Steroid abuse among front-line military and police is rampant and on equal footing with the doping of professional and olympic atheletes. If your job requires high levels of physical effort, everyone is on gear and it can't be overstated. However, Performance Enhancing Drug use is widespread at the top levels of every field.






A total of 3,306 questionnaires were distributed and 1,145 entered statistical analysis (response rate: 36.4%). According to the AQ, 8.9% of all surveyed surgeons confessed to having used a prescription or illicit drug exclusively for CE at least once during lifetime


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I don't see where the problem is.
If you want to be a Übermensch, you probably will require some supplementation.
The whole Third Reich was on Pervitin.


The problem is that they're lying about it, not to mention the off-label uncontrolled use leads to shit like this:


They should lie about it, it isn't something to be promoted or praised.

I've always wondered how many academics abuse drugs to be able to compete in their field, maybe a part of the apathy in some circles stems from that.

Why does this matter at all?

Whew, good thing I don't do drugs, just smoke weed.

Fuck yo pills. Return to nature.

Dude weed lmao, its just a plant bro *eats belladonna*

Where could one of those? I usually drink a or two shots of vodka before I leave if I have to go to somewhere where it's crowded. I hate crowds

USA is avantgarde for PED. There are several cases of "health exemptions". I think the most infamous recently was about Simone Biles (being a monkey is difficult to focus, so she is allowed to compete on Ritalin). Do not forget the bad guys are always the Russians, pitting Masha Sharapova against Serena Williams is bad attitude toward social justice.
However I think there is a lot of potential in sports today - faggots racing women like Caster Semenya will bring bullets to our repository,

this, we all know its widespread in sports, police is a bit of a surprise but no stretch
but academics… it could be anywhere from like fucking 30% to a few crackpots and we might not know


Niggers should be encouraged to use weed.

Whites should be encouraged to stay off drugs, eat healthy, work out every day, and study this manual:

It's been a while since I was in college but I remember academics where the most likely to talk about drug use openly. I don't remember the full list but there were a lot of names.

A major issue in war is supply. Pervitin was on and off. That presented a problem for Wehrmacht et al who got hooked.

In preparation for war, it is important to break all dependences. When war comes, if supplies are there, like amphetamine or steroids, then they can be used. But wait until war breaks out, because you do not want to be withdrawing from drugs at a time you need to be max performing.

*were a lot of drug names.

>Federation of (((American Scientists)))
Sure thing buddy, I'm gonna memorize that PDF right away.


To come to some of the conclusions that they come up with, the only possible reasons would be drugs and or funding. There is no way anyone could ever think some of these things otherwise.

Read and absorb all useful information you can and ESPECIALLY information created by enemies.

The only GUARANTEED way to LOSE a war is not understanding your enemy.


By the way, did you look at the pdf? It's a DoD document.

Learn how this works. This is important. Whites who want a future in this country need to understand military tactics, particularly unconventional warfare.

so med school? oh noes

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Yeah. The Germans knew, because Bayer had patented a number of amphetamine-based drugs long ago, what the long-term effects were.

They still distributed Pervitin on an as needed basis, and sometimes soldiers were able to get their families to mail supplies to them (seriously) because at one point there were still drugs at home but supply lines to the front weren't consistent (I mean, it's fucking war, that's how it is).

In the short term, amphetamines can provide a good boost for focus and energy and aid very stressful combat condition performance.

Longer term, the issues specifically related to the war (not just physical damage over long periods/mental effects over long periods, but specifically war logistics) means that there can't be dependence on anything going into a war. Once the war is occurring and logistics are sorted out, some drug distribution in limited quantities for limited purposes can take place.

War is chaotic. People have to realize how chaotic it is and what that means for everything (shortage of food, meds, clothing, you name it).

Especially civil war.

Whites need to be healthy, exercise, and study unconventional warfare tactics now. This is important.

Exactly. The reason med students use drugs is to get through the fucking insane shifts in residency. Not to mention just studying for the Step II, for exampe, or any number of exams during med school. As with war, it's a temporary thing for a temporary situation of intense stress.

Remember, whites need to cut amphetamine use now. Same thing with steroids and prescription drugs. Break as many dependences as possible. Focus on health and exercise, too. And study tactics and the basics of being soldiers. All this is public info. Be ready. This is important.

Read the article, the Germans abandoned its use in 1941 due to the ill effects they found.
While the US and Britain passed it around like candy and increases their consumption exponentially….
Bomber Harris starts to make a bit more sense.
The soviets were on various drugs as well I don't have my other HD here or I could dump a soviet doc on it.

Steroids have always been available in the military. You could always tell when the DIs had their shots because they would march and beat on their ass to break up and massage the oil in. They were called hard-asses for a reason.


