Conflict Readiness for Whites
(Note about this archive link: the Public Intelligence site PDF produces an error archiving, so the archieved link is the FAS (kike) link for this pdf. Just get relevant manuals like this however you can. You may be able to get some of them on piratebay or similar.)

The documents above are helpful reading for whites who want a future. These are samples of helpful information to study.

It would obviously be best to work toward an ethnostate peacefully, maybe using a referendum/Constitutional convention and have a few states leave Brexit-style. The basic issue is as we've discussed endlessly on here. 85 IQ swarms who do not give a fuck about our people and culture or the constitution–our founders simply didn't account for what has happened or for kikes, enemies within, to completely subvert the nation. There is no way they could have accounted fully for this insanity, but they did provide numerous options to handle unforeseeable situations like this, including the tree of liberty option. Just options.

If peace isn't in the cards should whites lawfully invoke options to leave and form their own nation–lawfully–well, now is a very important time to be preparing just in case. That means daily physical fitness–crossfit sessions are good–eating healthy, getting off of ALL prescription drugs and cutting off ALL drug dependencies, cutting alcohol and smoking as much as possible for fitness reasons, and focusing on good nutrition.

Also, establishing good, relatively secure communications infrastructure and networking is also very important, such as learning to operate ham radio, as is focusing on obtaining quality arms and ammunition and practicing at the range. Getting significant range time as well as being capable doing basic rifle repair quickly and learning how to clean and store firearms is very important.

In addition to all of the above, I would also suggest joining the military for training. Do not let the military indoctrinate you with nigger kike bullshit, and keep your lips zipped 100% of the time–that's 100%. But you can learn a lot in the military. The more military-trained whites there are, the better. Particularly among officers, but if you can only get accepted enlisted, that's fine. I would focus on Army and Marines.

All this effort is highly contingent on a conflict breaking out, and that may or may not happen. THIS IS NOT a call to arms in any way, shape, or form. But word needs to be out there that we are at a very serious juncture. If are to survive as a people, it's important to follow some of the steps I outlined above. We can survive–a positive attitude and willingness to do what it takes is most critical. Can-do attitude is most important above all. Take whatever fury you have and make it cold, focused fury, and think very specifically about how you, as an individual, can contribute if you want to have a future for white people. Our children and children's children will be terrorized and destroyed in this country. This country is not acceptable as it stands. Change must come, and I think it may come in the form of an ethnostate.

Other urls found in this thread: Defense/Homemade Guns/Home Expedient Firearms - 9mm SMG.pdf!hAFEnArR!yuEzOP09HXzK0vbi32MwGA!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8uoge_og!8dpWxCga!1vaxkyy5QLer9eTq_GwISqTXib_x-q7tFSYIxiWQC9w!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8uoge_og!ZUJTgDiA!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8uoge_og!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8uoge_og>>11242918!9gxQnB4D!-ZZ-vl7KxBIoua4ljPhItA!AlJwWayQ!YD75FXPOar5xj9qeCG5KTg!kzgSTYSb!TNWKWH1Mt_iI_jpwCc3aQ0e7obZlHzzy9QPzqQvCZ6I!BtYkRBAa!3PddBW0LZ9y5eNjzogspHhMFnTNpJAcS1NlN_Q4fhng

I'd also note that the special forces operations manual archived is older. The direct link that will not archive is newer.

Priority order might be reviewing the unconventional warfare manual first and then the special forces operations manual.

You can find docs at as well.

These are great resources. Thanks!

Be sure to hit /k/ and /pdfs/ you can find all sorts of goodies there.

Excellent. Thanks.

When you go to /k/ tell them you got a new tac glick in .458 so they'll know you are legit.



3-34, 3-33.5, the small unit leader's guide, 3-24, 34-60, MCWP 3-33.5 and you may find more in other manuals where there tends to be overlap.

Sounds about right.

Assuming time is a factor for the concerned whites out there (plus they are usually busy), I want to know which manual you guys think is THE MOST important if people just have the time to read one thing. I'm guessing UW manual might be the best thing to promote as well as engaging in all the other tips listed in OP re fitness, nutrition, arming etc., but I'd like to hear what you guys think.

They won't teach you much of pic related in carbine classes

Here are a few infographics that should get any nofunz geared up with a common setup that's would be logistically easy to source parts/boolits for during tough times

Snippets work best; be it a field manual or a "verse" from the Sanhedrin.

These manuals are nice icing on the cake if you are already:

1) Physically fit
2) Proficient with your weapon(s)
3) Proficient with your HAM radios, both line-of-sight (VHF/UHF) and long range (HF)
4) Have developed other helpful skills like first aid, mechanical stuff, electrical stuff, etc

The truth is when things go sideways, there will be vets you will group with that lived this stuff and can teach you on the job. Reading the books is interesting and can steer your mindset, but there are most likely better ways to be spending your time.

Sensible chuckle.

Holy shit a proper topic for once-

Polite sage for offtopic
The lolberg in the last may be part nigger or something, but he knows his counter interrogation.

Theres a lot of these actually informational videos around but I cant recall the rest of the good ones I watched. Theres a lot of really vague unhelpful drivel about certain special forces etc which are just put out for public entertainment without any actual helpful survival tips or anything at all.
I think those 3 make up 1 documentary on police interrogations specifically - which almost always rely on confessions and interviews without a lawyer present. Always clam up and get your lawyer first, innocent or guilty. Never admit guilt. If they are pressing for a confession, chances are they cant get you in the first place or dont feel confident enough in court.

