Trump: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

Trump: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

(((WaPo Exclusive)))
>according to (((two people briefed on the meeting))).
>The comments left lawmakers taken aback, (((according to people familiar with their reactions))).

That's literally all there is to this story, so I won't even bother quoting it. Worth some lols tho.

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And this, sorry.

The absolute state of journalism.


Fake news.

oh yeah. but it's still pretty funny.

and actually not racist at all. I mean, who can debate that these aren't shithole countries?


Ya kno, sometimes I ponder if Trump really is saying things like this, knowing he'll get away with it because the MSM has proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy.
It's not likely, but I do ponder.

you're not far off, user. taco bowl was 1488D chess

Modern liberalism is deeply rooted in insecurity, they know deep down these countries are shit and that niggers are niggers. That's why they get so assblasted over the truth

Whats there to get away with. Even most plebs would agree that the third world is a shithole

How can't they compute that if their own country doesn't want them back that it is because they are problematic.

Fake news but fucking hilarious. At this point the MSM is turning into the Onion.

No. These are fluff pieces put out to confirm inherent biases in the sides loyal to and against Trump so people don't notice him working tirelessly in service of israel so much.

Top Wew.

Now that's what I call projection.

I'll guess we'll just have to wait until the ninja army carries out the mass arrests, implements NESARA, and unveils hidden alien technology before we really know, right?


VERY, fake news.
>(((.@NBCNews source))): As Durbin explained how deal would impact ppl from Haiti, Trump said, "Haiti? Why do we want people from Haiti here?" Then they got Africa. 'Why do we want these people from all these shithole countries here? We should have more people from places like Norway."

It's only fake news when it contradicts the narrative we choose to believe.

I think you're projecting your own feels about President Trump, fam. I'm feeling smug as hell that you're this upset about our president.

Even though this is patently fake journalism, it's hilarious nonetheless. It's clearly intended to subconsciously confirm liberals' innate biases with respect to Trump being a racist, without actually ever quoting Trump saying it. However, it's quite a myopic attack on the part of the WaCompo because everyone also subconsciously knows Haiti and African countries are shitholes. Ask any latte-sipping liberal in New York if they want to spend a month in Haiti or Sudan. Ask any progressive what the living conditions are like in Zimbabwe. It's universally understood those countries are shitholes, especially compared to the US. Now, ask the same people if they want to spend a month in Norway. What's Norway's quality of life like? Everyone knows this quote is true, whether Trump said it or not. It may serve to boost the short-term le racist Trump meme after his apparent cucking on DACA, but in the long term, people are just making more implicit associations between "shithole" and "Africa".

Ah yes, plenty of ravaged anuses in the comments. Pure comedy gold.

holy shit just kill yourself now. reported

Who hasn't casually used the amplifier shithole when describing a place so truly horrid that proper vernacular prohibits one from adequately expressing themselves? It saves everyone time by using colloquial language.

If their counties were so great, why did they leave them?

I mean, they are shitholes.

I totally forgot liberals still think Meuller is going to bring Trump down. I knew libs were delusional about Trump but I must have underestimated the illness.

Good. I hope it actually happened.


Three moon ponder or Lorwyn ponder?

it's pretty spot-on

Trump's going to bullycide these faggots by the thousands.

But where's the lie?

Why did they leave them for countries filled with white oppressors?

Liberals know that the 200,000 are human garbage. Doesn't matter because it's 200,000 votes.



Once again he forces his enemies to state obvious truths and they remain unaware of his sorcery.


checked you db stealing ninja

Best ruse was
with immediate reply from MSM

(((WaPo Exclusive)))

Poo in Loo

America is for Americans not dirty immigrants.

I agree fuck those faggy Norwegians

Probably false. Handlers made it up to pander to his shrinking base. But their countries are shitholes prove me wrong.

I wish.

Did they have an answer or could they just not even?

The thing is, Trump goes 1488 for a minute, tells the truth, and the left proves again that they should kill themselves.


Because the country is shit. People go where there are others like them.

This has been the most entertaining aspect of this whole ordeal, listening to them as they dream of the day that Mueller finally makes the boogeyman go away. Every time I ask for details on the case from them they have no idea what's occurring or who is involved.

For the gibs.

Don is the absolute greatest.
Just wait for Hitler, they said
We have memed very responsibly.
I can't even believe it.
Sylvi is

The liberal depends on some nameless gubment hero to do everything for them. Feed the poor, heal the sick, stop crime, fix the imaginary wage gap. This is who they are and how they think. Why would it be any different when it comes to Trump?

The man kicked off his presidential campaign by calling third world illegal brown scum rapists and murderers and drug dealers. Why do people act shocked when he says that he doesn't want stupid brown trash flooding into the country?


Trump doesn't have handlers, you fag. That's why Bannon turned on him. Bannon wanted to play Sheng ali and be puppet master and Trump wasn't having it.


Who else would do this if not the government, with its limitless resources? Surely you're not telling me that you ACTUALLY BELIEVE white supremacist circlejerks like the Southern Baptist Convention or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would ever step in to help the poor?
Ditto for this - universal healthcare is one of the primary duties of government, period. We all have a right to top-tier healthcare, and since doctors aren't just going to give it all away on their own, we need the government to step in and let us take it hassle-free.
Now you're just grasping at straws. The lack of an adequate policing authority is the hallmark of an anarchistic society.
The wage gap is absolutely real - womyn make less than 70% what any manpig makes in any job ever and an endless pile of statistics support my position. What do you have in support of yours?

It's not a very difficult concept to understand.


Why would people from Norway ever want to come to America



I bet you're a brown mutt from Uzbekistan. You talk like that NazBol brown trash Slavros.

Madcow is butt-buddies with the Gates Foundation, get your character straight
Like the glorious NHS
That's because women suck.
And also because women take HR positions instead of $30 an hour welder/mechanic/crane operator.

Rach this shit is old. Get a new persona.

Bingo, fake news or not, the common man will hear this story and say, "Well, duh" and liberals will hear it and feign outrage but deep down know that it's true. WaPo doing our job for us.

I have no idea who you are or what you look like but I'm 100% sure you're a retarded faggot

Where have I heard that before

The government will never do those things. YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS, ASSOCIATES, FRIENDS, AND CO-WORKERS are the ones who can but don't because deep down, you're just as corrupt as the shitheads on top. You'd rather buy a new iphone instead of waste 20 bucks on some homeless man because YOU jump to a conclusion he's going to use it for drugs. Then get together with others and give him a life so great he won't have reason to escape the self. Also, I outperform all the women at my job and I get paid less. Soon though, I'm going to get a huge jump in pay because my director noticed my productivity. Soon I'll be making more money than them and I'm sure your types will cry foul and play the victim card because they were there for over 10 years while I have been there for 1 and 1/2. When I triple YOUR productivity WITHOUT errors and I only make 30% more than you, that's what is wrong. If I triple you I should get triple pay. STFU and BTFO with that bullshit. Women entering the work force (shitty system in the first place) is what caused such a huge wage gap. You made men less valuable and you all turned into whores worth nothing. Literally in one fell swoop you made a county that was building up to something into worthlessness.

I want more Norwegians!

Context. Look at those girls. Would you ever want to leave the country that birthed them for a mexican/nigger-filled Weimar?

I'm sure you think Sweden is a perfect socialist utopia free of hate where Swedish women don't get gang raped by 20 Muslims at once, and nobody helps her because they're afraid of being called racist.

Kill yourself faggot

you've stared too long into the the abyss user

Wew lad find some vaseline

I meant the 2020 dubs

I don't listen to women. They generally give bad advice.

Is that why you ignored your mother when she told you to stop eating glue as a kid

I never ate glue you presumptuous whore.

Weimar Berlin was a great place to get coked and sucked off fam

Are you the same autist who would post with a trip (but no name) and flood threads any time anybody was critical of Trump or sodomy?

I read that in Keith Olbermann’s voice for old time’s sake.

Oh, then what made you retarded, then?

No you jew cock sucking nigger faggot, it's fake news when your only source is "according to a source I cannot name".

According to a source I cannot name, you're a child molesting nigger faggot and should be shot in the face by a vigilante.

According to a source I cannot name, your mother sucked nigger dick for a living.

Things only seem incomprehensible or random when one doesn't understand them. Take a look in the mirror and meditate on that. Maybe you'll understand, assuming your trivial thoughts and emotions don't distract or sway you.

I know you're a shill but let me administer your coup de grace.
This is great news. I want to thank you for being so extremely stupid that you brought the rope, set up the noose and waited for me to let you into hands of gravity.

Israel doesn't want Jerusalem. Doing this will trigger massive shitstorm. Ever heard of self fixing problems? What about Egyptian chaos god?
You best start believing in Chaos, we create it
Kek bless Sylvi and Don

"Heh. Simpleton. I'm smarter than you and actually extremely mentally gifted, not retarded. If you weren't so vapid and materialistic you'd have realized that now after some introspective spiritual awakening. Fool. You absolute idiot. I'm smart. Emotional nitwit."


I have you on video

Nice going user! That other guy offered facts proving this Norwegian cow's kosher background, and you offered nothing but insubstantial blather to counter him! Very effective tactic :^)))))))

Haha she made far leftist angry so she's not a Zionist kek

Just like Reagan xD

People generally go from shitty countries to better countries. European countries used to be great, until they were flooded with shitskins. The United States, while not the best place to live, is still considerably better than Nigeria. That's why Nigerians come here. Importing shit will only make things shittier. We all know this.


I didn't like Trump before he even ran for president. He did shitty things like use illegal immigrants to build some of his "projects" and then took credit for their hard work as if those soft hands ever lifted a brick. He dislocated people in a foreign country, people who had been living there before he was even born, to build a fucking golf course.

Hillary is also shit. I'm not the person voting for shitty people. People like you are instead of actually trying to achieve change whilst bitching and moaning for a savior for your own self-inflicted woes. If you were actually smart you would be able to see this, but instead you went straight into a fight. Better be careful who you call a fool. I'm kind, but most people like me aren't. And they can fuck with you in unseen ways. You have been warned.