You do realize, that at a certain temperature everything liquidifies?
Therefore your counter-"argument" really doesn't work at all. Good to see you're incredibly asshurt about your lack of intelligence and someone opposing le weed xd

Like we tell the beaners, YOU HAVE TO FILE YOUR PAPERS. kek

Preon degenerate matter could be argued is a solid.

Don't know about the soviets during ww2 but the USSR used to smuggle heroin from Afghanistan and various other drugs from the southeast Asia

No doubt they did.

I'm not sure exactly about the history of the inner workings of the German command, but yes, the reason for the Pervitin shut off may have been mainly due to orders from on high, and not due to logistics. I do understand there was still an illicit supply, but even that supply was cut off due to war eventually.

The bottom line and practical point here is, being on any drug that creates dependence is bad in war due to logistical problems. Drugs that have serious withdrawal effects cause a lot of people to go into withdrawal once wartime conditions hit. Bad news. That also applies to simple things like anti-depressants or even blood pressure meds. Any prescription drug, but ESPECIALLY heavy dependency type drugs, should be weaned off by whites now.

On the health point, in general, amphetamines and steroids are very bad for health. They have bad long-term consequences. Fun in the short term and boost productivity, but TERRIBLE effects on one's life and long-term perfomance. In very short duration combat stress scnarios, they may be good, but dependence CANNOT be created (both for the health reason and logistical issues, as mentioned) to run a successful war.

Whites should stay away from them now–wean off now–and focus on eating well, fitness, and studying tactics and basic military procedure amd soldiering.

If I want to be a bigger and stronger man by taking steroids I am a felon, if a woman wants to try to be a big and strong man by taking steroids our taxes will pay for it. Let these cops and soldiers use as much as they can I want them to be super soldiers.

But they were honest about it, which is the cornerstone of healthy drug use.

On a sidenote: Amphetamines>Opioids. stop nodding americunts

This isn't some little game or sport, it's the success of the mission on the line and people's lives they are saving. Who would demand them to be barred from using PEDs if they want to? So we just don't want super soldiers - even if they're willingly putting in the effort, skirting laws to be superior in their performance?

Somewhat related and I think often confused with the "Panzerschokolade" is Shokakola (pic related).
Shokakola is something the Germans issued a lot of however its not really a hard drug but rather caffeinated chocolate., ie energy chocolate.
This was issued to all branches of the armed forces for similar reasons (extend wakefulness and alertness,etc.) Its still made in Europe and you can buy some ( look online), I believe they actually increased the caffeine in the post war batches.

They were not Read this:

Adderal and other Amphetamines that are easily prescribed via the broken medical center?

I paid my way through college like that. ADHD is overprescribed because it makes people delusional in their pursuit of excellence akin to what happened to the Nazis.

yes it's that easy

I don't think doping is tacitly suitable to be honest about, outside of actors and bodybuilding at least. Revealing your power level when your work depends on it.

I take adderall because if I don't I'll end up burning the house down and can't sleep. It is overprescribed and overpriced. They know there is a secondary and tertiary market for the drugs and take their cut off the top.

Who cares? Doping is only a taboo for normalfags that don't compete in athletics or bodybuilding. Its not healthy, doubly so since its underground and chink bathtub drugs aren't known for their purity. Anyone anywhere near the top of any physical field, is roiding to their gills.

While it should probably be legal, it is illegal for a reason. The last thing we need as a society is more cops with roid rage, going out looking to pick fights, so to speak, with innocent civilians.

Shoka-cola confirmed official soft drink of Holla Forums

Roid rage is a massively overblown phenomena that happens so little that it isn't even worth considering for discussion.

I can't speak for other fields, but people in the military lie about it because you can get a dishonorable discharge for it. Side note, it isn't something regularly tested for like other drugs. You have to be suspected of it, then they make you take a test where steroids actually show up (they don't in normal piss tests).

As for OP's claim of "front line" troops doing it, that claim is (mostly) bullshit, as the studies he sites just mention "military personnel". It's mostly POGs who are trying to compensate for not being infantry. Some grunts do it, sure, but typically when not in deployment. It isn't easy to get steroids and PCT when in the middle of bumfuck Iraq.

caffeine & nicotine, the drugs of the working man.

Chocolate is food for the brain.

Construction work is far more intensive yet I never heard of someone having to cycle gear just to do your job.

So in other words, not worth mentioning? That numbers gotta be wrong also.. 2.5% of the army. Even in the infantry it was pretty rare. 1 or maybe 2 per platoon using steroids, tops, and the infantry is such a small percentage of the army. Unless… what percentage of this percentage is skewed by the presence of niggers in the sample pool? Do we have a law/rule for that? Nigger integer ghettofying grapedrank empirical relativity?

bahahaha they really cant stop it with this shit can they? One day there is going to be a legit russian hack and we will all laugh it off as a lie.