Keep in mind that their first go to tactic is the same as what they do in their 'protesting'. Agitate Emotional Response. And they do that by being the monsters that they are. Any man captured by them, or faced with the prospect of being captured by them, must be fully aware that these monsters do not treat their prisoners as we would. Any person, combatant or not, who falls into their hands can expect to be raped and tortured at a minimum.

This sort of psychological attack, while it should do nothing but cause all to fight harder, has the highly possible effect of causing the civilian population to cede to the prospect of "maybe if we allow them to win our neighbors will stop being raped"

So it is of utmost importance to fight them with all of your soul. When the bullets are flying its very easy to lose your momentum. When that happens you need to remember that not only are your ancestors watching but their strength is at your finger tips.

Good job.

The US Army/Marines Counter-Insurgency Field Manual goes over the hearts and minds type stuff this guy describes, hes not really very informative I found but I didnt read his book. Has a few interesting stories about situational adaptation.

Marine corps field manuals and after-action reports are great, and their doctrine is better than army, imo.

Politics, news and current events. This isn't really political, but it's useful information for when the political games end.
US army link there as far as I understand, and I dont think its the same version as pic related. Says 2006, I think pic related was 7 from memory.

the most important tip anyone can give is morale is what makes or breaks you. You would be fucking amazed how much easier it is to rally your inner strength after something as simple as a drop of tobasco sauce on the pitiful rations you are subsisting on. And of course it is degenerate and should be frowned upon.. but a cigarette after a hard day…

After all of your gear is stuffed in your pack you should do 2 things, 1) examine your extra room and decide what extra parts might be needed and 2) fill in every pocket of air that remains with novelties and luxuries.

>some terry cloth towels from the hardware store add a small amount of water and it will make up for the fact that you ran out of soap weeks ago

Its related to race war etc which makes it related to political incorrect thought.

I dont mean survival tips in the innawoods sense, as much as the surviving other people sense.

Also you should never smoke when engaged in an action, in the woods anyways because the smell carries and is easily picked up from very long distances. Even eating, hard ration I believe is the term, where you dont cook anything and just eat it cold from the packages.

Political incorrect thought would be "during the race war, how do we deal with whites who prevent us from ethnic cleansing."
This is just tactics, strategy and doctrine, which are military subjects. This belongs on >>>/k/.

cigarettes fuck your nightvision too.

This is a quality thread worth keeping and you know it Chaim.

Except our goal isnt to educated gun enthusiasts, its to educate National Socialists. Posting shit on /k/ is pointless, youre more likely to give some Antifa tips and increase their effectiveness than our own.

Keeping your morale up and armed conflict go hand in hand lad.

>This belongs on >>>/k/.
no it fucking does not you retard. Weapons, survival, prep, innawoods, esoterics, and anti-kike physics science all belong on Holla Forums

smoking at night is retarded, in addition to the smell the cherry of the cigarette, or the flick of your lighter, serves as a beacon for anyone looking.

And yea the smell carries. Thats why the cigarette is for "after a hard day". The smell of a cigarette is not going to give your position away any more than the smell of spent ammunition or the sound of the x-minute long fire fight you just took part in.

I've dont my time in a combat zone. Stick a pack of smokes in your bag, trust me.

Obligatory Alfie Aesthetics plug. One of the best survival channels out there. And he was /k/omrade and maybe Holla Forums once.

Like how fast they fall when you throw them off a building during passover?


survival, prep, innawoods

esoterics and flat earth
>>>/x/ or >>>/fringe/

National Socialists know enough to find the specialist boards for their information. When I'm working on my infosec, I browse >>>Holla Forums, I don't make a fucking thread here.

This is a good point.

these niggers have nothing on the US SPECFOR. Hands down, the USMC are the hardest MF's on the planet. They even teach SEAL teams reconnaissance; even though they are unsung. They beat all other SPECFOR's. Yours truly, Prior Squid

FUCK OFF DICK! You wish you were NatSoc

I'd modify the "never admit guilt" to "never ever say anything to a cop ever except I want my lawyer"

even when you have a lawyer, make sure you think before speaking or have him/her say anything on your behalf. don't accept a plea just because the lawyer says so. never trust anyone–ever. never trust even your own lawyer.

but most importantly, be polite BUT NEVER TALK TO COPS.




Nice derail. National Socialists need to prepare for the race war, and many of them seem to fail to realize that we cant just vote ourselves in. These threads are important and will actually save white lives. Dont be a fucking cunt who stands in the way, lead, contribute, or shut the fuck up. This is obviously related to white interests, and a valuable thread. It was until you fucked it up.


How about, fuck you?

It's time to organize. Manuals are a great conversation starter and a way to get people to think analytically about where this situation is going and what they can do.

Time is a factor…

I posted several videos on special forces tactics and such, and one of the important things not only for self preservation and protection of information, but also for the safety of your brothers is an awareness of counter-interrogation skills. There are several different kinds of interrogations you might go through, and the police ones will be vastly different from a military one for example. The SAS video talks about being interrogated by people who may or may not respect the geneva convention, and who may torture you etc. The second describes civil police situations.

Thanks, and you're spot on.

