Enoch's infographic of every reasonable question

so does anyone have that info graphic or where I can go to get it? Let me know also if anyone has anything else on him let me know I heard this where I go if I want the truth on this subject so don't disappoint?
I am here for info on him so please post what you have and what you know thinks

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Daily Reminder: There has been no proof whatsoever that Mike Peinovich has divorced his wife.


Mike Peinovich: She wrote this and read it herself. I was really proud of it.

Mike Peinovich's Kike Wife:
Twas a TRS Christmas, and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.
The cucks were all prepped for the ovens with care,
just waiting for morning to pop em in there.
A nation of teachers were tucked in their beds,
while visions of vibrancy danced in their heads.
I with my reason and my mom with her cats,
had just settled in for our usual spats.
When out on the street there arose such a clatter,
I rose to the bait to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a fash,
resolved with an iron will to go full fash.
The moon shone so bright on the newfallen snow,
like the glare of the media on objects below.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but 8 Episcopal priests, and all of them queer!
I'm a seasoned old troller so lively and quick,
I knew in a flash I could rally my hicks.
More rapid than eagles my edgelords they came,
to drive out interlopers and call them by name:
Out Communists, out socialists, out left-libertarians!
Out betas, out allies, SJW-contrarians!
Out beaners and dindus and Muslim jihadists,

The folks at TRS only became 'hardcore' - not that they've ever been especially 'hard' - after they were doxed.

TRS used to support Milo, ffs.

The funny part is, I still listen to their shit.
But I'll never pay them for it.
Not without proof of divorce and a real acknowledgement and addressing of the issue in an honest sense, instead of with that kike-coddling faggot Musonius Rufus.

It just doesn't make sense.

/trs/ BO here, nice to see that the hate for /trs/ hasn't subsided

Checked for tha absence of respect =/= the presence of hate.

h8/pol/ is a board of love.

I still listen to it too and won't give them a fucking dime until Mike comes clean about divorce and what really happened.

I met him at the 2016 NPI conference. I've never seen a white people that looked like that before. So I researched what Norwegian look like and they still don't look like him. Makes me think he is jewish after all.

Yes. Millions.

lel props for esoteric shitposting.

Holy shit the smugness of their fart sniffing. And they didn't even vape yet back then.

TRS shitheads refuse to see voting patterns and see that culturally incompatible groups undermine liberty, by consistently voting for more oppressive nanny state governments

sage belongs in all fields

where the fuck do you think you are you faggot?

My Jewdar is top-notch, and he's definitely at least a mischling.
I can understand the shame of it, and the realization on his behalf that the moment its proven he'll lose all credibility, but it doesn't make the dishonesty any less disgraceful.

To be fair to the faggots in question, that audio was from quite awhile ago, when they still had that Southern belle cuckold Bulbasaur and the tranny-diddler Ghoul on board; but at the same time, they didn't really start to be 'hardcore' in any meaningfull sense - ie, anything but lolbergs LARPing - until they got doxed and started trying to make a career of this thing.

tranny-diddling pedophile Ghoul on board


Enoch BTFO some antifa on Warski's stream today. Could that be why were having this thread again?

Probably the anti-Enoch guys are getting riled up again.


That's the exact same thing Hal Turner did after he was exposed as an informant.

maybe TRS as a whole got harder after the doxxing but Enoch himself has softened up quite a bit. On daily shoahs from the past few months he's been calling himself a liberal and inviting the listener to call him a cuck & a faggot.

I wouldn't know, since I don't listen to lolberg LARPcasts, but in one of the first shows after the doxing they claimed they were abandoning "White presenting nationalism" (their hipster term for civcuck nationalism) and going full WN. It was obvious damage control at the time.

the "white-presenting nationalism" got left in dust a long time before the doxxing. you probably just heard them acknowledging that it was once a thing.

Pretty sure hes up to 3 times admitting hes Jewish now, not just 1.

He and his wife work for bnai brith, as do pretty much the entirety of the alt right.
It doesn't get more jewish and jew vs goy than that.


There is no evidence of that tbh. His wife worked for B'nai B'rith as a youth chapter leader I'm high school, but not a lot in Enoch himself being in B'nai B'rith. What's more damning is the literal CIAnigger that worked for the Jimpacting firm the Jew wife worked for.

Yeah I'm sure they just leave that organization, especially if they were a leader. Sure Ames is more than likely the brains. But whether Peinovich and any of the others in their considerable gravitational pull realize it or not, that's what directs them and all the others.

jew dun no de wey

It was high school, dude

This is a National Socialist board, if you're pro-Enoch you don't belong here. He brought his B'nai B'rith BioQeen wife onto TDS, if you had any illusion about him being sincere, that shatters it.

Yes, Dr. Marie Amey-Taylor. But there's a hell of a lot more than her going on. Check the chart.

Depends on if you mean TRS lemmings or TRS leadership. People like Enoch know exactly what they are doing, promoting white genocide through subverting the opposition to white genocide.

Actually this distinction really needs to be made clear. Enoch attacks white people and the 14 words, on top of National Socialism, but the whole time he calls us "white nationalists" who "think they are better than us". Thats all he says. He cant even address the enemy as they are, because it would show white people he is the enemy of the white race, and we are trying to actually make change. Hes not a white nationalists, and were not white nationalists who are supposedly better than him. Were for white people, and he is a Jew for white genocide. Thats the distinction. Its not "White nationalists A" and "White nationalists B who think they are better than A"
Ones a Jew and the others are whites opposed to Jews. Simple distinction. Make your pick, Jew, or white people. Pick the Jew, pick race treason.

