Nig Nooz

If there even was racism (knowing most nigs probably just made it up) then as usual they were proven completely right by a fucking murderous chocolate crime monkey.
The unsurprising but depressing defense of "It's fine that he fucking killed people because they were supposedly racist" is being floated along with public support.
Inevitable salt when he gets sent away for good.

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what the fuck does than even mean?

Link to story:

This was just on the local news here.
Nog's entire fambly in the court room and one said "He had no choice but to shoot em up cuz you cant be taking that every day".
Token coal burner interviewed and agreed he was driven to his actions.
Will look for some links and vids to post and for local updates as to how bad he was treated.

That's how the typical nigger thinks: if you say or do something "mean" to them black people think they have the right to kill you.

Thank you.

Here is a little more in depth report on the nog.


This is where we have arrived. If you call a nigger a nigger, or even just do something 'racist' they have right of way to kill you. And the whites will enable it! Well, he did call him a nigger

Colin Flaherty has hundreds of examples of this in his book Don't Make The Black Kids Angry. Great read, I recommend to pick it up, read it, then gift it to someone.

If he was so fragile then why wasn't he on disability for it? There's entire systems in place to get these people on gibs. Literally, the profession of Social Worker is either 1. a private practice therapist or 2. someone who works in the public sector and hooks people up with free govt assistance

From the 2nd article:

WOW this is fucking BIAS right there. What evidence do we have of a hostile work environment or harassment or any of this? The murderer said they threw watermelon at him. Do we have witnesses that can say ANYTHING even happened or is this just all some mentally retarded/mentally ill nigger thinking all whites are out to call him a monkey and make his life difficult? Which is more likely.

It is NOT appropriate for the CHIEF OF POLICE to make comments like this, making excuses for a fucking murderer, regardless of his race and regardless of what happened to him. Can you imagine the aftermath of the Columbine School shootings and the police chief just said "meh, they were probably picked on, that's what we've heard, anyway"

Fucking niggers are treated like children from their entire lives and we're left to clean up their blood when they snap.

It means that feelings were hurt, ergo murder was warranted. Sheesh.

We should false up a false flag about ebul rayses planning to build a trebuchet to launch watermelons into the local ghetto.

I'm fucking pissed at this Chief. He's some old boomer so of course no social media besides Linked In (which I'm surprised he has, his kids must have made it for him so he could get jobs when he got laid off a few years ago)
I want to send this guy a fucking letter telling him off, looks like I'll just have to write his department directly and send it snail mail like I'm some old ass rotting boomer fucker like he is.

I'm so fucking mad right now that this cuck ass old faggot white police chief is making excuses for a murderer in police custody.

You know he ate it.

Well, don't forget, the (((police))) are never on our side. Whites are being targeted by them more than blacks, so him being on the nig's side is pretty sickening, but not surprising.

Let me stop you right there.

When allegations are made, you, as a white manpig, have exactly one course of action: Listen and believe. You have privilege beyond your ability to control or account for, or to even comprehend. You cannot know what it is to be an African-American in this day and age, you cannot know his internal suffering and mental anguish, and when you refer to the real victim here as "a fucking murderer" you're flouting the entire judicial process. He is completely 100% innocent unless proven guilty, which hasn't happened yet.

the (((police))) are never on our side
Yeah, nah, get fukt m8.


Sounds about right.


why do this


I thought they were joking lmao but yeah dumb post

The more I learn about the (((details))) the more infuriating it gets.
It doesn't even matter if the "racism" happened, that's the part that's indefensibly retarded.
He fucking killed people, he has no justifiable reason to kill people especially having his monkey ego harassed.

This user is correct. Cops kill white people because niggers and other shitskins aren't people

It means Jamal came to the interview with his pants around his ankles and tyrone thought a mixtape worked as a cover letter.