Anything like this immediately gets shills. Fuck them. This info is important and has to get out. Manuals are a great conversation starter for good folks out there.

Ah ok. Well, just as a general piece of advice, NEVER talk to cops in the normal legal system.

In a warfare scenario, you want to lie or mislead because you aren't facing trial and being impeached as not credible as a witness (yes, they'll do that–get you to lie, then turn around and call you a liar on the stand). Warfare is different. You have to stay alive. So, you have to lie credibly and well and enough to stay alive and try to escape to fight another day. Slightly different situation depending on the context–peace/regular trial versus war.

You seem to hit those points, but people do need to realize that the peaceful situation is vastly, vastly different from a war scenario like a civil war scenario in the US. If that happens, all bets are off and it's up to you to survive if you end up in captivity. Good techniques for lying credibly are really important.

Also, I doubt any Geneva convention rules will apply in a US civil war. Probably more of a no rules scenario. Lying and misleading credibly are good.

But leading up to all this, preparation for war is important now. I just wanted to focus on the practicalities of what we should talk to allies out there about. I feel like manuals and similar are a good icebreaker for people who are sort of aware of what's going on and friendly. Once you've sort of redpilled them for a while and they get it, then they can start focusing on the military specifics of getting ready for what might need to be done.

Anybody who doesn't get why this might be necessary is braindead or on the other side, so it shouldn't be that much of a leap for most. Manuals are just interesting as conversation pieces, at the very least…

Actually the "we are a special club" derail is just a subtle shill trick. There is no special club. Anybody who is on our side needs to be welcomed and we need to organize and train and get this thing moving. Anybody who says otherwise is incredibly stupid or on (((their))) side, period. The government actively patrols these forums and does shit like that.

Manuals matter as conversation starters and ways to organize friendly people and get them thinking. Anybody who dismisses any thread like this is probably a shill and needs to shot.

Chewing tobacco is actually pretty good as an alternative, or even nicotine gum or lozenges if you can get them.

Best thing is to quit all habits like that entirely for now mainly for health purposes (obviously ideal, but not necessary practical)–but smoking is definitely a terrible habit for health, just aside from all the possible tactical issues that come with it at times.

I did both while on deployment. Chewing tobacco will guaranteed slow your ass down. And causes dehydration problems. Splitting hairs with this one as 'obviously you should do neither'. But by that same logic you 'obviously shouldnt run towards people shooting at you'. Theres a reason why Hitler kept cigarettes in army rations. They are a necessary evil. When a bullet whizzes past your head you are going to want a cigarette whether you've ever smoked one before or not.

Ha! Thanks for the input. No doubt re wanting a cigarette.

Practical advice like this is good and the reason Holla Forums needs these threads. People just really need to start thinking about all kinds of details. Time is really a factor to get people moving. Just jogging people's noggins out there with everything–even small details like this–is good.

Manuals, by the way, I think are a good thing to send to /ourguy/ civilians out there. Perfectly legal, but it just gets them thinking a little more seriously about stuff, I think. Just want to get people thinking, that's all.

Anyone got that field manual with Arkan in it?


No, fuck you.

Wrong. We can't peacefully exterminate our enemies.

i'm sure there is a manual on how to make nooses here

You have to think about posting on a public forum.

Also, if you understand how conflict works, war is sort of the final step. It starts with a peaceful appeal to withdrawing. That's how you get most people on board and organized…think about it…

This. Fuck that guy indeed.


Yeah. Fuck shills. They're just enemies. Why don't we just call these types of shills what they are. Enemies to be liquidated…

Just think, very realistically, all the way through. You don't start off Andrew Anglin style going GAS THE KIKEKSSS RAZZE EWARRRR NOWWZZZ

There's a role for that, but if you ACTUALLY want to succeed, think about how to mass market and push this through. It starts with organization and a peaceful appeal to separation at first. Inevitably, that will lead to war. It is what is is. At this point, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. We HAVE to withdraw and there will be war as a result. That is our only CHANCE at survival. Not even survival guaranteed…that's the only way we have a reasonable shot of surviving as a people is withdrawing and getting our own country…

It's true that the kikes determine foreign policy, but the military teaches a lot of things.

There is no way to fight back unless we have enough of our guys with experience who can take the lead. Particularly with guerrilla war and similar. That knowledge and experience is absolutely invaluable…if you can come up with a better solution than having at least some of our guys getting properly trained and getting experience in actual military, I'd like to hear it…

Make sure you get these

Those are just older versions, no? Anything in there specifically?

They are good. Also, they are entire Field Manuals (FMs). The one in the OP is a Training Circular (TC); basically an extract pamphlet.

A lot of ex military guys offer group training courses as an "adventure" type thing. I considered going the the Spetznaz training base(they offer courses in everything from counterinsurgency to heavy vehicle operation. There are others here in the US and elsewhere that offer similar training. I just couldn't find 9 other guys to go as most require a group of at least ten.

Well I'll be…thanks for the interesting tip. I'm tobacco-free but used to love dip. I'll be sure to keep a couple tins in my go bag.

Get involved in hobbies and activities associated with self-sufficiency or off-grid living. These include things like:

-HAM radio
-Long-term food prep and storage
-Off-grid electrical solutions
-Firearms training
-Small scale farming or hydro-grows for food
-Other "prepper" topics

Being interested in and pursuing these hobbies and skill sets is by its very nature right-wing. Many of the people you meet are red-pilled or receptive. Many of them are involved because they see the writing on the wall just as you do. Any time I tune in to 40 or 80 meters there's at least one conversation regarding the topics we discuss here, but at diluted power levels. I have yet to encounter an Obama or Clinton fan on shortwave radio or at the rifle range.