I love him

How dare people want to leave their impoverished countries to find employment and tolerable living conditions


OP is very warm ^^

I'm sorry, do straight people go to a gay club?
Do chickens hang with wolves?
Do capitalist hang out with communists?
Fact of the matter is that selfish ignorant people run this country and any good they do is a consequence of doing business. People see the prosperity of their ways (greed) and come here. Greedy people go to where greedy people are. Thinking they can work together. Everyone finds out the hard way.

How is this not the best thing ever?

Goddamn I love Trump.

Consequences will never be the same!

Haha yeah fuck those AIDS riddled sub 70 iq thirdworlders

*employs thousands of them to save money*

You'll find out one day. You're not in control of yourself and you'll fall into the same trap, except it'll be with one who doesn't hold themselves back.

I can't even imagine what a pathetic existence you must lead.

no one cares, cuck


I wonder how many Arabs vs White people use Grindr

but they don't say where he is wrong. Haiti is a shithole, no one denies that. Africa is full of shit holes, no one denies that. No one is rushing off to live in Africa any longer because the white ran countries are gone.

He's right about Norway.

An interesting question.

I know you're just a confused shill trying to troll but it's obvious why someone from a shithole country would want to come to America. What's not clear is why Americans would want uneducated retards to immigrate to America from shithole countries.

Someone please put this in fancy a gold frame?

Europeans don't really care about guns or gun culture

Norwegians pay into a communitarian system that secures them a job and benefits along with an eventual pension

Norwegian education is extremely good

I suppose warmer climates is one

None beneficial to self delusional people.

So you don't serve yourself. Good to know.

And you're confused why people would want to immigrate from those countries?

That person did enough to ASSUME AGAIN something about me. If they didn't care it wouldn't have been brought up, and if you didn't care you wouldn't have responded. What is this? High school online?

Nobody is confused as to why they want to come.
The confusion is why we would let them in.

I do, and others who are worthy of it, and those that pay me.

Fuck off Holla Forums

We are not faulting them for trying to find a better life here. Anybody would do that if they were in their shoes. The fact remains their coming here is making things shittier. If anybody is at fault it is those in power who are allowing them to come here. If we are to have a future, we need to stop these subhumans from pouring into our countries.

No surprise there.

No I understand why lol, they're envious. Instead of working to lift up their people they want to come collect scraps from us until they have enough of their own people here to steal what we have.


Why don't they fix their shitty countries? Surly that would be a better option than moving to the land of evil, racist, white oppressors.

They don't all have to be 'criminals with aids'. Enough of them are that it's not worth importing them. Racial equality is a fairy tale and when their people to come to our countries they only bring us down.

Confirmed for never meeting an actual African immigrant (not African American) in your life. They probably speak better English than you do.

Confirming that "the capital of israel is jeruselum' causes the entire middle east to refocus on israel. Doing so made tensions on that subject raw as fuck. And Israel never intended or wanted that, they needed that focal point to stand as it was. And their reaction to all of it was very telling. You'd have to be mentally incompetent to not see it.

Okay hypocrite. Remember how you felt when you go to work and do something you don't want to. You'll sigh, like everybody else, and then go do it.

Holy shit I'm having a really great evening.


Who is that chick?

yeah epic 5d chess

Until they come to america and shoot them for the first time. It's like saying people who haven't had sugar don't care about sugar. You will once you taste it.
Stay out of America then.
Primary education, yes, but not college education. Most of the top universities are in the US.

Fuck off, we've seen what "African Immigrants" bring to a country. I could not care less if they get a degree or not. Their violent tendencies and low IQ are genetic traits. There is a reason why Africa is a cesspool of rape and murder.

I would be absolutely hilarious if he really said this, but no one believes the media anymore except their usual clients.

I don't care if they fix their shithole countries or not. I don't even care if they're smart and could fix our problems in America. We just don't need or want you. Period. Store's closed. We have enough people already. Period.

Who said so? People with a vested interest or people with pride? Because when I go to work and see what corporate does on a daily basis at my job. I see their education meant jack shit.


I want to believe so hard though.

Hi, Schlomo! How is the weather in Jerusalem?

But user isn't a based traditionalist collective fascist nation the only thing that will save the white race from ebil free market and the concept of asking for interest on loans??

Agreed fuck Norwegians. We take care of our own


user plz. So much salt is bad for my heart health. user plz I can't take such a refined supply of quality salt.

Their countries are filled with violent malnourished retards because that is what niggers give rise to. Given that obvious truth, importing niggers is a bad idea. Their people can only drag us down. Look at what happened to Detroit. Look at what happens anywhere where niggers become the majority. Things turn to shit without fail.

not exactly a selling point, lad.

Seems legit….

… hypocrite.

Fascism is civic nationalism.

Effectively yes.

Yeah, pretty much.
We don't have any need for immigration at this time.

It's a big reason why people come to the US. Go to any university in America and you'll see it's flooded with chinks, pajeets and europoors. You don't see the same brain-drain in the other direction.

go back to reddit, cuck


I know you think you're being ironic but that's correct. America has a long history of shutting down all immigration until the last wave of immigrants assimilate to American life. Only in the past few decades have kikes like you argued we need to keep the floodgates open permanently. It's unprescedented in US history and counter productive to American society.

trips four double six


See, the thing is, If I don't want to do something. They respect it. And I know they do because they'll write someone else up, but not me. Lol, just today I was talking to a superior about something related to my job and how I wanted to go about it and I was told "user, do whatever you want."

They say this because I don't make mistakes and everything I do helps the company out. If I didn't like it, I would have quit a long time ago. There is a lot of corruption, but that is something that I have been taking care of slowly but surely.

you can just sense how pissed off Holla Forums is by this development with all their weak shilling and counter arguments

Not if you're doing it right, cuck


Smart lads

that feel….


Are you really this stupid? There are gold mines in Africa as well. Those mines may produce a lot of wealth. The mines may enrich those in the area. The presence of those mines does not challenge my statement. Their people are still shit and Africa is still a cesspool of rape and murder.


Where the fuck did I say that? The average white person isn't either.

Lol what maybe in 2050

The Aztecs invented peanut butter Carver did research into crop rotation and fixed nitrogen depleted soil. Wew lad do your research.

So why is Africa doing bad and Trinidad and Tabago doing okay? Retard.

Are you unaware that 100% of the cause of why those countries are able to make use of their rich natural petroleums is because of white people? It has 0% to do with the peoples of those countries.

But don't you see, the outliers of a population is all that matters! Just ignore the return to means of the children of said outliers.

Lmao pathetic fucking shareblue kikes

This is so great I can't even believe it.
Is this real life?

What an awful (but fitting) mangling and appropriation of a great work.

Trump might have pretended to be very flexible on immigration so that the cucks reveal what they truly want. Now they have played their hands, Trump can negotiate for everything he needs. H-He's still my God Emperor!!

I wish he said that.


You've just answered your own question as to why those indian-nigger halfbreeds are manage to live in peace. How do you think the country would end up if white people stopped extracting/buying ressources there? Who do you think actually build their entire infrastracture? You cannot be actually this stupid can you?

Pretty cool if true.

Worse than high school. But better than Japan.

I don't see how is this bad. It's just a tad awkward for a more classy meeting discussion, but technically everyone cusses. We're all human.

I hope there's audio. He just said what almost everyone is thinking.
TRUMP 2020

Are you aware that 100% of the cause of the conquest of the New World was Eurasian Germs and Chinese gunpowder? It has 0% to do with the Conquistadors.

Yes goy we convince people not to vote for Trump by telling them how much he loves us….

If we stopped doing business with them, they'd just indoctrinate their people into ji-had. You think Allah Akbars are mad now? Wait until no one wants to buy their oil.

The number doesn't matter. The questions after do. It's more than the number of white people. Where are all the geniuses?


False. L2bell curve

mfw Trump tweets "Damn right I said it, and it's true!"

She can froya my salmon loins any day.

So why is South Africa with its literal diamond encrusted rare earth metal mines or Angola with all its oil not at the same level of GDP per capita?

You should add as the one with the guy meditating and his brain exploding

She has some decent sized milk jugs

You're adorable. Also you never answered why we should even let the "smart" ones in instead of them improving their own countries, or do you not know how eugenics works either.

There's a little from column a and a little from column b.

The average white person has an IQ of 100. The average nigger in Africa has an IQ in the 70s. The average nigger in the US has an IQ in the 80s, because many of those niggers are mixed (browns) and have some white blood in them.

The average white person is far more intelligent and far less likely to engage in crime. When white people come together great civilizations form. When black people come together, things turn to absolute shit. We can clearly see this in Africa. They have an entire continent and that continent is largely a cesspool of rape and murder.

Your measure of "doing OK" is making money, which is entirely different from what we are talking about. It's possible for a subhuman to make money, and still be a violent low IQ subhuman.

Any area can make money if that area happens to be rich in natural resources. Again, in Africa there are pockets of wealth. There are mines in Africa where mostly white people hire and direct low IQ African apes. Those apes may comparatively live better lives and make more money than most of the rest of Africa. Those apes still have lower IQs and violent tendencies.

So, to say that Trinidad and Tabago are "doing okay" because they are selling off their natural resources misses the point. They can still have a higher GDP than average, and still be subhumans at the same time.

The highest income blacks in the US cause more violent crime than the lowest income whites in the US. How do you deal with that, moron?

The average person of any race by definition is not a genius. You simply think (incorrectly) that black geniuses cannot exist. I'm arguing that they do just by the nature of statistics.

The average white person is just average. Sorry.

So then why isn't China the undeniable world power? They aren't even #2.


That more on the nose, kike?


Dunno about Arabs, but stats show whites are the least likely to be gay in America, out of blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.

Kek, I would love it if Trump just got on stage and said that to tens of thousands of people.

