies to Italians, English, Irish, and Germans, as well. When did most of them come to the US?

This is all still unconfirmed, right? Just a couple of "unnamed sources" like the last one about Trump saying Nigerians live in huts or something.


WH has now stated that it wasn’t said at all. Thanks for falling for MSM shit.

And when did they do it?


The 2008 recession didn't do shit to this part of the US. Utah, Montana, and Idaho were doing fine where as everyone else was lucky to get a job at Starbucks. Right after that time droves of Californians and southerners started to flood in looking for work.

Trump outright denied using the term "shithole", and admitted something along the lines of using tough language or whatever. I don't give a fuck either way, though I honestly hope he ''did' say it. The media is going for the repeat-a-lie-enough method and people are eating it up because it plays into their confirmation biases. No use in griping about it either way, it's time to use judo and use the momentum to hijack the message.

Read a fucking history book.

This is bad why?

California when it was white was probably paradise

when people point out imbalances like that as problematic I always say "men and women are equal so it doesn't really matter the proportional make up". good for activating the few almonds liberals have left.

California was never white

I'm well aware of when it happened. None of that disputes the original point: there are not 4 million recent Norwegian immigrants living in some ex-pat diaspora in the US. They came here a long time ago now.

We also have plenty of White men here, when they're not sent to war they tend to make babies. Leave us to our country, let us be fruitful instead of stationed in shitholes!

It was a paradise before kikes have moved there. They seeked out to destroy all the best U.S. places from the very beginning. Every place that is now a shithole in the U.S. was once the a massive white paradise. Just like a parasite is always searching for the best and healthiest host. Do you think it's a coincidence that you'll find documents about jews throughout history always living in the most prospering western cities of its time, only to degenerate within a few decades?

We were robbed of our destiny

His point is that the mass Irish immigration was 150 years ago and only because of the mass starvation on the island. The average Norwegian-American is probably the great-grandchild of the original immigrant from Norway.

cant wait to kill traitors tbqh

California use to be a solid red state fgt

I live in the safest state in the US. It also happens to be the whitest state in the US.


Eh, I'm with him. Might want to kill yourself, no rush.

Reported, then.

It's just WaPo making shit up as usual.

It also used to be part of Mexico, faggot

>(((Stockholm))), (((Sweden)))
There is your problem…
I don't know who this faggot is, but I hope he is danish and not norse. His name can be both, but he lives in (((sweden)))so I assume there is where he got mind aids. Opinions of (((Oslo))) should be discarded as well, they do not represent the country.
But let's see what this all is about now then

So was all of the south west you dumb nigger. Texas is the Reddest state and it was also Mexico


Most of them came at the turn of the 20th century, mostly because they were either poor, criminals, drunks or all of the above. It was much less of a drain on local communities and states to just send people off on a boat to the Americas.

Yeah, but did your state get put on a no go list for 2018?

The French, Scandinavians and Germans were always more open about sexuality and love. I cant help you are a closet homo.

I believe his state is New Hampshire if I've got my state shapes down pat.


I know, what I posted was about my state.

Yeah, you're right. I read your initial intro a little wrong.

you know, I always forget Missouri even exists but you guys have a pretty cool flag

They're either running from the law or looking for better welfare. Niggers don't work.

>(((Prof. of Journalism)))
So you can safely assume anything that comes out of his mouth is retarded or shitskin cum.

Thanks, I'm actually glad people forget we exist because it keeps out much of the riffraff. We also have a travel advisory from the NAACP

Is my state so fucking mundane no one knows its shape?

I get Vermont and New Hampshire mixed up sometimes, sorry.

He writes for the Guardian. That should have told you everything you needed to know

You puritan fags have twisted sexual morals that are uneuropean that degrades the concept of sex love and beauty. Your morals primates nigger fucking and being socially awkward.

The US is a shithole. They aren't wrong.

A more productive line of inquiry is asking why the US is such a shithole.

I've never been but I would guess New Hampshire is pretty fucking mundane as far as states go. I just never really committed to learning the exact positions and shapes of all those tiny states all crammed together on the east coast.

Baby making machine

Being red /= All white
Border states were never all white. California especially, due to the gold rush bringing in a lot of Chinese.
Texas also went for Kennedy in '60

That's the only thing someone from the Cult of Abraham and paganism can agree on.