Use these selfsame hobbies and skill sets as your red-pill radar. Mention you operate HAM, charge batteries off solar and can/preserve food. Most people will want to know why. You can explain you are interested in being able to function even if the power goes out for a month. This leads into conversation about how that's not as crazy as it sounds, and so on. If you gain no traction with these topics, you are fishing the wrong pond.

Be wary, however, of actual "prepper" groups. They tend to attract a noxious mix of mental illness, vets with an inferiority complex, FEDS and Alex Jonestein-tier controlled OP kool-aid drinkers. For example, every group I cycled through had no problem talking about their distaste for niggers and beaners and muzzies, but hatred of jews or israel was verboten in each group, in fact stated in the by-laws of one. I didn't understand why at the time…but that's how Holla Forums works, right?

good advice. anons, have to get their basic needs squared away and that will free you all up to focus on other things.


Good stuff here. Thanks.

bump 4 killing harambes

also like skyrim.

Enlisted into the Navy as a Corpsman. Literally trying to avoid tobacco or alcoholism to the best of my ability.

Top notch thread OP.

The proper way to conduct conflict and have it turn out in our favor is to keep it low profile. Assassinations will be the main tactic used in the beginning of violent separation or civil war. Its far easier to pick some important kike or shitlib off with a .300 winmag from 500yds or blow up an IED than it is to do some squad related shit. The squad tactics only come into play after you are being pursued or confronted by authorities, which should be pushed back as long as possible. It is dangerous to attack hard targets directly.

Real practical skills will be learning how to use explosives, learning the location of lightly defended but important infrastructure targets, learning the location and behaviors of important human targets, and learning how to leave as little evidence behind as possible. Mass rebellion takes time and resources and is subject to the same cianigger bullshit as other rebellions around the world.


If there were such a situation, what makes you think talking to (((police))) will keep you alive?
Earlier someone made the point that white nationalists are never going to be voted in, it's not gonna work that way, which is correct, and if they're not in power, why do you think the government storm troops would not blast you on sight the moment they found out about you?

not gonna lie that video was really interesting and I learned a lot, thanks for posting it user.

If anyone else is interested here's a study done experimenting two variations of Luftwaffe Pvt. Hanns Scharff's technique

All these field manuals are great but not one says

I think what he meant to say was that it would obviously be preferable if peacefully working towards an ethnostate was still a viable option.

Pretty sure itd would be entirely legal to suit up like in pic related and patrol American muslim no-go areas. Even if the media ran a campaign against it, its not like they are stopping the mass rapes. The police cant even go in those areas, they have admitted the need for it by their own inaction and impotence.
So it ramps things up and muslims start carrying guns and shooting more people. Thats their fault, not ours, and it only plays into our hands more if they do. These are our countries, they arent allowed to match our "escalation" because they are the bad guys to begin with, and were acting in self defense. You dont fight a dangerous force with an equal force, you outmatch it. You go above their threat potential, and utterly squash them. If they seek to match your power, thats merely them showing their hand. That they plan to kill you and take total control.



This is good advice.

This is great. We need more of /ourguys/ to enlist and join as officers asap. Good stuff.

OP here. Thanks homes. My ID changed. Still me.

Important to get this info out there, especially with the unsealing of the Lambert indictment, because that means Trump is going after the whole shebang, and that may mean civil unrest in the short term.

In the long-term, I think an attempted Brexit with preceding mass mobilization/preparation/organization is necessary, and then whatever follows that, like secession…well, it has to come, or we simply aren't going to survive in this country. People really have to get that now. We are NOT going to make it as a group unless we take major steps towards our own country and start taking those steps now.


don't bro me.

See, here's the thing. Because mods are faggots, they don't sticky meaningful things like this discussion. It requires effort to bump.

Therefore, don't bro me, you fucking nigger.

Thread's probably anchored by now. Don't worry about it. If you're good at looking, there are bunker boards where things like this aren't specifically censored.

Word. Thanks man.

And, to be fair, I am trying to encourage clear thinking and conflict preparation. I am NOT encouraging violence or inciting insurrection. I want to be completely clear about that. But whites need to be ready.

Even if that just means they click on this thread and read a manual, or maybe they are motivated to go look at bunker/prepper shit, that's very important. It's important for people to think through these scenarios.

Again, I am NOT encouraging ANY type of unlawful activity in any way, shape, or form. Everything I'm encouraging is 100% lawful and really just good, intelligent planning for all kinds of scenarios that may be becoming more realistic as time goes on–that's it. That's why I explicitly said we should begin with an effort at peaceful, lawful brexit.

NOBODY here should understand my recommendations to be ready/obtain military training as a recommendation to ANY unlawful activity.

Got it?

Cops hate paperwork. Remember this if you get an informal visit on behalf of his lodge brother who fucks traps on the weekend and doesn't like people finding out about it.

t. never even had to bring up the serial murderer

I'll contribute. More on the logistical side of living through conflict.
I recommend "The Encyclopedia of Country Living" by Carla Emery.
928 pages absolutely loaded with knowledge.
More dense than an ingot of lead.
Everything you'd want to know regarding off-grid living. Also serves as a huge reference for more in-depth sources regarding specialized topics.
And at only about $20, you can't go wrong.


