Trump is not Israel's ally

Trump is a poison pill for the ZOG machine. They needed a Hillary or a Romney or a Bush but they got Trump, and it's going to destroy them.

What are Israel's interests? There are three.
1: Expand Greater Israel. (Trump stopped supporting ISIS and worked with Russia to kill them) (Assad is still in power)
2: Prevent Iran from achieving nuclear power. (Iran nuclear deal is still active.)
3: Dismantle and disrupt coherent secular Muslim countries in the region. (No more wars for Israel)

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The shills always forget that the Lion of Damascus is still in charge. Kike free first post.

Can't mossad the ASSAD

Don't know if we're out of the woods yet on number 2.

B-but he touched the jew wall. I… you all saw.

wtf i love Trump now!

An ally can turn. You'll find that out.

ISIS was never supposed to take over the country son. You must be reminded, I suppose, that the Syrian conflict did not START with ISIS - ISIS showed up well after it had started, and it started as part of the Arab Spring shit.
ISIS wasn't supposed to take over the country - they were supposed to destroy it, to wreck its infrastructure, to split its population, etc etc etc. They were basically supposed to make it a shit-heap, with large segments no longer under direct state control… And guess what happened?
See all those splotches of not-Red? Yeah.
If you think the war in Syria is over, you haven't been paying attention.

Less than a week ago we were seeing the very-obvious signs of an attempted Israeli revolution - where have we heard that story before? - in Iran.
It started on the basis of claims in the vein of economic conditions, and quickly spread into a pro-feminism, pro-faggotry shitheap of morons and paid agitators. And just like Syria, its not over yet.

We'll have to wait and see on this one.


I keep seeing this said but never get any proof.

Investigate it for yourself m8.

It doesnt work like that here. I'm calling bullshit because I keep seeing this repeated and have seen nothing to support it.
This is where you back your shit up.

You make a claim, back it up user.

Quality post

The protests were literally led by Kurds and Sunnis mainly
Kurds are absolute fucking pro-Feminist commie scum who support faggots and Israel under the guise of "Democracy" and for gibs

Not even the kike (((MSM))) media is trying to hide this

it does not matter whether he is or is not a kike puppet at this point in time. What matters is >he hasn't done us any harm >the pendulum is still screaming toward the right, with nothing slowing it down >kikes are terrified >leftists are terrified >wednesday the 17th is going to be fun as shit

The ROE under onigger was complete bullshit but they were actually bush's roe's he changed them before onigger took office. That image also conveniently leaves out whether or not the sandniggers were in fact armed in any way. Im not crying over spilt shitskin but that butterbar fucked up. I can't tell ya how fucking infuriating it is to pop a corner, see a threat and having to back off the trigger a bit because you realize "they havent shot at me yet therefor if I shoot Im going to jail for murder". What a fucking nightmare that shit was. But no need to be disingenuous about it.

This is a fine example of a Eurocuck, after freshly brewing his favorite cut of tea, comes to sift through the boards of 8/pol/. Once he spies a thread with his favorite topic (see; Trump isn't a kike lover) he spits out the tea he has in his mouth. Having thus spat all over his computer, he grabs his cum stained napkin he uses to watch Muslim cuckold porn to wipe off the tea from his screen. Next, he begins to vape. While on a high of being on track to "Europe's Next Biggest Faggot", he begins to think, "What should I post?" He's reminded of his favorite scat folder he keeps saved, organized nicely between his "Black on White cuckold" and "My favorite boyfriends" folders. Sifting through the pictures, while ignoring that small little chub growing beyond the 2 inch mark (well above average, mind you), he arrives at his desired image. Furiously, he types "sage" in the needed fields so he can go back to his bookmarked Pornjew page, "Rape my face please."

If you projected any harder then you will drive all the movie theaters in the world out of business.

All of these things are produced the most in America and consumed the most in America.

Porn is degenerate as hell. At the very least fap to solo camwhores or pictures of just naked women.
Better yet, fap to your imagination.
Or best of all, don't fap at all.

Cite your sources.