Are you that dumb to know why? Read a book. 1964 Civil Rights Act swapped the D south.

Give Hjaltland and Orkøyene back

Well, I was close. Some states just don't have a real obvious shape that you can pick them out. Like New Jersey, Texas, California, Florida. You know what they are right away. Others kind of blend together a bit.


That money goes into something called "Oljefondet" and only maximum 4% is injected into the economy. Not nearly enough to pay for the invaders…

T. Norge

Johnson won it in '64. Humphrey won it in '68. Texas, the reddest of all red states, went blue for the entirety of the 60s.

I haven't found anything yet user, I haven't looked. But these are retarded virtual signalling (((oslonistanians))), they are always are. Everybody hates those.

And note that this shit is being pushed by swedes too. It seems like (((carl bildt))) and the (((swedes))) are buthurt as always, because erna and trump got along well. It reeks of it all. They always get like this there

Pozzing started around 1930 when frankfurt school kikes whent to california. Before that, california was nearly all white, with very few spics that lived in their own places seperated from white places and a dozen niggers here and there. It went overdrive in 60s and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 happened.

If you count their children, the ones that moved to the us in the 1800s already outnumbered the ones who remained in 1900. If my memory is correct the number was 1 million then, or around that at least.

People had it better there so they got more kids

Incredible subsaharan nigger-tier logic.
Primary purpose of sex is procreation.

yes. He is an american but he is either of norse or danish origin also see . Tells it all

You must be 18 to post here nigger.


I guessed it.
Bernie Sanders land
No thanks

Well no, the entire country didn't rise as one and condemn the U.S. because of butthurt over Trump waycism. Although since the judaic law of pozz states that the whiter a country is, the more hopelessly pozzed it is, they probably would do that if given the opportunity.

I remember reading somewhere that due to Americans historically never usually moving more than an hour away from their parents, and the nature of specific ethnicities colonizing certain areas of the country, Americans tend to be just as pure, if not purer, than most Europeans, who have been dealing with massive warfare and free migration (between countries, not talking rapefugees) for the past 100+ years.

I have no idea how true that is, though

There's no way to really tell on such a macro scale. But everyone pretty much knows purity when they see it. We intrinsically value the blonde haired, blue eyed light-skinned nord more than some generic swarthy person.

Sounds like one of those spics named "Jesus"

I'm an American. Here are my DNA results:

30% Frankish
30% British
30% "Western Europe"
5% Danish
5% Finnish

What is that, some kind of weird fetish?

Got a De Lorean user?

Not just that, but their prison system actually tries to fix people rather than profit on caging bodies and working them.

But. That. Ass.

Maine, user. No such thing as kosher lobster, and shovelling SNOW? That's goyish.

Doesn't Norway take in rapefugees as well?

Ah yeas, the old and well-known secret to have a successful and prosperous country, women in power.

Shut up (((christian))), nobody likes you!

Torbjørn Sætre
Bergerstien 4, 1459 NESODDEN
Representative, Nesodden Høyre
[email protected]
0047 91559492
If anyone want to tell this cuck anything :^)

Never heard of this guy before, seems really irrelevant. But causing shit for their party, his country and the head of his party while she is visiting a the president of our most important ally, well that isn't very cleaver is it?

How is your milk production this year user?

t. used to watch this when home from school sick

So bonding by turning your girlfriend into an oxytocin-drunk horndog addict of your dick with your awesome sex skills you acquired from all those not-for-reproduction sessions you had in the past means nothing?
Silly (((abrahamist))), you have been meemed!

So why or how does he speak for Norway? Why is this news?

That's not what Catholics say
t. Catholic

If you're only having sex with your wife to make children, not because you love her and you're attracted to her, you just might be a faggot. I guess I should eat nothing but tofu, because food is just for nourishment, not pleasure.


>he lives in (((sweden)))so I assume there is where he got mind aids.

I'm quite convinced that if we're to break the shackles of international jewry, the catalyst needs to be the USA. Love you my brethren.
Photos of my ancestors before going to America The one of four people are all women, don't ask me why they're wearing suits, my mother said it was because fine clothing was very expensive

Sounds like Al-Berta.