This is outstanding. Thanks.

When I say, “We should kill everyone in the government, as they’re literally all fucking traitors to a man,” neither am I, as the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution explicitly state it is legal to do so when the government has violated the law and will not police itself.

Good! It's really good to know we are all law-abiding citizens here. Keep up the lawfulness.

This sounds pretty fun, lawful, and worth looking into.



top kek m88

This may go without saying, but generally for folks who aren't paranoid as fuck, they should probably still avoid Amazon IN GENERAL unless absolutely necessary. Better to download or go to a bookshop and use cash when it's anything remotely edgy you're buying.

Obviously neither of those is always possible and the information needs to be out there, and Amazon unfortunately has nearly everything, so it can't always be avoided.

But people should know that Jeff Bezos is tied closely into deep state with big contracts for various things with CIA and Pentagon people. Same guy who owns the deep state mouthpiece Washington Post. So, we know where he stands on things, and in general, fuck Amazon. Just try to avoid if you can, especially when it comes to anything slightly sketchy. Even a classic like this country living book. Just avoid Amazon.

fuck off

'100 Deadly Skills' is a great read for people who may be forced to legally exercise their right to defend themselves by becoming a Violent Nomad.

Don't call it an ethnostate. It has negative connotation, and it sounds kinda dumb; especially since you have retards like Dicky Spencer spouting it out. Call it what it really is, a nation state. This is a state – this is the government – that is held up by a nation – this is the people that live in a particular area. Don't let them co-opt the nation state by calling it something different.

Former grunt here. You make good points. I only did one tour and forgot most of what I learned in terms of MOUT and small unit tactics. Currently a paramedic which is somewhat interesting. If you're a civvy a few skills to get proficient in:
1. COMMS, most trigger pullers suck at radios, even handheld Motorola's. Myself included.
2. Medical, get your fucking EMT-Basic right now. Even better is intermediate. Paramedic if you must specialize.
3. Mechanic/vehicle maintenance.
4. Rifle/ marksmanship, check out /k/. Skill is more important than gadgets.


Call it what you have to, to turn it from a thought to a reality; your environment must be for Whites only- no muslims, no niggers, no Jews, no turks, nobody from the "middle east", and most dangerous- no traitors from within your own ranks. This includes Turks and anyone particularly swarthy- good or not, they'll be the first ones to turn when they inevitably scream "RACIST!!!" for not willingly giving your young daughters to Negro bucks.

Enemies make you stronger. Traitors stab you, and your Volk, in the back.

You are ready to throw "shill" out in the same way you claim that "racist" is spouted – which is an insult dumb people throw at smart people for trying to educate them. I am not being a shill. I am explaining that the cause will be more founded if we don't give in to the opposition. Why should we allow them to repossess our language? Ethnostate is a term created by controlled opposition to attack the cause of traditional values from the inside. If we stand tall and call things what they are meant to be, then we won't be shit down. So what if we are called racist? The answer to such an "insult" is "What's it to you?" You mustn't ever give in to your enemy, which you think you understand, but in reality you don't. You should lurk more before posting. Maybe you'll learn something.

Ha I remember playing manhunt with my friends in my backyard and literally finding people by their cigarette glows.

You wrote an entire post in jew-speak. You did not cite any facts, or any cohesive ideas. You did nothing but make ad-hominem attacks.

That being said, your heart seems to be in the right place, assuming you aren't some sort of controlled-opposition faggot. A term? A term means nothing, I want a Volkstaat, however you slice it. We made a mistake bringing nonwhites to America and Europe.

Assuming we agree on our aim, could you suggest better nomenclature? We can call it a nation-state all day long, as long as we cleanse the area of non-whites and race traitors. Fuck Dicky Spencer.

Most whites on our side know what what whites want, no matter the exact terminology. Discussing terms/branding is helpful.

Somehow, I think branding and the sales pitch to whites in America should emphasize that that is will be America v2. New and improved. The founders didn't account for non-whites participating in an intricate system of democracy. The founders never imagined a situation like this where a vast army of 85 IQ, hostile, non-culturally compatible non-whites take over and destroy the normal poiltical process. The key to version 2 is that this absolute requirement for a society to function, racial demographics, which the founders failed to write explicitly in legally binding documents yet referenced repeatedly in their writings, is that this time we put the requirement EXPLICITLY, IN WRITING, VERY VERY EXPLICITLY, THAT THIS IS A WHITE ETHNOSTATE, or whatever you want to call it, but that the SUBSTANTIVE REQUIREMENT BY LAW IS RACIAL. European-descent, no kikes, no shitskins.

In light of the substantive goal of having de jure mandate for those of European descent only and no kikes or shitskins, I think ethnostate as a branding term to be pushed could be effective. The idea behind the terminology is just brand to emphasize why change is needed. Why action has to be taken and when it will, things will IMPROVE because it's a BETTER VERSION of what we had before. The better version is EXPLICIT LEGAL SEGREGATION, EXCEPT SEGREGATION INTO A NEW COUNTRY.

I agree with your views on substance v. terminology 100%. The substantive goal is what's critical.

To try to get to that goal the most efficiently, getting the branding to be effective as possible to make people understand what went wrong and how we propose to fix it is critical. Terminology is obviously part of branding.