No OP, this isnt depressing enough.

You want depressing

amphetamines were issued on all sides as part of emergency and front lines rations

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same exact shill post copy pasta from another thread
ITT butt hurt lefty dudeweed soy faggot attempts to conflate limited performance enhancing drug use with recreational drug degeneracy

So your problem is that they lie about it.
I can see how that upsets people. It's a terrible thing, people are misled about what's possible, what's necessary, and what the true path to fitness is. It wastes a lot of people's time and effort and angers them, rightfully so.
But it's not their fault. They aren't allowed to tell the truth. They are required to lie or they will lose everything. This stuff is illegal. The problem is not with the liars, who do so out of self-preservation, but with the legislators who we failed to control.

Isn't the US Military constantly experimenting with ways to keep soldiers awake and functioning "optimally" for days on end? FWIW, I fully support allowin athletes on the college and professional level do juice. SNL's "All Drug Olympics"? That's what I am talking about.

I couldn't find the article on a device to keep US soldiers away for days, but jewgle did give me this.

http s:/ /archive.fo/8yOQp
htt ps: //www.quora.com/Was-meth-really-developed-by-the-US-military-to-help-keep-soldiers-alert-and-awake-longer

Steroids are not addictive/create dependency. Only in the most technical and irrelevant terms do they mean dependency

Whites need to be ON steroids.
More testosterone.
More men.
Stronger men.

Coppers and even soldiers need benzos if anything, the ones who roid just do it to enhance their powertrip that drove them to that profession in the first place.

hitler trips of explanation enlighten

I share your laughter, but the criminals are on steroids, too. If police aren't, they won't be able to deal with these niggers.


Test after you had your litter, Test will sterilize you. Trt once you're ~40 (bring conservative) is allowed.

Wait a second.
Are you saying there's healthy forms of steroids? What's Pervitin? Is there something I should be taking?

I've been trying to work on my upper body strength for 11 months and I'm nowhere near where I want to be.

You are talking out of your ass.

Any endo/uro will attest to that, don't get your science from the gym.

Steroids make you stronger.
Steroids allow you to recover faster, allowing you to remain vibrant and strong for much later into your life than otherwise.

Every bodybuilder or magazine cover you see is on steroids.
Every professional athlete is on steroids, meaning some performance enhancing drugs.
Every single one of them. Even if they deny it.

Every man should be on steroids.

That is the dumbest shit I have heard all thread.
What do you make of all the men reproducing while on steroids?
Why would steroids, especially as you mentioned testosterone and related compounds, sterilize anyone?
You are born with testicles that produce testosterone. Why and how would additional testosterone sterilize anyone?

If it's so good then why doesn't our body make it? I know testosterone slowly kills men, and women tend to have longer lifespans as a result. It's the burden of our strength over them.

Will steroids shorten your lifespan in a similar way? What's the downside?

Pervitin is a brand of Amphetamines manufactured by the Reich.

Testosterone works as birth control in men the same way estrogen does it for roasties. It was the same compound in that male birth control trial.
Exogenous hormones will circumvent the HPG axis responsible for ovulation and sperm generation

Raise your testosterone naturally you fag. Quit fapping, improve your diet, get fit.

Women don't masturbate that much, but have very low testosterone, typically.

Our body does make it.
Testosterone does not 'slowly kill men'. I don't know where you have that impression from. Women have longer lifespans because of societal and behavioral reasons, less risk taking, more protection.

Our body makes LOTS of it at one point, it's called puberty. Remember when you put on muscle for free?

Downsides to steroids include accelerated hair loss if you're already predisposed to that, and testicular shrinkage, which can be avoided with another monthly injection. Even if you miss the injection it's still reversible within the first few months.

If anything you live longer and healthier due to steroids.

The things that are said to raise testosterone 'naturally' are minuscule even if they are proven to raise it at all.
The only way to raise your T levels after puberty is with exogenous hormones, that is, injecting yourself with more.

Women also don't have testicles that produce testosterone.
Are you kidding me? They can binge fap for hours and commonly do.

Academics abuse drugs, yes. Almost every competitive business field has it’s own niche of drug abuse. Medical professionals self prescribe at a ridiculous rate. All peoples everywhere from those living in metropolitan dystopias to isolated tribal groups of hunter-gatherers deep in the Amazon rainforest abuse drugs. Spiritual faith and drugs are the two rules of our set of subspecies. Show me a group of people and I will show you a group of drug users.

Enjoy the prostate cancer and getting castrated roidcuck.


nigga how do you work a longer-than-8-hr shift on that shit without binging? Vyvanse for me has a marked crash after about 3-4 hours. I'm on 50mg and i've taken to dividing mine in half and taking the other half after lunch to make it through a full day. Dunno what i'd do if i had to be on for more than ~8hrs though. A third dose would keep me up too late in the evening.