They are obviously trying to trick people with him being some kind of voice from here, which he obviously is not

Why would they even include his quote in the article? He isn't even Norwegian, he is a nobody. They probably couldn't find enough negative press about Trump's comments in Norway so they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel in neighboring Sweden in order to take a swing at Trump. Because Sweden Is also a Scandinavian country so it's close enough, right? /sarcasm. The faggot who wrote this article had the headline planned out ahead of time. They made the story up and then went scrounging for evidence. What they came up with was "One women wrote" as a source, and the other source was a fucking American kike leech swatting in another country. What a fucking joke.

I'm genuinely appalled by the number of corporate news articles that cite literal nobodies on Twitter as evidence of "public outrcy".

And yes, this looks to in fact be the case.
Trump is actually very liked here

Checked for truth. Live not to far from a famous train town in NE US and literally the whole city is 70% spics. We need a Purge stat!

There is nothing in """our""" (((media))) about this at all. Which it would have been had this been authentic. They are all owned by (((schiptstedt))) and other kike organizations even.

The closest thing I could get was (((Anderson Cooper))) pretending to cry because of what trump said about Haiti.

Look at this subversive cultural marxist crap though
And (((they))) wonder why nobody buys their crap and (((they))) are going broke

do people not even understand the inanity of this logic?

Murriclap here. My dad moved across the country before he met my mother so I'm half Swede half Irish both according to the dna test and known ancestors. (technically half 'scandinavian' and half 'british isles') Half my family tree prior to this was pure Swede and the other half was pure Irish.

Nice map.
Warning: Do not look at this picture.


I'm American and I can say that the majority of America is a shithole. 56% white and it shows. This place should be a designated shitskin containment country.

New Hampshire best state

That’s Vermont you idiot.

Why would that be triggering?

That was and still seems true in rural areas, but many of us are euro mutts. I'm German, Irish, French, and Anglo and the mixing only started with my Grandparents' generation when they moved to the city because it's hard to pass parts of the farm to all of your 13 kids.

Kike please.

Someone do a run down of the % of niggers in each country as a whole of the general pop. Then further break it down with respect to crime. Make a pretty infographic and tweet it to that guy.

Yeah that's impossible, often many farms here are small because they have been split up over time due to this. Custom is that the oldest son will take over the farm, that's called an odelsgutt(Odal's boy).

And shit they got many kids back then. My one grand father, they were 12 kids too. My great grand father died during the war so his wife is just three. I don't know about other grand father, because he was kicked out at 14 for refusing to pray at dinner, but they were many. His wife not so many again.

Imagine that though, you will be pre occupied then with 13 kids running around lol. But that's how it was then

we need a norsefag to make a big banner that disputes these kikes and get a bunch of other norsefags to protest with them about it.


You should have been putting babies in her as well. I can't believe people even enjoy sex with women on birth control or while wearing condoms. It's so unfulfilling knowing there's no chance of pregnancy.

Are there more comparison photos floating about? I just had a nigger tell me that detroit picture was a painting and just finished laughing my ass off at him.

The primary purpose of sex is bonding with your partner in a way that you cannot achieve without it, it is intimate and it is personal and the product of it is a beautiful thing.
Sex has been twisted and mangled but veiwing it as something souly for the purpose of procreation isnt much better than what its been warped into.

Here's the rub sonny: You can only make that work if she's viable for it.

Women can only have about 3 cocks in em - more than that, and that 'oxytocin-drunk hordog addict' will soon find that, well, she's just not getting the same buzz from your dick anymore. And she's going to want to try another dick, because she's done it before, and that's worked for her.

So, all those not-for-reproduction sessions? If they weren't with that woman - and I mean, that couldn't POSSIBLY help that bonding process, right? The two of you learning TOGETHER? Anyway… - then you were effectively just acting as a notch on the pole of those other women, you were taking up one of their 3 slots.

IOW: You were improving your own situation, while shitting it up for everyone else, like a man who finds a watering hole in a desert, drinks his fill, and then shits in the water, because fuck the world beyond yourself, right?

Silly nigger, it seems you never really learned anything beyond 'muh dik' from those previous 'sessions' - and you undoubtedly did more damage than you realize.

Funny story about my great-great-grandfather, the kkk came to the area complaining about how we weren't REAL Americans because we were Catholic and wanted us out. This isn't funny until you realize that he was a wounded WWI vet and living on the land our family settled and cleansed of the injuns before the US existed. The klan left shortly after

No fucking shit you autists. user merely forgot to add it in. But I do feel it's completely implied.

