5,000 Italian National Socialists from "CasaPound" group give Roman salute at rally

ITALY NO! The fire rises..

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Great news!!!

>leftist terrorist (((commando)))

You are mislead - that clearly was not a nazi salute. It was a fascist one. A noi.

Right. They are fascists and not national socialists. They also seem to be a lot cooler with sexual degeneracy than us National Socialists, if their propaganda is any indicator. Must be the warm climate or something. Just like those French.

>inb4 (((outside pressure))) to have the organizers arrested

It's funny. I don't even find that pic exciting these days. If she wants to turn me on, let's see one of her breastfeeding something white.

Checking your ID and post dubs. There is a significant difference between us National Socialists and European Fascists. The group has an anti-immigration stance so it's a step in the right direction for them. Fascists are my allies until their actions prove otherwise.


Allies, fine, but you must never forget that Fascism is civic nationalism, and thus rather shit.

I know, right?
Promiscuity or lasciviousness does little for me, relative to demonstration of real femininity.

Not quite but you keep your ideology north of the Alps and we'll go ahead with ours, thanks.

Allies in a sense that we have no choice then to accept more help.

Meanwhile it's wnat/wsup and socially right then I see no problem with asociating with it.

They have the cutest supporters.


We need to get a thread going on nationalist organization in Europe at the moment. The media here in the States has been saturated with Trump, so Americans, including myself, have largely been separated from the nationalist uprisings in Europe. Back in 2013-2014ish, I remember watching protest after protest, each one becoming larger than the last. Is this still happening? I've been anxious about a stall in nationalist organization for a while. I have little hope for the United States other than a white republic cropping up post-collapse.

Any word on this Euros? Any organizers out there?


This might be the first time I have actually laughed at the word filters.


I fucking love Italy. Best wishes from Polen.

Son giunchi che piegano
Le spade vendute;
Già l'Aquila d'Austria
Le penne ha perdute
Il sangue d'Italia
E il sangue Polacco
Bevé col Cosacco,
Ma il cor le bruciò

Stringiamci a coorte!
Siam pronti alle morte;
Italia chiamò

Fascism refers to the only sort of government which has resulted in an empire. Insofar as the US is successful it exercises hegimony, which is a byword for fascism.
Do not think of fascism as merely Italian, and of the prior century - fascism is about tight regulation, an absence of liberal politics (but not an absence of arts), and most of all, a strong primary leader, known as the dictator. There is, however NOT government ownership of industry, except in those areas where it is failing to be adequate.
Dictatorship is literally compatible with Christianity, whereas democracy is not.
Alexander The Great was a fascist.



They're a lot closer to allies than the stupid-ass libertarians and an-caps that the TRSodomites love courting.


Lega Candidate, Fontana: “Too Many Immigrants, We Must Defend our Ethnicity, The White Race



Trying to decide between French, German, and Italian to learn. Looking into France I'm disturbed by how many nigs & arabs there are but might be worth learning to participate in happenings. Germany seems cucked at the moment but every European heritage country is, and I'd be dumb to count them out given lightening has already struck there once. Italy seems to have the most momentum towards a real nationalism revival, but I don't know much about it (other than some renaissance history) and am worried it will only be useful in a very narrow area of the country if much of it speaks dialects which are almost their own languages. What European languages are you guys learning and why?

Look up Manifesto of Race you fucking nigger.
Italian Fascism was NOT Civic Nationalism.


Hitlerdubs ask and I must answer.
I am learning Norsk in the beginning only for shits and giggle and because it was easy for me and now I am considering going there again.

why the fuck do you use a kike mk ultra sex slave as your fucking representaion of the white race faggot,

Historically fascism was an inspiration for all of the nationalist, anti-communist movements in Europe before the second world war:

Italian fascism was strong anti-communist and nationalist, in so far that they recognized the danger of communism for their nation. If you were a jew (or hypothetical Arab or Negro) and claimed to be anti-communist and patriotic, you were welcome in the fascist ranks (fact). If you were one of their perceived “enemies of Italy”, like the German people they were not OK with you.
That is one reason why fascism and Italy was treated with kid-gloves in the (((international))) press (still is).

As long as you have the race, you can rebuild.


CasaPound has a really great social infrastructure for its activist community and I believe that is really important once an organization starts to draw in larger numbers of people.


Hopefully this leads to replacing all representative democracies with direct democracies. I always thought adding a fourth branch of government that would allow referendums to overturn corrupt laws would solves things, but the way the referendums in Greece and Britain were ignored goes to show that the people in representative democracies have no intention of listening to or taking orders from the people.

They are fascists, not national socialists. Hitler killed fascism worldwide because he was too dumb to step away from a provocation. No italian right winger would call himself "nazi"

I'm fucking hard. Those Fashwave posters must be doing a number on those Italians.

The more the left pushes,
The more they will push people away.

It almost brings a tear to my eye seeing Italy salute in my lifetime


Ok, Avi.


Civic nationalism? When's the last time you saw a civnat denounce freemasonry? Most civnats probably ARE masons.Fascism is solidly anti-masonic.


This is nothing new, spaghettibros have been doing this every year for like the last 40 years.

This comment will go underrated.

wtf I'm a fascist now

What's a nazi? Pretty sure National Socialists didn't call themselves nazis in Hitler's day.

if you'd studied italian history you'd know they go full 14/88 every 50 or so years and then drop it when they get bored of having a functional society and want to start binge drinking and producing weird high-heel fixation pornos again. italians are fucking weird, but i fully support them.

Their pendulum swings quickly.

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Muh degeneracy, this is something hardcoded into your brain by evolution. If you choose to act on it and be controlled is another matter.
Being turned on by breastfeeding women lmao, feeling horny and feeling proud isn't the same and shouldn't be mixed. The latter one is more abstract, while the first one is your reptile brain telling you to dick things.

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Did you read my post at all, or do you lack reading comprehension?

You can't "principle" away a fundamental biological drive in (healthy) males. You can however use principle to not act upon your instincts.

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What kind of retarded shit is this?

you know they have gained momentum when the majority of supporters don't look like caricature neo nazi degenerate skin heads all tatted up etc.

good luck italia, you'll need it as the first port of entry for many rapefugees


The fire rises.


in non faggot land, there is a middle ground between this and your dick not working correctly.

>italian national socialists
nice to see that they've finally abandoned that gay fascist shit

First comes fascism then comes national socialism then comes the day of rope.


This is powerful.

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Alright that does it, I guess I'm a Fascist now. Sorry Uncle Adolf.



Come on pastabros! You can make.it!


They haven't, OP is a fag, and so are you for trusting him.

Woah,we don't even see that kind of thing in France. I should create pur own Iron Guard