Amazon is a fucking spider web of data collection.
I consider myself to be a half-decent at opsec, perhaps not perfect but I'm constantly taking some kind of precautionary measures.
Amazon still figured out that I'm a uni student and signed me up for Student Prime without any kind of opt-in screen or anything. STEM or bust, if I wasn't doing pre-med I would have taken up a trade

You want to locate fuel hubs and armories. Control those and you control everything. Fuel to get around/power facilities. Armory to assert force as you move around. These are the tools to garner all other supplies.

Hit me the other day and mentioned here, what will we do with whites who are repulsed by NatSoc? There are going to be loads of civcucks who see an uprising as strictly against Obama/Clinton/Swamp. Obviously if they resist they will die, but I'm wondering how the interactions will go down? How long can they be seen as allies and potential converts? How long will they give us for the same grace period? What will it be like when military NatSoc meets military civcucks fighting the same enemy (which will probably be remaining military + NATO)?


Yes. Also Anons need to visit nearby bars or gathering places around bases and armories. Buy the green niggers you find a beer. They're usually happy to tell you all about their base or armory and everything inside they know about. You'll be surprised at how much you learn.

All good points.

I see it playing out initially like Franco's rebellion in Spain. When the time comes, there is a bunch of united regional factions. In general, to avoid infighting at all costs, it's probably not best to push natsoc overtly (including symbolism, etc.) when forming alliances, but when the shooting starts, it's better to wear a uniform. People won't be as worried about zomg bu bu muh not a racist when bullets are flying. They may even feel more comfortable joining then when it's literally life or death and they sort of have to pick a ide. Later on, in a new government (assuming we win) we can work out differences.

THE WORST thing that must be avoided is doing anything that causes serious infighting, especially during the alliance forming stage. Causing serious infighting for any reason or simply doing nothing/not taking any action are the only guaranteed losing strategies.

Excellent advice. And networks should be built all over with military. going to bars is a good way to do it. Just be friendly, normal, and outgoing. There are plenty of /ourguys/ in dot mil, but in certain situations, they simply won't be communicative due to the repressive atmosphere.

They're waking up, though, and there is nothing wrong with networking or even discussing shtf scenarios (totally legal) for fun to get an idea of their thoughts. Be smart when you do it, but it needs to be done.

The idea is get successful, relatively trained paramilitaries ready to go, sort of like minutemen, and when the order is issued, everyone mobilizes so there really is a rifle behind every blade of grass. It that can happen, you have a giant chunk of the armed US population allied with factions of military. That would be a tremendous, possibly insurmountable force for essentially any enemy. You can't break a giant loose network of essentially guerrilla locals. It could bleed the enemy dry. It will take effort now, though, to get the groundwork in place.

Youre doing it wrong. Armories and fuel hubs are hardpoints.

Also I think it should go without saying the only way were achieving National Socialism is after a war, non-whites will never vote for their own political disenfranchisement and deportation… and whites themselves dont vote as a block.

in the by laws huh

WTF kind of trash is this.
You must be a poor fag. But other than you shit tier loadout you wouldn't want to even share on /k/ its good info. From one grunt to another.

Valued post, OP.
As for my part, I need a few months to get in better shape and then intend to join the Marine reserves for the training.
I have been planning this for awhile.
I've gone from drinking at least a bottle of 100 proof whiskey every day two years ago to hardly drinking even a beer nowadays unless it's an occasion.
I need to stop cigarettes very soon for best health and I just ran out this morning.

Pretty sure that guy's a kike, though.

Good work, user. Don't buy into the Marines' BS too hard. Any idea what you want to do? I'm an armyfag so I don't know how your MOS'es are denoted.

I don't intend to buy anything about it besides the skills training & interpersonal networking resources.
As far as what I want to do, I'm not sure what all will be available.
It's been more elusive getting information about the reserves than the standard service.
But I got a pretty decent ASVAB score that opened me up to potential in most areas.
Main reason is to receive professional weapons/combat training for personal defense/SHTF scenarios while still working my regular career.

unless you're going to be living with a machete and backpack of Heinz Beanz in souther commiefornia, you should have this book. It covers all the day to day shit of growing food and preserving and animals and all that shit. I've got a new one and one from the 70s, it's good shit. Learning fighting from a book is hard. Learning how to grow peas and chickens and shit from this book is much easier.

do not go to the military for the shooty training. it's crap.

How so?


ayyy sup senator? ur middle name is Mountain lmao

you can learn better fundamentals in much shorter time with civilian shit. learn mechanisms of marksmanship and movement and small teams, and that's basically everything. Not worth being a zogbot and signing away years of your life over.

Why do you think they are hardpoints???? Because of their value. You value them for a reason. I never said they were step one

Said nothing about voting. The question is about combat alliances between NS and civcucks when shtf.

where da fisa memo at. bump 4 readiness

Does anyone have a guide for a no-gun fag? Private gun ownership in Australia is practically non-existent, the only guns we can have are pretty weak single shot guns and you need a reason to own one.

Can you give an example? (links?)

what do u think about 3d printing

thread has died but would also like to see some info on this. for adventure purposes.