Like how your body needs blood to survive.

You jelly or just practicing being a fucking normie sheep?

50mg is too much. You're destroying your frontal lobes in conjunction with binging. Control yourself or suffer the future parkinsonian tremors. An ideal PERFORMANCE (not getting high monkee) dose is 5-5-5 split through the day. This is much lower than what 420chan tells you. There's a good reason for this: they're all retards who rotted their frontal lobes out long ago.

Neurotoxicity in the ape is proven beyond ~30mg. You can listen, or you can YOLO and be useless in later life. Your call.

Go piss again.

Why the fuck would you do this?

Well, it's called speed for a reason nigga.

I wish i had known that SCHO-KA-KOLA was still in production, it would've made a great christmas gift. I just bought a box of SCHO-KA-KOLA on Amazon (UK). They're using the original ww2 formula with real kola nuts that contain more caffeine and theobromine than coffee beans.

are you trying to fit in?

It's well-known adderall addicts are insomniacs who stay awake for days at a time and need to pop several sleeping pills just to take a nap. It is pure poison.

White junkies that probably one of the major reasons why everything is shit in this society and why the jews get away with everything they do.

yup good stuff.

Yeah, speed freaks are the reason Jews get away with everything!

*shitposts on 8ch and proceeds to give the jews a red carpet over his society with his inaction*

hitler confirms, the jews keep it out of the hands of the goyim out of fear

ok so i'm scared straight. to be clear, though, i split the dose up into two 25mg doses and space them out, but splitting them further and lowering the total daily dose is an interesting proposition. will acquire empty caps and experiment with this. hopefully my digital scale measures that fine. fwiw, i'm also on beta blockers to level out.

I have no interest in using it as a party drug. i am not drug naive from my younger years and my tolerance in general is to a point that the come-down and hangovers are not worth it on the back-end. I don't even drink alcohol to excess for this reason. I no longer have the ability to push-through the negative consequences and chase the euphoria that comes with binge-using drugs. Don't want to an hero like robin williams with the shakes and mind slipping.

it works

Waste of 1488
Don't do drugs kids

Yes if you frequently do steroids (like once a week) for a long period of time it will make you infertile. I would have my sperm count checked.

I went to go search and there are indeed cases of men going sterile from use.
It seems to be a small percentage of men, often who had low counts to begin with.
Almost a majority of the bodybuilders I know have children and even conceived while on cycle, and I can think of many tippy-top-tier bodybuilders who have multiple children.
My own count has been fine for several years, though I just asked a friend who said he did cryo storage of his sperm near when he started, but doesn't seem to need it.
In this case, I would say if sperm count appears a problem on initial tests before ever using keep an eye on it, it seems reversible with a few combinations of known spermatogenesis enhancers in about half of cases.

I saw something about negative ion stimulation a while ago. No clue what that is or how it would work but supposedly it boosts the shit out of performance. Some canadian firm that supposedly developed some "passive active camo".

Whole reason I found out about that is there was a story about the army paying some exorbitant fee for uniforms for afghani sand niggers

Your body makes the best one, HGH, but your body is also corrupted by the jew so it tends to produce less than optimal quantities.

Ive found the same to be true with adderall. I have a retarded time waking up without the shit so I break up my dosage and take ~5mg as needed until I start needing 10-10-10 then I stop taking it for a while.

You're oversimplifying it. Unless you fuck up your stack and don't counter the estrogens you will start having problems. One of those problems is bitch tits. Another, shrunken testicles. When you get to that point it is too late. You do not have to get to that point if you have a doctor taking care of you and you take the right combinations.
The assholes sterilizing themselves are the fucks getting advice from their locker room physician and self administering their experimental stacks and focusing on gain alone.

I had a couple of doctors even tell me anything past 20mg daily on the xr caps are wasted for therapeutic benefits.

Do be careful with exogenous HGH, though. Many of us swear never to use it. It does indeed enlarge organs, and while muscles are one of those organs making you a size god, one of those organs is the heart.
Don't enlarge your heart. Do your research.

Bullshit, exogenic testosterone is the male pill, if anything anecdotal then they if they father anything it is a girl.

Testosterone increases aggression and risky behaviour, so the hormone doesnt kill you, depending on society, the behaviour kills you.
Steroids will shortern your lifespan once taking in an excessive amount over a long period of time. I would assume that increased but moderate levels of exogenic testosterone wont shorten your lifespan, in some cases (liberals) i would even suggest it prolonges the lifespan and increases lifequality.

Talking about bodybuilder amounts (cocktail of trenbolone, gram span of testosterone multiple blockers and other fancy stuff), they will most certainly take 20-40years, depending on constitution.

