Gray State (netflix)

Can't sleep. I may as well doodoo on 8ch. I'm sure most here are way a head of myself about the movie Gray State, concept trailer:
The guy who made the movie/trailer concept as he's finalizing the script, one day out of the blue he's found dead, along with this wife, and daughter. For a long while all updates about WTF happened were left in total deafness and blackness. Yesterday I came to find on (Marxist) Netflix, Gray State the movie. It's a documentary directly conflicting obvious conspiracy. It was a bait, and switch PSYOP.
Just wondering does anyone have access to the script of the actual movie?

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Watch the companion documentary that's on jewtube. It's kosher filth featuring Adam Kikesh and Mark Dice.

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Remember that Stalin's buttbuddy pocket Scientist was Trofim Lysenko, a man whose crackpot theories in agriculture would latter lead to the deaths of millions of people when they were implemented. He was allowed to do what he wanted because he kissed Stalin's asshole on a regular basis.

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idk if thats a a true quote right now but if it is then in the light of progress (polyphase) we have moved on, thankfully.
He says 'mans new sense of pity' Is that referring to the pop books of Charles Dickens and HG Wells?
It was fashionable for eugenics to be seen as a solution to industrialism and its social problems.
He then switches on auto, extrapolates prevention to the extreme.

Society needs to be made in the moment, not stuck to some autistic idea that we extrapolate this there- into the future as a model of how to live now.
Create the conditions for a healthy society and its self limitational functions will come into play,unconsciously, balanced with its enviroment, no need for this, its so staged.
TL;DR its hard work being alive.

The power of American education, everyone.



If you notice the scene with the guillotine(which was invented by a mason), the executioner is wearing a masonic apron…

I can't get over how beautiful his wife was. What is with the hair everywhere in the crime scene? So much is left out. I hate to see the initial scene, but I need to see it. I totally did notice that executioner wore a freemason apron, and that scene was totally bad ass. That portrayal reminded me of the white elites in HALO 2 acting like isis : / It was also the climax of the documentary, and then that's when the [bait and switch] happened, and then a vague diary turned up to explain he was simply a nut like jack nickelson in the shining. What is MK Ultra?

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Lol jk, but seriously what's this movie thing about anyways? What are you trying to tell us?

the movie was made to be like
we can take your absolute legitimacy, and burn you if you frame us as the bad guys. otherwise you can do as you wish. once again fuck with us, and an official story will come out overwhelming against you. you dont have to beat us, you dont have to join us. The fact is nobody cares so chill out and rationalize. Personally im going to speak with a freemason rep this week.

Lads was he one of us?
Check out the name of the producing company

Also low energy OP for not including a capture of the "official story" or anything.
there's a 5 month old archive
here is the recent one
Different pictures avaliable.
A few good tidbits

Also apparently he married a Muslim. Grey State is available on youtube right now apparently too. I don't know understand what the bait and switch OP is referring to is, can someone help me? IS it the fact that it is the Freemasons instead of the Jews?

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Maybe something a little less vague would've been decent. Btw which part of the political pole do you reside on? Just curious.

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It was posted first to halfchan when it was made (it was pre-exodus so it was the real Holla Forums at the time.)

Okay OP, I can't find the cap but you need to learn to post a proper OP or you're going to activate some almonds and the shills will be all over you like a rash. Yes, we know about this, there were multiple threads about it at the time. There was foul play involved. Remember that this was before Trump, before the people started waking up. When this movie started to market itself, it was seen as a tool to illuminate the entire agenda21 manuscript and was essentially based off of that and some other fictional sotrylines. It was just a little too close to the truth. Fun fact, you can't make a movie and involve the US military without having a consultant to give the green light. I think the original movie would probably step on too many toes so (((they))) had to shut it down. It might have been too blue-pilled for Holla Forums but it would be a lot better than listening to a water filter salesman screeching autistically. I think Chuck Norris' family member did a similair NWO about an EMP going off or some shit but it looked like a budget movie and didn't have the same aesthetic. I think they kind of used the concept of gray state and then dumbed it down to be another "purely for entertainment". Movies used to be stimulating and thought-provoking - unfortunately you can't have the goyim thinking independently which is why they control the flow of what the public sees or unsees, especially in their durastriction of the USA.

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Apparently the wife was Muslim but converted to Christianity for the husband, whom was christian.