Bless you for acquiring this salt for dinner. How many shekels do you want, goy? I have many bitcoin

How can 5% of the population that is smart improve a country if the other 95% are dumb

Regression to the mean would prevent every species from evolving at all if mutated descendants always returned closer to the average ancestral stock retard.

Arabs are somewhere between 25-99% homosexual


You're intentionally not missing the point. The average white is much smarter than the average black. There are fewer black geniuses per capita than of any other race. Yes they exist, but they are far rarer than any other race.

And to vote democrat

The levels of violence in Trinidad and Tobago are low too dumbass. It's not just GDP, it's GDP per capita which measures actual living quality.

T&T is only behind the USA and Canada

Le copy pasta from plebbit!

Heres a theory lads:
Trump strategically said this right as the DACA negotiations are taking place, so the democrats and cuckservatives wont end up making a deal with him and the DACA expires and they all have to go back.

Then after we get the wall anyways because fuck you.

…is this a joke? They are an undeniable world power and will soon eclipse America

The best of the best Africans are still poor genetic stock that hold within them a higher chance to give birth to low IQ children. The question I ask if why do we need them? What do we gain from replacing our own people with their people? Every country that has imported Africans has only become shittier for doing so. Every area where Africans pour becomes a crime infested shit hole.

Yeah, for the gibs.
Black and browns are literally just gibs for democuck politicians.

So we should let in the smart ones as you said before for their eugenics reasons, but they can't do that in their own country.
Probably by how every single racial group in the world evolved to better fit their environment? You know, eugenics in their societies.
Also, why should we let them in their own countries again? Or do you want to take the "cream of the crop" and let their native countries be in third world conditions forever?

Main Ethnic groups of Trinidad (2011[3])
35.43% Indian
34.22% African
15.16% Multiracial
Population: 1,353,895

Main Ethnic groups South-Africa (2004)
Black African (79%)
White (10%)
Coloured (9%)
Population: 55,908,900

Take a wild guess.

I'm also glad that ebil Iran lubbin anti-Semite is outta office too, Shekelbergstein

I really doubt that considering how popular Religion of Cuck™ tends to be among their lot

Well that does it my fellow goys, we don't own nuffin.


Okay so why does this mean black geniuses are stupid? And Tobago

I'm calling bullshit on that.

Have fun in your economically ass devastated economy in the future with numerous domestic terrorists because you people couldn't be assed to humble yourselves for a fucking minute.

where do you think you are, retard?

Rach, please – you've broken the suspension of disbelief. There's no way you're gonna plausibly sell this anymore.

But I thought based Donnie tells it like it is???

Although, for what it's worth, I had a muslim arab tell me one time in New York that "women are for babies - boys are for fun" - to the great agreement of his three brown buddies.

Im not from a 3rd world shithole like you fagmuffin. I also could care less about muh economy if its all whites living around me. We will win from simply being superior.

Gas yourself nigger lover

no….. they shouldn't even be able to exist…. how…

IDK why people are shocked.
If this place wasn't a shithole, no one would immigrate to other countries.
It is exactly that it is a shithole that people want to move out in search of better lives.

Some do integrate well and are skilled workers, some just want to get da gibs.
Liberals know that these are shithole countries, it's just them being politically correct again, trying to avoid stepping on eggshells.

Come on my guy, beat the Holla Forums record. You can do it. I believe.

There's this great place called Appalachia that I think you would really like user

Hi there schlomo

I like that you are calling him Donnie now after you got BTFO in Holla Forums for calling him drumpf in your shitty threads, faggot.

Our economy does not need niggers. It never has and it never will. Niggers do nothing but bring us down.

You’re confirmed for mental illness.

Cry more.

I don't go on Holla Forums faggot but apparently you do. Sad!

I mean it might be a good shot in the arm

Clothes would be cheaper


It's like I'm really back in 2012

Hey, nonwhite newfag. All the countries in the world belong to whites.

Trinidad is a great place to live! Come get stabbed in Trinidad today!

Wow, what an original counter about Trump that I haven't heard from leftists 4 million times. Are you going to call him orange next, you butt hurt faggot?

So literally what is incremental change? And how does siphoning off the top lads prevent it?

Neither, I'm on an internet forum with teenagers full of angst that'll never grow out of this mentality despite their bodies getting older.


They know about nationalist consciousness and defending against foreigners. Based.

Immigration is designed to attract the best and brightest to a country for business. Why wouldn't you want the top lads?

Only 4 points behind South Africa. In comparison, European countries have an average of 1-3, US counties around 1-5.

If you think so. But that's very delusional considering white people are the ones who go in and take lands from other people that were actually trying to live in peace. I mean, you guys owned slaves and put them in horrible conditions and when you set them free you still cock blocked them their fair share. Now, fast foward to this shitty year and you people think all blacks are uneducated wrecks because of the bad a minority of them do. Fact of the matter is that WHITE PEOPLE AND JEWS made it this way through generations of slavery and purposefully keeping them ignorant and then you have the audacity to come on here and bitch and moan? I can see why that bullshit movement of white guilt is a thing, but it's irrelevant. It's not even an issue considering YOU don't own any slaves nor did YOU have anything to do with what happened in the past. But YOU are full of ignorance. That is truth.

You guys will turn on each other and then blame someone else and not take responsibility. Like you're doing now.

We don't want niggers because they are of inferior genetic stock, and because the preservation of our people and our culture is our priority. We gain nothing from replacing our people with violent low IQ subhumans.

I bet they are pissed more about the African thing than Haiti
Any excuse to bring in more North African mudslimes

And actually, your economy wouldn't have been as prosperous if it wasn't build on the back of niggers. Fact of the matter is, YOU'RE not going to build houses or farm lands. You're gonna fill yourself up with pride and ego over some irrelevant thing. Shit, you people fight among yourselves.

Global report.



Check'n it.
Digits of truth it seems.

Not crying. Telling the truth faggot. You'll get yours too

I never said any of those things, but you're full of shit if you think your people are any better.

Don't blame slavery for the state of blacks in the US. Asian immigrants came here with nothing at all, doing the lowest of jobs. Asian immigrants have very low crime rates and high incomes. Blacks have been free from slavery for many generations now. They have no excuse.

Idk im pretty sure humans were capturing and enslaving eachother before white people even existed

They sound like the kind of amazing people who can turn Africa into a united global superpower. They should stay.

Educational attainment is not the measure of genetic worth. African immigrants have lower IQs and are more prone to violent crime.


They were, but if you're gonna generalize an entire population because of a bad few, then I can too. It's only fair.

I can certainly understand to a certain extent why we judge someone more favorably when he voluntarily adopts business practices made to conform with his moral stances in cases where those practices would otherwise be suboptimal from a purely financial viewpoint. But here we're talking about an industry backbone: central American sourced labor in housekeeping. That would be like a bank giving up usury. You could do it but only if all the competitors are being forced to also do it, otherwise it's just suicide.


you utter imbiciles
you fools.

I can and I am. It's not the only cause though. Their culture creates a feedback loop and the fires are fanned by niggerwood. The same niggerwood that makes women into shameless whores.

You don't have to deal with any of this in Africa. It's amazing and perfect and black. Full of near-unlimited minerals and timber. Dirt cheap land. Why would you ever want to leave. Or not go back?

Stay. Stay. Stay. Go back. Go back. Go back.

If you actually believe your own bullshit you know that will never happen

What's the measure of "genetic worth" then?

Are you really this stupid? We built the overwhelming majority of this country - including the houses and farmlands. Your assertion that our economy would not have been prosperous without black cotton-pickers is laughable.

How did black farming turn out for Zimbabwe?

Of course it will happen. Blacks are super geniuses who can do anything. Why would they ever leave? Africa is where it is at. Stay.


I'm sorry, the only people who came from slavery and did anything of note were in video games. In reality, slavery kills people's spirits and make them utterly unmotivated to put effort into their characters because they spent all their worth in the field while their consciousness continually tells them to go against it and they put it down to survive because their masters aren't going to teach them how to fish.

>>The comments left lawmakers taken aback, (((according to people familiar with their reactions))).
I seriously thought you were joking and that you were referencing that other shitty article from a while back.

Give them free education. Socialize all of that with African resources owned and utilized by Africans.

You're a great man, user.

Higher IQs and less violent tendencies is a good start. When whites come together they build great and prosperous civilizations - that's genetic worth. When Africans come together they give rise to cesspools of rape and murder.

In the aftermath of the most recent Japanese tsunami, when thousands of Japanese suddenly found themselves without a home, crime was nearly unheard of. The Japanese came together and worked together. That is genetic worth.

On the other hand, in the Aftermath of hurricane Katrina blacks immediately looted and raped en masse. In the aftermath of the last major earthquake in Haiti, blacks formed blockades, looted, raped, and shot at helicopters that were trying to deliver relief supplies.

Even if hes kinda shit most of the time, I want him to win the next election because of the dramatically shortened lives from stress and depression/suicide and poor life choices it will cause for most of the types of people that I hate.

No need to own guns in a safe, homogeneous white country

Only in shitty areas

Norway is fine in this regard, and the superior quality of life Norway affords trumps minor monetary gains, not to mention not having to deal with Apefirmative Actions hires, kikes, spics, or niggers.

Save for maybe 3-5 colleges (Caltech, Stanford, MIT, UChicago, CMU), US higher education is largely a massive, incredibly pozzed joke. That its reputation has yet to catch up to reality is another matter. Norway is no slouch in education either, be it primary or later, and the student populations of Norwegian universities are without a doubt more tolerable. Again, virtually all high quality whites with no Apefirmative Action retards, spics, niggers, or kikes.

Black culture is not the problem. The problem is genetic.

Cotton was one of the major exports of America to Europe. After the cotton gin came about chattel slavery was the South's economic artery. The North was industrialized and so lessened the economic dependence on cash crop farming but it was huge in the antebellum south.