Really? You think the guy who admitted on at least three separate occasions to being a kike just might be a kike?

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Mike Enoch has a CIA operative cousin named Ella Peinovich:


Especially read this link. It's quite hilarious:


what does that mean?

and there's no proof he's a shill either.

Sounds like leftists to me.


It's the one thing I learned from TRS

Looks like a kike indeed.
Has it been confirmed she's related to Kike "Peinovich" Eunuch?

Not defending this jew but this doesn't add up. Or is Enoch actually part of his name?
Sage for e-celeb cancer.

She's his cousin.

Right. Except for the fact that Mike Enoch worked for an Israeli Govt. intelligence front company (Oddcast) and two U.S. Govt. intelligence front companies (BurrellesLuce; Time, Inc.) and Ames Friedman worked for at least one U.S. Govt. intelligence front company (JIMPACT Enterprises).

Yes, "Enoch" is part of his legal birth name according to the New Yorker.

It's much more likely he got a mini chubb on thinking he was so clever because he got Enoch from pEiNOviCH. And he could sell it to the right wing goys as "just like Enoch Powell", but really it has much more relevance to jew/demon shit because of the Book of Enoch, and the Enochian tablets and chanting shit they do in their babylonian larp ceremonies.
He's even in some jew social network called Enoch.

His mother's maiden name is also "Enockson"

die kike

I met Sven and Mike at a pool party once. I should have never gone. You known the saying never meet your heroes? Well this was the case. The pool party was fun we were shooting the shit drinking and yelling out Low Energy Jim. I'm from the desert so I'm not around water often. I saw that Sven had a pool and asked if I could go in. He agreed and I spent an hour in the pool. During that time i was wondering why everyone avoided the pool. Dreadfully I know the reason why. I passed out on a giant floating duck with a beer in hand. I was awaken by the feeling that someone was above me. I opened my eye to see that Sven on top. We locked eyes and I saw Sven, what the fuck I said. I threw Sven off of me and yelled for help. The guys from the pool party made a crowd and just looked at me as I yelled for help. I told everyone what Sven did and out came Mike stumbling around while munching on a quarter pounder from McDonalds. I yelled to Mike that Sven tried to sexually assault me! Mike said hmmm here's the thing. He then proceeded to lick his greasy fat fingers. Sven then pulled my trunks down and pinned me down onto the cold concert floor next to the pool. Sven then pulled his pants off too. To my shark I saw that he was circumcised. Sven put me on my stomach and proceeded to open my ass checks. He yelled at Ghoul to hand him a TRS labeled Water Bottle which in actuality was just filled with pool water. Be began to stick his finger into my sphincter with the pool water. I tried to scream but before I could Jim from the Fatherland poured Zink into my mouth. Mike then stuffed my mouth with a TRS oven mitt that he stole from Jim.

I screamed on the inside due to my mouth being stuffed with Jim's TRS oven mitt. Ghoul was beginning to get aroused by this. He then proceeded to ask the group of guys from the pool party for pictures of their penis to prove they weren't Jewish. As he took a Polaroid photo of Mikes circumsized penis Ghoul went on a rant about he was no longer a degenerate like in his youth. Sven began to get rougher yelling at Mike to make sure that they were using his Yeti Microphone to capture the best audio possible for the paywall cucks. Sven complimented me on my slim and delicate body noting that I was far more feminine than his manish Puerto Rican wife. Sven then took the TRS oven mitt out of my mouth and jammed his tongue into mine. Jazzhands held me down while Sven stood up and proceeded to play with my penis with his foot telling me that I was low energy like Jim and that he'd fix me by turning me into a real girl. Sven then proceeded to preform the ungodly act of defiling my rectum. He said I was tight like the 17 year old that Ghoul fucked. He pounded faster and harder. He punched me in the back of the head and told me to yell out Nick Nico ni. I initially refused but another strike from him changed my toon.

All that could be heard were the yells of Nico Nico nii. Alex McNabb fearing that the neighbors would discovery their secret then played an Ad for Mike and the Mad WOP on loop on Sven's $700 speakers that he got from his Jewish financiers. McNabb as usual loves interrupting everything. This time I was grateful because he started shrieking that Traps aren't gay. In that very instant Sven finished and I felt my stomach filling up with his seamen. As my asshole twitched Sven then walked over to Alex and agreed. Mike then said nah nah we're not having this argument again. Sven then said yea because you know we're right. It then turned into a heated 20 minute debate about whether or not traps are gay.
That horrible day ended with Spencer giving me a ride back to the motel I was staying at. It was a very long & awkward silent ride. Before arriving I started crying Richard didn't know how to react so he used the seamen in my hair to give me a fashy hairdo. I stepped out of the car when we arrive at my motel. Before I could get too far away from the car Spencer yelled out You do know that you're still a virgin right Hahahaha? He then played this song
and hightailed it out of there.


That was glorious. Pic unrelated

Does anyone have proof of Mike Enoch himself preaching a subversive message and saying Left leaning things? Because I've heard about this drama for awhile now and I don't understand what the fuck any of you are talking about. I'm not trying to defend Mike for the record - I just became familiar with him, but saying his wife is a Jewess and a degenerate doesn't really mean much to me - unless you can point to something that he's done. And please do - I'd rather not waste my time if he is.

He did divorce the kike too.

I mean I don't really care who his wife is - most Men become degenerate as fuck when pussy is involved. Hell most of you would too. Not that this vindicates him - I still want to see what case they have laid out against the guy.

And the kike bullshit slide keeps getting drug back into the light.

How the fuck is this a thing? Who came up with "BioQueen" that is the most fucking retarded thing I have ever heard.