No refunds : Anti-Trump resistance keep donation $$$ for themselves

No refunds : Anti-Trump resistance keep donation $$$ for themselves

enjoy a shill-free first post

Top Kek. How do these stupid leftists keep falling for the same old tricks?

I have nothing of value to add to this. I thought Id have a witty quip about how beside myself I was that the commies continue to fall for their own shitty scheming never stopping to question the ethical desolation of their ideology. But yea.. I got nothing I dont even find this shit funny anymore just leaves me with this awkward sort of looking around and then pinching myself to make sure Im not in some kind of comic book kinda feeling.

No refunds, goyim!

Reported for uploading a thumbnail image, a forum deterioration technique.


In all seriousness though, never EVER donate any money to any politician or campaign.


Didn't this same guy criticize some woman for wearing an American flag calling it disrespectful?

Evil (((white))) men, as usual

Tens of thousands of dollars.
Get back to me when they’ve skimmed some real money.

today was a good day, anons

This may be part 3 or 4. How many millions did Jill Stein con from the Democrats after Trump won the election? I think she made off with $7 million by promising to recount which she forgot to do.


Cant tell ya how many times I've toyed with the idea of setting up some never blumpfkin donation and just laughing my way to the bank.

Make sure to use goyfundme so you can keep it all without reaching your goals.

(((Scott Dworkin)))
(((Jarad Geldner)))
(((Nathan Lerner)))

That's it, I'm starting the Trumpsux SuperPAC for 2020 and building a swimming pool.

Talk to the guy who made a fortune off of those "male tears" mugs the roasties all buy.

doesn't always work out for them.

He sold hats instead of promises. That was is first mistake.

I used to watch that piece of shit mainly because I hated O'Reilly and my dad would watch him with a 5 foot tall speaker at 'I'm half-deaf' volumes that I could hear anywhere in the house. His fall from primetime into gibbering madness and wrapping himself in a flag he hates because Trump made him soil his nappies gives me great pleasure.


I for one am sporting a very wide shit-eating grin, I mean not only can you throw this into the face of any resist libtard and laugh to the point of hurting, but it also mean any funds they raise will always be a money grab sink. You can both encourage them to waste their money while pretending it's actually working somehow, or simply troll them a la "do it faggot" to farm copious amount of salt.

And the best part of all this, they can't fucking dismiss it the same way they dismiss anything good Trump does, because

yes, and it wasn't even an actual flag. saying it's disrespectful to use the flag as a piece of clothing.

This is probably why I'm no longer a leftist.

Didn't this same guy get kicked off of every platform and now records out of his house?

That's a pretty shit reason tbh.

There are odder reasons for suddenly rejecting the bluepill. I just want to secure the existence of my combustion engines and a future where I don't have to nervously watch my battery drain while I run the AC in a traffic jam.