North Little Rock police release footage showing fatal shooting of dindu by officers

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Footage of the shooting

Best part, I think. Police need to learn to use the power of social media to fuck with the Fake News that fucks with them.

Cops should stream bodycam footage on twitch under the IRL tab, not only increased funding from donations, subscriptions and ads but also BLM loses their raison d'etre.

Curious that he seems to have to rack the slide after the first shot. A malfunction with the gun? Why wasnt it working as a semi auto? That problem may have saved the life of one of those cops.

thats an amazing, albeit impossible idea
it'd solve transparency & leeching off law abiding citizens for revenue flows…
so it will never happen


He dindunuffin!

And make their procedure public as well as let any future criminals know what they are doing.
In cases of hostage situations, Munich has already shown how well that works.

They'd fit right into the IRL crowd

That was a really close call for all 5 of them, holy shit, imagine being one the other 2 nogs there, your friend suddenly starts shooting like fucking retard, holy fuck. Or the cops, dude, that bitch straight shooting AT you? what a monkey.
Being a cop is hard, anons

Stolen Hi Points aren't known for smooth operation or reliability.

Dis Raycis!!!

He dindu nuffin! He a good ol boy go to church an effin! #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeforWhateverthefuckhisnameis

Riots in the street when boys, nigs need a reason to nog and video evidence isn't going to stop a good nogging

Well, here we go again.

The pigs in the video could have very well stuck the boy with a needle of some anger inducing drug and gave him a gun filled with blanks off screen, then they just take their time moving the kids into the view of the dash cam while the drug takes effect and when the victim starts attacking they're 'justified" in murdering him.


Here we see "attempted murder" AND "threat to public safety," which are individually sufficient for deadly force.
And here we see the officers being cleared of all charges. They didn't even immediately go for their guns, even though they could have.
This action is known as "suicide by cop."
"Cleared of all charges" sure, but can you say "niggers won't even chimp out over it"? Because I can.

those police had the perfect opportunity to effect a less than lethal arrest. Why do the police refuse to not kill black men?! We have been complaining about this for years and they are still killing all the blackmen!!

Thats how Im imagining the salt in my mind, where do I find the salt?


What in the fuck was he thinking.

Impeach Trump.



The NFL doesn't have the power to impeach. They're not even a part of the government, silly billy. Jeeze, the absolute state of horribly, terribly, obviously, openly - what's the word again? - marketers these days.

They're not retarded enough to riot over this, are they?

I thought for sure he was going to 360 noscope his friend. What a laugh factory.

This has literally happened 6 quintillion times just in my short tenure as adl lead counsel.

Gee, user. I dunno. . .

What ever happened to the BLM riots?

This kneeling thing is the best thing to come out of NFL in decades. It ended up driving people away from their bread and circus.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, user-kun.

BLM got off the leash and started criticizing Israel. Bang! Money dried up and no more professionally printed signs were to be had. Antifa has been a more reliable ally of the kike money men, so it's still (((viable))), despite its pro-Palestinian leanings.

Without a Jewish pied piper to lead them, the niggers got distracted by John Madden and their impending custodial sentences, and it all just petered out.

(((Based police)))

It's like a gud boy who dindu noffin can't even kill popop anymore witout being shot. Shiiiiiiiet. BLM!


BLM sure has been quiet about this

Does anyone have that side by side image of lefty hitpieces on cops wanting all cops to wear bodycams and then the recent article with the same leftists wanting bodycams to be removed because it makes niggers look bad?

Chimpout hwen?

Let's hope the pigs are starting to use the same techniques they use against whites.

Does it have boot polish on its head? What the actual fuck? It looks like its congealing on that other stuff that I assume is someone else's hair.
A jew must have tricked them into believing this is somehow attractive. Do jews run the weave industry?

Only mildly related to this topic (police shootings) but it should be spoken about more:


did you learn anything in the last five years?
get ready for the chimpouts

This is what they usually riot over.
But that doesn't matter. What matters is what the jew schedule is for street performance acting. Once they give the go, they'll latch onto whatever the latest nogging is.


Haaa oh I forgot for a second about this. Some user should check black twitter to see if things are being engineered.