The literal only purpose of sex is procreation. There may be tangential side effects of pleasure, but that isn't the purpose of why biologically sex exists. The pleasure aspect exists to maintain a positive birth rate.

I figured it out. You dummies are confusing the two words "purpose" and "reason" and it's making you look retarded.

do you understand the meaning of the word "primary"?

They remind me of the autistic kid on the playground who beats himself up whenever he gets mad.

Current year is literally taking shitposting to IRL levels. Just when you think it can't get better.

I know what I read and you need to read more carefully.

>2018: Hammer of Thor

I've always found that style so sexy tbh

and you're a fucking degenerate. there is mud at the bottom of your soul

the reason for the bonding is so that you'll be better parents to the upcoming child, that is if you're not an r-selective subhuman who can only be moved to procreate if there is strong immediate gratification

That's why you punch them in the back of the head when they start yawning.

How does that even fucking help a nation? Also why are majority White countries like Norway are also susceptible to mega pozz just like the multi-culti ones? I hope their White Nationalist parties will actually pull through but I don't think this will ever happen when it comes to (((democracy))), sorry for being a defeatist about it.

Good times breed weak men

A hundred years later, the Catholic church became exactly as worthless as the KKK claimed.

and the klan's full of feds; the subversion is everywhere

It's fomenting you ignorant fucking cuckold. How goddamn hard is it to learn English, you're a goddamn professor.

It's their women's auxiliary.

It's best to pretend to be Liberals and complain that Norwegians are bigots because they don't want to move to America.

t. 4D Mememaster

Norway is smaller than some cities in the US.

Norway is a monarchy. We should use "Liberal" accounts to accuse them of being racists for not having a nigger king.

No. Norway has over 5 million people. New York City has over 8 million people, so it's bigger, but the 2nd largest city in the US, after New York City, is LA at 4 million.

They are bigots for for their lack of diversity as well.

1) That's false. They are moving here.
2) I don't want them migrating here.

It's churches too. But the empire is collapsing, and we won't have to be the ones to destroy it. They made so many massive mistakes. The #1 mistake was taking in people from shithole countries. They thought, I suppose, that shitholers would fall in love with whites, but it turns out they don't want to mix any more than we do. We were both hoodwinked by the Masons/kikes/CIA.

>check my (((dna test results)))
You know they have your genome for life and can do whatever the fuck they like with your genetic information, right? Categorize you, legislate against you, splice your genes into others, target you for specific genetic removal, etc.
And that's on top of not providing you with any useful information since their databases are finite, poorly organized and literally provide different results on month-by-month bases since they're comparing you against others they've arbitrarily assigned geographic values in the meantime. You paid them for this privilege.
At the top of every DNA testing lab in the West is a jew, like pics related.

We'll have our own DNA testing pretty soon, that we can do ourselves, and with our own science, truly vetted, and not the schemes of the kikes, who are liars, thieves, and deceivers.

Lol, dead narrative. Well, it was dead to begin with. Fake news claims "many Norwegians" when it's only one soyboy on Twitter, and the rest are made up anonymous sources.

you can't fix shitskin

Niggers where highly productive under slavery.

Not really, there are many months out of the year while the damned weeds have to grow before you can harvest or replant, much less do anything else. So the slave master had to give loads of free gib foods and clothes for months while niggers just fuck, sing, dance and sit on their fat asses.

meme it

In that case I'd move to Africa.

say it with charts or forget about using numbers.

It could potentially backfire on Norway, turning into open border sweden 2.0 because lefty found out about their population lacks cultural enrichment.

yfw Niggers were more productive back then
yfw you have to work harder than a nigger, under the kikes, now
yfw you believe you should be in such misery, and that there is no other way
yfw you shouldn't have listened to kike historians, but rather examined, with your own mind, facts of history
yfw the CIniggerA is heavily involved in propaganda regarding "history"

wassup fellow mo bro! I moved here because of how based it is. Love it!

The absolute state of Holla Forums.

Still is a commie cesspool you fag. Republicucks arent shit.

Diversity hires are used as the foot in the door to mask the presence of the feral bix noods. I saw this happen with white towns in the past. This is how your "white in the 90s" cities got niggered.

Some bigger company with multiple offices around the US hires niggers, but has them work in the smaller offices in not very big cities. The niggers bring their family. The family brings their extended family. Then the prince of bel air shows up but brings west philadelphia with him. The timeframe between any of those happening is way quicker than people realize.