Cuckchan copypasta thread

American porn site has the most traffic from the highest populated(300+million) country on the list. Shocker. Do you have to be explained statistics like a dumb nigger saying, "white people collect more welfare than blacks! Look at the statistics!"

I read "Zoey Quinn" and nearly vomited.

Yeah, objectively Trump has been pretty bad for Israel so far. It remains to be seen if this is intentional or just coincidence.

You think she has the cognitive faculties to understand just what her being a massive whore did for the world?
>She is single handedly responsible for undoing 50+ years of marxist bullshit by causing normal people to lose trust in the media.
>She is single handedly responsible for damaging the kike's control of public thought enough to allow Donald Trump to win the Presidency.
>She is single handedly responsible for all of leftism becoming a hysteric laughing stock the world over.

Literally every single thing she thought was the apex of "evil" has come true or come into power, all because she was a stupid whore and couldn't keep her goddamned legs together and make a decent fucking videogame that could sell on its own merits.

It is truly amazing we've not heard about her killing herself yet.

She must either spend the rest of her life perpetually drunk/high, or she's just too stupid to understand the full scope of the damage she's done to everything she believes in.

Thank you, Zoey Quinn, you stupid whore. We won. Because of you.


Who knew a whore, and a kike at that, was the key to saving the entire western civilisation.
Not even Uncle Hitler saw that coming.

Trump literally made a deal with the devil and wrote a book about it, bragging how he he was made rich and famous in exchange for serving the lord of the flies. The sooner this critter and the abominations that he spawned are thrown back into the pits of hell the better.


It sure as shit does nigger.

Nah, that's not how it works user.
You don't have to back up every single claim with evidence to meet the standards of some fuckwit - you can easily tell them to go look for themselves, in which case there is certainly evidence of it.
Vid related.

In any case, I assume you're not going to pretend these protests just fell out of the fucking sky.

That stuff was all bound to happen anyway. It was like a room full of explosives just waiting for a spark. She just happened to be a spark.


In the year since becoming the most powerful man on Earth, Trump has done nothing to expose the corrupt Jewish State. Nothing.

But maybe if we just keep waiting…

If you're white and this gullible you deserve genocide. Fuck off.

The best evidence I could find in Trump's defence

Meltdown and Spectre have been "discovered". They were backdoors (((coincidentally))) in all CPU designed by Yidsrael, after the Pentium.

Agreed, israel can simply assassinate nuclear engineers with impunity, if not bomb research facilities or go ahead with another stuxnet.
That is if they are not revealing who their iranian agents are so they get killed.

Lmao desperate kikes losing control

We don't know how long that ability will last. Stuxnet required foreknowledge of the serials of various specific control units. Otherwise, the attack would probably have only lead to a shutdown, not destruction. It seems certain the primary means to this end, that is, the early work, consisted not of infiltration, but of hacking, the kind of Meltdown and Spectre.

They should have bough russian chips lmao. or AMD I guess though spectre also affects them. fug

Good post. 2 things that come to mind:

1. Trump literally exchanged ISIS for the Kurds. What was ISIS turf 6 months ago is now YPG turf.

Think about it, why would you exchange ISIS for YPG when both ISIS and YPG are supported by the exact same countries, namely the US and Israel.

The reason is simple: because the Kurds can be supported OPENLY (since Kurds are human rightists, feminists etc) whereas ISIS couldn't be, obviously. Makes logistics, politics and PR much, much easier.

2. Regarding the dismantling of coherent muslim countries, Trump supports the ongoing war waged by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

That Assad is still in charge is ONLY because of Russia, Iran and China (2 verified nuclear powers and 1 likely one) and their unwavering and ballsy support for the SAA.

America has a higher population than India? Fascinating.

They all have the NSA inside. But I suspect AMD took a more cautious route. The question is: Can the NSA be eradicated from AMD machines?

Note how Assange and Snowden have been silent on the matter of Meltdown and Spectre. This is rare (Assange is in a special situation right now, though). Wikileaks has had very little to say. They did link to the official page of the two (three) flaws/backdoors(?).