Blanks are fatal at close range though.

Just did. They say:

What the fuck is up with this weaves meme?

Quelle suprise


Niggers all hate themselves as they should, and nothing is mo' nigga than that nappy shit on their heads. Nigresses especially hate it, because it reminds them of what shit they are and how literally 100% of their men would rather risk prison for raping a white woman than marry their worthless fat asses. Being magic-minded apes, they blame this on the hair and pay half their child support for Brazilian and Indian women's hair.

I can comprehend the rationale of most other groups of people outside of my own, I may disagree or be disgusted by them but I can on some level appreciate why most people act the way they do. But I am consistently dumfounded by the behavior of urbanized African Americans.

If you are apprehended over by the authorities and are in possession of a small quantity of narcotics and an unauthorized firearm is the logical course of action to attempt to murder three police officers? You are outnumbered by men with greater training than you, all of which are also armed, you have already been identified and are being recorded and have no way of deleting said recording. Furthermore there are two witnesses who you presumably have no plan to murder.

I’d be tempted to legitimately rule this individual unfit for trial owing to insanity and just put them in a mental institution.

Okay so I couldn't find much myself because I am a brainlet when it comes to twitter but I did discover this nigger is the jewwiest looking motherfucker ever and I couldn't help but laugh.

It's not confusing, user. Have you ever watched videos of white people rescuing horses and deer and things caught in fences or down wells? They're there to help, but the animal doesn't know it. So the animal thrashes because its instincts are to run away or fight with predators, and it's too stupid to understand that the humans are not going to eat it.

Niggers, possibly in an atavistic throwback to the one day when their ancestor failed to run from the slave catchers, thrash and fight like animals because the concept of "shut the fuck up and call a lawyer tomorrow" is too abstract for their sub-85 IQs. You or I might not have the illegal gun and handful of crack in the first place submit to arrest and mentally prepare to make bail in a few hours, but niggers live entirely here-and-now, and in the here-and-now, there are strange pale aliens grabbing at them with metal handcuffs. Obeying the visceral impulse, they lunge and punch.

So, a traffic stop that would have ended with anything from getting away with a warning to one felony count for drugs instead turns into 10 years for assaulting a peace officer or several bullets in the liver. Niggers then riot over this.


Broken families, the culture, low IQ, and the lack of self-responsibility are factors that cause them to this way.

I'm not denying that they are dumb, it's retarded liberals who have worsened it. Rather than tell the black community to not become vindictive and prideful, they would rather tell them justified in every malicious action they do and white people to shut up. Look at this tweet for instance. Rather than admitting that stealing is wrong, they defend it. It's no surprise that their mentality leads to homicide.

The thing you have to know about niggers is the first instinct they have is to deny everything, even with fresh blood on their hands pulling a knife out of a corpse they just stabbed to death. I din do nuffin says the monkey, and he just repeats it like a broken record. These are zoo animals user, and you don't negotiate with zoo animals.

sounds legit. let's get BLM to riot over the theory and their SJW-handlers to defend them

so they can get twitched sniped like game streamers do? great idea

Good replies but it still very alien to me. It’s just all so exhausting. Multiracial societies are obviously unworkable, how can anybody (outside of the usual suspects) see the benefit in them. We should all be much happier in ethno states.

Man what a cool job being a Police officer must be. The danger the thrill, man against sub-man.

I hope these officers do not suffer too much paperwork from this endeavor and are back on the beat doing their job ASAP.

Most cop life is dull, boring, and lots of sit down work with some moments of action. Frankly, all you do half the time is bait people into saying something you can arrest them for, or by befriending them so you can backstab them later in order to fill your different arrest quotas. You are only seeing a small portion of their lives, the only good memories they have before they age out and the Jew eats their Pension they sold their souls for right in front of them.
Basically, these poor damned souls get no fucking training for anything, and are just handed a gun and sent straight into a warzone, Embed at 1:54:44 has relevant details.

your clip fell out bro

One of the few times cops had good reason.

that would be an awesome idea, if this madjykal anger-inducing drug existed and could be administered without the dindu commenting about it
next you will tell me that some sneaky anons are using their old deadbeat car as a platform for ultrasonic sound projection to anger the pitbulls holding their nigger on a leash when they visit some drug dealer colleague for the purpose of causing accidents and starting nog wars

what's the problem here except he was not in jail?