Goddamn that post needs an apostrophe somewhere

yes you are saying Mutt you kike fuck. My grandparents were full Danish.

I've said this before and I will say it again western Europeans mixing with other western Europeans does not create a mutt
A German and an English man mixing does not make some brown mongrel.


As if Europeans aren't incredibly ethnically mixed as well

British is more prevalent. The reason you think Germanic is more prevalent is because Americans are more likely to declare Germanic ancestry

Yeah, like the entire British nobility being French for the last 1500 years.
rip Camelot

A natural born American professor at that

Because there are no foreigners around so they have no experience of them, therefore they are likely to assume the best of them

Yeah most people aren't educated on the history of Europe but thousands of years of conquests and invasions spreads the haplogroups and genes so that English, Germans, French have a bunch in common genetically.

Yeah I'd say 70%+ of white Americans have English ancestry people here just get out of touch with their heritage because they are lazy

English-Americans have always been the largest demographic group within the United States.

I have been to plenty of warm places in the world and all they seem to breed is lazyness, degeneracy and the worst of the worst sticking around

Feels good man.

this. the peoples around the North Sea area have lineages that are quite closely related. I have Swedish, German and English, and I look like a Hitler Youth poster (when I was a kid, anyway)


Yeah same with me. I've got mostly British, German and Scandinavian heritage but I'm blonde haired blue eyed. No one outside of a hunched over kike on an anonymous image board would call me a mutt

Correct, I have primarily Dutch and French ancestry and you couldn't tell me apart from the average western european even if you tried. I'm getting sick of this obvious D&C meme being peddled as if it's truth.

Not you again, you fucking retard. Your first pic is David Lee Roth, and your third pic has an obviously not white woman in it.

Excuse me whilst I check the latest listings of grenade attacks/rapes by migrants in "woke" western europe

that conflicts with other sources i've read which show a german ancestry majority since the 1800's logging boom

What sources? The wikipedia article kind of explains it. English was the highest reported ancestry even in 1980, but then many started reporting their ancestry as "American". Splitting the English ancestry into two categories. There were more than 49 million English-American based on the 1980 census, and then suddenly only 20 odd million.

Dude, I'm not triggered at all. If you want those maine faggots you can have them.


Do you think maybe some German Americans were selecting English on the census? I suggest this because there was a thing called WW2 and for some reason German Americans were put into these funny camps. I don't think the majority of Americans are German, but more of them might be than we realize. For this theory to work they would have had to check themselves as English, then maybe after 30 years they felt safe to check down their real ethnicity? there should be enough older Germans still alive that you could ask a few and find out.

Its a difficult one to pin down becauae people can select what ancestry they want. And it seems to go in trends in whats more convenient / popular.

A true overman.

For some reason they never make the connection between these countries being 95% white and having high standard of living. Leftists just cannot into inductive reasoning.


Pepsis are not deportees.


Midwestern master mutt, reporting in.

My mother is ignorant of the perils of paying someone to take your genetic code and did this before I could talk some sense into her.
I don't mind the results though.

I used to wonder why God allowed jews to exist.
It seems to me he created them to teach us how NOT to be.
And to give us the most beautiful thing to observe in action, divine justice when he wreaks his vengeance upon them via us.

how is that not flash fucking freezing their tidders?

Correct! -100 shekels for you!

Long live Norway brother! Burger here, if your country ever starts pushing immigration from shitholes please kill the polticians immediately.

Hey there fellow pede… I mean burger… How handsome are you?

Im half scanigger and son of hitler and am muy chad.

Im basically tom brady but out of shape.

Lmfao @ missouri

A cuck faggot and a faggot Swede doesn't represent Norway.

except the faggot isn't a swede but just another murricuck shitting up Europe with his US-based multiculturalist dogma.

It's in the quote got damn it:
Why do yanks always project their cuckiness on europeans?


How will CNN ever recover?

I didn't bother reading the article but its true, America is a wasteland.

Thats a mongrel. Look at the eyes. He has Sioux or some other rape genes.

The south is fine if you're up in the mountains (Atalanta Lynchburg and Roanoke aside). Niggers are lowland apes

Norwegian here.

Vaguely amused when I saw those reactions in the newspapers.

Norway has some absolutely terrible laws and politics, and most people are… Well. All the political parties of significance are socialist, to slightly varying degrees. There are tons of gibsmedats in the cities, and Oslo the capital seems half overrun by immigrants.