Responding to a guy comparing ingesting belladonna to weed because they're both plants. Don't hurt yourself, brainlet.

Death at 45 if you overdo it.
The Golden One is natty but even he says he's going to use steroids when he plateaus.

I don't take it. I was simply stating our bodies produce the best stuff when it's working right.

My whole circle of friends is fine, so are all those other bodybuilders, with male and female children. I just went to go see posts by guys who go off cycle just to conceive, works fine for them.

Just because I'm more aggressive doesn't make me stupider. I am as stupid as I always was, just as able to control my behavior as I always was.

Talk of steroids taking 20 or 40 years or any years off your lifespan is nonsense. How could you even claim to have such knowledge to begin with.

They've tuned it a bit but years ago when they were first doing it I remember reading about men getting hormone shots as birth control.

I mean fucking r*ddit can use them without major consequences but really should not be encourage in randos online to self-medicate without any white coats.

Is that the argument you're going with?

Don't Steroids cause you to grow Moobs and women to grow facial hair? Or are those just (((documented))) side effects?

Of course, all of the people on gear I know have a dedicated doctor who monitors their stuff.
Gear ends up being expensive.

They can. They don't have to.

It pains me to have to explain a joke, but my hand is forced.

Replace 'dumb' with 'smart' and the post will make just as much sense. I simply saved him the trouble of calling me stupid.

The dry point of the same sentence was that feeling more aggressive does not result in me making dumber decisions thereby lead to my early demise, as he implied it would.

I m talking about general stats and an explanation for that, aggression isnt stupidity it is just a manifestation of certain traits and a preference to engage in certain activities (refering to your example of lifespan) a predispostion for certain jobs.

The 20-40 years is just an intuitive guess, there arent any longterm studies but that number feels right given a certain intake.



Because doctors are fucking retards, i guess the sideeffects are due to up and down swings due to monthly injects which means huge swings in moods due to volatile hormone levels.
So to make a "smart study" i would recommend every five day injections.

So you admit you made it up, that you talked out of your ass on that one.
At least you admitted it. A well earned 'good job' from me.

If I respond to your other point on predisposition for behaviors we'll be way too far off track, but it sounds like we might agree on both 1) predisposition for dangerous behaviors can impact average lifespan of a group and 2) the effects of exogenous chemicals do not qualify as predispositions

Do you only talk about stuff you have a study for?
I wonder what your point is.

And to your 2. i was talking about your general statement, and that didnt include exogenic usage of roids.

If Hitler won the war now we would live easily over 500 years with all the drugs developed.

lel enjoy your "manly" gyno

If I wanted to prevent gyno, would I take a 21-hydroxylase inhibitor, an aromatase inhibitor, or some kind of 3-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase agonist?
Oh that's right, you don't know shit.

Enjoy your ignorance.

We already know a ton of students do drugs to increase focus when studying. No doubt top academics do as well.

Now you done poked a bear, when you could have taken that in silence.

My point is that the anti-steroid propaganda we're swamped with is total bullshit based on nothing. You made up out of thin air some awful non-fact about steroids, not based on anything you might know, but because it "felt right".

Thankfully, this gives up the game: that anything they've heard at this point about steroids is from people who don't actually know shit about steroids and do not have their interests at heart, nor are they interested in a population of strong, masculine males populating their country.

The men and boys of today need all the help they can have, and you're not helping when you go around spouting scare-tactic baseless bullshit about one of the few things that might actually help them.

Rationalized like a true manlet. Steroids might allow you to compete but by 40 your body will be wrecked while the natural "big guy" can remain swole his whole life.

Methamphetamine, supposed to be reserved for dire situations. The 3rd Reich heavily curtailed its issue to troops after reports of hallucinations and psychotic behavior started filtering back up the command chain.
Example from, now infamous Finnish soldier Aimo Koivunen.


Aromatase inhibitors, like indole 3-carbinol which can be acquired naturally from cruciferous vegetables.
Then again, stoichiometry is a fact and there's a limit to how much test they can prevent from turning into estrogen, and the more molarity of test, the likelier the reaction will take place.

Should add that cortisol may cause gyno as well, inb4 "akshully this roundabout way is also possible so I win you lose"

Oh fuck off.

You have no idea how any of this works

brb, eating cauliflower and broccoli


It is not propaganda, you assume that taking in a cocktail of various drugs is like nothing and once you do not have study to prove it you basically mold it into a skewed version of in dubio pro reo, like steroids is a person.

But given "men and boys" most stuff is psychological and social, to put in simplistic terms, the decline in testosterone (soyboys) and the feedbackloop is also given to social and environmental circumstances.
But given the global kibbuz mentality and all that other loaded shit i would assume that this is a very difficult and complex issue to address.
And that isnt mainly done by "self fullfilling prophecy" scape goat psy duck thinking.