You could run a massive cotton farm in Africa. Think of all the exporting you could do.


I wish black cusk would care about their children as much as they care about something that happened to their ancestors centuries ago.
You niggers were sold by your own kin to kikes and then sold in the U.S. to other kikes, whites, natives, hispanics and even free blacks, not just whites. Also whites still chose to free you from enslavement soon after even though they never had to out of pure pity, you even recieved repereations and tickets home endless times. Your ancestors were enslaved for like 60 years, not even two generations, yet nearly 300 Years later and you still fuck up while chinks and shitskins even managed to get where they are from nothing. Half of you niggers still live off welfare payed by white tax payers and you still have the audacity to ask for anything. Worst part is that the contrary of what you said happened, kikes did not chose morons and weak slaves, they chose the smartest and strongest ones, they should be top notch of the race and they are still below white man so deep that it's impossible to share common ground while it is at least possible to not kill each other with asians, spicks and shitskins, although they still need to fuck off.

You're a failure of nature and you know it deep down.

So whats the genetic difference in quality between an African person with an IQ of 100 and an average temperament and a Japanese person of IQ 100 and average temperament again?


Anyone else here have kids? Do you find it amusing when your tot asks what a "shithole" is when CNN puts it on the screen but says "s-word" in the back and forth. Good going, fake news.

Even the motherfuckers responsible for abolishing it owned slaves and the southern economy literally depended on slaves. Many rich business men from the north also made bank by investing in the southern production that was done by slaves. No, the country you think you live in would not be without them because YOU CAN'T BE assed to do the hard jobs because you are soft and weak and think you're intelligent because you have a bank of trivial knowledge that is largely irrelevant to your life.

Maybe nothing so its strange that you seem to resistant to being contained to Africa.

There are lots of genetic differences. At the end of the day it's if it's brown flush it down.
Shitskin is shitskin

The cotton industry was one of many industries. By itself it did not account for the entirety of our prosperity. Your assertion that our economy would not have prospered without black cotton picking slaves is ridiculous and laughable.

Cultures change genetics. Your very actions in your life changes your genetics. Their culture is part to blame and so are those that perpetuate it. Slavery will breed poor genetics.


I have Norwegian wood.

So you admit to being just as dirty and shitty as niggers? I mean, I wouldn't do business with a vile rat, but somehow your ancenstor's conscious was okay with it. Derp. Also fag, I'm not black.

We can and have done the "hard jobs" for hundreds of years. Black slaves were a tiny minority of our economy. While we may have gained a small boost from their labor, when they were freed they became nothing but a burden to us. Overall we would have been far more prosperous without them.

Who the fuck said I'm from Africa in any way retard

You have a stunning intellect. Please don't waste it user.

The South would definitely be poorer. Although wartime damage was great, there was so little industry in the South after the war that the economy was stunted for decades during Reconstruction

You said exactly that, you nonwhite sack of shit. Global report.

Serves them right for watching CNN, the little tyke is picking up a fuckload more than shithole trust me.

It's almost like taking the top percentile of a population is kind of bad for a society, good job btfo'ing your own narrative.

It looks like coach roach has joined us

I don't think you understand what genetics are. Genetic changes happen slowly over a great deal of time. A change in culture does not magically change genetics. The genetics of the blacks in the United States is actually a bit better than those in Africa, because many blacks in the United States have white blood in them. That's why blacks in the United States have average IQs in the 80s range, while blacks in Africa have average IQs in the 70s range. That's why crime in Africa is so much higher.

These mental defectives need to go back to reddit.

Except they weren't. African people sold conquered tribes and social outcasts into slavery to Europeans. You're destroying your own narrative. Unless you believe Europeans went in and captured slaves themselves?

I'm wasting it here with

I'm not wrong

Who else would whine so much over the mere prospect of not having unlimited nigger immigration into White, Western countries? If you're a White cuck or a puffy-faced Asiatic, you too could make bank in superpower of the future Africa.

Seriously, some Nobel laureate stuff here. Where did you learn such rhetorical skill?

Fake Jews

Okay I see. It's either a complete ban on the tan or open borders. Gotcha

Enjoy your b&

Another argument against ancestrally African-American blacks (the ones technically having roots here, to the extent of their families having lived in north America now for over a century) is that they've occupied white countries longer than chinks. They've lived in closer proximity to whites, as servants, etc. And despite this, they're less successful in white society than these slant eyed newcomers. But then again I am curious about that community's potential in the absence of welfare and legal protections afforded to thugs, I mean they had extremely high parental cohesion up until the 1960s. Perhaps a solution could have been found if we didn't go in the current direction.

Maybe read your own post again.

The weak niggers died being slaves. While slave owners surprisingly used eugenics to breed stronger, sturdier slaves, even forcibly breeding Irish slave with them to increase IQ. So no, the fact the American niggers have an average IQ of 80 while African have and average of 70 makes them higher percentile then them. Yet they are just as violent.

Here , read this
You will never be white
I hope I spelled my huge words right

That's why you left your home country eh? That's why you didn't want to pay taxes? Also, why is it that construction sites never have a single white person working there unless they're poor? Hmmm. Seems to me, white people take the path of least resistance because they cannot and will not allow themselves to grow in any meaningful way outside of pride. Pride comes before the fall. And this country has the most debt in the WORLD despite getting off it's feet off the back of slaves. Without it, you guys fucking fail. After all, it wasn't blacks that has been leading this country into the shithole it's becoming.

All because the entire population couldn't be assed to save money and wait for the things they want. All because white people allowed a centralized bank that hails to no country to take foot. Yea, real smart.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

I learned muh skills on the rhetory last night from your mom as I was bangin her

Yes, a complete ban on the tan. Who would even want to come here when the incredible riches of future superpower Africa are at their fingertips? The American empire is crumbling. Allow the strategic retreat into the frozen hellscape of the North American supercontinent and resource-poor Europe.

Incorrect, they just made more cash. Slaves were like illegal spics of today, cheaper than the average worker.

Kangz sold the best apart from their own families, it's fact. U.S. niggers are superior to african niggers, even if not back then, they are now. And still, even with all the support in the U.S. they fail to gain foothold in any first world country.

I absolutely loath whites who participated in slavery, but not out of pity for you, but because it was such an obvious kike business. In my eyes the few whites who held slaves were either traitors or idiots.

You take that puss back to school and learn it something smart like.

I think it's telling that recent African immigrants do much better in America than the descendants of slaves.

Stronger bodies don't mean higher IQ idiot.

even forcibly breeding Irish slave with them to increase IQ
Irish "slavery" and especially the idea that society in the 1800's would've perused miscegenation for any reason (or the idea that they thought the Irish had any sort of good qualities) is so pants on head retarded that I have to laugh.

No I understand genetics and I also understand how science works. You are capable of changing your genes while alive. Just because some authoritative source tells you otherwise doesn't make it any less true user. They're better now, but back then they would have been the same because people subjugated them to the same harsh environments. IQ has hardly anything to do with crime either.
It's one of those things that correlation =/= to causation. Just appears that way because of the feedback loop that spawns from people being born into an environment full of strife.

I know plenty of people with both low and high IQs. None of them are violent because of their environments they live in. They are surrounded by peace and live in peace and as such, their IQs are irrelevant.

That's certainly not the case in the Northeastern state I live in.


I'm not black. And yes, Jews were also responsible for the salve trade as well. But remember, like how there are some evil white people, but most aren't, the same applies to Jews.


I'm sure you would've said the same back then too

You arguments are moronic. The whites who came to the United States had harder lives than they had in Europe. Willingness to do hard jobs is an entirely separate issue from willingness to accept high tax rates. You don't see many white people working in construction sites because it's cheaper to hire illegal immigrants. Prior to illegal immigration being so widespread, white construction workers were a thing for hundreds of years. Also, it's the Jew who is behind the downfall of the West and one of their methods of destroying us from within is subhuman immigration.

Fair enough. It is where I am and the majority are illegal. I only know this because once in a while I help my brother out with new construction outside of my normal job.

Even the (((United Nations))) acknowledges that these countries are shitholes.


And your people allow it.

I'm not even mad , where did you wander in from?

Go away, Keith.

Wow it's almost like GDP per capita punishes countries with higher population

He can't even ban Muslims lol


The same does not apply to Jews. Most white people are not evil, but most Jews are all too willing to predate on others.

More useless construction, I'd wager, too. The country doesn't need more strip malls or office buildings.

What in the fuck are you doing

Just think about how much money America saved when all those filthy government leeching niggers died. Holy guck what a good day. Between SSI and l state benefits that is. Good day, come back hurricane

You speak truth, but I suggest a moratorium on the Chris Evans memes. He's actually an impossibly stupid man and a massive cuck in real life.

Elite shabbos goy and elite Jews have more in common with elite Jews and the nibba from Fiddler on the Roof idiot

That is not a counter argument. That's a reason for why things are so shitty over there - it does not contest that things are shitty over there.

Fucking checked.



Oh hurricane-chan will be back
Good deep cleanse is in order for sure
I never minded standing in the rain

Drown yourself, you fucking shill.

I was born in CT, but my parents moved south.

It sort of is because you can't assume the wealth is spread evenly. There could be 200 million people living in China at a much better living standard than the entire population of Mexico (125 million) while the other 800 million live in slightly worse conditions. Which is the "shittier" country?


All of the "savings" you tout definitely didn't cover a fraction of the property damage

Very tiny number of blacks have temperament within the (universally) 'average' interval. Your hypothetical requires an extremely rare creature. But even if you found a (universally) average IQ tarbaby out in the African bush – which remember would be a tail-end (locally) super high IQ child when compared with his genetic peers – and somehow also happens that your specimen is of (universally) average temperament (which for blacks/ orcs would be an exceptionally superb temperament), your Asian would have kids also centered around the average whereas your smart nigger would have kids closer to his people's center of gravity.

Lashanda with 8 children all getting SSI and food stamps, times 50 does you filthy fuckin real estate jew.