Posting a non-story from May of last year to prove trump isn't kiked despite all the kike loving shit he's pulled since. Dat level of desperation.
You are aware israel was also very vocal about it's criticism of Obama for years, infinitely more than a few shitty "reports claim israel is upset with trump" we see here. Does that prove he wasn't a kike puppet?
As for the ISIS point, as excellently pointed out only retards believed ISIS was supposed to have any serious long term foothold in the region let alone control. They were set up to fuck it up and they did. It should also be noted that trump is now moving on to phase 2 which is to undermine the shia axis from it's heartland of Iran, but you conveniently excluded that because it doesn't support your narrative.

Just calm the fuck down and enjoy the ride. So far Trump hasn't done 1 cent for Yidsrael. They wanted a ground invasion in Syria. He instead walked the nuclear tightrope with Russia, and fuck us all, we survived. kikes btfo


You'll keep saying this for 8 years while ZOG continue to grow and trump does nothing but encourage it.
Anyone that thinks it's in the benefit of israel or the kiked US for Syria to be completely free of Assad is a moron regurgitating shit they've heard from someone trying to push a narrative rather than actually thinking about it critically. Israel is in no rush to create greater israel, it's a long term plan. Anyone that thinks they want it overnight is fucking stupid. Removing Assad but still having iran and shia axis as well as any form on stability in the ME makes that plan pointless. goal is to continue to create long lasting and preoccupying conflict by fueling sectarian and ethnic tensions as well as weakening iran. That's what they are doing at this very moment.

mmmm nope. I'm quite aware of the situation. There's nothing that constitutes kiking.

You're a kike LOL. You talk just like the kikes who killed Jesus Christ did. Why, they always spun it in their favor, even when the other way around was quite obvious. Yet, it was always obvious, had things gone the other way, they would have found fault as well.

Who are you? Just a literal user. Therefore, you cannot call upon your own "values" - indeed, user as kike. The no-value, from the mob emerging lie.


Doesn't quite change the fact that Trump is directly responsible for the death of Syrian soldiers. Relations with Russia are still shit and letting his fucking daughter and her Jew husband run the show is just retarded as fuck. Trump's win was a huge setback for the establishment and his poorly executed recognition of Jewrusalem is proof of that.

But the election is long over. High energy and the outchessing the likes of Jeb and Shillary is no longer relevant. Now is the time for proper scrutiny of his deeds.

There's a *small* chance he's actually draining the swamp with a mile long hose. But there's no reason to just leave everything to faith.

I know right? Like that one time we went to war with Syria and had Assad raped and murdered on camera.

Oh wait, that didn't happen.

Also, the SDF recently caught hundreds of ISIS members and soon thereafter released them. Dozens of them joined the SDF. Really makes you think.

That would be the CIA/Mossad advisor providing them money, weapons and training, retard.

We are still supporting ISIS. We let them escape a few weeks ago, this was reportedf, and they are still finding caches of weapons that were delivered after Trump was in office/

Attacking IRAN is jewtarded horseshit

Attacking IRAN is jewtarded horseshit

He is making Israel great again. We arent even getting crumbs.

Thats an opinion piece. And its no where near what the user originally claimed.

Ok sholomo. Come back when you actually learn how to type you faggot.

< imma predict the future
aw fuck off

Facts are what matters. Israel ain't got shit.


S-sure OP. Trump is b-b-based. Whatever (((you))) say.

Literally. Nothing. Not one red cent went to kikes, you cockroach CIA agent. I can smell your tactics a mile away, because YOU SMELL LIKE SULFUR.

You already made this thread.


Fucking Venezuelan. Kys like you killed your own country.


It's not my fault you know fuck all about the situation in the ME. Either educate yourself or stick to fapping over twitter memes you faggot.

I don't think you can equate one woman protesting the hijab as a pro-feminism, pro-faggotry shitheap of morons and paid agitators. That footage is also from very a early point in the protests. It was not long after that the mullahs shut down the internet so I don't see how anyone could prove this anyway.

This confirms the spy in ISIS is actually an American muslim.

You’re basically gay.