‘Racist’ Trump Just Gave MLK Birthplace Biggest Boost Since 1929

Since the moment he stepped into politics, the left has done their worst to portray then-candidate, now-President Donald Trump as hateful, bigoted and racist.

The liberal media even went so far as to falsely report that Trump had the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. removed from the White House on Inauguration Day.

But that narrative has totally crumbled in light of what Trump just did to honor the late Dr. King on Monday. The president signed a bill into law that upgraded King’s birthplace from a national historic site to a national historical park, according to The Hill.

“It was my great honor to sign H.R. 267, the ‘Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park Act,’ which redesignates the Martin Luther King, Junior, National Historic Site in the State of Georgia as the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park,” Trump tweeted.

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civnat strikes again.

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The whole "Trump is literally Hitler and a White Nationalist" is a long-term coordinated shill effort involving the entirety of the jew-nigger media establishment. Trump's track record long before he was ordered to front for the Adelsons and Pritzkers, who were upset with King Nigger not giving quite enough of a shit about kikestan, was readily available and makes it very plain what he is.

Seems ok to me. Shills dont understand politics.

It's not our job to coddle niggers, Jew.

user, I…

Progress continues. Onward!

Malcolm X regretted getting involve with his fellow niggers and Religion of Cuck™ when he went and took a tour in Africa.

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We failed. Let the Chinese have their way with the nogs.

This annoys me more then it should. MLK was a puppet and not nearly the saint everyone makes him out to be. Even Molyneux on Youtube has a video about him.
Trump does a good job so far, relatively. But this is still pandering. We have to grow beyond this kind of shit. We need to separate the races and work with and for our own kind, not build Parks and Statues for people who ruined our nations.

I want that flag. It's a shame they don't sell it on their website.

Das right
Trump know dey way
Democrats are the real racists


You’re a faggot just for saying that know de way shit.

ITT: blackpills proving, yet again, they cannot unto outmaneuvering their enemies. You might already be aware that the National Park Service has been trying to increase attendance by muds. They even created a special make-work department to oversee this. news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/02/diversity-in-national-parks/ archive.is/nNZHD And now… heh congratulations. mission accomplished bush.jpeg The number of niggers at parks is going to dramatically increase while not effecting me at all. Sure they could say this isn't a real park, and not count it. But then it would only be a matter of time before some up and coming journalist catches wind that the mlk house isn't being factored in. And… well, you idiots aren't capable of thinking more then five minutes ahead so I won't bother spoiling what happens should they decide to go that route.

tldr; I can continue enjoying the outdoors without niggers. Thanks a lot Mr. President. Don't bother with the (you)s. This will be my only post. I don't need your stench in my bandwidth.


He was a puppet for the same people Trump is.

< elections will work
< we just need a non-puppet to win
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Great post tbh.

You're either a classical liberal or a shill, but no. They've had their chance and failed. There are only two options left, deportations or genocide.

I know! Some people are just to dumb to realize the only way for whites to win is to give the niggers and kikes everything they want.
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Damn, thanks for saying this. Now it makes sense.


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The jews have been mocking and insulting Martin Luther and his legacy for hundreds of years and they won't stop chiseling away at Martin Luther's legacy until every last person on earth believes that Martin Luther was a communist nigger. Trump should condemn the black imposter and honor the real Martin Luther.

I don't know about you Burgers but I phisically cringe when I see a nigger in Europe. My day is immediately ruined.
I don't think it is normal that he is here.
I am pretty sure I would evoke same emotions if I went to some backbush village of Zimbabve and parade through it's middle hut of the chieftain like a kang.

It's not that i hate niggers- I even spoke to two in my life, it's just that all have to go back.

How do you feel about this?


I have no problem with African American our based head of DHS Dr. Ben Carson is one.

I only have one. Their location.


I must say reluctantly that the two I spoke with were I guess sort of ok.
We all called him nigger and he was ok with that (he knew it isn't used as demeaning)
I'm in a Slavic country btw

I thought omfg this isn't happening and almost barfed / heaved in my mouth in utter disbelief and shock. (They were infront of me at the register) full trolley.
He caught me completely offguard as he smiled widely and let me infront of them saying in my language perfectly hey come infront so you don't wait

Tell me when this MLK Park opens, I want to throw mp3 players with loud speakers and a long battery supply up in some trees with a confederate flag so everyone can listen to some Johnny Rebel, or I don't know, something more intellectual, say about some red-pill sort of material, maybe about how MLK was a communist and communists want to remove all the blacks in the end because they're materialists and low IQ blacks will never suit their utility and that's why the Chinese are investing in CRISPR, or about how segregation would help blacks, something more sociologically strategic. I think people should throw on some good tracks of all sorts and throw them up in the trees or places where people can't do anything about it, say in other fun areas. Will it be open in time for Dindu History month?

MLK was a great person, the black people's Goebbels.

I like the sleepy one. He is really soothing and has a positive-cozy aura

Seriously surprised that this is not pinned.



I just saw this. lulz

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They can be based in their own countries (Africa).

Anyone notices that when Trump arrives he is like an apex predator - like a white shark?
Truely patrician, Chad Alpha wave

He was a terrible person regardless of race.

How cucked can you be?

Go into the southside of any city and get back to us.

Look like he views her as a potential threat.

I mean fell. My mistake

When Trump violates his own rules by giving them something while expecting nothing in return

Here is proof if you ever doubted it that is board is now nothing more than a chan version of /r/the_donald.


More proof that Demonrats are the REAL racists.

And not lifting a finger to protect White monuments is just 4D chess.

I still do not understand what all this MLK based equality nigger is all about, weren't both MLK and MLK jr avowed communists, plagiarizers, whore-mongers and drug abusers?

He's kept every single election promise he made… to Netanyahu and his Chabad cabal backers.

Not even an autistic kid with OCD is this predictable.

No! Dr. King was a REPUBLICAN! It's true, I saw a BASED article on reddit.

Yet you jews still shilling for jewry one year on after the elction is even more predictable if a somewhat strange considering this is supposed to be a National Socialist board not an extension of the GOP


It's great, even if he didn't mean it, and only presented himself as caring, it still makes the left come off as sour grapes

Was trump funded by AIPAC?

I'm far from a Trump a fan boy, but this is really nothing for the fags decrying him to get upset about.

So the "Democrats are the REAL racists" line from T_D is mainstream Holla Forums now?

Keep dreaming, OP. The stormderps here hate all non-whites and always will. There's no fixing it, no correcting their obvious error. They will never be enlightened lybyryls like you and I, willing to look past a silly thing like melanin and see the real humyn pyyple all around us.

making the birthplace of a commie fuck a high worth national monument is pretty smart. Much smarter than destroying the monuments of your opposition like the left does.

From this day forth, never forget a commie nigger was born here.

Filter and hide, gentlemen.

pic related is op

Michael King was a plagiarist and a commie.


There is no need to be upset

Niggers will always be afraid of nature. All parks could be named after "famous" niggers, but there won't be any uptick in attendance from the melanin golems.


Does changing it from a "site" into a park have any kind of meaningful impact, or is it literally just a name change? makes a lot of sense if it doesn't really affect anything else.

Payback for the endorsement and defense during and after the election.