It's not just the 'elite' Jews, retard. The majority of Jews vote for leftist candidates who will push for white genocide and hasten the destruction of the West. The majority of Jews in western countries are all for globalism. The majority of Jews in Israel push for the very opposite - they are nationalistic and openly reject any kind of multiculturalism. They account for ~2% of our population and yet they dominate our media and have disproportionately taken up positions of power. They are our enemies and the majority of them are not 'good' people.

Why don't you go back there?


Can we get niggers and spics to start calling themselves shit-holers?

It's poorly built houses that are overpriced. 300 thousand dollar homes at starting with some rooms that have the same square footage my personal bathroom has. On average they're two stories and have about 2000 square footage. It's all wood frame and sheet rock and half the workers suck while the other half do perfect work. The ones that suck, really do suck. Going to lay down carpet down a flight of stairs and before I even begin sweeping I gotta take out nails that are sticking with their points out. Sometimes, you'll find a nail in a spot that's easy to miss, but someone could step on. "Quality", but the roofers in general are mexican and they do excellent work. There is even an asian couple that does very good tile work.

I predict this will happen without us lifting a finger.

Regression to the mean would prevent every species from evolving at all if mutated descendants always returned closer to the average ancestral stock. If you took high IQ people from any race and bred them for even 5 generations you would see increases in the average IQ.

Nice hyperbole but whites use up more total welfare dollars than blacks.

So which are the ebil ones? One of these groups should be based, no?

More sanctimonious asshurt from the NYT comments section. White genocide is A-OK with these lunatics, just don't say mean things about subhumans.

They're the main reason.
That's what i though too a few years ago. Until you realize that kikes have tried to fuck western civilizations for more than 2000 years and are responsible for every single thing today that's still trying to fuck western civilization. Nowadays i am more surprised if something bad is happening and a kike is not behind it. Even if there were a few kikes who are not trying to outright fuck us, i don't see reason to risk my well being for them by trusting a single one of them.

No, it's not a counter argument. China is a powerful country but that power comes at the expense of its people. The worth of a country is not determined by that country's power but by the quality of life of its inhabitants. The overwhelming majority of China has worse standards of living than Mexico and so Mexico is still the better place to live.

Additionally, I've not really seen any comprehensive studies of average "temperament" (which is harder to quantify than IQ) across racial groups yet

Italians and Irish live in huts and never had a written language? Italians and Irish destroy infrastructure created by white through neglect, crumbling roads, dams, railways, etc. Italians and Irish have no grasp of agriculture thus need parasitic handouts to survive? Oh wait, that's niggers. All of that.. is niggers.

[citation needed]

I'm a white felon who voted for Trump. If you aren't a complete mouth breather, there's no redpill quite like being locked up with the worst filth the United States has to offer.
Gives you a new outlook on the gulags and incarceration in general, for sure.

Those in the demographically whiter northeastern states will feel Montezuma's revenge next. I can empathize with the poofs from up north always yammering about global warming, since the cold weather is the only thing holding back the goblin army of all of central America.

Neither are based. They are the enemy. They push for globalism in our countries because they know that globalism will destroy us. They push for nationalism in Israel because they don't actually buy into the globalist bullshit that they push for our people. Your statement that the majority of Jews are 'good people' is false.

He's not wrong

That's fucking gold right there.

lol, this is true though. But I guess what I'm trying to get at is that we can't look at what we have like what it was. Because the two are different even though what we have came from what was. I have only known 2 real niggers my entire life. The rest of the black folk were actually well educated and one of the best workers at my job is black. The guy was in the army, then jumped over into the marines. He eventually went over to a payroll company that he managed and left to do technitian work and now he's where I work. It's fun talking to him about philosophy. Perhaps the best black man I have met yet, but there was another black man there that people would consider a nigger. Me and him bonded because I was curious as to why he was the way he was. Long story short, the mother fucker is hurting from the woman that left him and his kids. He does take care of his kids though. But man is that guy a player and has no shame in. Even told me one day he got head in our conference room. I always let these things slide because he did contribute to productivity, but eventually he got sacked because he wouldn't compromise on hardly anything. He was the judge, juror, and executioner in his eyes, but he was never violent. I don't count homeless people because the elements changes people in general. Usually for the worse.

Some people never listen

There is no need for you to gargle on cock every Tuesday afternoon either queer.

What's grating as fuck about being Irish is that these people always want to use us as examples when they want to shill for infinity third-world immigration, and then five minutes later they'll turn right the fuck around and immediately tell us we're racist and responsible for everything bad in the world because we're white.

Yes, but which is the "better" country? The one with more global wealth and power and influence or the one that more people live better in?

The Irish really are subhuman though

Have you seen interracial crime statistics? Per unit of population blacks have much higher rates of violent crime. That's a pretty clear indicator of temperament. It can't be attributed to income either, since high income blacks are still more likely to engage in violent crime than low income whites.

Yes Mexicans are incapable of wearing coats and there are no Mexicans in NYC

Wait… so people behaving like based nationalists… are the enemy?? Nani?!

There are plenty of dumb ass spics up here. They just do garbage work in construction and are largely limited to end-around jobs who try to bypass the unions. The rest of them tend to work in these totally parasitical warehouses full of the most useless consumer trash. Such wonderful economic activity.

But Ireland and Italy ARE shithole countries…

No we're not, faggot.

Kosher as fuck mayne.


>At the establishment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Security Branch in 2005, FBI Director Mueller appointed Mr. Mudd to serve as the Branch’s first-ever deputy director.
Ah, so this isn't anger salt, this is fear salt.

Translation: Mudd is a deep-state whore in bed with the media.

Fancy that.

How the fuck did he get into the fucking intelligence community with such a weak fucking academic background?

Get fucked you drunken mackeral-eating potato-nigger wop.
- t. Irish-American

The one that offers the higher quality of life for their people is the better country, not the one that wields more power at the expense of their people.

I understand what you mean, but I believe it's not the entirety of the Jewish population that owns everything and the ones that do even take from their own. Although, when you hear a modern "Jew" talking about how it's okay to kill a 'goyim' and the definition of goyim is someone who is not Jewish…

I really want to believe there are Jewish people who are legit trying to simply be but are being roped along by the top of their kind.


We've reached side exploding levels that can traverse multiple dimensions.


I don't know how to break this down for you any further. You said that most Jews are 'good' people. I showed you that most Jews are actively working to destroy the West through globalism, and that most Jews reject their own globalist lies when it comes to their own people. Thus, most Jews are not 'good people'. They are our enemies.



user, we already had them calling themselves proud cuckolds early in the election.
Get with the times.


the only actual cucked one is the mexico us border one


I never said that. I said not all of them are evil caricatures


The thing is, what fucking resources are they talking about? Indigo? Just grow more. The spices? Just grow more. For the overwhelming majority of the colonial period large scale oil exploration wasn't even a thing. What is the specific resource they have run dry on over there?

If you're going to attribute evolution mainly to genetic drift instead of natural selection, or however you're saying that a given contiguous population's various means are unchanging, then siphoning away the top 5% would actually drive down the mean to that of the remaining 95%, and so now everybody's chasing that mean.

You didn't use the word caricatures. You said most Jews are not evil

Yet most Jews appear to be working towards an evil goal.

CNN Literally spelled it out - isn't there some FCC rule that you're not supposed to cuss like that on TV?


That's not me, check the IDs

For better or worse Trump made everything crasser and looser

Ceramics and toilet paper.

The rest of your commentary is in a similar veni. You are being disingenuous and/or fucking stupid.


I seem to recall heavy tariffs even being placed on cotton textiles being imported from India to protect England's wool industry.


Daily reminder that the British made Indians grow poppies instead of food so they could hook the Chinese on opium to take their tea and silver

I see, you jumped into the comment chain. You still defended their comment though. So I'll ask you directly: Do you believe that most Jews are good people?

Literally the only thing I can think of is the Spanish mining gold and silver in Central and South America. Defeated peoples getting their gold and silver taken as spoils is as old as nations themselves, so condemning Spain for that would be ridiculous anyways.

Oh, wait, I just noticed…
You're about 20% of the posts in this thread.

Starting here:

Last post here:

You've been shitposting non-stop in this thread for nearly 4 hours user.
Its time to take a break.

people wanna come to the USA because we're fucking awesome and if immigrants can assimilate they can come

How can anyone pretend he's wrong. Haiti is by far the least developed country in the western hemisphere while Africa is the least developed continent in the world.
Looking at the list of countries ranking by HDI score, of the 41 countries that scored below .550, African countries were 35 of them along with Haiti making the list. Ironically Norway regularly scores the highest out of any country. Enjoy this original chart


I filtered that dumb nigger after its second or third post.


Becuz das raycis yo

I'm just amazed we're still getting shilled like this.

I don't believe most people are good people. Now, if you think I believe the average Jew is worse than others, no. Most people are mostly shitty

Think longer and harder

Ok mom I'll go to bed soon :)


How dare this jewish kike CIA Mossad Half-Orc have a different opinion than me

Of the non-black countries on the list, Papua New Guinea (which is a subgroup of the australoid species) rapes its own children, eats every other one, and rips apart their genitals. And Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen have been ravaged by war from between 4 and 40 years. There’s literally no excuse for the niggers.

Fucking beaners and Dr. Schlomo giving them coats. If only winter could be made harsher as a deterrent to equatorial populations.

Except that was Australian Aborigines in the 1890's

Reported for sheer faggotry.

What was your point in posting?

This had better be true.

Most white people are good people at heart. The same cannot be said for the Jews, who actively work to destroy us from within.

Cry harder

Don't reply to me thank you

user, look at the post count of the thing you're responding to.
Its been shitting up this thread for about 4 hours now, and doesn't appear to have made a single valid point.

Don't bother.

CNN is cable. No different then HBO or PlayboyTV.

FCC only has jurisdiction over "network" TV that is broadcast OTA.

