This is a good debate on Flat Earth- Was talking to a friend about what they believe and to my surprise said 'Flat Earth'… we ended up debating for over an hour over Globe vs Flat vs Hollow. Hoping to find some info on the subjects proving and disproving the others.

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it warms my heart that there are brave people around the globe sticking up for the flat earth movement
that being said, if we were having a talk about those liars at nasa at esa that'd be worth a thread having.

I love the fact the the jewcorp. Tells the world its round and even Holla Forumsacks fall for the most massive psyop in human history

The sky is a sheet of ice by the way

Also, if satillites are out in (((space))) covering out airspace totally… how come i cannot get reception in the woods, with a clear forecast?

no cell phone towers, thats why
also how Global Positioning Systems work… also dont work innawoods

Earth is an oblate spheroid you moronic mongoloid.

Daily reminder that one of the techniques of communist brainwashing is increasing the doubt of the person in reality itself. It increases the psychological vulnerability of an individual.
Read Hunter's Brain-washing in Red China: the calculated destruction of men’s minds.
Flat Earth bullshit is textbook brainwashing even if it looks completely idiotic. It works on the low IQ and dudeweedlmao crowd.

The only flat thing here is OPs mangled head after his mom dropped him for the tenth time.

Earth is round. Fuck off. Sage.

Earth is solid too. Hollow earth, please. That said, plenty of underground bases. Sage.

Why would earth look like this 20 years ago?? Pic related

Part of it is providing the cladestine space round earth ball theory that doesnt hold water unless fed to plebs with shit like star wars so they nwver realize they live in a personalized realm and they have all the power themselves

Cell phones have nothing to do with satellites you retard. And GPS works just fine in the woods, or on mountains, or in deserts, or anywhere else. Try leaving your parents basement some time and seeing for yourself.

I live in a different state then my parents shillfag shareblue.

How's that story working out for you?

Spoken like a true commie.
Considering you gave me a longer response I imagine that I am correct.

The trick is to not give an inch to your bullshit.

Theres an amazing about of shit that you just cant get a Holla Forums to question even though they know the kikes have woven a massive web of deceit.

daily reminder that one of the techniques of kike deceit is to get people to not question what they are told is reality.

There is zero way to say with any sort of authority whether the earth is flat or a sphere or a helical torus. But what ever the shape is it is definitely not shaped exactly the way we are told it is.

And frankly whether the earth is round or not is a discussion for much later. I got a better one for all of ya.



Is a kike concept, ancient math was more accurate and did not have the 'accounting place holder kikel zero'

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


What's stopping it from collapsing? There's nothing to support it.

Oh look, another shit kikes came up with to distract persistent truefoils and dudeweeds to prevent them from possibly arriving at actual theories by digging around. The sudden outburst of flatearth theory everywhere came around totally organic.

niggers dont know about the timecube

The world surrounds us, we dont surround the "crust"

Flat earth is a CIAnigger psyop.

You're shuffling the schekel from the left hand pocket to the sleeve.
It's still a kike handling it.
And the kike is the one that pays your schekels and instruct you how to manipulate people

And quit IP hopping kike.

Bitches don't know about my non-orientable surface earth.

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I'm def willing to have that discussion! NASA and disproving anything really.

except you're wrong, retard. it's precisely the other way around. the truth looks like idiotic bullshit to brainwashed retards like you.

Nazis knew the earth was flat

FE sperates the true ubermensh from the brainwashed high school graduate

I don't know why you're insulting me. I'm just looking for proofs on all theories. Honestly, I have no idea but I found it interesting that the Russian's were able to dig 8 miles down and found no evidence of thermal activity.


Also, this does would be considered a separate theory not officiated by NASA. Because as we can see the pictures they show, show a round earth in detail.

When did I say you have to question it the way I want it or the things I want? There is exactly zero chance that the earth is the shape or layout that we are told it is. None. That can be said definitively because of the simple fact that the kikes exist.

And yet these threads always amount to posting the images that youve found online and then arguing with others about them. No research no actual discussion. Why not research shit like the how the kike kike up languages and what the implications are? Etymology contains several very fucking large, yet hidden, red pills.

Nice images, ty for the share. Also I found that golden ratio image to be kinda cool… but not aligned with anything in particular as that ratio would work with anything circular.

And yes. Everything works on Cables and towers. We don't use satellites for shit (anymore?)


you should see what it looks like if you run a fibonacci sequence using base 9 (i.e. no kikel zero)

I certainley agree that any mainstream will have an offset shoot of fringe thinkers, always questioning the living doubts they have around them. This is a healthy thing that tests the 'mainstream' or really, tests its immunity to such doubts by having strong information and evidence to back up the mainstream claim.

It's when there is lack of evidence do 'alternative theories' begin to take form and answer a question that seems to not have been answered for some.


You chose both.

Try solving anything past grade school maths without using a 0 retard. Don't fucking complain you can't into maths if you're a brainlet

Looking at some of the images even as a kid I saw that image and thought…. Something is off.

Why would they cut so much of the earth's image off like that? The older pictures look retarded.

forgot image


What? So you don't have information to share? Or you just came to rage?

Go to /x/ retards.


This is a new one to me.. interesting.

OP, I am open to truth, if it can be enlightened, but I have some major reservations with your claim that the Earth may not be a sphere:
Just wondering.