Steroid use among the general population is way larger than you think. The thing is most of the people on them have a shit tier diet so they still look like shit and you don't assume. Being swole is 85% diet, 10% genetics, and 5% gear.
CDC says average steroid user is a 31 year old white collar male. Middle class white guys use steroids because it's real fucking expensive (if you don't brew them yourself).

How are you going to raise your family?

Thats not because of steroids. That's because of niggers user.

i've met more chill roiders than assholes, but the assholes really take it over the top plus they clique together

Agreed. Practically an entire orchestra is on beta blockers when they perform or else they wouldn't be able to play due to anxiety.

Gear is a whole different factor, give me two guys that have roughly the same build, and have a somehow reasonable workout routine.
I bet my ass that the guy on roids looks much more impressive given a mediocre diet than the guy that has perfect diet.
And further elaborating on that give me two guys that have the same workout routine and one has a shitty but sufficiant diet but good genes contrary to someone that has a perfect diet and shit genes and the difference is like a modern computer full of malware to an overclocked pentium3 with tuneupmanager 2007.

Not every performance-enhancing drug is a steroid. Do a search on "Selective androgen receptor modulator"; they are not steroids, although they resemble steroids.

Who let the faggots in? You're not a man, you're a faggot in love with your own mirror-image. You're vain like a woman and you're certainly not doing your duty as a man towards your country or people by doing steroids or drugs in general. Stop doing that shit, it's not good for you, otherwise you wouldn't need other stuff to counter the the effects of the drugs.

You don't really need to be HUGE to be a good soldier. All the top-tier elite soldiers are scrawny but strong, resilient. Fuck off with this gay bodybuilding-shit.

how quaint, It like the fallout game when the military used Psycho on there soldiers, the game equivalent to steroids.

Ps: buy fallout 4


FO 4 was trash.

Ok coach but here on Planet Goyim everyone is lazy, lacks discipline, and thinks steroids are the insta-fix to becoming a Chad.
Go spend some time on plebbit /steroids/ or /redpill/ and you will see that in the past couple years, since Holla Forums's glorious gamer gate, the number of lazy beta cuck vidya game players with zero weight lifting experience on gear has exploded 100 times with the idea it will make them insta-Chad and get laid. Look at their initial cycle journals, they make zero fucking progress on their first cycle.

The problem is that the original Fallout hit a sweet spot and fired the imagination, and no other Fallout game has come close to its impact. Thus Fallout fans are like heroin addicts who are perpetually coming down and can never get high again, so we complain a lot.


If you do not have the dicipline, and passion and experience then steroids wont make you chad, you have to understand that line of thinking.
The general base line goes like this: wasted time because you perceive your old behaviour as a waste and has a new goal that is somehow in a different realm and now you want to translate it to that realm "like today".

The problem with the reddit fags to put it in memetic terms is that they compare themselves to others that are not in their town, look at ronnie coleman or thor, you will always look small, no matter what.

Also i somehow assume that the chad thing (big muscles) only works as the main train once they are in their late teens/early twenties.

Buffout was the game equivalent to steroids you fag


natural you can be big and lean pick one. with steroids you get to pick both, plus if you have great genes they make you even better. but good job on your height i guess. pic unrelated


First post worst post every time. Shill your drugs elsewhere.



This seem a to the thread to ask,
Can anyone recommend a short term steroid, to lay on a good base of muscle. Literally just one or two cycles. Complete novice asking.

Two words: Creatine Monohydrate. nootropicsdepot.com/creatine-monohydrate-200-mesh-powder/

Steroids are illegal homo

If I were you, my first step would be to pick up an anabolics textbook and educate myself. Not take gear advice off Holla Forums. Even if it's just "a little bit" or whatever silly mindset you have right now.
Or at least find somewhere people specialize in the topic, not a place where half of the people are still normies who think steroids are taboo.

What says is sound, although anabolics are a bit of a dark art.. I'm lucky I'm friends with professional strength athletes. I'd suggest talking to the guys at the gym - protip most of the yuuuge guys are more autistic than we are generally a great scene of guys in my experience.

yeah and we can also make the subhumans have synthetically higher iq's as well :)
you dont know what ubermensch is

i though steroids made you into ubermensch, faggot

steroids dont make men and they certainly wont fix the shit that's going with young "men" today anyways. that fucking trt shit is even more ungodly. if you want to fix the problem then do it directly by killing the jews, instead of just pumping everybody full of drugs and removing all distinction from the actual top specimens that nature has ordained and the failures that should be scrapped

If you're considering steroids, kill yourself. Eat meat, lift weights, stop being a cuck.

good job

boys have successfully been able to become men for hundreds of thousands of years. steroids are not necessary for that. i bet you're also one of those guys who considers it a virtue to be a "savage", e.g. 'being a savage in the gym' etc

maybe you should have chose better parents then, faggot

The problem is that steroid abuse is very well linked to sterility.