Why not dump the Haitians back onto Africa?


N-no it's fake news the (((media))) wants you to believe it!

You're right, it's time to report and move on.

Uhhh Africa is just one big country with all the same language right

Angry negress getting rear-rumpled

French is a common enough language in Africa.

Fuck off, buckaroo, this is my turf.

I had to go and like CNN's salty video.

I miss the old copypasta.

I didn't know they had internet in Haiti, but of course some nigger comes to defend his shithole.


friendly reminder to all anons
instantly filter anyone that posts a picture of rachel maddow
they have nothing to contribute to any conversation on this board, they're either willfully contrarian or actually retarded and seek only to bring down the quality of conversation or subvert from the topic at hand
thank you, polite sage for off topic

Ooga booga, nigger


Yeah, just remember that shitposting still is a shitty "currency" even if it's given out by a president.

Don't jump his balls for such a pittance after doing all sorts of pro kike shit, please.



Fuck off back to reddit how dare you insult The GOD EMPEROR?

The filename makes it even worse

We don't use language like that you fucking kikel
Trans is a loaded word that the Frankie mentally ill themselves use

Commie is also a hipster term, Bolsheviks or sucks is the word to use

Are you actually retarded or just pretending



I always preferred Marxist personally. Grabs the social and economic methods of the enemy.

After actually looking through this thread, I have come to the conclusion that it needs to be gassed immediately.
Anyone posting beyond this point is an irredeemable faggot.

fuck off nigger

Fuck off jew.


Oh I hope he did, but he PROBABLY didn't. Give President Trump a LITTLE credit. He's probably being recorded 100% of the time at those meetings. He wouldn't be stupid enough to say something like that. that said, I agree with the statement. Fuck Haiti. Fuck Somalia. We don't need more mall stabbings.


Shills right now be like

Bump because it triggers you.

Reported. Commit suicide, kike shill.

You're not welcome here, negroid. May I suggest instagram, or twitter?


Haiti and Africa are objectively shitholes, though. The common man knows this. You're the delusional one if you think otherwise.

I'm a little peeved lad where did I say that in fact I did say it happened here


and this:

It's like people are too stupid to do the math and figure out that 40% of 12% of our society uses less welfare than 13% of 70% of our society. Oh wait it's exactly like that.

They also pay 78 percent of the taxes, leftypol. Reported for defending niggers.

You’re a clinically autistic faggot who has utterly destroyed this thread. You were proven wrong. Go shit yourself.

Reported for not even trying to hide that you’re a socialist.

Thanks for admitting it, kike. Reported.

Reported for ban evasion. Good to see the mods are back on duty.

Misleading half-arguments like always, lefties always fail to mention the comparison to total demographic composition. You pruposefully set benchmarksto sound advantageous to your own narrative instead of making a useful representation of reality. Absolutely disgusting behaviour and perfect mirror of your mind.

I love this President. Certainly the greatest in our lifetimes.

You have to choose between moving to Norway or moving to Haiti. Which do you choose?

I've found that is the best way to cut to the heart of the issue with leftists. I've been having fun with this on my twitter throwaway.

technically not possible friend.

The funniest thing to me about this is that he's not wrong. Sure, calling them shitholes is unprofessional, but at the end of the day, they are shitholes.

If I hear anyone bitching about it, I'll ask them why they haven't taken a vacation of Haiti or Central Africa.

That's also a good idea.

get out.


Why are so many faggots here invested in the idea that this is fake news?

Is Trump telling the truth somehow a bad thing?

Nope he said it , it's funny as fuck
The truth is always the best policy

Chilean media made an article specifically to evoke a negative reaction on Trump's sayings. Funny thing is the most upvoted comments are the ones supporting him.


When telling the truth means telling the truth about niggers being worthless, leftists don't want you to tell that truth, they want you to make excuses for them and blame whites.

I can't tell whether to like Trump or not, but regardless this quote is pure gold.

What the fuck I love shitholes now!

What the hell is wrong with you.

They eat mud. One can object to the Presidents blunt rhetoric but they cant contest it. If a stable part of your diet is mud whilst your closest neighbor is exporting billions of dollars in food produce a year then you live in a shit hole.



I love how this man makes the media tell the truth.

He refused to deny it you fucking retard.

What if we use this quote to make leftists emigrate to those countries in order to prove they are not shitholes?


sylvi listhaug
Anti immigrant Pro Norwegian minister of "integration" a schoolteacher, mother and all around /ourgirl/

It's not like those are worth fucking anything anymore. Throw money at a college and you get a degree, and if you're no-White you essentially get a free ride.

I give it a day before it gets outed as another Gorilla Channel-style joke and WaPo has to take the walk of shame as everyone makes fun of them.

>get to asshurt by a supposed comment that you have to shitpost on Twitter

How mad does she have to be?

reverse antiracist migration
I like the way you think


The only reason we have no use for black geniuses - if they exist - is because we have more white geniuses than we know what to do with.

Trump's truth-telling truly knows no bounds! Impeach!

We'd have hundreds of thousands more Pippa Beccas. A man can dream.

It is rather amazing. Not only during the election run up, but during his term Donald Trump has evoked a feeding frenzy by these retards that practically always ends with them shooting themselves in the foot. Pretty amazing actually.

Funny, you'd think all those bachelor's degrees and high intellects would help their countries not be shitholes.

He's the compassionate conservative we need!


It's just like dealing with sjw tier shitlibs on a lower level. The leftists are so rabidly brainwashed they're akin to religious fanatics. Anytime they hear a tiny bit of politically incorrect heresy they have to launch a fucking jihad against it to prove their faith and loyalty. They are basically incapable of not taking the bait, so it's easy to constantly get them to walk into traps and shoot themselves in the foot.

was rach replaced with someone not as subtle? this isn't great work.

Say what you want about rachposter, but he good be a very good troll, and a pretty good rhetorician. It's why I always thought he was someone much more intelligent than imkampfy.

*could be

The transatlantic african slave trade doesn’t exist anymore. The people who capture, herd, and market slaves would rather become slaves themselves if it meant getting out of africa. No slavers means no slaves.

Precisely, props to your swift aptitude for learning my friend.

I wouldn't know. I filter the faggot.

And these people actually expect us to take them seriously as a very legitimate, unbiased news organization

Here is the input of everyone's favorite neocon kike.

"There are only two genders and I love free speech. Im so edgy aren't I? Oh and by the way, if you don't let millions of Africans into America, I will call you a bigot…… because I'm a conservative."

I don't think there is a single kike that I have ever hated more than him.

This is really beyond cozy. We are truely blessed by Kek.
I suggest to Don's team, yes I'm talking to you H0pe. Capitalize fully on this. Invite Sylvi and her whole family over for dinner in WH. THEN publicize support for Norge anti immigration policy
You have a beautiful window opened

Are you people fucking retarded? Its not saying 13% of whites and 40% of blacks use welfare. Its saying of the people that use welfare, 40% of them are black, 13% are white. Let's do a couple simple calculations

Absolutely retarded version you think the statistics mean:
There are 1,000,000 white people
1,000 black people
10% of whites = 100,000 whites on welfare.
40% of blacks = 400 blacks on welfare

Now for the reality
1,000,000 whites
1,000 blacks

I love when they start blabbering in made-up absolutes, trying to convince themselves of the nonsense they're spouting.

It's a public tantrum akin to a slow child covering his eyes and screaming that the sky is absolutely red with polka dots, over and over.

Twitter really is an exercise in self-delusion for millions of severely broken leftist morons.

I think it’s Jake Rapp

Haiti is NOT a Shithole country.

oy VEY, don"t deport the illegals back to Haiti. It"s a Shithole.


Anons, my wife has the flu and is trying to sleep. You can't keep making me laugh like this.

Why aren’t liberals killing themselves?
Trump is the greatest devil the jews have set up since Hitler himself. Why hasn’t the propaganda taken hold? Why aren’t liberals genuinely terrified to leave their homes? They can say all they want that they’ve “lost their power”, but none of them seem to believe it, as they’re not acting like people who feel futility as their very being.



Bill Kristolnacht is worse. But yeah, manlet ben sucks balls.



This will be the “1488D chess” narrative in the coming days. Expect to see it spammed without the merest hint of evidence.


How can I stay mad?

Is Haiti a Shithole? Why don't we check the Haiti travel adviser board?

Yeah he fucking said it.


“It’s quite simple, Mr. Ambassador. You take the poo to the loo.”
“But we’re not even Indian!”
“That’s right; they’re beating the shit out of you in terms of HDI.”

The salt mines are going to overflow. We are witnessing the beginnings of a great triggering.

Because slipping out of delusion and into reality is a slow, gradual process that takes a very significant amount of time to take hold.

Oh fug guys, Haiti has a government. The end of Trump?

This lump of salt has the added bonus of being delivered in that stern, scolding school marm-ish voice. They attempt gravitas but fall right on their big dumb asses.

>You're going to comb your hair, sit up straight, eat all your peas and there will be no ice cream for you either mister.


Travel AdvisoryJanuary 10, 2018Haiti – Level 3: Reconsider travelUC
Reconsider travel to Haiti due to crime and civil unrest.

Violent crime, such as armed robbery, is common. Local police may lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents or emergencies. Protests, tire burning, and road blockages are frequent and often spontaneous.

The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in some areas of Haiti. U.S. Embassy personnel must receive permission from the Embassy security officer to travel to some areas of Port-au-Prince. Embassy employees are discouraged, and in some instances prohibited, from walking in city neighborhoods, including Pétion Ville. After dark, Embassy personnel are prohibited from visiting establishments without secure, on-site parking. Travel outside of Port-au-Prince is prohibited after dark. Embassy employees are under a curfew from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. The use of public banks and ATMs by Embassy employees is prohibited at all times. Embassy personnel are prohibited from using any kind of public transportation throughout the country.


Paul Nehlen has become a Trump remora of sorts.