Niggers are brainless zoo animals, see first clip in this montage.

Mastercrafted bait, I would sell this at auction starting at 300,000

Niggers aren't known for keeping guns in a usable condition.
A malfunction can be caused by a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to:
1. Magazine related malfunction
2. No lubrication or uncleaned residue
3. Recoil spring needs to be replaced
4. Ammo that isn't a good fit for the gun
5. Rust or damage
6. Poor grip, causing the recoil forces needed to cycle the slide to be wasted on moving the frame backward instead.

It's really fucking easy to keep a decent gun working, but most of the shit niggers have has had 7 different owners, zero maintenance, and loaded with magazines and ammo that should have been tossed in the trash years ago.

I'd kinda like to see the side-by-side as well, for argument's sake. It'd be a perfect way to show the hypocrisy and hastiness of the left and their decisions.

So what else is new OP?

at 4:27 the clip falls out of the gun, I'd say it was a clip release button malfunction…

If you want to see niggers in their natural habitat, watch a Hood Documentary, like this one. You'll learn, real quick what they're about

Oh, you're right, good catch.

Well, at least you lost all your credibility by word four, so I can't even really take off points for the edgy … at the end of the sentence.

Just to see the TriHard and cmonBruh spam being bawleeted by the mods would be worth the price of admission.

take note niggers, you get what you deserve


That's because niggers aren't human. Hell, they're barely even animals. Understanding the nigger thought process is impossible because their minds are so far removed from the human mind as to be incomprehensible.

Check out Tommy Sotomayor, he's a nig that goes on great detail about why nig women use weave and what utterly disgusting processes and rationalizations they put up with to keep said weave.

Here, this was removed from youtube.

I know about this, but people should see his other stuff too. He made a lot of vids concerning weaves.

"Yumsayin'? "Nope. I have no fucking clue what you just said."


even the 62,593 figure is questionable. even on search engine out of russia, it's very difficult to find articles detailing exactly "what" White violence has caused Blacks harm

I think you're on to something here. Next will be when someone gets "twiggered" at someone's (((social networking))) post.

It has been observed and studied that Africans don't seem to have an understanding of future consequences for their current actions. It makes sense because Africans never needed to evolve to plan for the future. In Africa the weather is always the same, there is no significant cyclic weather that they need to plan ahead for.

If they are hungry, they hunt the abundant surrounding animals. If they are thirsty, they go to their local water hole. If they're horny, they muh dik the local tribes women. They never need to worry about storing or rationing food because food is always there.

Someone post the DK webm, you know the one.

Have some vintage observations on that very statement.

when even the base statistics are skewed because 'muh diversity' it's tough to determine what the actual numbers are

And i thought i am quite versed in kangspeak due to my experience having lived in certain areas. I don't understand half of what they say, and the other half doesn't make sense. It's like they're just making noises that sound like words, like in horror movies when a monster tries to repeat human speech patterns without knowing what they actually mean.


Seriously, user? Niggers are animals

< there's only two of them and I have more than two bullets. If I can just shoot them both then this will be all over and I can just go home.

the cops could have doctored the video by adding sound before releasing it.

Seconding this, there's a trap that kills rats via mere shockwave from the blank alone

youtube's auto-captions were no match for that one.

such a shame any outdoors men knows how great the fishing around that part of Arkansas is such lovely land and waters TAINTED WITH TRASH HORRIBLE OVER THE YEARS TOURNAMENTS THERE ARE LESS AND LESS SAD

Sounds jewish.


I'm ok with this.

He should have just said no. Drugs are bad, m'kay.

The fat cop was trying to beat him on the head but it wasn't working.

I watched the video and this poor child was nearly in tears begging not to be illegaly thrown in jail. He was obviously trying to give the gun he found when an undocumented saint threw it away and the damn thing landed in his pocket.

where i live. he would be in an adult prison serving 25 years. what the fuck.

