(((jamie feltham))) at uploadVR mentioning uganda knucles. video is pretty funny...

(((jamie feltham))) at uploadVR mentioning uganda knucles. video is pretty funny, shitskins clicking at her like africants.



If the people who run VRchat ever want their shitty game to continue, they have no choice but to keep the shitty memes flowing.
Typical shitposting antics are completely harmless, but I could see the potential for lulz if we were to appropriate the Ugandan Knuckles meme. Pretty much everyone knows that the people who think it's racist are retards anyway.

I hate how successful Tumblr was at injecting this bullshit into normalfags.

You know who the real culprit is, or else you wouldn't be here.

I want to get VRCHAT just to do the Ugandan knuckles shit. It's dumb but so fun.

Success can be turned against them, sure it was toxic, toxic to the culture of loud jewish homosexuals telling people how to think.
so start saying
toxic homosexual culture
toxic jewish culture
toxic snowflake culture
toxic virtue signaling culture

because they already contain the nlp triggers of "toxic" and "culture", you are more likely to be questioned as someone who knows something they don't, than outright rejected as as a nazi racist white supremacist or any of the other counters they implant into the NPCs.
It can give you an opportunity to open a door, shine a light and drop some truth.

Why are toxic and culture nlp friendly? Because they have two or more meanings, which allows back brain confusion whilst you continue talking or typing at which point you attempt the "my thoughts, are your thoughts" implant.
culture/your cult/you're in a cult/growth/fashion
toxic/dog sick/sick as a dog/poisonous/contagious/overpowering

the enemy are clever and nasty cunts, spare none, study their methods

Go ahead…

Its a free game and you dont even need a headset to play.

I know lots of things, don't talk to me.

Nasty, sure.

One thing I noticed about this game is that the UI looks awkward to use if you're actually using a VR set. So you'd think they plan to integrate voice command capability in the future, where you hold a specific button to give commands to the game itself. In that way it's much easier and faster to deal to manage the environment.

They probably should be focusing on practical shit like improving UI interaction, and just leave the memes flow as free advertising.

*deal with and

He is saying it is the jews, you newfag

It's like you two think that Tumblr is somehow devoid of kikes, that it serving as a platform of Jewish mind-control of low IQ Europeans (Surprisingly not you, don't know how you got here but congratulations) and shitskins of variety and echo-chamber for its victim culture bullshit isn't what got 'toxic' into the normalfaggot lexicon. Don't waste my time ever again, please, I'm better than you.

fucking lel you absolute faggot, decent attempt at a derail but the thread was hot garbage to begin with, so lose-lose on your end you hyper-literate hypo-social outcast. Go eat crayons.

this is very true. the onl y charm VRchat has at the moment is that retarded early internet type of freedom where almost anything could happen. If they pump the brakes, the whole thing will stifle and die.

This is very good for us. Uganda knuckles is the sort of simple, silly meme that kids love to parrot and show everyone youtube videos of, and they do it in a game that kids love to play so that they can show everyone youtube videos of it. Kids think that this is just a silly thing to say on their internets, when no fun allowed tumblrtards and (((they))) start shoving their dicks at the kids telling them their funny jokes are problematic, racist, and all those other stupid buzzwords meant to shutdown discussion, it will set many of them onto the path to questioning why they can make jokes about some people but our poor ignorant, but super totally equal and in no way different from us, Africans are off-limits. Jokes, funnies, and memes will inspire the next generation of kike-hating, Hitler-worshiping, white people. Like pottery.

Toxic has been around for many decades in the workplace. Tumblr didn't do shit.


Sadly those have been around a lot longer.

I have never lost anything except my patience for brainlets.

You 100% correct. It was all Tumblr. It has nothing to do with the jews who infiltrated higher education and destroyed those institutions department by department with their anti-white anti-western marxist theories and schools of thought. And it definitely had nothing to do with the media arm that helped promote this shit and cement it into the nomenclature of society. It was all 100% Tumblr.

Go be a faggot somewhere else.

Guess I'm too old, I associate it with forgetting to change your tampon, not Twitter or Tumblr roasties. Pic related.

Toxic drug culture?

use this to shame the bloody keyboard cunts.

user, do you know of any good books on NLP? I ran into it decades ago when people were using it to hit on women. At the time, though, the books that were recommended to me as 'state of the art' contained little more than shithouse conference transcripts. Nothing in them described the thought process behind NLP, such as how or why NLP was supposed to work. I dismissed it as a quack industry being shilled by faggots trying to get gullible people to attend their "seminars".

I learned it listening to pirated Ross Jefferies lectures downloaded from *gulp* Napster.

Bandler and Grinder invented the genre IIRC.