I'd say look into the Ghost Gunner stuff but think about getting some other sources, perhaps disassembling and 3D scanning different models, learn Solidworks, but do what you can to invest in a printer that uses powdered steel. It'll cost more, in the thousands of dollars range, but totally worth it. Look up 3D Metal Printing and Additive Manufacturing. That's the most legitimate way to go about it. Knowing how to work with metal in general is a big plus.

Also knowing about how to make your own gunpowder so you can create your own ammunition would help.

Also suppressors if you're in a gun-cucked country.

Make a black pipe shotgun and scavenge a pile of spent shells from the gun club.

Some guy on yidtube was reloading .38 special rounds with crushed match heads and a bench vice. One could probably do something similar with shotgun shells, but you'd have to figure out the loadings. I THINK pistol and shotgun powders can be similar and interchanged in some instances, whereas fast-burning pistol powder would blow up if used rifle cartridges.

The nice thing about the shotgun is you can stuff whatever you want into it for projectiles/shot.

In Aus, having any off-paper gun would put you ahead of 99% of the public.

So, a Four-winds shotgun? Here, have a build video from the 80's by the original inventor (Kurt Saxon) complete with testing and usage tips.

Good stuff here.

Bump for white ethnostate now

This is slightly off topic, but I think this is a good thread for discussing what kinds of conflict we should be preparing for. In otherwords, what kind of crises do you foresee occurring in the near future?

It seems to me that a coup is unlikely. Who would launch it and for what purpose? Leftists don't have much support withn the army or police forces. Most would happily side with Trump. And the military industrial complex is undoubtably jew-wise. The higher ups all understand (((who))) is in control of American "democracy." However they willingly collaborate with them in order to maintain their precious stability. But make no mistake, they are a force that the jews know they mush rekon with. They possess the ability to act outside their control and thus they will not loose them lightly. This would be a life or death thing for the jew.
Too, while negro rioting is probably going to happen during the summer, I highly doubt this will lead to anything.
Now the idiot Democrats are harming their own System by shutting down the government. Doing this, potentially twice in one year if they do it again next week might lead to a destabilization of the American dollar. However it is unlikely that this would despiral into a Balkans situation.

What do you expect will happen?

Not OP, but here are some thoughts. It looks like in the short-term, a false flag or similar disruptive event will very likely destabilize, and particularly if something as damning to the shadow government as the FISA memo is released. The traitor syndicate in the shadow government is willing to do anything to protect its own.

Trump has actually pushed some traditional boundaries. He's been provoking kikes who matter. For example, he's provoked major kikes involved in mining in Africa with FCPA and various other legal hooks–see the Och Ziff and Dan Gertler cases at Treasury, SEC, and DOJ. Contrary to what pol may claim sometimes, Trump is, at the very least, attempting to provoke some of the most powerful kikes, as the recent actions under Trump post-Paradise papers ultimately lead to very powerful kikes–the Netanyahu affiliates/Israeli kike thieving murderer establishment.

But provoking certain kikes like that and doing stuff like provoking shadow government by threatening to release the FISA memo is actually going after real power brokers and can increase the risk of instability in the short-term as kikes and deep state niggers will do anything to protect themselves against having to face the tiniest consequences for their terrible deeds.

Given Trump does not appear to be a real kike friend, and the fact he may do something drastic like release the memo to take down kike friend shadow government, it's possible the kike allied deep state niggers may attempt a nuke false flag or attempt to off Trump, and those VERY serious actions could actually provoke civil war short term, but they are not as likely. Only fact that makes me worried about a very serious act leading to civil war is how they are prepping public for possibility of a "heart attack." Something like that or actual removal under color of law might provoke a civil war in the short term. I think they will mobilize useful idiots or some standard false flag in the short term but nothing serious enough to start immediate, massive civil war. Something like a govt shut down etc has little effect. It's more of a message.

This thread seems relevant for a few years out for a big war, but unrest in the short term does seem likely, so the survival tips are helpful. Whites need to get ready now, both for short-term unrest, and also given that they might (but less likely) provoke a massive civil war right away.

It should go without saying that actually manufacturing this thing is wildly illegal, even in the United States. However, if you are not concerned with that, check this out: Defense/Homemade Guns/Home Expedient Firearms - 9mm SMG.pdf

If the link scares you, just google "luty gun"

Lads, be ready for unrest if, due to the memo release, they mobilize useful idiots or try a false flag.

Always be preparing for war longer-term.

Do any of you have the guide for fortifying a house?

This thread seems relevant in times like these.



The Explosives and Weapons Forum


Strategic Intelligence Network

Civil War Tools!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8uoge_og

Anarchy Defense


RESTRICTED MILITARY 2.3 GB!8dpWxCga!1vaxkyy5QLer9eTq_GwISqTXib_x-q7tFSYIxiWQC9w

This is a very good collection of hard to find military manuals. You will be pleased with this download.


This is a very good book

Total Resistance- Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground

Get it here:!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8uoge_og!ZUJTgDiA!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8uoge_og

This is a very good book–Download it now:

Total Resistance- Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground

Get it here:!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8uoge_og!ZUJTgDiA!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8uoge_og>>11242918


Couple of notes here, two things: if you're going to cut your prescription meds, make sure you're physically fit and on a good diet first. Don't quit prescriptions for illnesses caused by being a couch potato until you're no longer a couch potato

And with regards to smoking, it actually increases T levels for guys that really can't get off the couch. Light up and then go hit the bag, do push-ups, jog. Just don't get addicted (only smoke to get your T up) , and stay the hell away from chemical laden cigarettes, and shitty gas station cigars. Smoke real cigarillos (I recommend Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur Minis) or a pipe, something natural.