1. How does he hold his camera so still even when running? Just practice?

2. Is that his house he goes into at the end of the video, about a hundred feet from the 7-11 he just robbed?

I'll check those dubs.

That video… Is perfect. America's black culture in a nice, neatly wrapped, little package. Reminder that each and every one of those creatures are allowed to vote, at least until they're convicted of a felony. That won't necessarily stop them from entering a voting booth though…

A lot of what they make is just noise. They want attention, like small children. That's why they do a lot of the things they do. There's usually no meaningful information to be communicated.

Webm. Trimmed off the first three minutes from the youtube video.

OP is at serious risk of HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections common in the homosexual community, and should kindly refrain from donating blood.

user…. its too fucking cold to riot over anything right now. Check back in another four or five months and some other incident much like this one will be more than enough as cover to steal more free gibs calling it an 'riot'. Niggers aint got time for some shit outside when its snownigger season. Even the fucking drug dealers get off the street.


Finally, an user who is worth a damn. Thanks for the webm. That coon chose death instead of jail — good for him.

Your Holla Forums impression needs a little refinement but I still give it a 7.5/10 laddy.

Seeing shit like this is like watching some sort of parody.
Good on the cops for shooting the nigger


Damnit. Why did this have to happen during the winter? Niggers don't riot when it's "cold".


He points the gun directly at the cops head at 4:36 who was nothing but polite to all these guys and tries to pull the trigger, it does nothing. He then quickly racks the gun on his back at 4:38 and all the cops still haven't responded but only backed away, he points the gun again and tries to shoot but fails, cops have now drawn their weapons and shot him in reply to the 'gun' threat.

One cop should have been dead in this encounter but can thank poor nigger standards of gun maintenance for not dieing.

Lurk 300 years before killing yourself.

Even animal standards would be too generous. A dog eventually learns to back down from a threat.

YUP! I popped some tires a few years ago (guy deserved it) He knew it was me and the cops called me the next day.

"Hey so…. we got you on camera"
Nope, didn't do it (there were no cameras at this apt complex, so that's a lie)
"Well, uh, there's witnesses saying you were there and (insert car make, model, license plate number)"
Nope! I didn't do it. No one saw me there, I'm not even in the fucking state right now!

"Well uh, if you want to confess then call us back and let us know so we can issue you a citation."

No shit, everyone thinks cops rely on CSI and hi-tech bullshit. Nope. They rely on people ratting on themselves or being careless.


This was a big redpill for me and what I used to redpill my girlfriend and friends with several years ago before Obama's 2nd term.


MFW niggers will still riot over this

And just think, thats just Atlanta. Every single major, mid-sized and smaller (think Aurora or Joliet in the Chicago area) is filled with these subhumans.

Sadly false. See;

You fail to remember the trial for this could be set during warmer times though. Thats assuming some uppity coon lawyuh raises a stink.

my sides exploded
It's probably the lobby for an apartment building

No user it's even worse, he tazed a metal butterknife held between his teeth as a new "challenge" the tazer challenge. That flopping is the result of a direct 40,000 volt shock to the Central Nervous System.

Probably limp-wristed it like a bitch. If you don't hold on tight your hand and wrist will absorb all the recoil and the slide won't cycle.

Huh, that's something I'd never thought about.

killing niggers is always a good reason

Fucking niggers

The booger in this black fella's nose is fucking distracting. Blow your fucking nose nigger. Or pick that shit. Fucking hell boyo just clean your damn nose.

And now we wait for the chimpouts.

Cops act perfectly reasonable for once and the nigger pulls a fucking gun. It's dumb fucking dindus like this that lead to Manlet Maggot types who murder whites.

You dont understand how this works. They dont riot because this guy didnt deserve to get shot, they riot because they feel they are justified in using him as an excuse to riot. Its all they need to rile the chimps up. The chimps dont care why one of the chimps are dead. They were thinking about killing you daily, already. Now its just blood for blood, in their eyes.

If a white dude walked innocently through these neighborhoods, what realistically would happen to him?

Ape mobs would materialize within moments and they'd either demand he leave "their" neighborhood or someone would sucker punch him in the back of his head and they'd steal his shoes and the cash out of his wallet.