Who cares? It's pretty hard to dehumanize yourself & face to things if you've got dependants.

The military doesn't have a (((union))) to protect roid monkeys.

Fucks up your heart valves. Ask Ahnold.

Lol user that's not how steroids work. By the end of your first cycle you'll have already planned the next few years worth of cycles.


Quality fucking troll right here.
Lured us in with 'everyone is on drugs and …'
Derailed with nothing but steroid talk.
Get fucked beefcake. Take ur steroids and shush up about it.

Bet you prefer that sXe shoved up your ass.

i can tell you're close. just one more nootropic to offset the sides from the others and you'll get it right this time m8

>Steroid abuse
>is rampant
>followed by quoting small percentages

Live in a world filled with xenoestrogens and you talk shit about responsibly taking roids. Steroids can be used to combat xenoestrogens in the environment if taken responsibly.

1/2 cc of Sustanon per week is easily therapeutic and isn't a bodybuilder amount of steroid. Only strong and his amounts of steroids cause roid rage, which is a meme in itself. (((They))) put all these xenoestrogens in our water, clothes, products, etc.

Roids help in an environment designed by (((them))) to lower your test levels into soyboy zone. You obviously haven't used roids and know they work very well if done in controlled and moderated amounts. Learn about shit before talking shit.

Uncle Adolf knew…

If you want to simply interfere with the feedback loop, clomid will benefit many men without chancing a shutdown. You need a waiver in the Olympics to use it.
All this steroids advocacy has so much junkie tier reasoning and you could end up needing test for life, which is acceptable when you are symptomatic and middle aged.


Once I started on sustenon, (originally with the intention of breaking my depressive cycle, which it did) I realized I didn't want to go back anyway. I maintain at least a year's supply of the shit.

Why the fuck wouldn't you want your whole military roided to the gills to be the most powerful killing machines they can be? It also aids in recovery.

hey Holla Forums what do I take to become a trap god and outbreed you from under your noses

Where's a safe place to find it?

Your local gym. Look for the huge guy.



None, because you lose most of what you gained once you're off it. It's a chunk of change too, not only because of the gear itself, but you have to buy post cycle therapy too.

You want to gain mass, take vitamins and eat food that helps your body reach peak natural testosterone, do lots of compound lifts, consume a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight a day, take creatine, and do GOMAD for a month (Gallon of milk a day. If you aren't lactose tolerant, you aren't white)

wait what
Gradually reducing test works to come off, otherwise you can go hard with some estrogen inhibitors. Really it's a commitment. Are you prepared to take a needle in the arse every week (or more often) to break biological limitations knowing it is likely a long-term commitment?

buzzfeed tier thread OP get out. There's nothing wrong with a little test use to counter all the xenoestrogens in food, water bottles, in the air, in water, etc.. They wouldn't lie about it if it weren't fucking ==ILLEGAL==.

Also, steroids are only illegal because (((they))) want to make masculinity, strength, and fitness illegal. Think about it this way: why is it legal to purchase estrogen supplements over the counter while it is illegal to purchase androgens without a doctor certifying you are mentally retarded or have been seriously injured?

m8 I know plenty of white people who are lactose intolerant. That meme needs to die already. Also

start by killing yourself, delusional faggot

There's that junkie talk again.

I think the government employees running this site actually use it to entertain themselves.

The depths below humanity to which these bureaucratic drones have sunk is unforgiveable. They, their families, all have to burn.

Enjoy your little jingle balls.

jewish and other non white blood


Are memes a drug?

Steroids and other PEDs should be a requirement for soldiers. In the future global white supremacist imperium, our warriors will all be running tren and EPO and all other shit you could imagine.

Steroids actually permanently increase your satellite cell and myonucleus counts, so they increase your hypertrophy potential permanently even after going off cycle.

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yeah his face is naturally fucked up other than that i don't know what you mean by "natty"

Chemical dependent faggot. The Jew has you, body and soul.

I am using sarms, S4 Andarine, alongside the weird graph of pic related. Beyond that only creatine and some minor dietary additions to the pre workout. Apparently I did the whole strength gain a little bit wrong and adjusted my routine. I could also probably do test, and do the pct well enough without many risks since I am not retarded. Thats the thing really with these steroids and drugs. If you investigate them well, and if you do not hasten the use of them. And if you take enough precautions…then the risks around them become quite minimal. Though I have to admit not much research around sarms, compared to test. The potential risk here on my thing is maybe a little bit higher than that of classic steroids.


the thing is, you can get to near elite…or at least VERY high levels in nearly all sports without many supplements, legal or not. I did hard running besides weight lifting, side by side and both sports helped eachother in ways I couldnt even imagine. I think the rule of thumb is that you should first get to your natural limit with natural ways, and if you feel comfortable enough and have enough knowledge, some use of steroids and additional unnatural stuffs is okay.

also only post for now, gotta work now for 9 hours.