Pfft. It's fucking Haiti. Who cares if they're mad? What are they gonna do?

Jesus, it sounds like being an embassy staffer in Mogadishu or something. Who the fuck would ever sign up for such a position?


double bubs confirm gaynigger has lost the will to live



This is wonderful.

we've reached the point of no return

my freaking ears!!

Seriously though, every news channel but fox is going to get shut down for breaking fcc rules. My local radio station even said that news is getting out of hand. When the RADIO is held to a higher standard, you know they're scared.


CNN isn't regulated by the FCC though.

Guess what

Well they're breaking some rule. That's for certain.

Liberals at this moment.

All TV is.


I'm literally in tears
What an amazing night this has been

Shouldn't there be a #5?

Like Cuba before king nigger?

TL:DR: Haiti is a shithole and you probably shouldn't go you dumb faggot.


Good grief, I actually feel empathy for that Negro. The Vermont faggot has to die.


January 17th is right around the corner, user

do people really believe this tear up bullshit

Tonight has reach levels of butthurt that shouldn't be possible.

Not really user, because anything where travel is prohibited wouldn't be possible for an American to visit to begin with unless you somehow sneak in.

The advisories only apply to countries where an American could legally go.

Wonder if he choked out the tears of the little kidnapped nigger boy from Haiti the Clintons provided to him for ass fucking?

That’s not fair. Trump had to endure the Clintons just like the Haitians had to endure the Clintons.

Definitely not the first time he has been involved with Haitians and choking something back.


Women mostly. Thanks 19th amendment.

The Deep State is very old. For example, Abraham Lincoln never existed.

These fucking people

haha nice.

prepare you're angus. after tonight, Haiti will become classified as Level 4

weird way to announce having AIDS


Because they haven't actually lost power. Jesus, it's like y'all aren't even redpilled or something. Liberals, whether they know it or not, utilize the kike tactic of kvetching at every little thing their political/social opponents do. It's a way of policing the language and behavior of the other side. When it's pointed out that progressive idealists still own and control most of the MSM and government and educational institutions, as well as controlling the general social mood of global corporations, they dismiss it as simply evidence of common sense or common decency finally seeping into a historically white supremacist structure, not as evidence of their overwhelming power.

Granted, the mask has been slipping lately, given that liberals have now taken up the "muh russia" narrative which was previously used by kike neoconservative red diaper baby scumbags, and over the past ten years or so, begun to openly endorse globalization. Doubtless the retards in the NYT comments section and other such internet retard-playpins can't comprehend the magnitude of this position, but to the elites controlling the narrative, it's always been the same: the merging of the private and public sphere (politicians controlled by lobbyists for corporations), the breaking down of ethnic boundaries as well as any kind of traditional social structure, and an increasing reliance on state power.


Reminder they killed the boys, and nobody in all the world gave a fuck.

lel digits confirm

Yet another sanctimonious, wealthy cock-gargler who thinks he's loved by the masses and is a moral arbiter because he puts his jizz covered face in front of a network camera. What a joke these kikes are.


Always a kidder, that Leguizamo!

tbh ill probably get banned for this but I support the NWO. sure loads of blood will be spilled because of intentionally started global conflict but in the end it will kill off everyone infected with the cancers of the modern word. After the global conflict once the surface is safe again a new race of man could restart with all the tech and this time use it to make the new world instead of letting the tech be tainted by the old world. If there is a group that was able to make such a thing happen wouldn't that mean they had proved themselves smarter and able to achieve a vision? I would gladly die if it meant a truly new world

Twitter is (((rigged))). See the news.

Isn't that cultural appropriation of Indians? Someone really should tell them to check themselves.

India is ranked #1 at going number 2 in the 3rd world but Haiti is coming for your brown crown, my son.

Good god how his this place not imploded yet?

You really deserved dubs.

Took me a few.


Raoh and Ryuken, that was a good scene.

Yeah they have been through more bullshit and oppression, all entirely self inflicted.

Those brave niggers, bravely surviving the hardships of living around other niggers

I dont see why its so bad to want to be on the winning team, i bet you voted trump. were on the same damn side.




How long till he suicides on air?

He was worthless too. I can't find the copy-pasta right now but he didn't invent anything, and certainly not peanut butter which is thousands of years old. His whole career was a progressive attempt to show that blacks could be scientists too, which only works if you don't actually examine what he was doing. He could ape the motions, but that's about it.


I sense rustled jimmies.

I'm in fucking tears. These faggots, they no not what they meme.


you can't right this shit


yeah I'm retarded

They just can't help themselves. They keep going on their tirades of "I can't even" it's just driving more and more people away. The window moved a shit ton tonight.


thanks, I needed a good laugh


Pepe one is embedded in this post.

oh no……………



Dirt has about 22 calories per pound, you'd have to eat 100 pound of dirt cookies to get the daily amount of calories to live. But that doesn't balance out the fact you're killing yourself by shoveling dirt into your mouth. But these niggers are stupid enough to not only not consider just getting a couple of wheat seeds and begin farming, but they've made an entire business centered around selling dirt cookies.

My fucking diaphragms are in pain. Im going to die tonight.

>yes we all know these countries are shitholes, but you're not supposed to say it!
Do they ever think about what the fuck they say?


Doesnt matter. Kill them all.

No, what he meant was that Trump can think whatever he wants, but he should keep things to himself.

Yes he is. And when you read into his history with his rag the Weekly Standard, and his history (along with fake tough-guy zionist faggot stooges like John Bolton and RIchard Perle) with PNAC, you will hate him even more. He was one of the main """intellectual""" conservative architects of the mid-90's push to oust Saddam, and along with Kagan urged on retards in the U.S. Congress like Sam Brownback and Jesse Helms to pressure the Clinton administration into bombing the country to rubble. They were unsuccessful, but built up a massive head of steam, then the Bush admin came into power. Kristol was involved with fellow kike Paul Wolfowitz in the drafting of a paper called A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing The Realm, which was a blueprint for essentially destroying the Middle East, and written for, guess who? That's right, Benjamin Netanyahu, the then-incoming PM of israel. THe paper argued for establishing a "safe zone" in southern Iraq under """democratic""" control of the INC, from which an insurgency would be carried out against the Hussein regime. Throughout 2002, Kristol along with other rats at the American Enterprise Institute and PNAC kept pressuring the government by arguing that it could not now allow UN inspectors back into Iraq (a position once held by the conservakikes) because it would give Saddam a free reign in continuing to develop WMD's. This wasn't enough, and regime change was apparently now the only option. THeir allies in the Pentagon and Defense Department quashed all concerns by people like Powell that an invasion in Iraq could result in the U.S. being drawn into a long term military engagement. And look where we are now.

Hate these kikes. Hate them with every fiber of your being.

< not the country of pepe the frog
How did she think this was a good idea?!! HOW?!!!!

Jesus fish, these fuckers



Oh, I know who they are all too well.

< twuttor
Twuttor is (((compromised))). They shadow ban, use bots against Conservatives and "rednecks".



great post

Thanks user, saved me from typing that up myself

I'd do it. I bet they get paid hazard pay too.

I keep foofering when I laugh. My room smells like shit. It's your faults anons.

< "Jesus!"

Just. I just…

Trust me, you can do all kinds of security work abroad that pays way more than that and is less risky. Cargo ship security, for one.


This kikes father was a literal Marxist who "changed sides" to lobby for more aggressive pro pisrael bullshit. At this moment I can't think of anyone I would be prone to kill more if given a free murder.


Yes, few people realize what a shit country Haiti is.

mfw millions of white kids will be telling pablo in the coming weeks to go back to his shit hole country

Definitely worst in the Western Hemisphere.

Im right there with you. Im giddy like a wop schoolgirl.


Why's Haiti such a clusterfuck? I remember some big hurricane tearing the place apart and a bunch of scam charities making bank, but that's about as far as my knowledge of Haiti extends.

From the pictures, they look like a piece of Africa that somehow broke off the continent and sailed across the Atlantic until it got lodged over here.

Thanks user. I tried to embed the video of this fat worthless hebe calling for the replacement of working class white people ("oy vey! some vestige of self-sufficient whites still exists!"), but it wouldn't let me.

Jesus, I didn't even know that. I'm aware of the "red diaper baby" phenomenon, but not that clued into it. Thanks for the info.

the youth are the future

Some more establishment tears because their plans for White genocide are being put on hold.

Someone, please stop Orange Hitler!

HuffnBlow:Trump Finally Says What Republicans Won’t: The Immigration Debate is About Keeping America White

Chicongo Tribune: Your response to Trump’s racist ‘shithole’ comment will be remembered

LA Times: Trump's 'shithole' remark is the latest in long string of racial provocations

NYT: From Norway to Haiti, Trump’s Comments Stir Fresh Outrage

CBS: "Those words cannot affect me": Haitians react to Trump's comment

Variety: Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon Call Trump ‘Racist’ Over ‘S-thole Countries’ Remark



Let the photoshops begin!

It's full of niggers.

The misplaced maudlin pathos is SO cringy. Liberals just wanted an excuse to say the naughty words.


Top kek


How long before Don Lemon stars in homosexual pornography live on CNN?

POTUS continues shitposting on Twitter.

That's a good way of putting it. As if it wasn't painfully obvious he memorized that Keith Olbermann-lite rant, and was struggling to recall the next segments during his pauses. Those blank looks are the looks of someone trying to remember something.



Like the other user said, it's full of niggers. Haitian jigs seem to be an especially loathsome type of nigger much as the Somalis stand out for their barbarity. This is from Kikepedia but does give a brief overview of Haiti's niggershines over the past 50 or so years.

Corruption in Haiti

Over 100 posts ITT between these two IDs.

Has Trump broken the world record probably previously held by himself for most salt mined in a single night?


It's only the start of the year.

Maybe, but salt is not enough anymore. We need concrete action to keep shitskins out of this country. The kind of concrete that's used to build a huge goddamn wall, accompanied by a restoration of quota systems used in America prior 1965.