Fuck off. Everybody knows the Earth is a 4D timecube

The size of the land can be explained due to the representation on a globe, which is just one of the reasons why you see maps written out like this . If the land is closer to the poles its vastly disproportionate to its true size while land closer to the center is represented much smaller.

The other images I wouldn't be surprised if it's because all the weather modifications we've been conducting since 1950. To assume earth always looks the same unchanging would be arrogant for anyone who isn't an actual scientist studying this shit to assume. Granted, I will concede NASA is a 100% complete fraud of a government, key word, GOVERNMENT' agency that does more coverups than scientific exploration these days, it is quite odd.

I for one can testify growing up as a kid that the sun and the clouds have definitely gone from bright yellow/orange to white and the clouds from a good blue to almost silver in the lower half of the sky and a super light blue in the upper half. Almost no deep blue anywhere where I live now except the coast.

Then give some evidence?


Reminder that the black hole sun controls this flat earth gridiron



Don't bring the black sun into this bullshit it has absolutely nothing to do with the shape of the earth and is entirely spiritual in nature. Flat earth fags are trying to hijack its deeper meaning from the NATSOC as if they knew all along that it's just some mystical ACTUAL sun controlling this illusion.

OR you can solve it much more accurately. You know the kikes are deceitful. You know that academia was one of the first institutions that they infiltrated. And yet you refuse to examine the possibility that what you have been told is true is incorrect.

What a fucking cuck.


How would a base nine system look anyway?

What does representation on a globe have to do with "pictures that were taken"? Are you suggesting that the pictures were taken and then applied to a spherical object and that explains the distortion? That logic only works if the original image was of a flat object.

Enlightened fag here, he Mortal world was created by Yawheh the king and is also governed by 99 other gods and countless other deities, no it is not flat but no it is not round and floating around in a black vacuum like NASA says, it is a furemerant for ( currently ) us Humans until he sends his messengers back for us and allows a new form of humanoid life in his shape to reign for another couple of thousands of years, life on earth is billions of years old, do not believe in textbooks or what you see even online, listen to the words of Yawheh and his subjects then the truth will come to you but at a price in your life as a human until you pass and have to go through the Judgement.

In short, don't believe anything anyone has told you about flat or round earth, neither are 100% true or false, both a facts but are distorted by people who want to shape you into something you aren't, only trust yourself, the King and his servants.

If that is how flat earthers think the sun and moon work, why can't you see the sun at all times? How do eclipses happen?

No, I'm completely lost as to what was trying to be represented in the first place other than the color which I gave an answer to. Earth isn't static and has visibly changed in all our life times (sun/clouds changing). Factor in filters, distance in all those images, and how the changing environment affects it all there's so many variables that it's not even a right comparison to prove anything. It's like saying the moon used to be represented on old NASA images as being more silver and now it looks almost pure white in images.

I wont defend NASA but there's so much not being taken into consideration it's insulting to ignore. For instance I wonder how many people know how to read a map who point to a flattened map of the world out as some kind of "proof"? Map reading is actually pretty difficult and an easily perishable skill and if you can't read a map you shouldn't even post a strategic military map as a proof in the first place. I digress but you get my point.

Evidence of what? That what we have been told to believe is a lie? I got evidence of that for days:

The kikes yet live.

Academia and more specifically scientific research was one of the first things the kikes infiltrated.

Elsevier was established in 1600 by even kike accounts, but if you dig into it you will find extremely strong evidence that they were kiking up 'learned' literature way back in the 1100's.

Elsevier is the largest publisher of academic texts, owns reed publishing as a subsidiary, and publishes numerous scientific journals.

Knowing that the only incorrect action is to not question what we have been lead to believe is true. Maybe flat earth theory is incorrect but it is guaranteed that 'spherical heliocentric earth' is kike drivel.

Also before the kikes 0 was a non concept. There does not exists a single spot anywhere where precisely nothing exists, protip electromagnetic pulses are a thing, i.e. not nothing.

0 is fraudulent 1-9 no only works but open up excel and run a fibonacci sequence using only 1-9. the results are quite fucking interesting.

The only way that can be explained is manipulation of the photo.

Did you factor in the one that's noticeably larger is taken 443 miles away while the other is taken 930,000 miles away. What happens when you move closer and further from objects?

not wanting to give a free (((you))) to the OP

how comes this thread is still up? where are the mods?
do we really need to be spammed by dishonest morons who try to make believe everybody is clueless about basic 3d spherical geometry?

Well, since i already posted, explain other planets to me. Are they all flat too and coincidentally every single of the billions of them have their surface look towards us, or are all of them spherical except the earth? And what about their rotational surface movement, which is how humans came up with the spherical theory in the first place?

Don't try posting nasa debunking shit, even if they truly fuck up perspective in every picture or make fake images, solve what i mentioned above.

They can't explain that and they can't explain why the sun doesn't appear to get bigger and faster as it goes overhead, which obviously only happens in Brazil, N africa and somewhere on the pacific ring.
They can't explain why a sexton works or any of the other stuff that backs up thousands of years of massively diverse research that leads us to the knowledge we have of the universe and our position in it.
It's disinformation to lead the unwary truth seeker away from anything that may disrupt the jewish power system.