Also, probably secret political dealings with both the US and the EU to ensure elite interests, etc. US has military bases here. Dealings with the EU ensure a majority of EU directives implemented by Norway despite Norway not being part of the EU.

Only reason Norway still does semi-okay is that we're lagging behind in terms of the "demographic shift".

The posts wishing ill luck on Norway on account of this banter by the newspapers is ironic. I wonder who's behind the newspaper articles? I wonder who is behind the comments trying to incite dislike here? :^)

You would think a businessman would have predicted this response. Before he tries to sell apartments, does he pack them in with welfare niggers? "Oh don't worry, they live in a separate room." He should tell niggers to get out. But he's a boomer capable only of feeling sorry for monkeys and telling his own kind to work harder to help them.

based MT

Sounds like he didn't know how to listen

Glad you like the state, but please try to keep it a secret from the degenerates. never post that way here again

I don't think you have anything to worry about lol

Pissy I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss most likely. 'How dare they turn down and offer from le god emperor'.

Inb4 ban, suck my cock mods I really fdon't give a fuck.


That can't be a real name



oh no not a bunch of trashy meth addicts in the middle of nowhere! anything please!

It rides high on the hips accentuating them and makes the legs look longer.

If you're talking about places like Detroit then he's not wrong.

Normal name in Scandinavia.

well I meant its true unlike their eastern neighbors.

and for what fucking reason? unless those niggers want to die, I mean the upper rockies are white af.

also side note: d&c from both sides is disgusting both Americans and Europeans are both getting displaced because of kikes.

this tbh

I'm Swedish and 100% confident that my quality of life and level of personal security would increase if I moved to a white state in the US. Norwegian liberals are disillusioned, from a negroification perspective, they're just 10-20 years behind us. Once the social Democrats open the floodgates and let 50-100 000 somalis in per year, it doesn't take long for a country with 4-9 million inhabitants to completely change colour.

Fuck, I've got a Msc in hydrogeology and can't wait to get out of this shithole and work with something meaningful, such as fracking.

< r/incels.

If there are any celibates here, they're probably voluntary.

Smh tbh famalam

Come to Utah. It's nice, White and there's lots of Mormons here

That's almost as bad as Greece. Why the fuck do they have that many shitskins when they don't have to meet EU quotas?

Man I wish I could drill undetectable mass graves like a hydrogeologist would.

true overman indeed

Actually thinking about Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming. Don't know too much about Utah but I want mountains, forests, guns & horses - That is, something kind of like the good parts of Sweden before it started going downhill.

Haven't thought about it to be honest. But the state of "the resistance" here is pathetic at the moment. If we started killing socialists they'd just come of as martyrs and it would only help them. Give it a few years though, and Sweden will either balkanize with the still white North seceding from the metropolitan soy South, or have a proper civil war with need for actual mass graves. Just like in the states, most of the weapons are still in the hands of conservative rural whites

I'd rather build capital and conserve resources in a country that doesn't forcefully steal 60% of your income and then return for the day of the rope better prepared when it actually happens.

the funny thing about this is that prior to the oil wealth being discovered norway was the shithole

low population, little farmland and technological lacking
then they were rich for one human lifetime and what did they do with this money; socialism
their oil is already running out and then you will see the historical average for norway: continuous emigration to warmer climates
their one big advantages used to be the quality of the people living there due to harsh conditions: socialism destroyed that
and within their lifetime you will see those virtuesignalling morons pray to be allowed into the states, if they survive that long

You fags keep whining about Alberta but us and Saskatchewan are pretty much the only proveniences making money in this country, energy East would have been beneficial to all of Canada but muh Quebec wasn’t getting enough money from it despite getting fucktonnes from the transfer payments

norway is already flooded with muslims and niggers just like sweden

Congratulations on surpassing Flouriduh in becoming the opiate capital of the US.



that's self reported. By far the most common heritage of Americans is Anglos not Germans although Germans immigrated here in millions too


Vermont is not mundane, m8.

t. fellow Vermonter

It has a unique culture, and is definitely distinct from Vermont.

Piss off, you defeatist cunt.
Norway has their fair share of cucks but compared to their neighboring Sweden, they are a fucking godsend.

They were open before the sexual revolution when it went from sex to literal degeneracy