Multifront Bot Attack

A fresh wave of "White Nationalists want to Kill White People" posts just went up everywhere, and wouldn't you know it it's at the exact same time as Holla Forums's bots have started to astroturf themselves for relevance again. Notably right as they were slipping from top-5 prominence due to their own infighting (split to /leftpol/) and appearance of a new board or two.

I've noticed they've started slowing down their bot to keep walls like in the other image from happening as often, but there's instant switch-flick changes in the front page's contents like this. Just sit there and F5 for a while.

Never let them live their futility down.

Never let them convince anyone of their legitimacy.

Post site subversion evidence, salt, and other useful knowledge here. We'll never get the board nuked (Codemonkey is one of them), but at least let's not let what they are be forgotten.

They're abandoning subtlety, I guess. Less than an hour ago, they were board #6 and had 780 Unique ISPs. Now they're #4 and have 804 (exactly as many as the actual #4 position, Holla Forums), with a PPH higher than Holla Forums.

bump for relevance

A New Challenger Approaches

Suddenly automated identical Mewch solicitations across multiple boards.


Don’t care. Take it to sudo.

Never forget when /leftykikes/ cheated in the first Holla Forums soccer tournament. Cheating at video games, a fucking disgrace.

I've heard, but not seen. What did they do?

How many dicks did the faggot fatass Holla Forums BO suck for this? Were they also circumcised?

I don't know how the game is played (some kind of football manager) but they gave their best players higher endurance, so in longer games they would have the edge. They even claimed it was the referees fault for not checking each if their players before the match began! As fucking usual lefties blame everyone else when they're caught red-handed.

Friendly reminder that /lefty/ is a troll board made to shit up and intimidate other boards, but it fails miserably at everything. They even failed to raid the shambling corpse of


New permutation incoming. Multiple /sudo/ threads calling for Holla Forums's board owner to be replaced.

Who the fuck uses Holla Forums?

Apparently a lot of people. The BO autoanchors shitty lefty bait threads, which is probably why they want to oust him. You can see a couple in the catalog right now. Leftists do so love their control of media outlets and culture.

(double checked)
They're certainly failures and we may perceive them as trolls, but I think most of the users there think they're legitimate. I've even met people people on other sites try to direct me to Holla Forums if I say 'Assad is a pretty cool guy' or something and they think I'm one of them.

Monitoring this thread

First of all, nobody gives a fuck about your terrible opinions, and second, no one gives even half a fuck about that little commie soyboy Ron and his "Tech Support" LARP board. Fellate an exhaust pipe.


Wow, I thought Holla Forums was dead. Ammazing that the cucks are trying to use the "he is le pedo :)" tactics on imageboards now.

Holy fuck. Their PPH just jumped from ~90 to ~160.

They're #5 currently, which means they should be #4. They're anything but dead.

Rosebuds has ~40 posts and has been dead for months, this is a bot targeting uncaptcha'd boards.

What in the fresh fuck is this? Just appeared on the frontpage for a split second.

Somebody testing out their bot.
Bui did something similar before he spammed pokemon porn.

Also because Holla Forums is slipping since the BO was just outed as a pedo.

I don't buy it.

Board got a user bump with the jew wars leak which mods wasted letting Holla Forums cancer ruin it with drumpsperging and waifu cancer. Board needs a new BO regardless but evidently getting caught astroturfing + dismissing CP reports isn’t enough.

It's extremely hard to remove a BO.
The only way to really do it is to hope they don't log in for a few weeks and claim the board.

So they're recruiting for Holla Forums?

So… take it to sudo.

A lot of that is legitimate bot activity, however the FIX POL spammer is just severely autistic and spamming the old fashioned way. He'll reply back if you give him any attention. You might remember him from his YOU ARE BEING BLUEPILLED and white meetup: banned xx times threads. Sage for belonging in qddot or >>>/sudo/

Everything about gommunism is fake, so none of this is any surprise.

I find it funny that no one with a brain will ever agree with their bullshit and that they can't accept this simple, unchangeable, concrete reality.


I'm not even sure who they are trying to convince. This is a WN board. I guess comprehension was never their strong suit.

berry enterdastang :xDDD