Whats this all about?I never heard a bad word about Taters before(except maybe for overindulgance with Fries)?Anyone care to elaborate?

I used steroids when I played highschool football. Very hard for me to have a kid now. If you want to make a lot of white kids, pro tip: don't take steroids.

Bioengineered organisms produce what the fuck their edits tell them to. This can be good or bad for the consumer. Usually it has no effect at all.

as one example, mark bell says that steroids are unhealthy and will probably shorten your life. is he a dyel soyboy?
also what's the status on your pineal gland? is it just a chunk of calcium or is it normal?

take sunflower lecithin to increase semen volume and get more power from your balls (there's a few other supps that do this type of thing too like l-argenine, maca, damiana). it only works if you practice semen retention though

if you want to read about what some of the benefits there are then look up some stuff that yoga/hindu types have to say about semen retention. even the jew fears the samurai guy promotes it; saying that excess travels up the spine and into the brain

Wouldn't that make them infertile though?

Only if they're morons and do it without a doctor like this idiot

Also wondering the same thing.

Does this mean potatoes that haven't been cooked and cooled to form resistant starch? Because my understanding is that potatoes that have been cooked and cooled to room temperature a couple of times have high levels of resistant starch.

The quick and dirty conversion of lisdexamfetamine to amphetamine sulfate (Dexadrine) is ~1/3. 40mg is roughly 13.3mg of sulfate equiv

I had a TBI in high school (slid off the road in a snow storm) and I can't function consistently at the level I need to without it anymore. Postconcussive symptoms can be life destroying, my girlfriend of 4 years left me and I almost flunked out of medical school after my last concussion in 2014. I was a unreliable husk before I got on meds



just eat an onion a day, pussy - that will more than make up for whatever estrogen you're subjected to by the kikes

onionbro ate a red onion every day for a month and took a blood test before and after
from the original thread (wont let me post the collage i made):


There's really no excuse for not making yourself knowledgeable on this. Especially since you should be genuinely curious about it as a white man who lifts (and if you aren't a white man who lifts then lol just lol).

You're not wrong that testosterone and other androgens do shut down the HPT axis. Basically, your hypothalamus sees that your circulating test is already high and stops signalling the pituitary to make LH and FSH, which are hormones that signal your testicles to make more test (and sperm). But nowadays you can just take compounds that either mimic LH and FSH, or signal to the pituitary that it needs to continue making them. The result is that natural production is not shut down. No shrunken balls, no sterility.

If you're a novice you shouldn't be taking anything. Nobody should be on gear unless they've been lifting for 5-10 years and are in their late 20s. I know thats not the answer you want to hear since you're looking for a magic quick fix solution, but your body's connective tissues are not ready for the rapid increase in strength unless you've already been lifting for a while. The age requirement is because natural test peaks around 26-28 years of age, and you want to be past that hump.

christ, always the questions about the potatoes. The idea is that these native to the americas starches are not compatible enough with our biology. And…well I remember loose research from the corners of my memory, but too loose to find back…also…I am pretty sure that only slavic people (and irish) are the only ones who ask about the potatoes, maybe the dutch too…

I've asked about them several times without getting a satisfactory answer and I'm none of the above. I've also asked why legumes are to be avoided despite their presence as staple crops in Europe since the fucking ice age and gotten the equivalent of a blank stare in response.

Because caveman never dug up tubers amirite?

At this point, I wish I was on drugs with how things are right now…

I'ma add some onions to my cycle.
onions = good
steroids = good, ergo:
steroids × onions² = best

Anyone that takes roids to get big is fucking retarded. Not everyone needs to be a monster, so long as you are working your body to a level of fitness I call "race war ready" anything else is absolutely arbitrary. Pointing at bodybuilders as the healthy example of steroid use is laughable, those fat fucks will be useless when things crunch. The ONLY people you could say steroids are good for is 1% athletes that hit that peak physical performance and want to go even further. Getting yourself hooked on any drugs will fuck you long term. Stay away from the pharmaceutical jew.

brahmacharya mode is best mode

Irish-descended here. My family line has been eating potatoes for a very long time and our records show an average family life expectancy a solid 10 years over average of the times. Taters are confirmed good.

If your shitty digestive systems can handle the wonders of potatoes thrown in a stew you literally might as well just kill yourself.

Found the illiterate