Thanks, m8. It really does sound like a country in Africa. At this point, the only thing that seems like it could save it would be getting conquered by another country that then finds and executes all of the corrupt cunts as it seizes control.


"It really does sound like a country in Africa."

Of course it does. They are 100% african, genetically, so of course they will create the exact same type of civilization, completely indistinguishable from a regular sub Saharan hellhole. Its one of the most perfect examples of how genetics and culture are intertwined.

Simple. French brought over slaves for plantations, slaves decided to revolt and murder anyone who wasn't 100% black, even the french that helped them were strung up.

heh, fuck that

Yes. CNN is fucking unhinged right now.

Nigger, Haiti went all Django unchained on it's slaveowners 200 years ago. You know what they did with their freedom? They created the shithole that our president just accurately described.

Liberia was founded with freed slaves and followed the US Constitution for its legal code. Nowadays they spend their time eating each other and spreading Ebola.

Rhodesians surrendered to nigger rule, and within a few years their money was worth less than toilet paper and they started starving to death.

Lastly, if whites are so dependant on brown labor, why can't you walk 3 blocks in Europe without running into a thousand year old architectural masterpiece? Were all those cathedrals and castles actually built by the ayys?


CNN: Trump said Nigeria is a shithole, whereas it is actually a hellhole.


It was six weeks before everything started to collapse in Rhodesia after the transfer of power, also you can't fight a war when you're embargoed by everybody, one hell of a fight they pulled off though. Most rhodies fucked off to other countries when the power transferred with the help of yugoslavs if I recall.

Lmao, reminds me of that old debate ((("fact checker"))) where Trump said Hillary "acid washed" her server

Did you ever think when you were a child that you would be able to live rent free in millions of cuck's minds?

This is surreal. One thing I will say about CIA nigger Phil Mudd, he has a really smooth voice. Those slurs just roll off his tongue and it sounds amazing.

Norwegian immigrant sounds nice but remember to filter out the numales though otherwise Trump might imports some Holla Forums equivalent.


Well, there's that. And there's also the fact that the government was openly practicing Satanism and demon worship as public policy.

Satan, pls

As someone who lived in south Florida and had to deal with the niggerest of niggers, the Haitians, Im convinced God cursed those abominations in every way possible. I might add, rightfully so. Im sure Somalians are pure shit, but Haitians are the refuse of Africa, and that speaks volumes.

Hey Satan. Calm down.

This timeline is fucking confusing. I like it, but it's confusing.

Wasn't there an article a few months ago about how Hatians are now flooding into Leafland and the Leafs, who initially said 'Yeah, come in, eh!' are now saying 'Wait, we actually have pretty strict immigration requirements!'?

Wouldnt surprise me seeing as lefties love to virtue signal until LeMarcus is in their face raping and robbing.

Kind of yes.

It was how they were flooding in after Cuckdeau said some open borders, terrorists are welcome shit and then they flooded in and some people with their immigration office were nervous and antsy as they realized those new "immigrants" hated Canada and were refusing to assimilate.

I dreamed we would travel the stars, it's not going to happen but at least I get to witness this.

They look nice too.

It's worth noting that Haiti was France's most profitable colony before the rebellion. 200 years later and it's practically an open air prison for niggers.

Also I must remind everyone that Haiti has NEVER recovered from any natural disaster after they genocided the whites. I mean it. Every single earthquake hurricane and storm has wrecked Haiti further and the savage hordes prefered to loot their neighbour's house than dig him out of the rubble.

Of all the times I've doubted Trump, I'm going to look back and say "man, 2017 was a gay year for me"

2018 is already shaping up to be a huge whitepill, lads.

Fucking hell.

What is so confusing about red/blue and ONLY red/blue?

how can I embarrass these shithole countries anymore? How takin der jerbs?

Hold up, what?


< with makeup on

Makeup is an admission one is hideous.

get shitpilled

They just get internet to your cave?

This needs to be memed for a February triggering.


Haiti should be used for that purpose, and for training Navy Seals for live fire missions. It's about time they go back and shoot a few more of them.

Let's meme it. Don Lemon says "HAIL KEK!"

MLK Jr day soon. Potential for agitation


wth I hate drumpf now?

We should meme something like "police officer appreciation week" into the middle of Feb. Isn't Feb (((black history month)))?

The Hill:Congressional Black Caucus chairman: Trump's slogan code for 'make America white again'


/r/ing someone to create a compilation of all the slurs he uses.

I still want to get one of these made up. I don’t wear hats, but I’d like to have it.

>(((black history month)))
>trying to culturally appropriate Shithole History Month
nigger, pls


What do you mean by this? I echoed it for that exact reason.

Seriously though, how could anyone call it anything else?

Where can I buy that?

You still don't get it. You're too small-minded and emotional to think about anything but individuals. You would prioritize one smart nigger being able to succeed over the welfare of an entire country of whites. Thus, you are a perfect example of the cancer which is killing the West. Nonwhites defeat countries run by people like you because they don't fall prey to this kind of sentimental thinking, they will always put their tribe before one white person no matter how smart he is.

He and the rest of Faux News are plainly just controlled opposition, and yet another soapbox for the left to spout off, but I have to admit there are a few things I like about Tucker. This is one of them.

Vicente is coked up and drunk, again.

Vicente Fox: Trump’s ‘mouth is the foulest s—hole in the world’

I bet he'd be really triggered if someone told him he was full of shit


We need to ramp up the OC with stuff like this. Like an "Identifying Shitholes - Yep, it's a shithole" one

I don't think I have ever seen a saltier human being.

Apex fucking kek.

This is literally Turner Diaries-tier.

kekd. this just keeps getting better and better.

That filename is 100% fucking accurate, user.


I love how much this is blowing up because deep in everyone's hearts they know what he says is true.

There's a good portion of anons who originally came to Holla Forums opposed to its dominant views. I probably won't convince that guy, but I might help redpill someone else.

and that's exactly why our memes have staying power and resonate.


+10 feet
You know in 3 or 7 years exactly fuck all will have been done, but his opponents will look haggard and spent.

The beaner mentality is astonishing to witness. They've got enough brain cells to mimic an attempt at Western governance but they just can't process anything more complicated than being a Big Chief and mordida.

Of course diversity being a code word for white replacement is still just a crazy conspiracy

Disgusting savages who keep breeding when they know their offspring will need to literally eat dirt and shit to survive.


Agreed. The President of the United States has zero say on who can and cannot enter this country.

No joke, these pictures are from "Plaine du Nord Festival"….a Haitain festival that involves shithole voodoo rituals.

wew lad

Yeah but it's like how everyone feels in their hearts but are too afraid to stand up and tell others that's how they feel due to fear of reverse-color barrier.

This is true,every jewish judge has the power to overrule him.

Trump broke the reverse-color barrier that is.


Yep, the word of the first judge to rule against him is final, and the President is powerless to stop it. He has to abide by any judge's decisions, immediately and in their entirety. I mean, just look at what happened to Jackson when he tried to flout the Supreme Court, for example.

Honestly, Tuck Frump. Open Borders for America.


Yall do realize normies aren't going to be able to debunk this 'shithole' article as ALL media is pushing this story, without naming sources.

This is what (((their))) plan is. To control the narrative without any proof.

They are even brazen enough to mention the WH hasn't denied it.

We can't let (((them))) get away with this, and just dismiss this as fake news.

This needs to end now. We need to call out every liberal, conservative, and what ever news you personally used to respect, as there is none left.

I seen this BS on Breitbart, RT, etc.

The propaganda has gone too far.

I guess Trump will have to explain it to these dummies chapter and verse.

NY Daily News: Haitian government formally seeks explanation for Trump’s ‘s–thole countries’ remark

False. Trump only needs to take these rulings to SCOTUS because of how fucked up this nation still is.
No court besides SCOTUS has the power to rule on POTUS' scope of power and reach.

With all due respect to your digits, and not that I'm suggesting you support such cowardice, I have little respect for so-called men who can't decide if they are a man or a mouse.

He truly made First Ladies Great Again

Haiti's GDP is ~$8B. It's the poorest nation in the western Hemisphere.

If I had done that on Twitter, before I deleted my account, I would have had my account locked.

I'm only saying what's happened, how is it false? And where are the armed militia standing up to this tyranny?

Any place with any concentration of shitskin could use the treatment. Blue states and cities are ripe.

The real question is how did these countries become shit-holes.

Was there equitable trade or jackboot colonialism? Just like the Muslim refugees, nobody seems to care what gave rise to them.

Qaddafi warned the west that he was keeping hordes of migrants at bay, and now look at all the boats crossing the mediterranean. Qaddafi didn't off himself.

Here, children, we see George Bernard Shaw in action:

You really think that MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR, RT, Fox, Leitbart, and Infowars are all on the same side? That would imply that some kind of state, perhaps one existing deep below the surface of our government, controls all major media outlets - including so-called "alternative" media.


Because they don't legally have that power. My bad though, I'm mincing over technicalities.

This is a great opportunity to hi-jack the shithole outrage hashtag on twitter with redpills about actual shithole countries.



Send him to the back of the oven

< thinks chess is just a meme
< is literally a pawn

But user, Nazi ovens take like a billion years just to heat up, let alone burn even one body! Cremation technology is utterly unattainable, because Holla Forums says!



Why? Predictably, they are the instruments of their own destruction. For the greater lulz. And your post seems to indicate you consider the accusation of being racist as outrageous, rather than an indication of right thinking. You're not actually a shill are you, (1)? Why would I respect any news commentator btw? They are all a den of thieves and liars.

We need a [shitholes internally]

They've become shitholes because the overwhelming majority of their population are low iq retards. Anyone with any amount of sense seeks to leave at the first opportunity they get.

Coming from the same manpig who, in , claimed that "Abraham Lincoln never existed," this attempted insult is utterly meaningless.

Goy last post.


Looks like he was reading from a teleprompter lol