Yeah, I'll see if I can find the links. It's been a couple years since I looked into it.

Alright here is one of the sites I remember looking at. There are others. I believe there is a Ranger camp in the Rockies as well. If y'all go, post here so I can get in on the group.
Fugg, forgot link.

This one comes highly recommended

The '7th Floor Group' types only have continuity of gubbmint to fall back on for an apeshit Samson option – and it's entirely at the military's pleasure. There's only so much compartimentalization, and if these people's sloppiness - as evidenced by the FISA memos - are any indication, they are absolutely in thrall to bad foreign actors supplying the muscle (per the Twin Towers, Vegas) – As Afghan poppies burn, West African spook sites quashed, Netanyahu facing multiple corruption trials, what's now left to them is fucking with the economy (666 DOW points on superbowl sunday wasnt subtle.) – and the Dec. 21st executive order has contingencies for those kinds of threats as well (cue Rothschilde real estate fire sale.)

Any way to just upload these books and many others to >>>/pdfs or >>>/pdf ?
rhodie pics!

i meant,
more rhodie pics for your hassle


It would take a long time to do them all.

This material of mine is just way too voluminous, so you will just have to do direct downloads, or else use the torrents. They do download fast though.

Take the time to download it all, you will not be disappointed!!!

Who Is Ultimately Behind the Mass Death and Destruction Coming to America




great thread

If you have any weapon or military experience you'd know AKs are far superior to AR15s or M4A1s. 2 out of 3 AR15 stoppages are caused by an improperly seated magazine, which is eliminated with the liplock system of AK mags. AKs are also much less prone to stoppages when wet, dirty or dusty (i.e. combat environments). There's a reason GIs in Vietnam dropped them for gook's AKs.

The draw of AR15 is mostly from normalfags who like to LARP, and the amount of customization/extra parts for military/experienced shooters.


Ho Lee Fuk, thanks for lighting my bulb.

If you're using aluminum colt magazines sure you've got a point.


well, this isnt the 1960s anymore in case you didnt notice. These rifles made today are different.
those are really general types of firearms, dumbass. Im almost embarrassed for you if you say shit like this in public like you know dick about firearms.
you are such a stupid nigger. holy shit. Yes, an entire weapon platform exists just to be outclassed by another one. there is no reason for anyone to buy an AR variant, it has nothing to do with recoil, weight, accuracy, or any of that other shit that doesnt matter. its just larping and attachments, which are impossible to put on other rifles. If only everyone were as 1337 as you, wow you probably even play video games and watch jewtube videos about guns. Delouse yourself.

Yes I can tell you have thousands of hours logged on CS:GO

The Vietnam war was in 1965 one year after the introduction of the new weapon platform. It was a radically new design with various flaws mostly in production. Literally all of these have been ironed out in the DECADES of service since then.

Now I'm not saying the AK pattern is a bad weapon far from it but to say its "far superior" is just Kalashnikov fellating of the highest order. If you live in the US get an AR15 you will have a much better time with parts, options, magazines, etc and if the time comes when you really need it you wont be stuck having to rely on finding ammo shipped from half a world away.

The design has changed, but not to a point to outclass the AK. The M4 performs perfectly in a range/ideal environment, but when you don't have time to detail strip and clean your weapon in the field, that all changes. Trust me, there is nothing more violating than having a stoppage mid fight. Also, your entire last paragraph is literally the same thing I said in mine. Not sure what the point of it was if we're both on the same page..

How to Spot a Spy (Cointelpro Agent).pdf

Sailing-Nautical Files zip 415.99MB

What has the tranny photo got to do with the topic?
And yes, Juliette Lewis is an obvious MtF, painfully so.

DRONE 385.4 MB!BtYkRBAa!3PddBW0LZ9y5eNjzogspHhMFnTNpJAcS1NlN_Q4fhng

Geez, you kids and your silly video game inspired ideas about guns.

Do you know what is good about 7.62x39? It comes in water tight sardine cans you can bury easily and it's cheap as hell.
Do you know what is good about 5.56 nato? It'll be plentiful with all of the dead National Guard soldiers lying around.

Also, in a real war you'll be dropping your shitty civilian guns for beltfed machine guns dropped by those dead Natty Guard fags. Heck, even a crappy three round burst M4 is better than the cheaply made garbage I see at gun stores these days.

Besides, if you were really smart you'd be thinking of better ways to kill your enemy. Engaging in a shootout is retarded. Look at how the insurgents kicked our asses in Iraq and Afghanistan, (IEDs and snipers). The Taliban controls half of Afghanistan right now, because they target their enemies at their homes and make everyone afraid to fuck with them. The ones we kill are the low IQ grunt nobodies that think they'll be haji Rambo. Rambos don't live very long in real life.

You don't want to be Rambo. You want to be the clever bastard who took out an armored vehicle with some matches and fertilizer. Not the derp waiting around for the tanks to come rolling down the road and the Apaches firing Hellfires into your little bunker, splattering you and your Rambo buddies.

Another (1) who has never been deployed.
This is a means of legally keeping an SBR handy for when STHF

The rural armories usually only have a couple of local Bubba's in the National Guard watching them. Not exactly a force to be worried about. Would probably surrender peacefully.